2012 01 22 Uh That Is A Threat

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Uh, that IS a threat

Monet, Invisible Woman, and Human Torch

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Jan 22, 2012

Baxter Building

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Monet and Sue have a disagreement on approaches to people. All Johnny wanted was a snack. T_T


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-==[ Landing - 33rd Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

This entire floor of the Baxter Building is taken up by Reed's assortment of sprawling laboratories. The labs are subdivided into nine seperate sections, each square, forming one large square. The walls stop a few feet short of the ceiling to allow for suction to a massive central vent designed for emergencies. All of the dividing walls are also capable of sealing themselves, however, in order to isolate any given portion of the lab in an emergency. The nine sections are biology, chemistry, microengineering, macroengineering, weaponry, Doom's time machine, the Microverse transport, the Negative Zone portal, and special projects. Each section contains relevant equipment of Reed Richards' own design and crafting, far past the current state of the art in every field, as well as relevant security and cleanup elements.

Susan Richards is in the lab area talking with some of the staff scientists after bringing up snacks for everyone. It's one of the ways she can make sure that Reed remembers to eat, and all of the staff appreciates it too.

When you come up to the lab, Reed's not there, but that mutant girl who was brought over to be an assistant, is. She doesn't seem particularly thrilled - mainly because currently her 'assistance' is taking the form of doing what Ben usually does for Reed, holding up heavy stuff while others tinker with it. The first thing you is that Monet's holding some 50 ton blocky device with all sorts of weird angles which preclude working on it while it's on the ground, while the access points are in rather inaccessable spaces for people who can't stretch if it's not off the ground. You hear is Monet asking, or maybe arguing, with one of the lab workers who is trying to do the modifications they were asked to do. Normally Monet could, but without Ben here, she's the only one around who's able to lift stuff like this. "All I'm saying is why doesn't he put the access panels in a normal spot? Or have some sort of winch system in place so the smartest person can work on it when he's not around. By the way, it's not you." She sighs iritated. She can't even lift it and work on it herself because she needs to use both arms if she wants to be able to keep it balanced (unlike others like She Hulk or Ben).

It's getting hot in here, so check your unstable molecule clothes. It's getting, so hot, Human Torch needs to flaaaaaaame-off. Despite the horrendus introduction of Johnny, he is indeed not on fire as the elevator dings revealing him. However, as he's wearing his own special unstable molecule FDNY shirt, giving off a bit of warmth. And for good reason. He's just recently 'commuted' home from his other job and like any hero who burns calories like crazy, he's on the search for food. And this piggish hero's snout has led him to the lab area. Ah! Good ol' predictable Reed and his forgetting to eat! And good sis for bringing in the snacks. Snort snort. Truffl- Food!

Susan Richards finishes chatting with the scientists and steps over to look for Monet. "They've got you doing pedestal duty /again/?" She sighs (mostly overdramatically), and four faintly blue shimmers indicate that she's put up force fields to support the oddly-shaped item. "I brought up some snacks, if you'd like to take a break."

Monet looks over at Susan. "Mrs Richards…." She pauses, as you put up the force field to support it. "Thank you. He's doing it wrong anyway. Will you please give me that, I don't want to look like I'm involved in shoddy work when Dr. Richards comes back.

The lab tech protests about it, "I have an engineering degree from MIT, you know." which gets a shove from Monet with her hip as she takes over finishing up the work he was doing. "A testament to the decline in the American higher educational system." as she micro-solders some spots in the access panel. "It's not really that you're stupid, Melvin." to which she's corrected "Marvin." to which she responds, "I know, I'm showing my derision for your existence. "Anyway, it's not that you're stupid, or rather that you're more so, it's that you also don't have the type of hand eye coordination and steadiness to do it. I don't have stretchy fingers but I'm a lot more exact than you. In short, you were messing up." She pauses after she quickly finishes it, then looks at Susan, taking a step back from the device. "Um… thank you Mrs Richards. I'm just trying to make a good impression." She looks at the annoyed lab assistant when she says that, then back at Sue. "To Dr. Richards, not this guy." She seems to also have shown respect for Susan since she's been working here as an assistant, as well as being respectful of Ben. To the other lab techs on the other hand…

Monet looks over at Susan. "Mrs Richards…." She pauses, as you put up the force field to support it. "Thank you. He's doing it wrong anyway. Will you please give me that, I don't want to look like I'm involved in shoddy work when Dr. Richards comes back.

The lab tech protests about it, "I have an engineering degree from MIT, you know." which gets a shove from Monet with her hip as she takes over finishing up the work he was doing. "A testament to the decline in the American higher educational system" as she micro-solders some spots in the access panel.

"It's not really that you're stupid, Melvin." to which she's corrected "Marvin." to which she responds, "I know, I'm showing my derision for your existence."

She resumes her lambasting of the tech. "Anyway, it's not that you're stupid, or rather that you're more so, it's that you also don't have the type of hand eye coordination and steadiness to do it. I don't have stretchy fingers but I'm a lot more exact than you. In short, you were messing up."

She pauses after she quickly finishes it, then looks at Susan, taking a step back from the device. "Um… thank you Mrs Richards. I'm just trying to make a good impression." She looks at the annoyed lab assistant when she says that, then back at Sue. "To Dr. Richards, not this guy." She seems to also have shown respect for Susan since she's been working here as an assistant, as well as being respectful of Ben. To the other lab techs on the other hand…

As Monet speaks tech, Johnny goes up to the plate of snacks, giving a nod to the assistants that have gathered around it. Picking up a piece, ok maybe two, he steps away, allowing for the others to have their chance at it. The walking heat sorce moves over towards Sue and Monet, glancing to the panel and then to the two ladies. "Hey Sis." He glances over to the one insulting the assistant giving a nod, "Hey Monet." Greetings given, he takes a bite out of one of the snacks.

Susan Richards watches Monet for a few moments, growing more and more stern-looking as she and one of the scientists squabble. "Of course. And I'd like to chat with you a bit, too." She looks at the affronted lab tech and nods to him, perhaps a bit apologetically. "Marvin, thank you." She then looks at Johnny and nods hello to him before gesturing toward the service that's got several scientists hovering about. "Better get something before it's all gone." She then plucks at Johnny's sleeve, a silent request to follow them.

Monet smiles politely to Johnny. "Hi Mr. Storm." She looks at Susan. "I just don't understand why I was basically being used as a winch. I have a 193 IQ and came here because Dr. Richards is the smartest scientist in the world." She shrugs a little.

"Mmffft Mmphf." Johnny starts to reply before pausing to swallow his food so he's a bit more understandable, "You know you can call me Johnny." He replies, glancing over to Sue as he feels a tug of of his sleeve. Turning, he starts to follow after Sue and Monet. Baroo?

Susan Richards walks along with Monet and waits for everyone else to be out of earshot before answering Monet. "I know you're here as Reed's assistant, and I know all of your qualifications and skills. But Monet, if you can't get along with the others in here and treat everyone respectfully, we might have to have a more serious discussion."

Monet suppresses the urge to say something Monet-like to Johnny as he tries to talk with his mouth full. People who save the world multiple times get some leeway, even if they have boorish behavior. "I'll…. take that into account. Thank you Mr. Storm?" Hrm, she does call The Thing 'Ben' though.

She follows along with Susan. "Before you say anything, if it's about how I was speaking to Marvin, he -was- doing it wrong, and I really dislike having to just be the muscle when I'm smarter and more exact in the technical aspects than he is. It's not arrogance, it's just true."

She pauses as Susan speaks, "I'll try to have more patience with them when they make easy mistakes." she simply says. "I don't get along with a lot of people though - it's not personal."

"Johnny." Johnny repeats, giving a sigh before stuffing the rest of the first snack into his mouth, chewing it up as he follows along. He looks over to Sue, head tilting. Ok. WHAT did he do now? He was at work all day, honest! It couldn't have been him that put dresses on all of the pictures of Ben that Ben has in his room. Really. Honest! Although, he had it coming with what he did to his sandwich. But it totally wasn't him!

Susan Richards shakes her head at Monet. "It's not your place to critique the knowledge, skills, or actions of anyone else in here. It doesn't matter if you're smarter or faster or stronger or better. If someone makes mistakes, it's Reed's place to do something about it, not you." She sighs and rubs at her forehead, something Johnny probably recognizes as a long-standing gesture of pain. "I'm sorry. I just… there have been complaints, and I had been sure that the others were just overreacting until I saw that just now. You are every bit as good at what you do as you claim, but no one's going to be able to appreciate that if they're all annoyed. You know?" She can already FEEL that she's butchering this talk.

Monet nods a bit. "Yes, I know the others dislike me. I'm a telepath also and they're not exactly secretive about it." She looks around, then back at Susan. "So you're saying you'd like me to make nice nice with the other children?" She rolls her eyes in an exxagerated manner. "Fine."

Oh man, there's the voice, grea- huh? It's not about him? There's a bit of a pleased feeling that washes over Johnny as someone else gets the lecture. A ha ha! Scot free! Uh of course if he had done something wrong of course. >_> Swallowing the last bit of that first snack he already starts on the second snack. Iiiit's probably a good idea not to add anything to this conversation at the moment.

Susan Richards frowns at the eyeroll. That's the WRONG attitude to have around here. "No, I don't want you to 'make nice nice'. I want you to want to get along with everyone here." She rubs at her forehead again. Where in the WORLD does this elitist mindset come from?

Monet responds to what Susan's thinking. "Well, according to the American Heritage dictionary, elite means a group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status. It can also refer to the class occupying the highest position in a social hierarchy, such as aristocracy or nobility." She pauses a second. "Which would… pretty much in every single area of that definition mean me. I'm a genius, and again, not saying that as a bragging rights, just as a statement of fact. I'm Algerian royal nobility. My family's exceedingly rich, and I've been a member of the upper social crust since birth. Since elite can also refer to physical superiority as well, that also seems to fit - especially in that group. Even if I wasn't a mutant, according to Dr. McCoy, I have a peak human physiology." She brushes some hair over her ear. "So my having an elitist mindset seems like it would be normal for someone who's, by definition, 'elite'" she says, making air quotes.

She shrugs a little. "And I know that my outspokenness is annoying - I'll get along with them as well as I can, but I know how they think of me, so that would generally be a two way street. And Marvin's threatened by me. Because I'm a lot smarter than he is." She taps her head. "Telepath."

She waits for a few seconds. "I apologize though."

Oh right. Telepath. Johnny glances over to Monet. Chewing slowly. Don't you DARE tell Sue about the dresses on Ben's picture.

Monet makes a brief, knowing glance over at Johnny. Might even be a hint of a smile.

Johnny's jaw drops slightly before he closes his mouth, shaking his head. Don't!

Susan Richards rubs at her forehead yet again. Could it be maintaining the force fields holding up the device that Marvin is working on? "It's not just being outspoken, Monet. It's HOW you address people." The little silent exchange between Monet and Johnny goes completely unnoticed. "I mean, you said it yourself, you are definition of elite. But rudely slapping people across the face with that fact every time you open your mouth is what caused Bastille Day in France." She stops and takes another moment to gather her thoughts. "You know Dr. McCoy. Then I'd guess you've also met Ms. Munroe. She's more than royalty in her home region. She's a DIETY. Does she go around treating people the way you do? I want you to stop and seriously think about that."

Monet tilts her head. "You do know she's not really a diety right? She was just worshipped as one because she can control the weather. I can lift 50 tons, brain fry someone, force mental imperatives, read minds, fly faster than mach 2… to primitive people, I'd be considered a goddess too if I let them. I'm smug and arrogant, but not THAT arrogant." She puts her hands on her hips. "Personally, I'd think confronting people with the fact that I'm simply physically and mentally superior to others is a lot less rude than letting them think I'm actually of DIVINE origin."

"I'm mainly here to learn from Dr. Richards, because I consider him one of the few people who I find to be worth learning from. It's not that I can't be their friends. Some of my best friends are, frankly, very stupid in comparison to me. Jamie… Guido… Rahne… they're not exactly a brain trust. I'm friends with them, though, because they realize I'm not saying things because I'm being hurtful. I'm just very self assured and can back up my abilities. It's not that I'm rudely slapping them in the face with my abilities. They know I'm better. They are thinking it. I'm just voicing what they're already thinking. Marvin knew he was doing it wrong, for example. He just is worried about being replaced."

She pauses, "Which brings me back to what I was suggesting before… I'll make nice with them."

Johnny blinks, and then looks over towards Sue to watch this discussion go to her side of the court. Wow. It's like, coming across a car wreck… well, one he might not have been involved in. Stupid random drones and Doom nut flying car stealers. Hmmph.

Susan Richards rubs at her forehead yet again as Monet keeps right on believing she's all that and a bag of stupid chips. She grew up in her aunt's home, struggling to make ends meet and with snobs all around her shoving their 'superior' stations in life in her face, and she simply can NOT stomach that kind of mindset. And Johnny KNOWS this. He was there too. She glances at Johnny briefly, possibly even pleadingly?

Monet purses her lips a bit. "Mrs Richards, I'm not like those people, either. They only were acting superior because of their social standing. They didnt have anything to back it up. Nobility for nobility's sake. They acted superior because they thought they were owed something, which made you feel angry that your family had to try so hard when you were more deserving but didnt have the right connections. I'm not those people - there's no need for transference." Well, Monet does seem to have picked up some psychiatric terminology from her sessions with Doc Samson. "When you look at me, you're taking how I view Marvin and his being threatened by me, and place yourself, quite unnecessarily I should add, in his place, and me in the place of those snobs who used to make your life miserable. You're a very accomplished woman and hero, and really shouldnt bond with Marvin's feelings of insecurity or inadequacy, when you are neither insecure or in any way inadequate."

"Besides, I haven't acted that way to you, or Ben, or any of the rest of you. Even…." she pauses. "I've been respectful to all of you - you've all earned that respect. If it's any consolation, I'd probably act the same exact way if I grew up poor and had all my other advantages of birth. So it's more of a factual classification instead of some artificial social justification."

Johnny averts his eyes, trying to avoid the look. But damn it all when someone's looking at you, sometimes you just end up glancing up anyways. Oh god, WHAT do you want him to do? He coughs, glancing aside. "Ok. You're going to make nice with them. Does that mean not pointing out everything that makes you um…" Damn it Sue, since WHEN is it a good idea for Johnny to be talking to people about showing modesty?! "elite? Because that's kind of like rubbing people's noses in something and no one likes that."

Susan Richards presses one hand to her temple for a moment, then just turns away from the conversation and walks back to the piece of equipment her force fields have been supporting. She stops to talk to Marvin for a few moments, her posture an apologetic one. The man nods to her and immediately starts calling for the work on the piece of equipment to be suspended for the rest of the day. Bulky mechanical support braces are set up and the equipment settled onto it gently before Sue thanks the scientist and heads back over to Johnny and Monet. "Sorry about that."

Monet looks at Johnny while Susan stops to help Marvin and gets a brief reprieve from the no-win conversation. A brief telepathic message, oO(Isn't being honest about ones accomplishments and better than, say, dresses on Ben's pictures?)Oo. She looks back to Susan. "So just so I know, I shouldnt re-check his work after he's done, right? Because from what I'm seeing I think he made another incorrect connection." She peers over at the lab from where the three of them are standing. "Yep." she says, nodding to herself. "Mistake. He's really nervous you know."

Johnny eyes Monet as Sue walks away, waiting for her to be out of hearing before replying to the question, "Those are two different things." He glances back to Sue as she returns, lips set to a thin line as he gives a look back to Sue. WHY DID SHE PULL HIM INTO THIS?! "Uh, there's a difference between going 'You did this wrong, this is how you should do this' and 'You did this wrong, I should know I'm better than you at this.'"

Susan Richards frowns again. "That. Right there. THAT is what I'm talking about. You do NOT need to point out people's mistakes like that. It's plain and simple RUDE!" She looks at Johnny gratefully. "Exactly. There are ways to point out to others that they need to recheck what they've done without making them feel like you think they're a waste of oxygen."

Monet tilts her head. "Considering we're working on a machine Dr. Richards invented to try to view the very nature of a brane cosmological 12th dimension, which could actually be the first step towards actually definitively proving a multiverse theory and the secret behind the origin of the universe and maybe even time, I think hurting his feelings when he makes mistakes because he his dexterity and IQ are not up to the task is not the worst thing. Maybe it would give him reason to improve something other than his ego. Plus it wasn't a matter of telling him what he should do - his coordination was simply not up to task. I can't tell him how to be more coordinated."

She adds, "And… really, he did do it wrong. Again. On the third section of activator B-2." She puts her hands together calmly. "Okay, you believe in people getting ahead based on their merit, not their standing, right?"

Good God, did Johnny say something right? Someone better log this as proo- oh right. Either way it's only remotely encouraging but not substantial for Johnny to keep this up. He glances over to his sister. YOUR TURN.

Susan Richards crosses her arms. "I believe in people getting the CHANCE to prove their merit. You're the psychic. How many of his mistakes are a direct result of his being nervous that YOU are going to rat him out, or doubting himself becuase he can't do a SINGLE thing without you telling him how many kinds of failure he is? Hm? Did you ever stop to think about it that way?"

Monet holds up a finger. "Okay. I'll make this right by him." She sighs exasperatedly, and walks over to the lab. She then whispers something in his ear. Marvin gets an angry look and whispers something angrily back at her. Monet rubs the bridge of her nose, then smiles, and whispers something back to him again. The guy sort of gets pale faced for a moment, but then Monet whispers some more, and he nods a little. She offers her hand to Marvin to shake. He pauses a moment, sighs, and shakes her hand. She then walks back over to Susan and Johnny. "Marvin said I can do the work and he'll watch me to see how to do it correctly. He also wanted me to let you know there won't be any more complaints. We're going to get along." she says innocently.

Susan Richards looks from Monet to the man and back suspiciously. "That better have been an honest apology. If I find out you bribed him or threatened him or something, even Professor Xavier will not be able to keep you from getting summarily fired and escorted out of this building. And you KNOW Reed will back me up on that."

Monet puts her hand over her heart and one hand up. "I swear that I did not bribe him, threatened him with violence, or used any sort of psionic imperatives. And I did give him an honest apology.

Johnny watches the exchange over with Marvin and then the one with his sister. "Did you threaten him at all?"

Monet looks at Johnny. oO(Does telling him that if we did not make nice with each other that I'd tell the marine husband of the married woman he's having an affair with about said affair a threat, or is it encouraging honesty and friendship in the workplace via concerted self interest?)Oo She pauses for a while, then says "No."

Monet shakes her head. "I did not threaten to do -anything- to him." Okay, she did, however, promise to tell someone else the truth about something to someone who's knows 23 ways to kill a man with his thumb. Potay-to, potah-to.

Johnny's jaw drops as Monet relays the details to him quietly. His head shakes rather quickly. That WAS a threat! "Oh god you're definitely from a political family."

Susan Richards looks at Johnny. "What?"

"Uh." Johnny pauses.

Susan Richards looks at Monet, clearly expecting an explanation.

Monet looks at Johnny, then at Susan. "My father's the U.N. Ambassador of Monaco. I have his talent for being able to come to peaceful resolutions between opposing factions. It runs in the family, I guess. Peaceful negotiations to lasting mutual coexistence. It's better than my threatening to use violence or psionic manipulation." She nods sagely. "Yep, what really makes for resolutions? Honesty. Could I get back to helping Marvin now?"

Johnny gives a slow nod before glancing towards Sue. Ayup, she definitely threatened him.

To Johnny: .oO(Si vis pacem, para bellum.)Oo. She stands there innocently. "Go ask Marvin if I did anything untoward?"

Susan Richards glances a Johnny, then deliberately steps over to speak with Marvin.

Marvin tells Susan how he just decided to let bygones be bygones. "And… yeah, that's all. No need to go into it further." Monet's busy just checking out something on her iphone in the meantime.

Johnny glances to Monet as she messes with her iphone. "That was definitely threatening him." He points out, again. He was thinking it earlier but might as well be clear on the position, right?

Monet doesn't bother looking up from the phone while Susan is talking to Marvin. "A threat is an act proposed to elicit a negative response. I was intending to get peace between us and him to not cheat with married women with armed husbands. If anything, I've done him a favor. How do you think that would end up for him? Everyone wins."

Susan Richards looks at Marvin seriously. "You know that there are no repercussions for you here. If there is anything else at all you want to add to that, you need to tell me. We do not tolerate harrassment of any sort here, no matter how well veiled it is. If she has said something to you to coerce you into playing nice, we need to know."

Monet looks over at Johnny. "Should I leave? I think this all started by being told I was being rude by telling the truth."

Johnny glances over to Monet and then towards the direction Sue is in, "Yeaaaah I think you should leave." That said, he starts to step away from Monet to head over to Sue in order to reel in the sister.

Monet nods a bit. "Okay." She pauses. "Oh, am I fired by the way? I know it's technically not 'fired' if I am, since I wasn't getting paid anyway. I'd like to know though."

At the question, Johnny pauses in his walk over to glance over towards Monet, shaking his head "I doubt it. It's more to save the both of us from another incoming lecture for today. I'd say to try working on the getting along thing without the threats next time."

Monet looks at Johnny. "Political correctness is so overrated. When you think about this later, try to figure who did the real wrongs. The lab tech who was messing up on his job and engaging in an affair, or the woman with insufferable smugness." She looks over at Susan trying to get something out of Marvin. "But yeah…. had enough lectures. Explain to me about why with the dresses some times?" Then she heads off. "Didn't even get one of those sandwiches."

As Monet makes her exit, Johnny starts moving towards Susan. "Hey Sis?" Johnny starts up, beckoning to his sister to come closer, "I need to talk to you."

Susan Richards looks over at Johnny, then nods to the scientist and steps over to her brother.

Johnny nods to the man as well before he starts walking with his sister away from her, "First off, Monet is gone for the rest of the day. I agreed with her that maybe she should do that. Second off," He glances to the scientist before turning back to his sister, lowering his voice, "I have an idea what she said to him."

Susan Richards raises her eyebrows at Johnny. "And what'd she tell him?"

"More or less that she'd keep a certain secret of his, well, secret." Johnny answers, cringing as he's getting the eyebrow raise of doom from his sister, "Could explain why they didn't get along earlier."

Susan Richards sighs. "That's as bad as blackmail. We're going to have to talk to Reed. I don't want her back in here if she thinks that that is the way to be respectful of others.

Johnny frowns, glancing in the general direction Monet left in, "Does Reed have anything he needs help with that, doesn't require her to interact with them? Like um… Independent Study?"

Susan Richards says, "Not sure. I'd have to check."

At the response, Johnny nods, "Okay, so, if there is something like that, we just move her over to that for a bit until we get things cleared up. She doesn't deal with them, they don't deal with her." Determination in place, Johnny starts to move for the snack tray, and quite possibly the elevator before Sue has a chance to say anything against that. Ayup. Great plan. Let's go with that.

Susan Richards sighs. "All right, Johnny. But just for a bit."

Discussion finished with, Johnny gives a thumbs up with one hand as he grabs another snack with the other. And off he goes!

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