2012 01 22 Checking Up

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Checking up

Invisible Woman and Phantasm

IC Date:
Jan 22, 2012

Baxter Building

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A rather preoccupied Mike wanders into the Baxter Building


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-==[ Landing - 31st Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

This hallway has a nice decor, including marble floors, vases on pedestals along the way, and a small lounge directly opposite the elevators. Down the hall are numerous suites for the members of the Fantastic Force and some for their guests as well. A large painting of the original four members is displayed on the wall between the first two elevators, and a painting of similar size shows some of their dearest friends and family between the other two.

It's odd how small things seem to lead to bigger things. With last night's events, Mike's found himself to be quite distracted. After an awkwardly quiet lunch in Times Square with his friend, Mike finds himself wandering around on his own afterwards and at some point he found himself at the Baxter Building. With a sudden impulse he called up asking for a talk and now… well, here he is.

Susan Richards is in the library relaxing while Franklin and Ben are off playing. She gets the call from the lobby that Mike is on his way up, and goes to meet him at the elevators. "Mike, hi. How are you today?"

The elevator doors close behind Mike as he stands there, tugging off the knit cap that was hiding his ponytailed hair. "I'm," he pauses, tucking the knit cap away but still remaining where he's standing, "fine." Pale eyes glance up to look towards Sue, "Uh, do you know about the thing with Baker last night?"

Susan Richards says, "I've heard a little about it. Not much, though. What's going on?"

"Well, uh Baker's not entirely in one piece but from what I gathered from what was said out loud he should get better." Mike replies, shoving his hands into his pocket, "And… considering I was Phantasm at the time it happened and he's probably going to be at the Avenger's mansion while he uh. Pulls himself together and he doesn't know that I'm Phantasm…" He pauses, "I can't really pop by to check on him."

Susan Richards ahs and nods. "But I could call and ask…" She smiles, then tilts her head toward the nearby conference room. "I've been meaning to say hi to them anyway."

Mike smiles, giving a bit of a nod as he starts to follow.

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