2012 01 21 The Death Of Flint Marko

Log Title:
The Death of Flint Marko

Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Phantasm, Sandman, the Vision, Moondragon, and the Sinister Six

IC Date:
January 21, 2012


Upper East Side - New York

Brief log summary::
The finale of the Sandman Saga



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A peaceful weekend at the Avengers Mansion is about to be interrupted when the alarms within the mansion are set off. Blaring loudly and a telepathically voice enters the minds of those who are present, “Avengers, Assemble! Now!” The voice is not pleasant and speaks with the air of arrogance and conceit only afforded to a former member.

The gates to the front lawn are suddenly and violently rended from the ground, literally bent in half and two forms can be seen from above. One is literally walking on air. Dressed immodestly yet regally in a green body suit which leaves little to the imagination but a green cape draped behind her. The bald heroine, Moondragon, leads the way. Behind her engulfed in a telekinetic cocoon, a pile of red sand. The heroine finally stands and merely waits at the entrance, “If I were leader, none of this would have happened!” She declares. As the weapons systems come to life, she simply uses her awesome mind abilities to shut them down. “I am not here as a villain today, but do not test me! Assemble now!”

As she stands and commands the authority and respect from her fellow Avengers, telekinetic beams stream out from her and out and away from the mansion. Thinking that mere mortals are beneath her, she stops directly outside the mansion into the Upper East Side. “It is time to determine the fate of the Sandman. Is he worthy to stand among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or forever toil with the insects that are the Sinister Six?”

"Avengers, out front!" comes the command-mode voice of the militarily-trained and very experienced heroine, Ms. Marvel. The black-suited, booted- and gloved- heroine doesn't bother with doors, but emerges from her own second-floor window of the Mansion, gaining altitude for overflight of the scene as she takes it all in. She clearly doesn't care much for Moondragon's high-handed, insulting methods, made obvious by the blonde's lips twisted in a grimace, eyes dark with distaste. "That's enough, Moondragon. You /aren't/ the leader. The Avengers don't answer to you, and it isn't your decision what befalls Sandman. He is /our/ teammate and friend, and we have been and will continue to do what we can to help him. And you? You are going to be fixing all of the damage you have just done." Carol is not amused.

Not an Avenger, not in the mansion, and not technically having a reachable brain in the Upper East Side, Phantasm does not get the telepathic message. But it's very hard to ignore the gates of the place one was about to visit just being ripped away. The flying raven's approach slows as he lands upon a nearby street lamp. Looking to the woman approaching along with what has sadly become a familiar sight in that type of coloration, the bird's beak drops. "Ho-" He flies closer to where the gates once were, claws resting to the side of the fence the gates were attached to. "Is that Baker?" There's a hint of concern to the bird's voice as black eyes peer back from the purplish black avian.

Why do these things always happen when Hawkeye is in the middle of watching TV. Man the lady decided to interrupt Robin Hood: Men In Tights, for that she is going to get hurt cause of that. The Purple Archer comes storming out of the mansion when the announcement is made, he it's Hawkeye, someone gives orders and he has to go and pick on them. "Oh it's the bald lady, didn't you get my christmas present? I thought you would like to be a member of the Hair Club, I know it says for men, but couldn't find one for women."

“Ms. Marvel, yet again. You fail to see the full gravity of your inaction. I can and will help Sandman, once it has been determined where he lies. And, Hawkeye, your humor continues to fall on deaf ears! Make light, archer. One day your comeuppance will be brought down upon you and I pray to be there for that!” Raising the cocoon with the sand to an even greater height. “If you are truly his friends that you will not let him suffer the fates of these fools.” Half of the Sinister Six suddenly find themselves pulled outside the Avengers Mansion. Doctor Octopus, Electro, and Mysterio have been dragged from their hideout and finally find themselves confused and irate at being pulled here.

”What is this?” Dr. Octopus demands as he in unsure, but quickly getting a grasp of the situation, he and the veteran criminals act fast. Mysterio unfurls his cape and is suddenly seeming gone from sight. And Electro is quick to act. Without entering into conversation he hurls two electric bolts. One aimed for Ms. Marvel and the other for Hawkeye. Dr. Octopus remains back, “Do not let them get Marko! He is ours!”
At the onset of the battle Moondragon hovers higher into the sky ready to hand the winners, Sandman, but the raven does get a quizzical look, “Yes. This is Baker. You are not as you appear, bird. Leave this arena of battle, unless you have a stake in the fate of the Sandman!”

"Let him go, you crazy ^&*$!" Ms. Marvel snarls at Moondragon, not the least bit impressed. "I understand gravity better than your tiny bald head can imagine. Now LET HIM GO!" she shouts.

Of course, it is at this moment that three of the Sinister Six appear. So helpful, Moondragon. Bring the damned villains right to the Avengers' doorstep. This is why the crazed psionic nutjob is not a member of the team anymore. "Hawkeye, find Mysterio." she shouts, as she flies directly into the bolt of electricity sent by Electro. The blast strikes, but has little kinetic force. Instead, its energy rushes through her system, and a glow builds around her. "Care to try that again, Electro? Time for you to head home."

The bird's eyes seemingly narrow as she offers her warning. The wings spread and instead of flying away from the arena, the bird turns to fly towards the Sinister Six member he can see that's not currently engaged. Flying full tilt, he aims his beak towards one of the fleshier parts of the criminal. That said, maybe Otto should go on a diet.

Electric bolt flying at him, oh whatever is an archer to do. He fires off a cable arrow, metal arrow + metal cable laying on the ground=instant ground for the electricity to travel through. "Moonie, you wound me. Everyone loves my humor, though I can understand if you don't want the hair club. How about I nice wig? We can make one from all the hair that Beast leaves on the sofa when he visits." Who doesn't want blue hair, right? But now Hawkeye has to focus on his job, find the invisible guy. Well that is pretty easy, he fires off two smoke arrows around where Mysterio went invisible. Invisible he is, well he'll still have an outline in the smoke!

“Do not vex me, woman.” Moondragon commands and telepathically adds, “We both know I would be the better leader for the team.” She remains high and haughty and like a Roman empress watching gladiators below. She hovers towards the cocoon and touches it and when the electric blast strikes Ms. Marvel, the sand in the cocoon begins to turn a darker shade of red, but when Carol seemingly absorbs the last, the sand loses a reddish hue and begins to form a more natural sandy color. The tide of the battle reflects in the color of the sand.

With the blast absorbed, Electro laughs, “Oh you think you are hot stuff. Listen to the bald chick. You are outmatched.” His own body begins to glow similar to Carol and he suddenly lifts himself off the ground.
Encasing himself in bubble of electricity, streams of electrical energy flies out from all over the Mansion itself as lights begin to flicker. Absorbing the energy from the mansion, he redirects a large stream of it towards Carol, “Let’s see what your breaking point is.” Which becomes moot when the metal arrow and cable redirects the electricity, sparing both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye from Electro’s attack.

As the raven flies down and bites into Dr. Octopus’s cheek, he swats at it with his arms, “What is this? This bird is no Avenger and has no right to be here.” He continues to swat his arms about his face to shoo the bird away and adds in two tentacles to get it out of his sights as blood begins to pour from the side of his face from the bird’s rather nasty beak bite.

As the smoke arrows fill the area from where Mysterio was, his outline appears. Cursing through an autotuned voice, he waves his hand dropping some funky looking cubes onto the ground which spurt out more smoke while showing his outline and suddenly more outlines appearing within the smoke. Which suddenly Vulture flies out of and Kraven leaps out from.

"'Vex you'? Get real, Moondragon. I'm just calling it like it is." Carol shouts back. Her response to the telepathic comment? « Not even in your dreams. »

Ms. Marvel is singularly unimpressed by Electro's lightshow, and hovers in mid-air ready and waiting to show him just what her limit is - and how far it exceeds his own - when instead his attack is caught and redirected by Hawkeye's earlier cable arrow. "Wow. Somehow, I thought you were more impressive than that, Electro. That's pretty pathetic, wasting all of that electricity like that. I'll just send you the power bill for the Mansion."

Billowing smoke fills the courtyard in front of the Mansion, and Mysterio tries - and fails - to disappear into it. Instead, he sends out more of his illusiory addendums. "You that desperate, Mysterio? Your teammates are already locked up." She has faced enough fake villains, thanks.

With the flailing of the arms, the bird's flight shifts, dodging the arms that he can see while the ones he can't see that come close enough to touch simply pass through "Like HELL I'm just going to let you assholes take Baker." The bird snaps, apparently shaking off Doc Ock's argument for disqualification. So intent on getting a shot in on Ock, he doesn't really notice what Mysterio added into the mix. He flies up before he starts to dive bomb again, this time targeting the very flesh of one of the hands that was intent on swatting at him.

Two more arrows get notched and fly, one at the Vulture, a nice little net arrow for him. The other is his wide area glue arrow, designed to cover a wide area in special sticky putty, hey he has visible Mysterio's now time to trap him. "Mysterio man, you're used to fighting Spider-Man, you don't realize you're playing in the big leagues now. Too bad you're only single a talent."

There is a stirring in the cocoon as the sand continues to shift in shade and color. A low muffling can be heard and soon enough screaming can be heard from the cocoon as Moondragon ignores the battle below (Hawkeye, in particular) and literally puts her ear to the cocoon. Sending Carol and Clint a telepathic message, «Something is stirring within Sandman. Whatever tinkering they did to him is causing a significant strain on his form, as if something is killing him. I am attempting to counter it, but …» Surprise is what is causing Moondragon for her own tampering may lead to Sandman’s death.
Despite being grounded, Electro growls out, “I can do a lot more than fire blasts, bitch.” Seemingly out of the fight, Electro attempts a more physical approach and starts running towards Hawkeye as if to tackle him and have a more direct fight.

Meanwhile the new arrivals join in the battle, as the net flies through them Kraven similarly moving towards Hawkeye and Vulture flying up to engage Ms. Marvel. The glue arrow keeps Mysterio in place as he remains bathed in the smoke which should have dissipated by now, but as he does so small lights appear to be coming from within the smoke and with each light a louder scream from Sandman’s cocoon.

Dr. Octopus, meantime continues struggling with the bird. As if flies upward, he places all his tentacles in front of him and starts them in a rotating motion as if place a whirling fan in front of him for the bird to fly into as it dives bombs.

Given that 'Kraven' and 'Vulture' apparently moved right through Clint's net arrow, Carol is firmly assured that they are the hologram illusions she took them to be, and ignures Vulture's approach, instead flying up towards Sandman, the cacoon, and Moondragon. « I told you to let him the Hell go, damnit! You're killing him! »

Ms. Marvel arrives at the cacoon and reaches out, placing her gloved hand against it. "Sandy, we're here to help. I know you've been fighting them, and I know it hasn't been easy. Now is the time. /Now/! You're no victim, damnit! Let's go!"

As the bird comes flying down, he ends up hitting one of the arms, the circular motion causing for the smaller bird to sort of get chucked to the side. "Son of a b-" The bird sails for a bit, playing the role of a ball before he starts to bounce on the ground a few times. Grumbling, the bird moves to his feet, ruffling his feathers before looking at Doc Ock. "Cute," The bird comments, tone not really showing the respect he'd likely show in another form, it seems, rather, rude considering Ock just knocked him aside, "Let's see how you d-" Sandman's scream draws his attention to the cocoon. "What the fuck's happening to him?!" Phantasm asks before starting to disappear from view, making his way over towards Ock without giving his opponent the benefit of seeing how he's approaching him this time around.

Shoulda known, Mysterio means he's gonna fight fake people. Okay so he spotted the guy with the fishbowl head, and well two fake people attacking him. So time for another plan, notches an arrow and lets it fly once again, this one is just a blunt arrow, but well when it hits it hurts, and it's aimed for the big fishbowl surrounding the guy.

He just looks at Moondragon for a moment, okay he's not the leader here, but well he's gotta say something, «Moonie stop this, you are not helping. Let us get someone like Pym to help him, or hell even take him to Titan if you have to. They are great at dealing with stuff like this.»

“Foolish, woman, I am trying to correct things. This tampering is down to a genetic level which I am beginning to fix.” The natural sandy color begins to dominate as the Avengers seems to be winning for the moment. Moondragon scolds but when Carol touches the cocoon. The screaming stops momentarily. Moondragon blinks, “Oh I see. Part of him does not believe that he should be repaired!” Moondragon moves away from the cocoon and opens her mind outward. Closing her eyes and casing herself in her own cocoon. “Protect Sandman while I show him that he is indeed deserving.”

As Doctor Octopus thinks he has dispatched the bird a tentacles races up and attempts to grab hold of Carol’s boot and yank the heroine down with much force while another encircles the cocoon. The remaining tentacles reach out onto buildings as Doc Ock moves away from the ground and starts climbing up using the remaining tentacles to gain height as they reach out onto buildings, ledges, etc. As he moves away from the unseen Phantasm

Electro continues his charge and moves to tackle the archer as the blunt arrow flies out shattering the bowl that is the head of Mysterio. When it hits, the smoke clears and the body seems to simply deflate and melt like a witch in Oz.

The battle outside Avengers mansion features The Sinister Six versus the Avengers as Moondragon holds a telekinetic cocoon around a pile of sand. A mental summons goes out to any Avengers in the area that were not at the mansion to come and assist.

The telepathic summons reaches the Vision, who is somewhere else in the Big Apple. What was he doing? He was in his Victor Shade guise at a local watering hole. Victor Shade leaves the watering hole, sheds his holographic disguise and flies up into the air. The ghostly white Synthezoid flies across the cityscape, making a bee-line for the Mansion. It takes time for Vizh to show up… it's well known that his top speed is, well, less than impressive. When he does show up, he's hovering a couple of dozen feet off of the ground. A quick survey of what's occuring and Vizh drops to the ground, "This is unexpected." Vizh announces cooly.

"You guys never watch your post-mission reports, do you?" Ms. Marvel snarls as she folds herself in half, seizing the Octopus tentacle seizing her boot in both hands. "You have me. Congratulations, Doctor Brilliant. That means /I/ have /you/!" And this time, Carol is pretty sure this is the original and real Doctor Octopus. "Suck vacuum, Doc!" Ms. Marvel shouts as the glow around her pulses down along her body, streaking light in the air as she shoots upwards in the air, rapidly ascending at face-rending speed while clinging to Ock to be sure he goes along for the ride. If he wants to bring poor Willie along for the ride, she's OK with that.

As Ock starts climbing, assuming he has dispatched Phantasm. The unseen opponent takes flight after, landing upon Ock's shoulder with nary an indication that he is on there. There is no change in weight or the sound of anything landing. "I haven't forgotten about you yet either." Phantasm teases, voice set to a creepily low growl of sadistic sounding amusement as the sensation of an unseen hand against Ock's throat should become apparant. Got to work those acting chops after all, the voice lowers, seemingly whispering into Ock's ear, "Did you really need to piss the both of us off?"

Oh he still he has the stupid electric guy coming at him. But hey he is always prepared, he grabs an arrow and fires it at electro. This one was actually made just in case Sandy went bad for good, but works on electric guy as well. It's filled with nothing but plain simple water, but hey it should work. «Moonie, really stop this, we're asking you nicely.»

“Synthezoid, assist your brethren!” Moondragon commands the Vision when he arrives. As Mysterio has been defeated both Vulture and Kraven are gone as well leaving only two members of the Sinister Six.
As Doctor Octopus is grabbed by Ms. Marvel, his face goes very grim when he feels a hand on his throat and hears the voice in his ear. Suffuciently distracted, he is not prepared for when when Ms. Marvel suddenly lifts off at a frighteningly quick speed, so fast it snaps off two of the tentacles including the one holding onto the cocoon which cracks a bit and begins to spill sand onto the street below. The sand a mixture of red and natural color seeps below and falling into different piles and forming different shapes.
Electro all but powered out is struck by the water arrow. Sparks fly out and is down and out for the light.

When Moondragon receives the telepathic message from Hawkeye and the cocoon cracks open, she suddenly seems very surprised, “I…failed?” A new feeling for the heroine as she watchs the cocoon all but fall apart and the sand all but fill out, “I wasn’t done. This is not my fault.” She remains hovering where she watching as two distinct sand shapes taking humanoid forms. One completely red, the other a natural sandy color, the sandy colored one changes to flesh and blood. It is William Baker who suddenly and violently falls unconscious. The other red Sand form remains pssamic and looks about, a grin forms on its face as it begins to grow larger and Baker starts to shrivel up, “Time for Flint to fly!” He grows larger.
With a searing grimace of determination and not a little bit of pure anger, Carol continues to accelerate straight upwards, gaining altitude at an alarming, lung-scorching rate. The air grows thin, and terribly, terribly cold. And she does not relent. She continues upwards. She has no idea that Phantasm is strangling Ock. But she'd probably caper for joy if she did. She's mad, and she is determined to render Ock insensate before rejoining the battle. One damned enemy at a time.

The Vision is commanded to help his friends and allies against the Six. However, at this point there aren't six of them. Two remain active and a threat but before the Synthezoid can do anything, those two are dealt with expertly by the Avengers. The Vision's eyes glow as he scans their general vacinity. As his eyes betray the act of scanning, Vizh reaches down and grabs the ends of his cape. He draws the cape around him as his glowing eyes now focus on the piles of sand and what they coalesce into.

The grip upon Ock's throat does tighten, as the voice next to his ear does continue seemingly drawing upon the presentation manner of Vincent Price. "Be glad you'll pass out soon. Because I had a lot worse in mind for you had she not gone this route."

Clint looks around well okay Electric Guy is down, score another one for the archer, man he should be in a contest with someone. So he stares at what else is going on and just blinks. "Uhm, I'm kinda lost on what's happening now. Can any one of the smart people explain it to the dumb carny?" He says that one in the com. He knows enough to realize that Moondragon just Fed up.

And Doctor Octopus has been rendered insensate. With the final member of the Sinister Six taken care all that remains is Flint Marko. The reddish Sandman increasing his hit as Baker continues to fade and crumble. Moondragon moves over to the fallen Baker trying to keep him alive. A mental command to the Avengers, «That Red Sandman is killing this one. Flint Marko must be destroyed for William Baker to live!» With that, she places her hand over his form and once again all gathered may feel a slight tug mentally as she continues to pull memories and feed them to the crumbling form

As Flint increases his size to a good 10 feet tall, he lashes out at the nearest Avengers, Vision and Hawkeye. A sand tendril lashes out towards the Vision and another towards Hawkeye. With rather maniacal laughing, Flint shouts out, “Hey Hawkeye, you know you were always a dick to Baker! Your jokes suck! And I’ll be sure to cozy up to Bobbi when you are dead And Vizh, I’m including Wanda in there. She’s gotta be kinky to fuck a robot. So, boys, your girls are mine!”

The Vision's head is canted upwards as Flint grows in height. The bright white glow of his eyes fade as he drops the pretense of scanning after Moondragon's explanation. Vizh tosses aside the ends of his cape and increases his density. The lashing tendril of sand catches the Synthezoid pretty hard, sending the ghostly white Avenger staggering backwards. Whatever Moondragon is doing to their brains is a distraction, which probably helped Flint land such a solid hit on the Vision. The verbal jabs seem to not have the kind of effect on Vizh, not like the tendril's blow. The crystal on the forehead of Vision brightens as solar energy is directed towards it and then projected outward into a tight beam towards Flint-Sandman.

Doc Ock is out, and that's what Ms. Marvel was waiting for. She doesn't really hesitate. As soon as he goes well and truly limp, she inverts and dives just as hard, fast and implacably downward as she roared upwards to get here. And she's doing it with gravity to pull her along, increasing her acceleration. She roars down out of the sky … and then hurls Doc Ock's insensate form right /through/ Flint-Sandman's red form somewhere close to center-mass, well below Vision's sunlight-beam. She doesn't try to bleed off her own speed and momentum, just pulls along right behind Ock … and releases all that pent-up energy she absorbed, right at him. She's going to turf. It's going to be messy. But she's getting in her shots, hard, fast and resolute, with no real warning at all.
Welcome to the Air Force.

With Ock out, Phantasm lets go, gradually becoming the bird he once was in appearance as he doesn't fly or glide, but instead plummets, seemingly because it is quicker. But as Moondragon finds her way to Mike's head off in the distance, Phantasm seemingly fades away for a few moments and then reappears, seemingly like coming across some scratch in a DVD as this occurs a few times before his presence seemingly stabilizes. However this does not help for any graceful landing Phantasm was hoping to make near the end of the freefall as his rhythm seems very much interrupted. Instead he unceremoniously smacks the pavement near Flint's feet. The raven seems to accordion up a bit from the impact in a ridiculously cartoonish manner. This is likely not as noticable with the Ms Marvel N Ock missle that has also traveled downwards. But likely a bit more amusing.

Well Clint wasn't ready for the sand whip, and well it hits him, and sends him flying. He lands goes thud, and slowly gets back up. "Man another critic, doesn't anyone like my jokes anymore." He says through gritted teeth, he gets knocked down, but he gets up again… "Man whatever they are doing to you, fight it. You deserve the second chance, we all do. Look at Vizh and me for example, we got them."

The solar energy blast strikes the tendril heating it up and making Flint scream. The tendril falls to the ground as Flint self amputates his own tendril, but another begins to grow in place, “You’re lucky, Vizh, no emotions. No needs for friends or caring, huh. You can cut off my arm like you cut out Wanda’s heart, huh. Good one, you make the perfect Avenger, Asshole!” To Clint as he goes flying, “Second chances. Look, circus freak! I got your second chance right here.” After hitting Clint with the whip, the tip forms to a small hand giving him the finger, “Oh and this is what Bobbi is going to get from me.” The tip forms into a phallic shape and then boom!

Sensing what Carol is doing, Moondragon screams, “No don’t!” Too late! The prone form of Doctor Octopus with the increased speed smacks right into Flint’s midsection and sending red sand flying everywhere.
Though instead of randomly floating about the granules form and are directed like a conductor and his orchestra flying into the mouths of Carol, Clint, and Heather. Choking and squeezing about. Phantasm and Vision are saved that fate for now, but a disembodied voice speaks out specifically to Carol, “Great move, leader-lady. No wonder you are a fuck-up! You sure you didn’t have a stiff drink before that move!”

With a mouth full of Red Sandman, Carol can't exactly shout back at Flint Marko, but the thoughts are like thunder in her mind. Poor Moondragon is going to get quite a headache. « Me a fuck-up? Wow, Flint. That's rich coming from the incompetent jackass who can't even beat Spider-man! » Ms. Marvel's self-confidence is not nearly so vulnerable as Flint Marko would like to think. And she herself is not quite so vulnerable physically either. She's choking, granted. But her Kree-enhanced biology is not immediately paralyzed. She's not blacking out. She snaps her mouth shut, and starts burning the sand, releasing that energy, solidifying the sand to glass.

The words thrown at the Vision by Flint-Sandman seem to bounce right off of him, as there's no crack of emotion or change in his neutral, impassive facial features. Vizh is all business. The Team Synthezoid notes the reaction he got from blasting Flint-Sandman. A split second passes and Vizh is now intangible and off the ground. He flies towards Flint-Sandman at top speed. He intends to phase right through Flint-Sandman and release another burst of solar energy as he passes through to the other side.

Not needing to breathe has it's benefits, doesn't it? As the bird starts to get up, He starts shifting into the hooded, facial-featured obscured figure Flint met at the building he destroyed awhile back, "Oh fuck you, Flint." Phantasm snaps, turning to look towards, well, the breathers as Flint's working them over. He really doesn't have much in the arsenal for sand collection, "Why don't you stop being such a fucking coward and give the reigns back over to Baker?"

Hey you don't grow up in an orphanage, and live the carny life without developing thick skin. Clint just lets the insults roll off his back. "Oh please, like Bobbi would ever go for you? Plus we've all had sand in the bathing suit, wouldn't sleeping with you be that, just a million times worse?" Hey that's the cause of Flint's frustration, Hawkeye has it all figured out!

Ignoring Phantasm’s and Hawkeye’s taunts, Sandman presses his attack choking those that are affected by this attack. Sending a mental summons to the gathered Avengers, «I can fix part of this, but the ultimate move is on one of you. For Baker to live, Marko must die! The tampering by the Sinister Six is deep. They wanted Baker dead for Marko to live. And so, the reverse is what will save Baker. Flint Marko must die!»
Moondragon does her think and using her vast psionic powers begins to pull Flint Marko together. The sand coming together and taking form just as Carol begins turning him into glass. Letting out loud screams, then the Vision’s move. The solar energy increasing and heating him up. Letting out pained howls, “Fuck you, Avengers!”

Pained by the multiple attacks, Flint finds himself shrinking and then with one final mental command, Moondragon commands Flint to a human form. Weakened but ready to fight, “This doesn’t mean anything. Baker is dead! I lived! So again, fuck all of you!” The last bit of sand begins to wither away from Baker’s body. Moondragon looks to the Avengers, “It must be done!”

After the Vision passes through Flint, he arches his back and ascends up into the air. After flying a few feet up and away from Flint-Sandman, he corkscrews around in the air so that he's one again facing Flint-Sandman. It's clear that the Avengers' efforts against him are doing something to him. He's not as big as he isn't as mouthy as before. Vizh quickly drops back to the ground behind Flint-Sandman and lunges at him. He thrusts both arms out at Flint-Sandman and phases them through up to his elbows. He partially solidifies his arms; Performing his patented molecular disruption attack to see if it has an effect on Sandman's unique body makeup.

«Kiling him is the only way? It just seems so wrong to kill another person no matter who they are. Something you never understood Moonie.» Hey she is the lady that gave her own father brain damage. Hawkeye watches Vision do what he does, but doesn't say anything else. Stupid Moondragon, bet Pym could have solved this a lot easier.

For once, Phantasm is a bit speechless as Flint declares Baker dead. Although not privy to what's going on with the telepathic conversations people seem to be having, he does realize that sand has to go somewhere. Un- In what's likely an act driven more by desperation, Phantasm scoots away from Flint to move towards the pile for Baker. Eyes closing, the form starts shifting from human-like to, well, not quite sure what, but it's seemingly forming a small container around the remnants of the sand.

Freed to breathe again and stop choking, Ms. Marvel turns to face Flint Marko made flesh, a grimace on her featurs. Honestly, she prefers not to kill, given the choice. But if killing will save a life, she's willing. She has done it before, and she'll do it again. But she won't ask anyone else to do it. It's her choice. Her burden. She stalks up to Flint, staring at Vision's hands coming through his chest. "Hey, Marko? Screw you. I want my friend back!" She had hoped he would stay glass, as that would have made it simple to just shatter him to bits. But he's flesh and blood now. So Carol does what she does: a quick grab with her incredible strength, around head and neck, and then a twist and jerk. It isn't the first time she has done it. It won't be the last. But doing it to the face of the guy she's trying to save? Yeah. She's going to need to talk to Samson after this.

Stunned by the Vision attack, Flint lets out another howl, “Oh now you are going to get it.” As he attempts to take his pssamic form, he finds that he is unable to. Moondragon ignores Hawkeye as she keeps Flint from using his powers, the last bits of Baker begin to crumble away but find themselves contained within the Phantasm container.

And with that the saga of the Red Sandman ends, Flint Marko’s lifeless body falls to the ground, his neck snapped to save the life of William Baker. Flint Marko’s body falls to the ground and then shatters and crumbles. Small grains of sand remain and are caught up in the night wind and dispersed. Moondragon remaining by the Phantasm container, “Flint Marko dies so that the slightest essence of William Baker remains in this container. Quickly, he must be placed safely into the Mansion, for someone other than I to repair him.”

The Vision becomes completely intangible as Carol grabs a hold of Flint-Sandman. Vizh keeps his arms outstretched up until Flint-Sandman's body falls down in a clump. He takes a step back, returns to his baseline density and wipes his hands clear of sand and debris that have collected there. The ghostly synthezoid looks down at what's left of Flint before looking back up at the gathered Avengers and allies. Vision says without emotion, "An unfortunate ending to an unfortunate situation."

Her face careworn, Moondragon realizes this was partially her fault. Her expression reads of sadness and sorrow, but quick to hide her guilt over the actions taken today, she simply lifts off into the sky and using her telekinesis is soon out of sight. Though into the minds of the Avengers, she expresses her regret over what has happened and in a rare move, an apology.

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