2012 01 21 Your Own Personal Jesus

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Your Own Personal Jesus

Aurora and Empath

IC Date:
January 21, 2012

Lobby - The Hilton - New York City

Brief log summary::
Empath meets Aurora and learns of her faith


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Entering into the lobby of the Hilton, Manuel de la Rocha has bellhops carrying his luggage, “Please bring them to the penthouse suite.” He gives no tip and just snaps his fingers which they seemingly respond to and just head to the elevator. He himself, dressed for the cold weather in a long black trenchcoat revealing a just as black suit makes his way to the café. Ordering a tea and scone, the young mutant sighs and tries to wake himself up from a long jetlagged flight.

Jeanne-Marie has been in the area to attend a religious conference about the moral battle behind the presence of organizations such as The Right. So while normally shying away from such luxurious locales, she just happens to be there for the conference, and so to take a break goes to the hotel's cafe to order herself a cup of mint tea and a small plain scone. She seems abit nervous to be in such a luxurious location, her eyes kept mostly downcast and she exhibits slight fidgets whenever too close to people dressed affluently.

Getting his tea and scone, Manuel looks about. Though he is tired, he is always intrigued by people and did notice the hotel was filled with religious types for the conference. Bored, which is never a good thing for an empath, he opts to entertain himself. Looking about and finding the most interesting person using an slight emotion scan of the café, he opts on Jeanne-Marie. Taking his order, he approaches, “Hello.”

Jeanne-Marie is quite clearly a religious type, dressed as modestly as she is, a pendant with a cross around her neck. She makes her order in a quiet voice, and when Empath approaches her, she looks uncomfortable, turning her head very slightly to look at him un bewilderment, as she murmurs a sheepish, "hello." Clearly, she's not accustomed to strangers walking up to her and sparking a conversation.

“I am sorry to ask. I have noticed a plethora of religious folk in here and I was wondering why so many. Some sort of conference?” Manuel asks as he sits next to her without even really asking, but he seems harmless enough…seems anyway. “I have never seen so many outside of a church, that is. I presume from your attire that you are here with them.”

"Yes, I forget not everyone is aware of what is going on in the Church," Jeanne-Marie answers briefly, before explaining a bit more, "it's a conference about what the existence of The Right means to humans shifting morals, and what we can do to help people repent and find God." Jeanne-Marie sounds rather proud of being in attendance, she almost smiles when she speaks of the conference, "there are some very interesting lectures, if you have some time you should consider attending one. All children of God are invited."
Getting her order and reaching to sit at a table, Jeanne-Marie looks unnerved as Empath follows her and invites himself to sit at her table, but she says nothing, must be her Christian manners. "You're welcome to sit with me if you like," she offers after Empath already joined her, as if this somehow reflects better on him and therefore takes away from his rudeness. "You are correct," Jeanne-Marie looks down for a moment at her cross pendant, "there's a lot of work to do, we need to help people stop all the hate."

“Oh my…well…I ponder what is your view on the actions the Right has taken? I heard recently they slaughtered innocent children at a school all for being mutants.” Manuel states it matter-of-factly, though the slightest hint of hurt. His ‘friends’ were among the victims. “As for all being welcome. Unfortunately, miss. God gave up on me quite some time ago. I am a confirmed atheist. However, I am always interested in the views of those who are knowledgeable in the views of various religions. Not just Christianity.”

"Our God is a loving God, a forgiving God, but there is no forgiveness for the vicious murder of children! Children are the purest souls, no one should take their lives before their time, this is shocking, disgusting, and appaling, I prayed for their souls after I heard about the incident." Jeanne-Marie shakes her head and her visage seems to twist with distaste as she reaches for a sip of tea, as if to clear the bad taste from her mouth. "Nonsense!" Jeanne-Marie snaps at Manuel, "God never abandons anyone, if you call he will listen, you must pray. There's no help if you lose your way, but you can still be found again! You don't have to stay lost," Jeanne-Marie offers with such conviction, she must truly believe Manuel will be all for the better if he only re-established his faith in God. When Manuel mentions other religions, Jeanne-Marie blinks, as if the thought itself is poison, as she shakes her head somewhat disparagingly at Manuel and takes a small bite of her scone, she doesn't say anything to his last comment despite her obvious displeasure.

“Well, it is nice to see some fire and brimstone pointed at the ‘Right’ and good to see God does not see them as Right. I suppose their name is meant to be ironic.” Manuel sips his tea, “As for losing my way, I suppose I am on the correct path towards enlightenment though I suppose it is not with God.” He chuckles as his scans reveal her distaste at the mention of other religions. While he toys with the idea of playing with this woman, but he finds her support to her faith intriguing and for the moment remains simply scanning and not actively manipulating, “I see I have offended you, good woman. It was not to insult you. I see from the cross that you are Christian and yet I would think God would be welcoming of all children, not just the Christians.”

"That pastor who was working on their behalf is a heathen, and he will get his just rewards by God on judgement day, you can be sure of that!" Jeanne-Marie sounds quite adamant as she has another sip of tea. "Please don't speak such blasphemy in my presence, there is only darkness when you deviate from the path of God. He is the only light in this world." Jeanne-Marie nods her head at Empath later words, "yes, all are welcomed to be baptized and join the ranks of Christianity. God has his arms open wide to welcome all to his embrace. Especially his chosen children, they simply must accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah."

“Well, good. I hope that pastor burns in hell and whether it is God or I who puts them then even better.” Manuel smirks, but then his scan senses that while she is nervous for him she gentuinely wants his soul saved. For that, is enough for Manuel not to mess with the woman, but he will continue to play devil’s advocate for the moment, “You know, it has been some time since I have been to Church. I am curious though, how do you know your God is the correct god and not some Hindu god or a different perspective of the Christian God, like Allah?”

"You're not seriously considering murder, are you? It is not for us to carry God's judgement, he will do so on his own terms," Jeanne-Marie sounds quite alarmed at Manuel's willingness to even suggest he might murder someone. "I am happy to learn you've at least attended Church in the past, and I hope you come again for confession," Jeanne-Marie says and at his request for how she knows her God is the true God, she merely answers, "he has shown me, he gave me a miracle and saved my life."

“I was being facetious, though it would be nice if He hurried it along.” Manuel shrugs as he bites into his scone, “So you actually witnessed a miracle. Your life was saved by supernatural means? If you don’t mind my asking, I would love to her your testimony.” Manuel smiles and seems genuinely interested.

"Zere eez no need to praiss God, 'e'll give you zee call w'en 'e feels you're raidy, you'll see," Jeanne-Marie promises, as if she knows for certain that God will make Manuel see the light and give him due cause to repent. "Yes, I was literally zaved by a miracle!" Jeanne-Marie's intense blue eyes seem to shine as she speaks of the incidence, her heart no doubt filled with warmth at the memory. "It eez really a personal story, but if you insist…" she shows her preference not to tell of the incident, but leaves an opening for Empath to insist if he truly wants to hear it.

Receiving a text…particularly ironic as it is from the Hellfire Club as he sits at this table speaking of God, Manuel lets out a small sigh. “I am sorry, miss.” He stands up. “But I must leave now. An important business matter. But I am sure we will meet again some day…God-willing, of course.” With that he bows and makes his way back to his room.

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