2012 01 22 Harlots

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Cattail, Empath, and Mike

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January 22, 2012

E and E Grill House - New York City

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Everyone encounters each other at E & E.


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Late afternoon and Manuel de la Rocha has been searching for a place to eat lunch. Stopping outside of the E&E Grill, he shrugs his shoulders and can opt for a nice filet mignon. Looking at the prices, he smiles dressed for the winter cold in a black long coat over a black dress shirt and jeans. Making his way in, he waits to be seated and once he does so, he grab the waitress’ hand. “You are only to serve me, while I am here. I will have the filet mignon, well done and a nice glass of wine.” She nods and almost appears to be mentally gone. But she smiles and nods, “Right away, sir.”

At a nearby table, Harley Barber has on her reading glasses and is picking at her salad without looking at it. She is paying attention to her Kindle instead, reading as she eats. At the appearance of de La Rocha she looks up, observing him for a moment as he takes his seat and gives the waitress the order that he will be her only patron. She lifts a brow then looks back down at her book.

A few minutes the waitress returns with a nice glass of merlot for Manuel. He sips it and then spits it out, “This is disgusting. I’ll have a zinfandel instead and make sure it is good before you serve it to me.” The waitress appears slightly frightened as she runs back into the kitchen. Another patron looks to Manuel, “That was very rude of you.” He responds, “It is even ruder of you to point that out. Please leave.” The patron who was with his wife and child exits the grille without so much as a word as he rushes out seemingly afraid of Manuel. The wife and child quickly follow confused as to what has happened.

Harley looks up from her Kindle, sliding the glasses down with a pull of her finger as the man at the nearby table chases out the father with a few choices words. She watches the father exit, then eyes the mother and child. The college student pulls her lower lip into her mouth to nibble on it a bit before looking over at Manuel once more. With a shrug she turns back to her salad and her book.

The very scared waitress returns with Manuel’s food and drink but being nervous she stumbles a bit when she walks past Harley spilling the of food onto the table and the wine onto the Kindle. Very shocked, the waitress looks at what she has done and looks to Manuel who eyes the accident and smirks starting to chuckle. The waitress is so dumbfounded she says nothing to Harley and simply starts to clean the mess.

Harley jumps up at the spill, and after tucking her glasses into her cleavage she starts helping the woman, "It's okay. Let me help." She helps with the spill then looks over at the smirking Manuel, "Are you enjoying yourself?" It isn't a challenge per se, but more of a comment as she starts dabbing the worst of the spill off of her dress.

“Actually, I am enjoying myself.” Manuel stands up and goes over to help to the Harley. Looking to the waitress, Manuel offers a smile, “Calm down. It was an accident.” She offers a meek smile and turns to Harley and apologizes. She then goes off to the back acting very different from her earlier scared self and goes to place a new order for Manuel. Grabbing some napkins to assist with the mess, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed.” Noting the Kindle, “I hope it is not messed up.”

Cattail looks at the Kindle and shrugs, "I am sure it is fine. It has survived worse spills." She wipes it down quite thoroughly, then stores it in her purse, along with her glasses. "Now…if you'll excuse me, I need to get some club soda…oh." She turns to a helpful waiter and takes an offering of club soda. She gives Manuel a nod, then heads to the restroom. It isn't terribly long before she returns, her dress looking clean, if damp on the bosom.

When Harley heads to the bathroom, Manuel takes a seat at her table as the waitress returns with his order, “The food is on the house.” Manuel smiles, “Of course, because of your silly clumsiness. You are lucky it didn’t spill on me.” She gets afraid again and rushes back to the kitchen. When Harley returns, Manuel is already eating some of his order and smiles, “I hope you don’t mind if I join you. They said my table’s order is free, so anything you like is free.”

When Harley comes out of the bathroom she stops as she spots Manuel at her table. She looks over at his empty table, quirks her mouth to the side as she contemplates, then she steps over to her table. "Oh. I suppose some company would be welcome." She slips into a seat opposite the man, setting her purse down. "I'm Harley."

“I’m sure you would too.” Manuel stands up extends his hand, and should she place her hand in his, he would kiss it, like a true Spaniard. “I am Manuel. Nice to meet you, Harley. Lovely name. I have not heard it other than to refer to motorcycles and to…” He ponders the moment, “My English may be off, but does Harley not also refer to a woman of…ill repute?”

Cattail stands up to shake hands, but doesn't fight to resist having her hand kissed. She smirks and nods, "A pleasure to meet you Manuel." She reclaims her seat then as she shakes out her napkin to place upon her lap, she says, "I do believe the other word you are thinking of is harlot. Harley could refer to the motorcycle, or as a shortening of harlequin."

Sitting down across from her, Manuel holds up his glass of wine and toasts, “Well to Harley then. A new friendship, perhaps.” He sips his wine and then works on the filet mignon, “A harlequin? That is a type of book, no?” He may well indeed know, but is feigning he does not, “And sorry. I presume you are not a harlot. Correct?”

Harley lifts her glass of water as he toasts. "To friendship." After a sip she looks over at him, her right brow lifting high, "No. I am not a harlot. Or rather, by most definitions I suppose. There are some that would presume to impune my morals for even speaking with you right now."

“Well, morals vary from person to person. Why yesterday, I was having the oddest conversation with a religious woman who while condemning the Right for massacring innocent mutant children, she would get upset whenever I would mention any non-Christian religion. I have come to learn in life that how one defines morals will differ from mine. If you were a harlot, I would not hold it against you.” Manuel chuckles. “Please order something for yourself.”

"I have my order in. I presume it got pushed to one side for your rush order." She butters up a roll, then tears a chunk off for a bite. "Mmm. Well, it takes all sorts to make the world. I am glad that you wouldn't hold my loose morals against me if I fell within that category." She looks to the kitchen, and the waiter, who has apparently replaced the frazzled waitress, heads over with her steak.

“Well, here comes your order.” Manuel nods to the waiter as he pauses from eating his own until Harley starts on hers. “I guess they must treat Spaniards nice here.” He feigns not knowing why his order was rushed. “This grille does seem like an odd little spot with the clumsy waitress.” Shrugging and smiling, “So you are a student or just an avid reader?”

Harley, who is in a jumper style dress with a nice floral print, is sitting with Manuel, his own table abandoned. The staff at the door seem a bit frazzled. Harley nods to the waiter, "Thank you." when her steak is delivered. She looks towards the kitchen briefly, "Oh…she didn't seem like the clumsy type. I'd say it had more to do with you than her lack of motor skills. I am a student and an avid reader. So you are right on both accounts."

“Well, while I do think I am handsome I don’t know if my looks can cause woman to suddenly drop their things around me. If that were the case, you would be fawning all over me and not the other way around.” Manuel grins and resume partaking in his meal. Dressed in a black shirt and jeans with a black long coat to keep the cold out, Manuel has ordered a filet mignon and some wine.

"It might have been something else. It could just be one of those things." She cuts her steak apart, cutting it into tidy morsels before she picks one up with her fork to taste it. She is drinking water, "If this is you fawning…I think that the bus driver today was fawing over me too."

“Hahaha” Manuel laughs, “Well, your meal is free and if it was my fault the waitress messed up then I made it so you don’t have to pay for your food. Sorta like a date, I guess.” Reclining in his seat now, “I am a student too actually. Well, I was and should be again in the coming semester. Where do you go to school and what are you studying?”

Such a pleasant restaurant it seems. And such a pleasant smell coming from the kitchen area as well. But despite these things, Mike does not seem all that pleased to be here. With lips set to a neutral thin line, the musician stands at the door, wearing his usual street attire, the Goodwill-esque jacket left open while his signature hair is tied back and tucked away underneath the knit cap he wears into the entrance. Considering the expression upon his face it's a wonder what he's even doing here but that soon is answered as a blonde, short haired man walks in after Mike. Unlike his friend, Wade Shaw is not hiding his appearance under his clothing and instead smiles to the hostess, not even giving a name as she immediately checks them off of the list and starts to lead them over to their seating.
Harley tilts her head to one side, then offers a brief smile. "Well. That's very nice of you. You asked them to comp my meal? Well, that is awfully kind of you. She was having a bad day." She takes another bite of steak, eyes running around the room breifly, noting the men entering, eyes narrowing for a brief moment before she turns back to Manuel, "I go to NYU. I study criminal psychology and criminology. What about you?"

“Oh psychology?” Manuel perks up, “I am a student of psychology too. I am always fascinated about how people think and feel. What makes them feel a certain way or another. . . And criminology? Do you want to be a police officer or something?” Turning back to the arriving men, Manuel perks up even more so. He has encounter Mike enough times to note when the rockstar is around. Oh to have fun or not to have fun, that is the question.

With his table reasonably enough far enough away to not bring Empath to view, and the seat he ends up taking facing away from the Hellfire club member. There aren't any sudden desires to leave coming from the man as he instead sits down, reaching over to the menu being handed to him. Flipping it over, he simply asks for a glass of water before growing silent, seemingly distracted by something not at all going on in the restaurant. As for the other, person, he's reasonably cheery to be here, making it a bit obvious whose choice it was to come here.

Harley nods, "Oh yeah. I do want to be a police officer. It is a family business. Helping to make the world a better place for decent people." She picks at her steak, turning to look towards the men that attract her table companions interest.

“Oh that is a rockstar. Mick Drago or some other such name.” Manuel offers when his phone buzzes. Receiving an urgent text, Manuel frowns when he looks at the text. “Well, Harley, it was nice meeting you, but alas I have to attend to a personal matter.” With that he bows his head as the meal has already been taken care of. “I am sure we will meet again.” He exits the grille without so much as a goodbye to Mike.

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