2012 01 20 Impossible Things Are Happening Everyday

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Impossible Things are Happening Everyday!

Lifeguard, Dajan, Thing and The Impossible Man

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Baxter Building Lobby

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Dajan defeats the Impossible Man with MATH!


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Dajan has had a good afternoon. Despite the odd disruption of a low level criminal at her diner. There were a few big groups coming in and looking to eat big, and eat cheap. She had to help with the cooking for some of her shift, but the tips were worth it. She's decided to do some more touristy stuff to make up for the last touristy attempt she made — which took a really bad wrong turn. She's in midtown, pondering what to see this time when she hears a small child crying.

It takes her a minute or two to pinpoint the sound, and then a minute or two longer to wade through the ever-crowded streets. "Scuse me, pardon me, sorry, comin' through…" She ends up less than a block from the world famous Baxter Building, sure the crying is coming from around here somewhere.

It probably comes as a suprise to noone that in New York the cries of a child can go unheard as everyone just blocks it and out and decides that it falls firmly into a the column of SEP (Someone, Else's Problem). Thankfully for one little tyke there are people that can't just block it out and are compelled to act left in the city.

Huddled against the cold concrete side of a building, just inside a the gapping maw of a side alley way is source of the crying. A young boy with a mop of dark hair, and stunning blue eyes that are streaked with tears. He could almost look like a mini Franco Nero. He's wearing faded blue jeans, worn sneakers and a FF t-shirt, and generally looking lost as can be.

Dajan probably could block it out if not for two things: the first being she had, until recently, been minding six younger siblings, the youngest of whom was barely nine months old. The second? Her mutant ability. It came in handy earlier, so she's decided to try to keep the small bit of shapeshifting that enhances her hearing active the better to keep her city awareness sharp. And it serves her well again, leading her unnerringly to the alley.

"Aww, hey, lil guy — what's up? You lost?" She crouches to get down to a level he can see her, and smiles encouragingly, so he can see her eyes and the sugar-cinnamon sprinkles across her nose and cheekbones.

The boy sniffles and looks up, "Yeah…" he says meekly. Trying to choke out things between sobs, "I was trying to… go an' get my mom a berfday present.. but but.. but.." he pauses to sniffle, "I got on the wrong bus, and I don't know where I am…. Now I'm gonna get in alot of trouble." Ahh the priorities of the young mind. He probably saw some grifting selling something he thought was nice and tried to see if he could find him again.

"Aw, cher bebe," Dajan murmurs, then realizes that might not be the coolest thing to call a small boy who was trying to be a grownup and get a present for his mom. "I'm new in New York, and I get on the wrong bus /all/ the time," she offers with a smile that this confession might cheer him up. "I bet we can find some help to get you where you need to be, and get your mama a present too. Whadja see that you thought she'd like? Somethin' sparkly? Somethin' warm?" She offers him a gloved hand. "I know you're prolly not s'posed to talk to strangers if your mama is anythin' like mine. I'mma introduce myself so we won't be strangers anymore. My name is Dee Dee. Pleased to meet you." It's Dajan, yeah, but no use upsetting a small child by giving him a name that's hard to pronounce.

Lifeguard has arrived.

The boy rubs his runny nose on the bck of his sleeve and repeats Dajan's given name, "Dede… I'm Ken. I was gonna get her something really nice. Honest I was. It was really really sparkly!" he puts a little hand into the offered gloved one from Dajan. "It's nice to meet you Dede… I'm sorry for Crying. Girls aren't supposed to see boys cry."

"Ken, I have three brothers, including baby Ray-Ray. I see boys cry all the time. They just /say/ girls aren't s'posed to see it because they think it makes them seem less tough," Dajan explains, closing her fingers around his and leading him out of the alley. A lot of the office buildings are already closed up, but the one she chooses still looks lit up and friendly, so she scoots close to Ken, and gets them through the revolving door into the lobby of the Baxter Building. "There. See, now we're out of the cold. We're already doin' better, huh?"

Making her way down the street near the Baxter Building and near the alley, Heather Cameron dressed for the winter in jeans and brown and white sweater with a northface jacket on to keep the chill away, waits patiently for her friend and teammate Lorna Dane to join her. She mumbles to herself how the weather is very different here than it is in Australia. She sighs and begins to whistle a tune that she cannot get out of her head. Spotting the Baxter Building, she ponders waiting inside and who knows maybe she will see her good friend, Ben.

The Baxter Building always looks lit up and friendly, and Ken huddles close to Dajan as he enters the lobby. There is little kerfuffle in the Baxter Building, lobby tonight, The night watchman is settled in to watch TV, and he just waves at Dajan and Ken, and even at the Golden Haired Aussie that is a few breaths behind them and just waves them to the public phone's assuming they're calling someone that lives here or just looking to make a call in general.

Ken gasps in an expression that is a little bit awe and little bit fear and tugs on Dajan's arm, "Look Dede!" And by the Elevators stands the monolithic form of one Benajmin J. Grimm. And he seems to be paying a sandwhich deliever man while pouring an obscene amount of Jabanero hot sauce onto one of the sandwhiches before patting him on the shoulder and beeping him on up. "That'll teach Hot-Head."

Dajan follows little Ken's excited exclamation and has to swallow a gasp of her own. Wow. /The/ Benjamin J. Grimm, known the world over, even to a sheltered hick like her, as The Thing. How awesome. Better, how perfect. There's no way little Ken is gonna stay freaked out now with a hero like that around. "'Scuse me… Mr. Grimm, sir?" she asks, politely.

A hero in her own right, Heather decides to enter the Bacter Building and after the greeting from the security, she spots Ben. As well as Ken's exclamation and the girl with him, Heather makes her way into the lobby and calls out to Ben, "Hey, Rockface. It's been awhile." Her teasing sounds funny as it is marred by her Australian accent, but she clearly knows and merely jokes.

Really it's quite alright, though because teasing always sounds just a bit more casual when it's said in an australian accent. "It has…. Haven't been attacked by crazy escaped pyschos in the Subway in a few months. Good to see yah." He turns then to Dajan and dips his head in greeting as he sets his over sized Fedora on his head. "You got all o' that right by the Sir part kiddo. My military days are long behind me." He looks down at the kid hovering behind her and says, "Hey Sport, Been looking out for your friend out there on the tough streets right?" Kids may love the Thing on the TV… but in person, well they can be a little more bashful. "So what brings everyone by the Baxter Buildin' tonight?"

Dajan beams. He's /nice/. He's chatted up the kid already, and little Ken giggles at the idea that /he/ is the one taking care of "Dee Dee".

"Mama always taught me to mind my manners," is Dajan's answer to his insistence that his military days are long behind him. Until given leave to call him something else, the Big Orange Dude is 'sir'. "Ken here seems to have gotten himself turned around a little bit on his way home. And I'm too new in town to point him right myself and get him where he needs to go, so I thought we'd come in, get warm, and call a taxi, maybe, or ask for directions. Just lucky we ended up in your building, Mr. Grimm, sir."

"I'm just warming up myself. Too cold outside and could use some heat…speaking of which is that Human Torch around?" Heather giggles and gushes a bit when she looks to the kids then speak and it seems young Ken is lost. "Awww." Heather leans over and ruffles his hair, "Aren't you the cutest? Don't worry we will get you home? What is your phone number or your mother's cell and we will get her here in no time."

The little boy blushes at Heather's attention but the mention of his Mom and Ken gets another big sniffle going and says, "Oh… she's gonna be really mad at me because I wasn't s'posed to leave but I did! I wanted to get her a birthday present and I took the wrong bus! Then I got lost and now I'm gonna get in trouble when you calll her and… she's… she's."

As the little tyke starts rambling on Ben clear shis throat and look to Lifeguard, "Oh I think she'll be happy just ta hear you're alright kiddo. Especially since you've been helping us with Hero stuff right?" He gives a knowing nod to Life guard. He looks to Dajan then and says, "Hey thanks for bringing him here. This is a big scary place for a kid to be lost in." he says lower his voice a bit while, Ken's attention is stolen largely by Heather. "Oh and yeah, Match-Stick is upstairs. He's gonna be digging into his dinner any moment now." And Ben's eyes glisten with joy at the thought of Johnny biting into the loaded sammich!

"I promise," Dajan tells Ken, backing Ben up, "She'll be happier to know you're safe and sound. We'll getcha home, an' we'll even help you surprise her with her present if you can remember what it was you saw an' wanted to get her." She smiles up at Ben. "I couldn't do anythin' else, Mr. Grimm. I … I got six brothers an' sisters of my own." Her own eyes are a little misty too; maybe she misses her sibs. "What'd you wanna get her, Kenny?" she asks the little boy to get the subject off her family.

Lifeguard hmmmmns a moment when Ken is cut off from finishing his sentence by Ben. She offers a smile and a look of thanks to Dajan, "That was really nice of you to look out for him." She looks to Ken, "You were lucky she found you." With a smile, she leans closer, "So what were you going to say about your mother? Sheâs what?"

"I was gonna say scary when she's mad." Ken says and then he looks to Dajan, "I wanted to get her this pretty necklace I saw some guy selling! His name was Louie! And he had a big smile! And he said he'd give it to me for a good price!"

Ben for his part sighs and shakes his head, "Sounds like some grifter. I wonder if it's the same Louie that's always working Yancy street. That guys a Bum…." Ben rubs his chin and says, "Here just a moment I got an idea." He walks over to the security station and borrows the guards phone and asks the guard to punch in a few numbers and he starts carring on a quiet conversation with whoever is on the other line.

Dajan agrees, but smiles as Ben goes over to make a phone call. "We'll find your mom a nice necklace even if it's not from Mr. Louie," Dajan assures Ken, scooping him up and sitting him down on the reception desk, because after a good cry, she expects he's starting to tire out and run out of steam. "Real kind of you to help us out like this," she says to Ben and the blonde lady whose name she hasn't yet caught.

Offering a smile and almost kneeling on the ground as she is by Ken, â?Oh what do you mean, she is scary? How does she act when you are mad?â Heather gestures for Ben to hold off just yet on calling the parents as Heather seems a bit more concerned about something and wants to hear more from Ken. She hmmmns as she listens to the boy.

Offering a smile and almost kneeling on the ground as she is by Ken, "Oh what do you mean, she is scary? How does she act when you are mad?" Heather gestures for Ben to hold off just yet on calling the parents as Heather seems a bit more concerned about something and wants to hear more from Ken. She hmmmns as she listens to the boy.

Ken the lost little boy leans closer to Heather and says, "She looks at me and she frowns and she says things like…" and at this point Ken affects a Falsetto to imitate his mother, "'Ken I didn't say I was angry! I said I was upset!' And I don't know what that means beacuse she looks mad." Ken clears his throat. "She's normally really nice… she just gets upset when I leave when I'm not s'posed to!"

Ben hangs up the phone and says, "Just getting him something better than a necklace to take home to his Mom, complinents of the FF." He turns to lean back against the counter top and says, "Whaddya say Heather we give his mom a call and he can hang out here and watch some TV until she can come to get him?"

Dajan looks relieved, and turns to Ken. "See, we gotcha covered," she begins. But before she continues, the revolving door begins to spin. Faster. And faster. And faster. Until it is going around and around and around in a cartoony blur. Dajan is distracted by the motion and glances from the door to Mr. Grimm. "…maintenance?" she asks, as if there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the door has suddenly started going haywire.

Laughing at the boy's imitation, "Oh ok then." Heather gives him a hug because he is adorable and then stands up and looks to Ben, "Sounds like a plan." Looking to Dajan, "You can join us if you like too…of course, you should let someone know you are here. And I am Heather, by the way." She extends her hand to shake Dajan's when she sees the door and blinks.

"Ah hell, Here I've been being Rude… yeah I know you reconized me but I'm Ben Grimm, and it's nice to meetcha Miss……" his worlds trail off as the revolving door starts to spin and spin and spin, and he looks to Ken, "Tell you want Kid why don't you set yourself nice and secure behind the counter here while I see what the fuss is…" Says as he scoops the boy up briefly and hands him to the security. Ken for his part is still kind blushing after getting the hug from Heather, so he's pretty complicity. "Ok, if this is Quicksilver fartin' around again I'm gonna be really annoyed!"

And spit out from the spinning door complete with a cartoony 'PTOO', the wirying green form of one Mr. Impossible comes flying through the door and clings to Ben's face like a face sucker allien. "Benji! Benji! Benji! Benji! You gotta help me!" Ben just sighs and says, "What revoltin developement this is."

Dajan was about to answer Mr. Grimm's inquiry as to who she is, when the door finally quits freaking and reveals an actual, living breathing "little green man". She knows /some/ of her superbeings, but has no idea about this one. She decides the best thing for her to do is get behind the reception desk with the security guy until she gets the all clear or Ken's mom shows up, whichever comes first. She can't help peeping over the edge of the counter, though. Curiosity has always been one of the stronger facets of her personality.
As the alien dramatically enters the lobby, Heather suddenly blinks and would normally stand around, but almost moves to join the others behind the counter as her powers kick in and her skin armors up. The now golden armored and taller Aussie mutant stops and sighs and turns back to Ben, "Um, friend of yours?"

Before Ben can respond, the Impossible man drops of Ben's face, turns into five mini green robot lions, and the voltrons himseld back into his normal gangly shape standing between Dajan and Heather with leering eyes. He licks the palms of his hands and slicks back his um…… smooth conical head and says, "Well… Hello Ladies. I'm single right now, and I would totally convert to mormonism for the both of you." He points finger guns at each of them and winks. From behind the security desk Ken giggles, while the Guard starts pulling down the barrier glass. He's worked at the baxter building long enough to know that trouble is no officially here.

Ben gives a long, protracted sigh and says, "Heather, and um… Miss…" he says to Dajan who he's been just completely missing chances to get the name off all evening, "This is the impossible man, and I'm pretty sure he was just leavin'!"

Dajan blinks. She's normally not one to pick up such things, but that was /so/ obvious she realizes she's been hit on. She sees the fiberglas barrier being pulled down and ducks under it, the better to be between Ken and trouble from the trouble side. "Um, thanks, that's sweet of you to offer, but I'm good. Nice to meet you just the same. Have a nice trip?" Ben said he was leaving; she follows his lead and encourages the green guy to make tracks. They have a kid to get home.

"Um, Impossible Man. I have heard of you. Read a bit about you. You can do almost anything, huh." Heather smiles a bit, but is still nervous. Heather moves over towards Ben and has her arms crossed, "Well, I guess his leaving would be a good thing. It was nice to meet you, but I am not into green aliens." She also keeps her eyes on Dajan and Ken ready to act should the alien try something on them.

The Impossible Man flops down on the floor to sit cross-legged, and stick his bottom lip out in a big pout. "Aww you guys are no fun! It's usually more fun around here! Why… I remember one time I was Helping……." helping right…. "Mr Fantastic fix some of his dohickies and we summoned a Giant Bug from the negative zone! It was great! It tried to eat the Thing!"

"Yeah I remember that… but like you just said, It's all kinds of boring around here right so why don't you…." and before Ben can finish his thought, the Impossible man interjects, "The bug looked like this!" And Suddenly the small man blows up like a baloon until he pops with a large SNAP and his form is replaced by some freakish bug thing that is really very hard to explain with out devolving into the language of lovecraftian Madness. It also reachs out with a pseudopop with alarming alacrity and picks up Ben about the waist and sticks him in the creatures mouth head first like some kind of confection. Loud metallic scrapping echows loudly into the lobby as mandibles ineffectually trying and chew on Ben's rocky hide.

"Um…" Okay, this level of weird was definitely not something Dajan expected to encounter today. "Begging your pardon, Mr. Impossible, but d'you suppose you could let Mr. Grimm go there? He promised to help me go shoppin'." It's a mild bend of the truth, but hopefully, under the circumstances, forgivable. "For math books." This guy hates boring, right? "And, um, tax code books. I got dibs."

Remembering enough of what she read on Impossible Man, she does not move as he is not a villain as much as he is annoying. Heather looks to Dajan and Ken and states simply, "Ignore him and he will go away." She realizes this will be hard for Ken to do. She looks back at Ben and the bug and then walks over to the children, "So, Ken, why don't I just take you home now? Where do you live?"

At Heather's advice, Ben's voice echos from inside the Impossible man's mouth, "I'm in his mouth! It's all slimy an' greasy in here!" His big mits start trying to pry at the manibles for freedome. Ken meanwhile is watching wide eyed and expecting a fight. He looks at Heather and looks dissapointed, and says, "Is Thing gonna clobber that big bug!" He asks excitedly, but his question is drowned out by Ben's unintelligible muttering which even sees the Thing put his foot to the bug creatures chest as he tries to push away while trying to pull the manidbles wide enough to free his head.

But it's just when things are looking as if they will get even wierder, that Dajan delivers her brilliant kick. Right into the intergers. Another cartoonish 'PTOO" and Ben Grimm is spat out upont he ground, and the Imspossible man is shrunk down standing on his head. "Math boks… and…." His adams able bobs as he swallos the lump forming in his throat. "And Tax Code books… oh… oh no yeah.. so um… yeah… That sounds.. really really great and all but um… maybe I better go find Johnny! Yes! Johnny is the one who's help I need!" and that said he turns into a cartoon rocket and starts flying out the door."

"I know, and I'm /really, really sorry,/" Dajan assures the Impossible Man with big, sincere brown eyes. "But you know how schoolwork can be, right? 'Course you do." The security guard startles as a light begins flashing on a panel indicating something's wrong. He shakes his attention away from the scene in the lobby, only to give Ben a mildly accusing glance. "Fire alarms going off on the 44th floor." Johnny Storm must've just gotten to take a bite of his sandwich — which has been marinating in hot sauce for a good 20 minutes now. "Sounds like the Torch is gonna need some help," the guard suggests.

"Ooh, hear that? You better bring Johnny some water or soda or milk or somethin'," she calls as the Impossible Man blasts off to look for Johnny.

To Ken, she adds, "Some story you'll have to tell your mom. I bet she'll be too surprised to hear you met a real alien to be upset at you for getting on the wrong bus." She winks at him, to confirm she's sure things will work out.

"Well, that was interesting, indeed." Heather smirks, "For an annoying little green alien, he is kinda cute." Looking at Ken, "Well, you know he is funny, but you want to stay away from him. He gets people in trouble and your mom will already be mad." Looking at Ben, "You ok, Benjy?" She chuckles, "Benjy. I think I will call you that from now on."

And as the Impossible Man zooms offs, Ben offer's a sigh, "Man….. We're gonna have to deal with that l'il nugget again.. Great." Turning his craggy face to Dajan he says, "Thanks for the quick thinkin. I really appreciate it." He pushes to his feet and and looks to Ken, "How about this, if Why don't I give you a ride home in the Fantasticar and then Heather, and um… smart mystery woman, I can take you both wherever you gotta go? If it that sunds like a deal to you, I'll go grab here before I get stuck here helping the other's deal with Mr. Impossibly somore?"

Dajan lights right up at the praise. "No problem, sir. And it's Dajan, or Dee Dee if Dajan's too much of a mouthful." She grins down at Ken. "You hear that? You're getting a ride home in the one an' only Fantasticar! How cool is /that/?" She helps Ken down from the counter and is ready to follow Ben wherever he leads, now that the kid's mood and trip home are both stabelized.
"Perfect." She looks at her phone as she gets a text from Lorna saying she has to cancel for tonight. "Well, I am free, after all." Heather smiles, "So it sounds like a plan. I get to ride in a fancy car and not have to fight any super villains." Her body returns to flesh and blood as any danger has passed.

"Excelleent!" Ben says clapping his hands, "You guys sit tight, and I'm gonna go get the car!" The Fantasticar that is!

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