2012 01 18 Entrapping Arcades

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Entrappnig Arcades

Nightcrawler, Lifeguard, Arcade, Miss Locke emitted by Havok

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Industrial District in Queens

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Arcade tricks Nightcrawler into a Murderworld!. Lifeguard shows up to help.


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At approximately midnight, Kurt's com picks up a signal from a frequency that Excalibur uses. Static at first, and then Kitty's voice can be heard, "Kurt, are you there?" then static again and then she speaks once more, "Kurt? Hey, pick up. I could totally use you right now." then a touch more static.

Listening through the voice as it cuts into his late night Errol Flynn watching, Kurt tries to place the voice through the static of the comsys. Pencil mustachio and sword fighting abound at the flicker across the room from him, the voice gains some recognition the longer she speaks. Until finally, she saying he could be used right now, he reaches over to return communication. "Cat," he questions, making sure he's placed the voice right, "That you … what is it?" Between responses of his own, his tail reaches out over the arm of the couch to grab the remote and he's on his feet. By the time he's starting to pace, hoping he didn't loose here, the remove is being fat fingered by Nightcrawler, thanks to disproportionately sized fingers. It stops the DVD (not blue ray) that he has popped in, but jumps back to cable/satelite feed (whichever the Mansion is on), skips over a few late night informercials before he gets the TV turned off as well.

More static is heard over the channel and then her voice returns. It's definitely Kitty as the signal is a touch stronger. "Elf? I can barely hear you. Listen. I'm in the city." it starts to static out again, "I was going to - you but never made it — Queens. It's dark -nd I don't -- where the crap I am. I hacked into their security -- and signal strength is crap. Trace this frequenc-. I think it's HYD— that's got m-." then more static.

As he listens, Kurt takes that time to start getting ready. Especially once there is talk of darkness, hacked, and security. Even as he's changing into work attire/uniform, he calls into the hanging static, "If you can hear me Cat, stay on as long as you can, I'll track the frequency." Muffled through leather over his head, slipping into tight clothes, "It'll get there as fast as I can, but keep trying the line.

…. I'll see if I can find anyone, but I won't dally here. Try to stay safe, ja?"

Others are either out of pocket or just out of reach. Kurt, for now is on his own.
Signal tracking skills are things taught early on at Xaviers, Kurt can totally do this. Using a mini cerebro unit will be his best option. Not to track mutant signals, but to use it like a tricorder (Star Trek reference) and track the signal over the invisible airways.
This will quickly lead Kurt to Queens, an industrial district with lots of warehouses, factories, and other storage yards. Everything is fenced off and partially illuminated to give the impression that security is active. Which in fact, it is not. The security guard at the front gate is asleep in his booth. There aren't patrols, however there are dogs that are allowed to run free about the property, big mean dogs.

Arriving at the location and surveying the situation, Kurt ponders the the active level of sleep of the guard compared to the patrolling dogs. He'd first observe to see if the bark of their own from time to time and if this disturbs the security guard. Because his second option would be to get to the fence, get visualization of a spot on or near the roof of the most likely/suspect building and bamf over and beyond the dogs where he could beging to survey more to either figure out what is going on, get a glimpse in from some high level ventilation windows, or ninja inside and snoop around some even.

The dogs bark now and again, but often times they're too far from the guard post to even be heard. The guard sleep soundly with a small television within his his booth playing Monty Hall's 'Let's Make a Deal'. Teleporting past the dogs to the particular building in question is actually the best idea. The dogs will hear the bamf sound, smell the brimstone, but won't do anything but be curious and try to track it to see where it ends up.
The building in question is a large warehouse. It's dark inside and doesn't seem to have lighting around or within it. There are electrical cables to the building itself, and they are active, but no illumination is seen within.

From the roof, Kurt searches around, taking note of upper ventilation windows either on the side or top of the building. Barring that option, he will look for ventiliation duct itself. His choice being a large enough opening for him to worm his way through. The darkness inside far too dangerous to just bamf into. That aside, having to bamf now could alert the sensitive ears of the dogs as well as leave more brimestone scent for them to track. Best to hold off on that and begin relying on this skills he's gleaned from the circus and working with X-teams. Sneak in, see what is inside, hopefully search out a main office where a computer to be hacked might be at.

Upper ventilation windows are the best bet. There's even one that has a minor squeak when opening. Just enough so that Kurt can wall crawl his way into. From there he's able to cling to the rafters of the ceiling and let his eyes adjust.
Ambient light from the outside does offer minor illumination within. Just enough to see that the warehouse is filled with rows and rows of crates that create a maze of walkways. The 'office' is toward the back and near the ceiling (elevated above the floor to give a birds eye view of the room). From what Kurt can gather from his Mini Cerebro, Kitty is within one of the crates in the middle of the warehouse.

Between office and crates, Kurt choose the later. Still sticking to ceiling crawling amidst the rafters, he wants to move closer to Kitty's location. At this point, he wants to also be more perceptive of the environment. It is dark, but he'll remain suspicious of other individuals. Perhaps lurking observers or other potential threats. Should he feel it safe enough, he'll use is acrobatics to go from ceiling to highest crate stack closest to the middle. Once safe, he'll crawl his way down further into the walkways and spaces between the crates. He'll also try to stay above the floor by about 5' if possible, tumbling and leaping from crate to crate as necessary. Should he make it to the perceived area, he'll whisper quietly in the vicinity, "Cat … Kitty?" Just above a whisper, perhaps going from crate to crate, assuming it goes well.

The trip to the crate is stealthfully achieved without issue and drawing upon the crate in question (6x8x4 feet) and situated atop one just like it and having 3 others stacked on top of it.
When Kurt whispers, his voice seems to be the only sound for miles - which also seems louder than anyone trying to be stealthy would like.
It is also when things go awry.

The first thing Kurt will hear is a sudden hum of electricity all around and within the walls of the warehouse. The ventillation windows are suddenly snapped shut and bars drop down over them. The office is quite a distance away from where Kurt is, however Kurt will have a clear view of it. The office becomes illuminated three figures will appear behind the reinforced and secure windows within. A large view screen illuminates over the office and Kurt will immediately recognize the face presented upon the screen - Arcade. His manical voice says, "NIGHTCRAWLER! WELCOME TO MY NEWEST INSTALLMENT OF - MURDERWORLD!"
Various colored lights kick on and the warehouse is suddenly like a dance club with strobing, colored beams, lasers, and disco balls reflecting light in all directions. Carnival music begins to play and Kurt can feel many of the crates shifting.

A moment of startle, Kurt seems like a catpurse caught in the headlights. The large screen, the lights, the face and the voice, however, brings him to the reality of the situation. A quick guess is that the man is more than smart enough to account for his teleporation ability, so he presumes he's at least trapped in the warehouse that is currently home to Murderworld. He's not sure what devious devices might be employed to control him from within though, but he's certain he doesn't want to spend too much time around the shifting, possibly converting crates. His goal presently is to use a combination of acrobatics and tumbling to scale the crates. He would at least like a good vantage to assess the situation. If he feels safe enough to bamf amongst all the shifting and the unfamiliar environment, he might risk it to get to ceiling and rafters (presuming that surface doesn't change). Kurt would like to formulate a plan, perhaps, to get from the middle of the warehouse to the office should he get higher ground.

Kurt will quickly discover that some of the 'lasers' of the light show are actual damage dealing lasers. He will be privy to a red one cutting through a nearby crate. While the blue, green, yellow, and purple ones are harmless.
Other key elements of the environment are that the rafters are now electrified, the ceiling is slicked, the outer walls prevent teleportation, the office is also shielded from direct assault and teleportation, the crates are shifting and moving. Some are becoming obstacles that are aflame, others are becoming missile racks and laser blasters, while three of the crates open up to reveal 6' tall robots with blasters on their wrists. One fo the three will fly. The other two walk and leap around with a dexterity just shy of Kurt's. One of those two has laser swords (one in each hand) while the third has pistols that look 'wild westish'.

Arcade laughs more and then says, "ROUND ONE; FIGHT!"

At least he has style, this incarnation of Murderworld one more suited to Kurt's liking. His last visit was stylish to say the least, but this one is certainly more directed at Nightcrawler's heart (figurative/literal). It worked last time, maybe Kurt could reprogram one of the robots to even up the current odds. Choice between leaper with swords, leaper with pistol and flying robot, Kurt naturally gravitates towards the flying one (laser swords is a very close second because, well, laser swords are cool). He would like to time a teleport just right to take the back of the flying robot (mount?), avoiding the two leapers and red lasers until he sees a comfortable opening (ie, not teleporting onto the back only to be scorched by a laser from the laser light display).

Kurt must be nervous or something, he overshoots his mark and slams into one of the support beams. Electricity surges through his body and he's stunned for one round.
That gives the robots time to manuever around and close in on him.
The flying robot banks and then launches his blasting attack toward Kurt:

The leaping robot with the laser swords will take the time to close in on Kurt, raise his right sword and attack:

Then the third robot with the pistols will climb several of the crates and get into position. He'll be attacking the next round.

Quickly gaining his senses, Kurt analyzes the situation. This time he would like to teleport to the back of the sword robot, being as he's close. His goal is to gain the robots back, use his tail to grab an arm and try to force a swing of the sword either at the crates of the third robot, or at the flying one should it come close enough.

Teleporting to the back of the sword robot is accomplished. Kurt grapples with the mechanization. However, with a robot, back and front are often neglidgeable. The head spins around, arms shift, torso twists, and suddenly Kurt is on the 'front' of the robot. Still, one of the two arms are tangled up with Kurt's tail (and he will realize that the robot is just above standard human strength). So all he has to do is contend with the other sword that will slash at him in the next round.
Meanwhile, the pistol weilding robot takes a shot at Kurt (from around 30 yards away).

The flying blaster also keeps his distance (hovering in the air some 20 yards away) and does not take the shot.

Arcade starts screaming, 'TAKE HIM DOWN, SHOOT HIM!" at his robotic henchmen wanting them to defeat Kurt in a quick and rapid manner.

Being shot dampers Kurt slightly, but he keeps his hold on the sword robot. To his advantage hopefully, he has five appendages that he can intermix between holding on and manuevering around the robot. He'd like to force control of the arm he has with his tail to fight off the other sword arm. If the robot is too strong, then he'd like to disarm/dislodge the sword from the robot to arm himself.

Trying to overpower the robot, and twist the sword out of the robot's hand is a no-go. Kurt will immediately see the other laser sword coming for him and it's unstoppable this time. Teleporting away is his best option - retreat and regroup.

Facing eminate danger, his option is to teleport away, taking sword and hand with him. He will multiport to get some distance and be evasive while getting sword from hand, or figuring out how best to wield it.

Sword gained, Kurt's confidence swells. He decides to return to the action, porting back towards pistol wielding robot for an attack.

Kurt's strike is true. The Robot loses it's right arm and right leg to his attack. It falls to the right and will topple off the crate tower it was once standing upon. But like any good robot, it will fire blindly up toward Kurt with the other pistol brandishing hand. Albeit missing, due to the difficulty of the aim (think Die Hard). Then smashing to the ground, the robot will lay there for a few rounds trying to recover.
In the booth, Arcade screams, "NOOOOOO! He cheated, you saw it, he cheated!"
The Flying Robot spins and will fire upon Kurt's position with his laser blasters.

The Sword Robot is several yards away and looking around trying to figure out what happened. It lost a hand/sword, so it will take a round to recalibrate.

Thoughts forming, Kurt realizes that he can't just Errol Flynn robots and lasers because of the growing danger. He can use his ability within the confines of this Murder World. He would like to teleport to the flying robot, make two attacks, and teleport away to safety if possible.

When he makes his destination, hoping he doesn't miss his mark, Kurt will call out, "Mein feind, when dealing with a cheater, it should be expected, ja?"

Arcade answers in his manical tone, "CHEAT? I DON'T CHEAT, I IMPROVISE.".
When Kurt slices the crap out of the flying robot, chopping it in half and then in quarters, Arcade can be heard screaming, 'NOOOOO!" in the background. That's when the red lasers from above sweep the area that Kurt was within (but teleported away just in time) and will turn the robot into 16ths just before it's remaining pieces fall to the floor.
The Pistol Robot no longer has any sort of angle to fire at Kurt. The Sword Robot is caught by one of the lasers and is cut in half.
Kurt will appear <where?> from his last teleport.

Following the halfing and quartering of the flying robot, Kurt is upset, it would have made a nice fighter plane for this game. But, really, its a fading thought as, on the heels of his last bamf is the swath of lasers marking the improvisation of Arcade. "Improvise, gut .. gut," he says, appearing closer to the office, somewhere with himself between office and third robot. Knowing he should deal with that robot, he's also worried that more laser sweeps will become incresingly dangerous. He will use a couple of teleports to get closer to the office. If he can get there (distance), he'll try to use the laser sword to open it like a tin can.

In Kurt's movement, he will notice a series of cables along the back wall. These cables conduct electricity from outside to inside and then up to the control booth where Arcade, Miss Locke, and another assistant stand. The cables were disguised, but Kurt's intution prowess revealed them to him.

The Laser sword bounces off the office shielding. Kurt will feel the reflective nature of the shielding.
That's when Arcade pushes a button and a larger Robot emerges from Crates at the other end of the Warehouse. The robot stands just over 30 feet tall and Kurt will immediately realize that it's a refirbished Sentinel. Arcade has no idea what he 'found' and the very nature of the sentinel that is supposedly under his control.
Arcade yells, "NOW, FOR MY NEW TOY, FACE THE GIANT ROBOT!!" Somewhere, it's expected that Arcade tried to TradeMark the name of his new toy.
The Sentinel immediately registers and states, "MUTANT DETECTED, IDENTIFYING…." as it steps from the crates (still 60 yards away).

The office was a good idea, even if its shielded from the lasers running amuck on the 'game' floor of this Murderworld. "What's this, a space ninja monkey robot, ja?" This is said in ponderance over what the new robot might be, assuming Arcade was really up on Kurt's personal preferences for action/adventure flicks. Turning to look at the robot is when the realization dawns on Kurt. Definitely, this isn't Nimrod level (he hopes), but still, there is a moment of face palming realization when it announces the detection and subsequent identification process. There is doubt now in Kurt's mind, memories of injuries from Nimrod and the last time he tried teleporting tricks. No telling what this one has in its memory banks.
Rather, his present option is to first disable the death trap their in. Having noticed the cables coming this close to the office, he makes teleports in that direction, making as many attacks as he can to cut all the outside lines.

Kurt's strike to the cables penetrates the coating and slices through thus disrupting the signal from outside to the Control Booth/Office above. Instantly the lights go out in the control booth and Arcade can be heard screaming through the glass windows, "NOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO!"

The Sentinel begins walking forward. Feet crushing or kicking aside crates. The right hand of the sentinel raises toward Kurt's current location beneath the office. A dozen tiny darts are launched from the palm that are connected by lengthy wires. These wires will strike Kurt unless he wants to teleport out before they arrive. If he is unsuccessful he will be struck with 40 points of electrical stun damage.

Meanwhile, the trap door opens beneath Heather's feet and she is dropped into the Warehouse. The fall is 50 feet and her power will likely kick in half way to save her ass from breaking her stuff upon impact below. How it kicks in is up to her.

Good thing these older models love explaning wht they're doing. As the lights beging to die out with external power source cut, the apprehension protocal grabs his attentino. Knowing its on the other side of the warehouse, Kurt thinks its best to get free of any potential impact (who knows, these could be missiles or something worse). Recalling a location amidst somewhere crates, to hopefully hide a moment, Nightcrawler chooses this location for safety - perhaps missing the entrance of Heather.
Having arrived at Murderworld when she received news regarding Kitty's abduction, Heather makes her way into the warehouse and upon careful inspection finds herself unknowingly above a trap door, instinct and her danger awareness kick in when she is suddenly dropped through the trap door. Her powers working to protect her as usual, hopefully transforming her flesh and bone to her usual organic golden armored form as she plummets to the ground awaiting whatever is below.

Appearing at the left flank of the Sentinel, Kurt will spy the falling golden form of Heather. She will impact with a 10' stack of crates and her fall will be broken (without breaking any bones). Heather lands at the right flank of the Sentinel. Both she and Kurt are 30 yards from the 30' tall robot.
The Sentinel detects Mutants that are within range and it announces the new arrival, "UNKNOWN MUTANT DETECTED. PROTOCOL: SIGNALING ADDITIONAL SENTINELS. APPREHEND UNIDENTIFIED MUTANT FOR QUESTIONING." then it turns to face them both. As it does, hands are raised toward Heather and Kurt and then it releases a kinetic blast from each gauntlet.

"No," calls Kurt regardings its change of protocol, "That's cheating! There is no cheating!" If Arcade could use it so could he. Though, rather than play whiney guy hiding behind glass, Kurt feels he should consider doing something. The doubt lingers but with blasts coming towards himself and a teammate means he doesn't have to wait for back up as its arrived. With a Bamf, he appears near an arm (not on it, but in the air preferable), slices once with the laser sword, Bamf's out to near Lifeguard, then says, "Go with it!" Offering hands and feet, rolling them towards him to suggest come this way, for the last part of his action (though its usual Colossus or Logan that he springs at the Sentinal like this, maybe she'll pick up the move - hopefully she's a tank, she is armored).

As she is dropped literally into the scenario, Heather needs only milliseconds to realize that the sentinel is referring to her as the unknown factor. She is momentarily grateful as she is a surprise factor which she can hopefully use to her advantage. When the hand is raised, she does not have time to react as she is struck. Covering herself, she takes a second to realize nothing has happened as she managed to survive the blast. Exhaling, she spots Nightcrawler and while she has not had much interaction with him, she has reviewed enough to the X-Men files to trust in him and so she attempts to use her natural speed, agility and increased armored strength to launch herself at Nightcrawler to perform the teamwork tactic against the Sentinel.

The toss of Heather isn't successful. Perhaps she weighed more than Kurt expected (400lbs instead of a buck o'five). Heather is cast into a tower of crates and with her resistance to damage, will not be harmed.

Had the Sentinel have a personality, it would have been amused with the fail. Instead, it tracks the movement of Heather and releases from it's palm a Spray Adhesive that sprays all around Heather and misses completely. But makes the area adjacent to her a sticky mess.

Meanwhile, Arcade and his minions are making their escape out the 'back way'.

Perhaps lucky for Arcade, Kurt is more concerned with the potential threat of this Sentinel than the Creator (owner/100 share and proceeds/tm'ed) of Murderworld. Eyeing the area, Nightcrawler looks for a lingering box of crates in the vicinity of the Sentinel. His plan of action is to bamf to the crates, laser sword the bottom to try and topple them at the Sentinel, bamf again to near heather. "We have to stop this thing, I can't get too close, it knows what I can do." And may already know how to stop him if he actually touches the thing.

As the spray surrounds herself, one it clears, Heather once again finds herself surprised to be alive and even though the trick with Kurt did not work, she feels lucky nonetheless. Scared but lucky, once she is up, she hears Kurtâs comment and noting that it may not know what she can do, she runs forward unaware that the area around her has been coated with the sticky adhesive. Now stuck in the adhesive, she hopes her powers kick in to allow her to be able to move through the sticky mess and towards her teammate to assist.

Earlier, Kurt attacked the Sentinel with his sword. The attack was deflected due to the resistance of the Sentinel's armor. So the sword is a no-go.

Toppling crates would have been a good distraction had they fallen against the Sentinel. Instead they fall behind the giant robot.
Now that the two heroes are together, the Sentinel attacks with a broad assault from it's chest emitter. A cone of freezing nitrogen gas will strike out toward the heroes.

Heather's attempt to step into the goo and successfully circumvent it only results in her getting stuck. One foot, then her second foot adhears to the floor. That's when the assault of cold comes. Luckily she's resistant to the damage of the cold, but is she resistant to the freezing nature of it? Or since Kurt is so close, maybe he will grab her and teleport the both of them away from the immediate danger so that they can regroup and then assault the Sentinel on their terms.

Kurt is hoping for the teleport and regroup option. Not wanting to get adhesive on himself, he bamfs to touch Lifeguards back, then bamf's again, hopefully creating some distance. Taking a moment to offer, "Maybe if we get it close to that sticki stuff," having noted how much it slowed her down. "Might not stop up, but buy us some time to dry and bring it offline?"

"Sounds a like plan, elf." Lifeguard manages to mutter before seeing if the bamfs work. Taking a second to adjust to the teleports. â?So how have you guys beaten this thing in the past?â She questions as she ponders different strategies in her own mind.

Some time ago, Kurt was able to teleport onto a Sentinel's shoulders, grab the head, and teleport away - taking the head with him. Thus destroying the Sentinel.

The Sentinel beings to turn toward the duo who teleported to a reasonablly safe distance. It starts walking toward them and announces, "CEASE ALL ACTIVITY, MUTANT. YOU HAVE BEEN ASSESSED AND WILL BE DEFEATED."

Taking a moment to adjust, Kurt responds, "Once, I teleported a head off a Sentinel." Some reservation in his voice, "When I tried it on Nimrod, it remembered the tactic and nearly killed me." Considering it wants to defeat them and he barely knows Heather, "Maybe this one is old enough not to know the difference … if something happens, get help, ja?" That said, he'll go for it. He bamfs to the shoulders to get a grip on the head, and then he'll try to teleport that part of its body off of it.

Kurt ports, grabs, and ports again. Successfully removing the head from the Sentinel. Sparks fly from the neck of the robot and it begins to fall. Kurt appears elsewhere in the warehouse with the head beneath him. The red eyes of the Sentinel dull and completely fade of illumination. Kurt himself feels fatigued from the strain of carrying so much mass through his portal - but it was successful and that's all which matters.

Except for the voice they hear over the carnival music that plays throughout the warehouse. The voice is heard counting down, "30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25.". Indicating that when it reaches zero, something bad could happen.

Already beginning to feel the constraints of his bamf'ing around, Kurt ports back to Heather. "I think I can manage one more, but I'm about spent. I can get us out of the warehouse, maybe you can get us home?" If she's amiable to it, he's going to get bamf up to the roof at least, seeing as the dogs are still wandering around the grounds of the warehouse itself. Of course, if she doesn't feel comfortable teleporting again, there is plan C - run like crazy.
In the room by herself, Lifeguard hears the countdown. "Um…hello." she yells aloud, "Now would be a good time for a door to open or another trap door." When Kurt appears next to her, "Sounds ok. I think I can manage one more or hopefully I am used to the effects of your ports or my powers can stave off the effects until we are far enough away."

Giving it a try, he decides to push himself. Its not a near teleport, but he goes for some distance, a few city blocks, someplace he recalls on his approach of the warehouse in particular with no activity on the street level he thinks is safe enough. If he's awake, he probably staggers to try and look behind them to see if it really was a bomb.
Nightcrawler pages: heh, well, never mind then :)
Clear of the warehouse, Heather is nearly done in with all the teleports and being tossed around, but she manages to look back as they are a safe distance as she watches what becomes of the warehouse, "But what about Kitty?" She asks as she ponders the fate of her fellow mutant.

In a matter of 12 seconds, the warehouse explodes in a blaze of glory. A fireball reaches into the sky. All around the foundation of the warehouse debris flies into nearby buildings (but won't catch on fire due to them being metal). Fire and Rescue will be on the scene within 5 minutes. Kurt may also recall the sleeping guard - he's far from asleep now - and totally at a safe distance from the explosion. Dogs run. Arcade and his associates escaped; they'll haunt X-Factor another day.

Bent over, at least, Kurt has hands to knees as he catches his breath. "If she was really calling me, I imagine she wasn't in that warehouse," he shakes his head some. "I think Aracade mimiced her voice as a lure. Perhaps the question is, why would we be targated?" There is some thought in his mind it was personal, the action orientation of the robots mimicing his real world preference for adventure even. Then he looks up at the golden woman (assuming she's still armored up and all), "Thank you … for coming."
"Not a problem, fuzzy. Was an interesting way to meet." Lifeguard looks back at the remnants of the warehouse, "Well, we can find all this out." She reaches over to put her hand on Kurtâs back, "Let's go home." She radios or whatever device she has to contact the mansion to send someone to pick them up.

Gladly accepting the support, Kurt nods, "Ja, I need to check my DVR, I might of deleted something." A chuckle, even if its a personal joke, "It was, as you say, a good way to meet …" Seeing as she's comfortable taking on nicknames when addressing him, he ponders the same, tacking on, "Goldie." His feet suggest moving more away from the blaze behind them, especially once the sirens start echoing off the streets and city around them.

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