2012 01 20 Pheromonal Measures

The night came quickly to the wayward Wallflower as she finds herself in the city and in unfamiliar terrain. It's the lower West Side, and for many reasons they call it Hell's Kitchen. It's here that the street gangs are often out of control, that the shadows do pose a threat, and the night isn't anyone's ally.
Gunshots are heard down a back alleyway. Someone screams. Then two thugs come rushing out and then run down the street to collide with the lost mutant (Laurie). They continue running, however one looks back to try to identify the attractive girl he just collided with. Curious.
The sidewalks are otherwise crawling with walking bystanders. The clubs along the sidewalk are littered with patrons - many of which are going in and out. And of all things, it starts to rain…

Wallflower Yelps as she's slammed into thankfully the rain helps block some of her powers as she spins around ,s he lots her phone and she's new to this city so she has no idea where she is . She looks around trying to find a pay phone the last 3 were cut and she really wants to get out of here .

Leering stares focus on her from various male figures (at a distance). They are interested and predatory. A hooded figure exits a club to Laurie's right. He walks down the stairs toward a limousine that is pulling up. A female gets out of the passenger side dressed in a driver's gray coat, hat, skirt and carrying a black umbrella and will open the door for him. He passes behind Laurie's path and before three more steps are taken, he turns and takes note of the girl in the rain. The hood shadows his face.

Wallflower Sighs she's rather wet right now and not very happy shivering as she clutches her clothes . She sighs " Why did I have to lose my phone " she complains as she grabs a phone and sighs as she holds up the cut in two phone " Damnit don't people leave pay phones alone around here " .

The hooded figure turns on his heel and steps to close the distance between himself and Laurie. A deep voice emits from the shadows of his hood, "I've got a phone you can use."
The cloak/hood (poncho like) he wears is black and reveals little of what he's wearing beneath except for slacks and nice shoes.

Wallflower Blinks " Are you sure? " She looks up sniffling " Thank you sir " she says reaching out for the phone " I need to call somebody to pick me up " . If you get to close you'll almost feel as misrable as she does

"It's in my car, Come." the voice says as he turns and starts walking toward the vehicle (limo). His assistant stands in the rain holding an umbrella and the door of the limo, waiting on him to enter. She greets him, "Welcome back, sir."

Wallflower Blinks " I'm not so sure " then the rain crackles and booms and gets harder and makes up her mind " Okay " she jumps into the car it's dry and she's soaked and cold

Leather seats, warm and dark interior. The male has taken the seat with his back to the rear of the vehicle. He sits in the middle of the bench. Opposite him another bench seat is available for occupancy.

Wallflower Crawls in " Sorry I'm getting your seats wet " she comments " You want me to stay on the floor so I don't make em weT? " She asks helpfully looking around for the phone

"It's fine, my seats won't be damaged." When the door closes Laurie will suddenly realize that she's attracted to the male opposite her. He's strong, attractive, alluring, and she doesn't want to leave his presence. - Pheromones. His pheromones are taking effect on her.
"Now, you wanted this?" He asks reaching from his cloak, a dark hand produces a small silvery cell phone. Yet, at this point, who is she going to call?

Wallflower sniffs a little and frowns but she starts to dial the school wanting to get out of where she is but she dosn't have a secret number or nothing .

The hood is removed < http://www.comicvine.com/mandrill/29-6829/ >. His features are strange. Yet even more attractive than one might consider. His mouth makes a smile and he says, "You've the gift, just as I. The ability to sway other's to your wishes through your scent."

Wallflower blinks and frowns closing the phone just as somebody picks up " What ? " She says blinking " Is that what I smell " She says seemse she detected the smell, and it's clear it affected her.

He blinks slowly looking her over. His lips are licked before he states, "Tell me, young one. Who are you associated with?"

Wallflower Blinks " I go to school here what do you mean associated? "she asks curious she's not sure what your saying .. she's filled with curiousity and the need for answers witch of course she's now infecting you with as you infect her

"Associated; as in you must work for someone. Maybe you have your own manipulation thing going on. But you've got to be using it for gain, if not personal, for someone else. Who do you work for. Group, team, underworld boss." he asks, reillustrating his question.

Wallflower Blinks " nobody I go to school " she says " I'm only 15 " She frowns " I don't know how to control my powers yet they are teaching me how " .

"They…." he thinks to himself, curiousity growing within him as he ponders her words. "Who are 'they'? What school do you attend?"

Wallflower Blinks eye's getting a little unfocused due to the amount of pheromones as she swallows ' Xaviers school for gifted youngsters I'm there on a schollarship.. they train young mutants "

"Of course." he says knowingly. "Of course you are.". His reiteration reveals disappointment, as if he's experienced that group once before. Maybe had conflict with them and likely lost. "Let's see…. revenge or do I even want to bother with you?" he questions his potential motives and desires. Then states, "You say you haven't the ability to control your power?"

Wallflower Shakes her head " I avoid people I never use it… I .. I don't want people to like me cause of my power I want people to like me for real "

He chuckles, long deep gutteral laughter, "What is 'for real'? Isn't this real? Your power, is it not real? They are all cattle, meaningless. The human race is nothing. Useless, except for pleasure and to give me what I desire. You, young one. You too have such potential to take what ever you want. Take from them before they take from you."

Wallflower Is under the affect of your power so of course she cocks her head " You sure? " she frowns " Okay " She smiles at you as she thinks " Can you show me how to use my power .. all they do at the other school is make me wear purfume to block my powers "

He smiles, "What will you give me in return?" is the question presented to her desire to learn to control her powers. "Tell me my little princess, what will you do for me if I teach you how to control those around you?"

Wallflower Blinks " I don't have anything " She says softly " I can use my powers for you/ " She asks softly

"Why yes, yes you can." the man notes in accordance with his desires. "From now on, you will call me, 'Master'. You will make no further contact with your school or your friends as you now belong to me and my join my Fem-Force."

Later that evening, Mandrill gives Laurie a task. Her goal is to return to the school and continue doing what she does. However, she will return to him in two days to report the going's within the Xavier walls.

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