2012 01 20 When In London

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When in London…

Empath, Regan Wyngarde, and Selene

IC Date:
January 20, 2012

Richmond - London

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Selene and Empath go to London to recruit Regan.


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A limousine pulls up to the rather posh area of Richmond, London, inside the car, three inhabitants sit in the back. The one in charge, the Black Queen, Selene and along with her are: one a woman dressed in a red corset and matching trousers and attire, a representative of the London Hellfire Club, and seated next to her is Manuel de la Rocha, dressed in a black suit reminiscent of the 1700s. The newest member of the New York branch of the Inner Circle, the Black Rook, has driven past the Wyngarde home and towards a little cafe in this ritzy neighborhood with the clear intentions of meeting with the spawn of the former Inner Circle member, Mastermind. With an agenda in his own mind, he exits the limo with Selene, “Your highness, this is a potential new recruit, I felt should be met with. She is the daughter of previous member Jason Wyngarde. While little is known of her, she may prove most useful.” Then speaking with the red garbed Londoner still in the car, "Monitor us telepathically. But no direct contact unless needed." She smiles as he kisses her hand and he goes to enter the cafe. Clearly she is either charmed by him or under his thrall, either way, he and his goddess are now at the cafe.

Regan Wyngarde sits at a table to the side of the open air cafe. A cappucino sits before her as the blonde enjoys a sunny, if brisk London winter's day. Dark sunglasses hide her eyes but for those who know who they're looking for she is not difficult to locate. She seems quite content, dressed smartly and covered in a warm winter coat. She watches people as they pass by and occasionally sips at her drink as she awaits this curious meeting.

Selene Enters along with empath she looks about the small café for a moment " Not bad " she says lightly to empathy before she sweeps in she chooses a booth that is hastily exited by a couple that up till now didn't seem to notice anybody but themselves .
Selene made no motion simply walked towards them and they left as she sits down she starts to pull her long gloves off slowly plucking at each finger as a staff member runs over to clean the table and another just moves to stand and wait for her order apparently she's either know or just commands that much attention .

As they make their way in, he already spots Regan Wyngarde and offers a smile. Nodding as they enter, he bows his head. Once Selene has procured a table, he goes over to approach Regan, “Ms. Wyngarde. Pleasant to meet you and thank you for agreeing to this appointment. I am Manuel de la Rocha and this is Selene Gallio. I apologize that neither Mr. Shaw or Ms. Frost could make this meeting. Please join us at that table.” Gesturing to where Selene has chosen where the meeting will occur, he orders a tea and pulls out a seat for Regan, should she choose to take it.

Regan Wyngarde looks up at Manuel though her expression remains rather unreadable on the surface given the glasses. She rises up, taking her cappucino with her. It was a good cup after all. She walks over, "To what do I owe a visit from my father's past associates?" She settles into the indicated booth comfortably and sips at her drink, "The Hellfire Club isn't known for its tea parties or social calls." Her voice is perfectly British and refined.

Only sitting once both ladies have sat, Manuel looks to Selen and back to Regan, “No we are not. However, it is also good to touch base with past associates. While your father’s time with the club was…dubious…as his daughter and heir, you can may be able to continue his membership, perhaps.” As their orders are brought to them, he sips his tea and sighs, “I’ve always been a coffee man, myself. But when in London…”

Selene Looks up and she smiles but she doesn't say anything just adds sugar to her coffee and starts to stir.. when she speaks it's not in the human way but in the maner that pyscics speak to each other .oO Recent even have changed my view of the world? I want to change things the view of the humans to my people is starting to upset me but to fix it I'm going to need help players that have power. You have power great power in fact that would help me change the game . Oo. She pauses to sip her coffee never let it be said that she doesn't appreciate a good cup of joe . She looks back at the two .oO I'm starting a school for young mutants I need people to help with that Oo.

Regan Wyngarde sits in the booth and listens to the 'speech' as she sips from her cup. "Indeed. And so this is about you then. Not about the Club. Or about Shaw?" She keeps those sunglasses on, not that it really matters. It just hides her eyes. She's being difficult not impossible. "As the saying goes. The Lord helps those who help themselves. I have little doubt the Club, and anyone within its most cozy circles is abundantly more powerful than I. What could you possibly need from me you cannot do yourself?

Laughing a bit when she says how powerful Selene is, Manuel regains his composure, “My dear, I would not daresay that I am nearly as powerful as you are. Where the mind is your domain, emotions are mine. And my mind is barriered enough having spent time around the heads of the club. But, I digress. You are right to say you are among the more powerful of our kind. The more elite of our kind should stand united to avoid such tragedies as those occurring in the States and may well reach the shores of merry old England. A unified front. A chance to help, and perhaps, control the next generation. Among the new batch of students is a elemental changer, literally changing the world in the palm of his hands and a younger move improved version of Wolverine. And that is just the beginning. With you a part of our little Hellions, and possibly a leader. How much more power you would have to wield than mere illusions. Illusions becoming reality with the group we have already gathered and hope to gain more.”

Selene Smirks .oO Power is a muscle if you don't use it then it tends to waste away are you really happy as a mastermind to sit here and play with these boring mortals ? Oo. She looks about the room .oO Or do you want to play where the real fun is hmmm? " She cups her chin in her hands .oO I could promise you money and power but all that is trivial to those of us with the power of the mind.. the game is far more important Oo. Her eye's sparkle " Nothing worse then being bored Oo.

Regan Wyngarde looks at Empath, "Bloody hell. Someone tried to duplicate Wolverine? They need their brainpan examined." She shakes her head at the notion. To Selene she smiles. "Perhaps it is." She smiles as she reaches up to lower her sunglasses to look at the two from across the tops, "But who says it's the boring mortals I'm playing with?" She winks and the lovely cafe and the bright little sunbeam they were seated under reveals itself to be nothing more than illusion. Instead of a cafe they are in a rather dank and dreary neighborhood park on a cloudy winter day. The tea simply a hallucination. She does, however have a cappucino. She's not a complete fool. She looks between the two, "I always enjoy flexing my muscles. It doesn't get better than testing myself against the best in the business." A coy little smile tugs at her lips.

Applauding, Manuel smiles at Regan before shooting Selene a cautionary glance, “That was indeed, very impressive. I could actually taste the tea. So your illusions are not just visual, but affect all the senses.” Looking back around the environment, “If ever there was a reason to alliance with us, Ms. Wyngarde. This is one. Your power is vast and with a younger group to mold in your own light, well…Imagine this but greater.” Manuel then grins, “However, I was indeed craving real tea while I was in London and I also need to check on something for a friend.”

Selene chuckles " Very nice " She says switching to words but she stands up and adjusts her cloak " Think about the offer and what you want .. let Manuel know 'There is a position in my court among the hellfire club if you accept it as well I will not force it on you the choice is yours " .

Regan Wyngarde listens to the two. She sips at her cappucino and nods. "I will consider it. The Hellfire Club is far more distinguished than that group of boyscouts Xavier's trying to manage." She then gestures, "Sorry about the sunshine. Even I can't control mother nature in London. What can you do."

“It is quite alright.” Manuel offers and thinks how it may even be appropriate. “We are in London after all. The Seattle of Europe.” He jokes, “And Xavier’s will provide no opposition to us. That has also been taken care of, privately.” He smiles, “So, Regan love, how is that beautiful sister of yours?”

"It is quite alright." Manuel offers and thinks how it may even be appropriate. "We are in London after all. The Seattle of Europe." He jokes, "And Xavier's will provide no opposition to us. That has also been taken care of, privately." He smiles, "So, Regan love, how is that beautiful sister of yours?" At the drop of the illusion the telepath in the limo contacts Selene and Manuel, but he telepathically tells her to remain where she is.

Selene Smiles " That's fine I don't mind but think on the offer it comes with money and power but those are just bench marks " She says softly " Come along empath my dear let's not overstay our welcome "

Regan Wyngarde looks to Empath, "Which lovely sister, Empath? One has no interest in associating with a criminal because of Xavier's self righteousness. The other.. wants to see me dead because daddy liked me better and left everything to me." She shrugs, "What's a girl to do?" She smiles. "Enjoy your stay. But do watch out for the pigeons if you visit Trafalgar."

“Ah I Was referring to the other Mastermind. It would be interesting to see which of you is the greater illusionist. But so far from what I have seen and heard of your father, he would be most proud.” Manuel offers another smile, “I will. One of our students is a native Londoner and is so worried about his family I thought I would stop by and pay them a nice little visit. You haven’t heard of any trolls in the area, have you?”

Selene Looks over " Ohh trolls I could use some parts " she says evily as she walks towards where the limo is she lets the two talk as she will go and wait in the car she's made her offer to stand around and wait would be obtuse .

Regan Wyngardelooks to Empath and smiles. "I was referring to Martinique as well. The one known as Pixie just loathes me thanks to the Xmen. Martinique wants me dead." She then shrugs, "She has her unique talents as do I." She tilts her head, "Trolls? You might look under London Bridge.." She offers a coy smile. "Enjoy your stay." she lifts her drink in salute as the two move to leave.

Rising, Manuel watches Selene move to the car and he bows to Regan, “I am sure I will see you again. I have some business to take care of London that does not involve the Hellfire Club. So I may approach you again…under more personal settings.” He kisses her hand and then makes his way to the limo.

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