2012 01 19 Cool Moments

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Cool Moments

Alchemy and Sandman

IC Date:
January 19, 2012

St. Patricks Cathedral - New York

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Alchemy and Sandman encounter each other at chruch and apologize and share


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It is a blistery afternoon in New York City, and William Baker, aka the Sandman finds himself despondent and distressed and so he has sought out sanctuary at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Walking in past some tourists, he moves up the lengthy aisle making his way up towards the alter. He is wearing a trenchcoat and fedora over his usual Sandman garb to hide his identity to the best of his ability. Some of the security are not pleased that he is moving that way, as it is typically sealed off from the public, but for the moment, they make no move as he is just starting his stroll down the aisle.

Alchemy has never been in here before, but needs a bit of a reprieve from the wind outside, so he follows some people into the church, rubbing his hands together and patting his face to try and get some circulation back into his frozen cheeks. He notices the security men are a little tense, and looks in the direction of their gaze to see the man approaching the aisle. He dodges an elbow and tries to watch between two people to see what exactly is happening here.

Continuing his stroll down the aisle, security approaches him. Sighing loudly, even before his mental tampering from the Sinister Six, Sandman has always had to deal with these issues. Brandishing an Avengers id, the security look it over and then he removes the fedora and opens the coat revealing himself to be Sandman. Security nods and then allows him to continue forward. Dropping the coat off onto a pew, the tourists are surprised to see who it is and begin to take photographs, an Avenger and former criminal in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Not a usual sight.

Alchemy is jostled around by the adults taking pictures, suddenly stirred up by the apperance of the famous man. "No elbows to the face, please…" he says, holding his mitten clad hands up to try and block anyone not looking out for the rather short teen. He pushes his way between two men and steps down the aisle toward him. "Umm, hello? I wanted to apologise for accidently turning you into gold…but if it's any consolation, knowing that I could do that saved many people a few weeks ago."

As Tom makes his way towards Sandman, security begins to rush after him. Hearing the commotion, William looks back and recognizes Tommy and before security can do anything, Sandman holds out his hand, “It’s alright. He is my side-kick.” They look at Tom and back at Sandman and are rather unimpressed. After the apology, Sandman looks the kid over, “Oh yeah. The gold thin’. That was like last year. Old news.” He continues to walk towards the alter, but stops and strokes his chin and turns back to Alchemy, “I attacked you after you turned me into gold, right? What was the point of that? Why do you think I attacked you the way I did?” They are far enough away from people that their conversation is not heard though some people are still taking photos of them. Seeing the pictures begin taken, Sandman gestures for Tom to follow him up towards the alter to a secluded prayer area, where he takes a seat near some candles, “Sorry, they will always be takin’ pics of me.”

Alchemy shrugs. "I'm afraid I don't know, sir. I suppose it was because I turned you into gold and that can't be a pleasant experience. A woman made of sand attacked a group of people. When she tried to crush someone, turning her into gold saved their lives. She was able to get away, though, but there's a giant gold foot down by the docks."

“Yeah, I heard about that. You, Gogo, and some others fought Quicksand. She is a cheaper female version of me. You saved lives. You acted and defended yourself and others, huh. Pretty good. You didn’t let her step all over you. And while she is a cheaper version of me. She can also be a lot nastier. Good job with that, kid.” Sandman seems to show some pride with the compliment. “Good to see you are bein’ picked on anymore. At least I hope not.”

Alchemy nods. "Yes, she was rather nasty. The others were much more heroic, though. I haven't been around many of the people that were picking on me, lately. I've been attending the school that Manuel attends, and he's been showing me around the city." he then blinks. "Oh dear, I shouldn't be disturbing you while you're in a church. People come to churches for a reason, afterall."

Nodding as he listens, "Well I don't know who Manuel is, but if he is helpin' you with school that is good. Is it a mutant school like the X-Men and stuff?" Sandman asks as he reclines, "And no bothers. I had been meanin' to find you anyway. So it is good I run into you. This bein' a church makes it more peaceful encounter."

Alchemy looks around and nods. "yes, I think mum would have my hide if I misbehaved in a church. It has a rather strange name, not sure I'm fond of being referred to as a Hellion. It is a school for mutants and seems rather nice, so far. Very well funded. Aside from the Quicksand encounter, things have been rather quiet around the city."

“Well, good then, Tommy Boy.” Sandman looks at the candles and stands up fishing for some coins to put in a donation area and then light a candle. As he does so, he continues, “So the whole point of that attack, which I am sorry about, since it seems I scared the daylights out of you was to teach you to stand up for yourself. Those homeless guys could have killed you and I remember you goin’ on about trolls once. I think with the kinda powers you got. You got stop lettin’ yourself get picked on. This school sounds like it will help you out with powers and a new attitude. Plus Hellions is kinda a scary cool name.”

Alchemy frowns. "Well, when I was in London and the trolls were attacking, I turned one of them to gold, which put them into a sort of stasis. When you can transmute anything into any element, it gets a little nervewracking. What if I accidently thought of oxygen and vaporised them? That would be terrible."

“That’s right, so this school is a good thin’. As for the trolls, you did what you had to do. You stood up to them. Probably protected your family and stuff, so kudos, kid.” Sandman finishes with the candle and sits back down, “Oh I should probably warn ya. I am not in the best mind state right now. Somethin’ is goin’ on, so At the moment I am cool, but just if I start acting all weird. It’s not necessarily my fault. But you can hold your own against me. So…that’s kinda impressive.”

Alchemy nods and stuffs his hands in his coat pockets. "What seems ot be the matter? Maybe someone can help you. Why would you start acting differently?" he fishes a few quarters out of his pocket and takes off one mitten, clenching them in his hand to conceal the flash of light, then puts his mittens back on to rub off any finger prints and deposits the now gold coins into the donation box. "I wouldn't want to fight you, so hopefully do you do not have any non cool moments."

“I am at peace at the moment. I won’t fight anyone in here. So I am ok for now.” Sandman exhales and closes his eyes, “It’s complicated superhero super villain stuff. Just stay in school for now. Though as a mutant, you will have it tough and people will be out to get you. But I am workin’ on my problems. Thankfully, the Avengers look out for their own.” He smiles, “Hard to believe but they are actually my friends.”

Alchemy adjusts his glasses and nods. "Well, I can pass for looking completely normal. Nobody has to even know I'm a mutant, or a mythical stone, as the Trolls believe. If you need help, though, I'm always willing to listen!"

Nodding his head, an alarm goes off. Sandman shoots off a sad look and makes his way out of the church.

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