2012 01 22 Revelations On The 35th Floor

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Revelations On The 35th Floor

Phantasm, Spider-Man, The Thing, Dajan

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The Baxter Building: 35th Floor Hangar.

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Spider-Man, unable to find mutant help, seeks the FF for the unconscious nonja


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It was only a few moments after the poor Dajan was clobbered by a remorseful Spider-Man that he had her in his arms and was cutting across the Manhattan skyline. It's a difficult thing to swing from a webline, to carry a web-slung girly, and to try and get ahold of someone on his commcell.

There's a leisurely swing from one skyscraper across the way to the next where he lands with a light fwumpf of bootied feet upon a flagpole. A quick check makes sure Dajan is still alright even as he scowls behind the mask. "C'mon Cyclops, this is like totally your balliwick." Yes he does talk to himself, no answer for now. He tries any one of the other X-ers, but then finds he's getting a call from another line.

"What?" Then a few seconds later, "Oh hey, sorry Ben. Weird night. Ninjas. Yeah for real, ninjas. Totally. Hey you busy?"

And as that conversation turned out it was not to Westchester that the wallcrawler took the unconscious young girl to, but the Baxter Building.

And so when we rejoin our hero it's as he makes the climb up the side of the last few stories of the Baxter Building, luckily not victim to its security systems as he comes up to the hangar area.

Dajan was not the most well-muscled of women even before circumstances conspired to turn her into a ninja — or, rather, a really poor facsimile of one. She's boneless like a rag doll in her unconsciousness. Her arms and head flop this way and that in the web-sling as the Spectacular Hero who went upside her head arrives.

It's a good thing perhaps the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man had someone that Ben reconized to re focus the conversation. He almost had to listen Ben gripe like a grumpy old man about the decline in quality of the Ninja over the years. The Phantasm is probably thankful because he'd have ended up hearing it by proxy. Instead after getting off the phone, Ben went to open the hanger and made sure to warn H.E.R.B.I.E. that Spider-Man would be visiting. One Reed's 'First Aid Drones' hovers next to him waiting. "An here I wuz just callin' him to see if he wuz comin' to Poker next Friday. Lets see what kinda trouble the kid got herself into."

Hanging out at the Baxter building for other reasons, Phantasm is also with Ben, but unlike his bird form, he's instead in a more human one. With a hoodie pulled low, the unnaturally placed dark shadow it seemingly provides obscures the features of his face to the point where there could very well be no face there at all with what little help it does to help identify the Phantasm. As the drones come in, he glances over to them in a moment before turning back to the open hangar, waiting. "Did I miss a memo that it's Ninja week?"

Carrying Dajan gently and up to one of those First Aid Drones, Spider-Man makes sure she's set in capable hands before he turns back towards Ben and tells him levelly. "Ehn, there was this thing Daredevil had going on. I told him I'd cover for him and it started to get weird. Had a fight, the gal got a hold of one of their swords and then next day she was being all crazy thinking she was a ninja as well. She needs observation, Ben."
That having been said, Spider-Man starts to move back towards the edge of the building. "I still need to check into a few things, you got this?"

Dajan is set on the crash cart or high-tech improvement thereupon. She is shivering a little, from the cold, as she's dressed in bargain basement attempt at ninja clothing. But otherwise, she remains unresponsive except for the rise and fall of her chest that indicates she's breathing.

The little first aid drone floats low and scans Dajan with some sort of red beam sweeping across her unconcious form, A single mecanical eye at the front of contraption irises more widely open and a small compartment opens, sticking out a wooden tongue depressor. It speaks in cold robotic voice, "Ma'am Please stick your Tongue and Say Ahhhh." A moments pause, "Comply." another beat, "Comply." And so on. Only to be followed the sound of rock stricking rock as Ben facepalms.

Looking through his fingers at Spidery-Man ben says, "Yeah I got it. Do you have all the ninja nick nacks she took and started runnin' around with? Reed'll prolly wanna see those."

Unslinging from his shoulder is the blade that he confiscated from her, "Here, I'd like to get that back later though to show around to various ninja experts. But let Reed take a gander." Spider-Man extends the weapon to Ben, offering it openly. He then steps back. "If something comes up you know how to get a hold of me. I have a hunch that I want to follow up before the lead goes cold." A few more steps carry him towards the edge of the building, he crouches there and gets set to depart.

As Spider-man sets the woman down, the poofy hair of the woman draws Phantasm's attention to the lady. "H-" The hooded figure moves over towards the drone to get a closer look. "Dajan?!" He looks back towards Spider-Man, muttering under his breath about how this week was equating to excremental levels. He starts to step over to the other two but pauses, instead lingering over near the cart, eyes shifting over to the drones.

[PART OF LOG LOST DUE TO CONNECTION PROBLEMS: Phantasm blinks out of apparent existence, and Ben suggests the drone try to wake Dajan rather than trying to get her to comply while unconscious. It squirts her with water.]

And it's the cold water that does it. The hangar was marginally warmer than the windchilled outdoors of webswinging and rooftops. The cold water jars Dajan back to consciousness. She makes another thin moan and her eyes flutter open. Her first sight is completely out of focus, so she continues to blink, trying to clear her vision. Her eyes, to any onlooker, are completely dialated.

"Hey there kid." Ben says waving to Dajan as she stars to come too. "Now don't be alarmed or nothing.. but apparant you wuz playing Ninja and a good friend o' mine dropped you off here. Are yah ok? NOt feeling like… shooting me with a blow gun dart or nothing? Not being possessed by any angry japanese spirits or nothing?"

Dajan is completely still for a long moment. It's not readily apparent whether she's even hearing Ben. But then she shudders. And her hand goes to her head. The two elements that caused her to temporarily become ninja-esque, already weakened by the knockout, fail completely when Dajan realizes she's looking at Ben Grimm.

"Mr. Grimm…?" she says, hoarsely, her accent present once more. "I…blow gun darts?" She looks bewildered, and rubs at her eyes once more. "Angry…spirits? The last thing I remember was tryin' to hail a cab after my shift." She glances around, confused. This is not outside her job. She glances down. "What am I /wearin'/?!"

Reaching a big mit aorund the back of his head, Ben scratches the back of his neck absently and says, "Yeah… that… I wuz kinda hoping you could tell me. Yah see… Spider-Man brought you here… He said he was fighting some ninja, and then you took one of their swords… and then he said he ran into you later dressed up as a Ninja and then he sorta.. clunked ya and brought you hear." Ben clears his throat, "So yeah, I was hoping you could clue me in on what you've been doin' with Ninja."

Dajan listens, and her already wide eyes, widen further still. "I…" she stops, trying to process what she's just heard against what she remembers. "Well, yeah, I was on my way home from work late and they came outta nowhere an' attacked me. I only picked up the sword in case one of them got past Spider-Man and Phantasm. They were doing the fighting." She frowns down at her hands. "It only seemed sensible to have a way to protect myself afterwards, because I can't have like, super heroes chaperonin' me all over all the time, right?" She shakes her head. "I'm not involved with ninjas. I don't know how …" And she gasps. "What day is this? How long has it been since I was at work?!"

"Um.. that depends.. what da do you think it is? Don't worry 'bout your job, I'll talk to your boss." Ben says. His big rocky brow knitting in concern. "You don't know why Ninja's attacked you? Like no idea whatsoever?"

Dajan bites her lip, clearly shaken and upset by what she's learning about the past few hours since her blackout. "I'm a /waitress/, Mr. Grimm!" She's so upset she's fallen back on old habit and gone all formal. "I work in a crummy little greasy spoon way downtown, for crummy little tips from crummy guys who don't know how to keep their hands to theirself!" She's quite firm on this point. "I don't do anythin' ninjas would want me for."

She looks down, realizes she's been strapped down. If they thought she was a ninja, that only makes sense. "Thanks, talkin' to my boss would be appreciated, yeah. D'ya think I could have a minute to …collect myself?" She sinks back onto the gurney, looking very chagrined, and turns away, mortified at the appearance she must've presented to her new friends.

The Thing nods to Dajan and says, "Of course.. get some rest… Hit the button when you're ready and I'll bring up some of Suzie's Mac N' Cheese." And that said Ben heads out to give Dajan a moment to collect her thoughts.

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