2012 01 21 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lifeguard and Polaris

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January 21, 2012

Gathering Hall - Xavier Mansion

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Lorna and Heather chat about fun.


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It's a pretty quiet evening at the Mansion, and Lorna has found a nice spot to curl up with a book. Of course the book in question happens to be a stack of archeology magazines she's catching up with, and there are a couple stacks of notebooks on the nearby table. But other than that, it looks like a nice, relaxing evening for the green-haired woman.

Making her way into the Gathering Hall, Heather Cameron dressed in a blue sweater and jeans smiles and lights up when she sees Lorna, “There you are!” She moves over and plops herself right next to Polaris, “I have been looking all over for you.” Noting the magazines, Heather makes a sour expression, “Really? Reading about old stuff. God, girl…you seriously need to get out more.”

Polaris swings her legs down and looks somewhere between surprised and nervous and curious. Green brows raise and she asks. "You've been looking for me? And what's wrong with this stuff? I -like- archeology…" All the same, she puts the magazine down on the stack.

“Well, I suppose, but really, there is a reason that most of the archeology stuff has been dead and buried.” Heather laughs, “And yes, I was hoping we could go out and have fun somewhere. Maybe head into the city or see the spots that Salem Center has to offer. I mean since your return have you done anything fun?”

Polaris's mouth twitches at the archeology pun, and she eases into a grin as she gets it. "Sure! What did you have in mind for fun? I mean I'm not the type to go out by myself or anything…." No, definitely not a regular clubber, it seems. "But Alex and I are talking again, which is really nice."

“Oh.” Heather’s ears perk up a bit and she smiles, “So what does talking mean exactly? Are you a couple again or working things out slowly?” Heather furrows her eyebrows and grins, “Not that I am being nosey or anything, but yeah I am, plus it is always good to kept abreast of teammate’s lives and whatnot.”

Polaris lowers her eyes and blushes deeply at the question, but her smile broadens as her expression becomes sheepish. "I, um, well I'd say we're a couple again. At least for now." Things between Lorna and Alex have a way of changing pretty rapidly, for some reason. "But I don't mind.

“For now is good enough. Plus I am sure. In the end you are destined to be together.” Heather offers a smile and an affectionate pat on Lorna’s shoulders, “But you also don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. If you don’t mind my asking. What was the problem last time? I seemed to remember reading that once you were possessed by something called Malice?”

Polaris looks quite pleased at the reassurance, and even reaches up to brush fingers against the patting hand. "Last time? I really don't remember what the problem was, other than the whole team being pretty stressed out." She stiffens at the mention of Malice, biting her lower lip briefly as she nods. "I was, yes. But that's finished now, and I'm over it."

Noting that Malice is not really brought up, Heather figures probably best not to ask anymore about it aside from what she knows in the files, “Well it’s a new team and I am here. I bring the joy and pep that was missing last time.” Heather chuckles, “Plus I think I am going to learn a lesson from some other heroes. I was at the Baxter Building yesterday and saw the Thing pull a prank of the Human Torch and met the most annoying yet adorable in a cute alien sorta way creature called Impossible Man. Apparently he is an alien prankster.”

Polaris's brows furrow at the mention of Impossible Man and she shakes her head slowly. "That's a new one for me, I'm afraid. An alien prankster, hmm?" She looks thoughtful for a moment, and casts a glance back at the stack of magazines. Yes, she's considering it again. "So what do -you- like to do for fun, Heather? When you're not scolding your teammates for being too bookish, that is." Flashing a smile, she adds a wink as well.

“Well, I will admit I am enjoy a good pint and a night out with a group of friends. But I also enjoy the beach. I am a beach bum to the max. Growing up in Australia, I lived most of my life in Surfer’s Paradise and the name is literal. It truly is a surfer’s paradise. Best waves on the planet.” Heather smiles, “Do you surf?”

Polaris looks interested, now, but she shakes her head. "I can't say as I've ever tried it, really. Maybe because I can fly, or it's never occurred to me." She shrugs, then smiles. "But I -love- going to the beach, swimming and laying out." Looking the other woman over, she asks. "So you're really a lifeguard, then?"

Nodding her head, “Yep. Why I went with the codename. Kinda stupid I know, but I took the literal meaning of the word. Guarding life.” She makes a half-smile, “But I am a water-girl. All the way through. Hell, maybe I am part- Atlantean or something.” Heather makes a joke. “But I and my brother were the ultimate beach bums. When the weather warms up, I may definitely want to hit that cove.”

Polaris's smile becomes wry and she offers. "Hey, it sounds better than 'Magnetrix'. That was my first codename, and Alex still teases me with it sometimes." She nods, then continues. "But we'll definitely hit the beach sometime when the weather warms up, Heather. That's a promise." Considering the other girl, she asks. "So do you like dancing, or more just the bar scene?"

“Well, if you can call it dancing.” Heather laughs, “I can move to my feet. But I am not thebest dancer.”
She shrugs, “Imagine a three-legged dog bopping about. It has more coordination than I do. But it shows that I don’t really care. I met some girls recently at a gym for super-powered females. I think we were all thinking about heading out and meeting up in the city, but so far only Gogo and I have. That was where I first met Emma too. And the other girl, Xiu Lin. Some sort of martial artist. But when we all finally go out you should join us. I’m trying to talk Betsy into it too.”

Polaris grins at that, looking very interested. "Girls' night on the town, hmm? I'd like that, Heather. Just a place for some girl-talk, a few rounds, and maybe pizza." Chuckling, then, she adds. "I'm not much of a dancer, either, but I like to watch."

“Well Gogo will get you dancing.” Heather pauses a moment and starts laughing, “Not that Gogo is a gogo dancer. Far from it. She is a huge orange brick house. But she can move too.” She smiles, “I think she and the Thing would make a great couple. She is a wrestler. For someone so big, she has a huge heart and is a big softie.”

Polaris chuckles softly. "I hadn't thought of that, actually. A gogo dancer, I mean. Really makes you wonder about mutant powers for -that- codename." Grinning wryly, her eyes widen and she nods emphatically. "Orange? Oooh, she sounds like she'd be PERFECT for Ben. He's a big softie, too."

“Yeah, I think I may try to set them up. Ben is so sweet. Last night while dealing with that crazy alien, there was a boy who got lost from his mother and while dealing with that, Ben was able to give us all a ride in the Fantisticar to take him home and even managed to get the mother a nice little gift too.” Reclining in a seat now, Heather asks, “So how have you found your return to the mansion so far? Anything change since you were gone?”

Polaris's eyes remain bright, and she's smiling softly when the story finishes. "Remind me to do something nice for Ben sometime." she offers. Looking around, then, she replies. "Actually, while I'm sure there -have- been a few changes, the Mansion still feels like home to me. Nice and cozy and safe.

“Yes, it has become my home too. I wonder if I could have my brother come to visit. He would freak out at all the cool stuff here. That Danger Room in particular. Still not sure how it works. Sh’iar technology or some alien bit.” Shrugging Heather blinks, “So how did you get dragged into this life of mutant zaniness?”

Polaris's smile softens a bit at the question, and she reaches up to twirl her green hair. "Seriously? With this 'do?" she quips back. "And I can show you how to run the Danger Room sometime if you want. I'm not sure on the visitor policy, but if he knows about your powers and is cool with them, I don't see any harm in it. Can't show him -everything- though."

“Well I think I need to dye my hair some color. I mean green for you and purple for Betsy. And Rogue has that white streak. Maybe blue?” Heather takes a fake vogue model pose, “What do you think? Plus with Emma having the lock on the blond babe look, I don’t know. Maybe pink?” She hmmmns and shrugs.

Polaris chuckles softly at the posing, and even tilts her head while looking thoughtful. "I think you should stick with your natural talents, Heather." she offers. "Besides, who says there's a limit on blonde babes around here, anyway?" Grinning, she adds. "If you -do- go with a different color, have it match your eyes."

“True. I think I will still with the blond, but call it golden. I mean I tend to go all golden literally when in a fight. Like the other day when Kurt and I fought that sentinel in Arcade’s crazy warehouse.” Heather hmmmns, “Oh so yeah, watch out. Apparenlty he is after us. Some twisted sicko he is. And that sentinel nearly kicked the crap out of Kurt and me.”

Polaris nods slowly and studies the other woman's hair. "Sentinels don't bother me." the mistress of magnetism replies lightly. "But you go all golden? I definitely wouldn't mess with the hair, then. Does it change, too, or just your skin?"

“Oh duh that’s right. Magnetism. Sentinels are metal. You should have been there then. I got all sticky and thrown about. It was actually scary that those machines knew all about Kurt, but didn’t have any information on me.” Heather shrugs, “Wasn’t helpful though. And yes, everything turns golden, even the hair. One of the more common transformation that I am used too. Unlike say the mermaid I turned into when I first met Alex…which was embarrassing for me, suddenly having a fin tail as opposed to legs. When I transformed back I was not fortunate to have a costume made of unstable molecules. The beach saw whole lot more of me that I intended.” Heather laughs it off.

Polaris's eyes go wide and she laughs as well, nodding with an understanding look. "Hey, it happens to all of us sooner or later. Just make the best of it, and try to remember you'll be more …popular afterward." Her smile becomes knowing, and she laughs again. "I'll bet Alex didn't mind so much, either.

“Laughing. Well, being a beach bum. Things like that tend to happen, more often than not.” Heather’s expression reads that it was not the first time and it probably won’t be the last time. “Knowing Alex, yeah, he probably did.” Heather hmmmns as she gets her own memory, “But yes, it was funny. And the way my body transforms, I am grateful Mr. Fantastic invited unstable molecules, whatever they are.”

With that, the girls head to the kitchen to grab some snacks and continue the girl talk.

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