2012 01 17 Happening Time At Harry S

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Happening Time at Harry's

Alchemy, Empath, Exodus, Nightcrawler, and Richenda Gray

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January 17, 2012

Harry's Hideaway - Salem Center

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Trolls, trolls, and more trolls are discussed at Harry's


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Afternoon in Salem Center and Manuel de la Rocha with Tom Jones has ventured up north. A bit colder than the city, but the young Spanish mutant had thought to test the new uneasy alliance between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, by scooping out Salem Center and possibly visiting the mansion. But as he was hungry and could find no where else, he blesses this less than regal establishment for some food and drink. Making his way into Harry’s dressed a bit better than most of the people from the area in a long black coat covering up a rather expensive black pin stripe suit. Manuel waits for someone to sit him and Alchemy. Waiting a few minutes, he finally eyes the bartender who says, “Sit anywhere.” Manuel shakes his head, “I want to at least be treated a bit better than the riffraff that enter here.” Eying the bartender and with a sly grin, the bartender suddenly finds himself feeling drawn to Manuel in an overfriendly way. Moving from the bar, he goes to Manuel, “Follow me, sirs.”

Alchemy shuffles along behind Empath, dressed more neatly than usual. "Have you been here before?" he asks, sitting down when they find a location that suits Manuel's taste.

While the gentlemen arrive and, subsequently wait to be seated, the door opens and clothes again, this announcing the arrival of yet another patron of this fine establishement. This fellow wears a thick petty coat over a lighter white turtle neck, and gray tweed trousers. Yes, tweed, one might suspect he's arrived from 1950 even, or earlier. His hair seems slicked back, combined in a wave that hangs ever so correctly over his forhead with dashing eyebrows and a thin, pencil mustache, looking rather well groomed it would seem. If someone where really old enough (doubtful?), they might think this man mistakable for Errol Flynn even.

As the bartender arrives, he comments off handedly, "I didn't know they offered a maitre d here, fancy that …" He watches as they are lead off, himself pondering a place to sit perhaps.

“No I have not. And most likely will never again. The old Hellions used to have…rival students that used to come here. I was hoping to go visit their old school, since one of our teachers is teaching there as well. Though might meet some of the new students and size them up. Start up the rivalry and have some fun.” Manuel answers Alchemy without really looking at him. He sits down and without even looking at the menu, he turns to the bartender, “We have come along way. Our meals are free, of course.” The bartender nods, “But of course, sirs. We have the best burgers this side of New York City. Would you like to try them?” The bartender all but ignore the Errol Flynn twin as he asks the other two Hellions what they like. Manuel looks to Alchemy, “If you want a burger then we’ll have two burgers.”

Alchemy frowns as he sits down and folds his hands neatly in his lap. "You don't have to give us free meals," he says, his accent definitely British. "I'd be willing to pay for my own. A burger would be lovely, perhaps with a side of chips?" he looks over at the man in the retro outfit, then back to Empath. "There are all sorts in this city. It's rather interesting."

There is a pause by Kurt at arrivals before him, watching the two in front of him for a moment, seeing where they sit.
Moving as if towards the bar at first, he gives the bartender enough time to take their order and go off to get them some free burgers. Somewheere between the one asking for two, the other saying he'll pay for his own, and the bartender heading off, he veers from the bar. "Make that three," he intones in passing the other man, then he approaches the table. There he ponders, "Room for another?" Its open rhetorical and there is some fidgeting with a device, either in his pocket or there abouts, as he looks at Manuel.

As the man arrives to join them, Manuel does not even bother to look up at the man, “No you may not join us.” He looks to Tom and frowns a bit. Manuel had been overly nice to Tom first to gain his allegiance into the new Hellions. Now that that has happened, Manuel is not as nice anymore, but still it helps to keep Tom as an ally. And so, he looks to Tom, “Unless, you would like for this strange man to join us, that is.” Finally blessing the man with a glance, Manuel blinks a moment as he thinks and registers the man’s eyes.

Alchemy looks up as Kurt approaches, looking at Manuel a bit nervously. "I don't have a problem with him joining us…" he says, a little surprised by Manuel turning him down. "He must not be that much of a stranger if he asked to join. I don't personally know this gentleman, but maybe after you talk for a bit, you'll recognize each other."

"Delighted then," responds Kurt over the situation, who was probably going to sit no matter what the other lad said.
"Glad, it isn't so much of a problem. I'm sure we will recognize each other." His face is smiles all the same, giving a once over to Tom, he returns to Manuel, "Imagine this, of all the taverns in all the world, I walked into yours, ja? Or is it the other way around." Removing his jacket, he puts it on a hook if there is one at the table, or on the back of a chair, then sits casually into said chair, resting his rightforearm on the table. Its almost on the edge of his seat style sitting, but yet, not quite.

“Well, you never really know. Just because he asks to join us, for all we know, he could be a demon or some devil-like creature.” Manuel laughs as he makes no move but does kick out a chair for Kurt to join them. “I suppose it is the other way around.” The bartender comes out with two orders of hamburgers and fries and places them before Tom and Manuel. The man spots Kurt, but looks to Manuel, “Would your friend like one as well?” Looking to the bartender, “Friend?” He looks to Kurt, “I suppose we are now, ja. So yes, one for him as well.” The bartender nods and when he leaves the table. He shakes his head for a moment as if coming out of some stupor of sorts. He looks back to the table and frowns as he goes to prepare Kurt’s burger as well.

Alchemy frowns. "After the past few weeks, I don't think i would be surprised by much of anything, anymore. I think I was safer in London when all I had to deal with were trolls trying to destabilize the world government. Such a strange motivation, really. All they wanted was gold."

From his seat, still one arm on table, Kurt gives thought to both men, casually listening to the second, Tom, but more interested in the first, Manuel. "Interesting how trolls who try to take what they want can destabilize our concepts of what is normal." As if summarizing that situation. Turning over the hand resting over the table, he looks at the nails as he makes a semi-fist to pick at fingernails with a thumbnail. "I was recently in London myself, you know, helping the government with various similar troll situations. Now, now I find myself here." Then looking more at Tom finally, "Strangely, I suddenly don't feel so comfortable even with my friends." That is laced with inneundo. "I'm only curious to what pleasure we owe this visit." Eyes back to Manuel.

Rolling his eyes, while it is safe to speak of things like trolls and gold in front of Kurt, Tom does not know that and as such Manuel just shakes his head disapprovingly. And when Kurt offers his input, Manuel just laughs, “Well since we are all friends now, I thought I would come and visit. Pay my respects and say hello. It’s been sometime since I have been here and left my mark.” Looking at Kurt, “Clearly, I leave quite the impression. I mean I have only just met you.” He gestures to Kurt’s appearance, “And yet I feel as if we already know each other.” Taking a large bite of his burger, “Oh I can help you out if you feel uncomfortable.”

Alchemy frowns. "Why don't you feel very comfortable with your friends, sir? What trolls did you encounter? Oh dear…please tell me it wasn't the Troll Associates…" he stands up, leaning his hands on the table and peering at Kurt with desperate brown eyes.

As if playing a witty game of cat and mouse, Kurt seems to enjoy the banter with Manual. Then … and then … there is his coounter part here. Nightcrawler thought he could be dramatic at times, but this is taking the blue ribbon it would seem. Smiling, he then looks up at the standing lad, pondering him curiously, wondering where he fell off the reality car that these three were driving in perhaps. Then he uses it to shis advantage, "Oh, those friends I might be uncomfortable with, not Troll Associates, they were somehow encouraged to fight me once. I'm just wondering if this might happen again is all." Then lifting a hand as if to suggest the standing lad take a seat, offering some comfort in the gesture, "Let's agree with your friend, it was quite impressionable to say the least. And no, I don't need help with my comfort levels." Shaking his head to emphasis the thought, "I could always call ahead for you two, see that visitors would be welcome at the Mansion and all that, ja?"

Noting the desperation in Tom’s voice and the utter fear with the mere mention of trolls, Manuel exhales as he sends a wave of calmness to his friend, “Not too worry. No trolls are here.” When Kurt gestures for Tom to sit, he nods, “Please sit. You would cause less of a scene if you were blue and had a tail.” Tsk tsk tsking, the bartender brings Kurt his meal and the bill. Reaching for the bill, Tom quickly takes it and puts a platinum card on it, “That would be lovely. But I was hoping to surprise everyone there. I hear a new school is up and running and that one of my former teachers is helping out. I would just love to see the expression on her face when she sees me.” Manuel and Tom, dressed rather nicely sit at a table with Kurt who is paying homage to Errol Flynn with his image inducer.

Alchemy frowns. "No, you don't understand," as he sits down. "If the Trolls are in London, they'll go after my mum and sister to try and get to me. Are you saying that your trolls were not actual trolls but your friends?"

Lifting brows a moment, Kurt takes a moment to sigh. "My trolls where, alas, metaphorical, mein freund." The words added to hopefully calm the british lad down. Then a shake of his head, turning back to Manuel, "That's the funny thing about the school, they don't always like surprises. Especially with your friend here spouting off about trolls, ja?" A catch my drift sort of comment, hopefully The other one is calming down some. "Strict school policy on that, I can't even show up with random friends." Leaning back on the table a little, "I just guess that not everyone likes surprises."

And on the subject of random friends, the door swings open and a girl steps casually inside, looking casually around like she's got every right in the world to be there. There's more than one way to not attract attention, and Chenda Gray's using this one for all it's worth. Unzipping her well-worn purple parka in the warmer environs of the Hideaway, she strolls in the direction of the table that Kurt and his mates are holding down, peeling off her gloves.

Looking to Kurt, “See what you did. I swear in trying to be witty, you end up scaring the boy. Your mother is fine, but if you want. We can speak to Ms. Selene to look into it, if it will make you happier and put you at ease.”
Exerting a bit more effort on using his emotional control powers on Tom, “Sit down and calm down now, Tom.” He speaks sternly but in a rather friendly tone. “No trolls. Too bad the same can’t be said for devils.” Smiling to Nightcrawler,
“Well, I suppose this visit was not a complete waste. I did get to see you. Well I guess not ‘see’ but…” Looking over the outfit, “Close enough. Though you may want to pick a different look next time. We are in 2012 now.” When Chenda walks in, Manuel cannot help but notice. “I see people have gotten much more attractive in Salem Center.”

"Yes, too bad I would say," in response to the concern of trolls versus devils, but Kurt smiles the same. "Would you rather I put on some retro leather Gaga'esque outfit," rhetorical as this is probably better on Kurt regardless. Yet, he follows the gaze, nodding his agreement, "Yes, you might be surprised how attractive things are here now." Coming back to the table, "Which is why, I'd like to keep it that way. I'll see about that visit for you, so that its official like and not so shocking, ja?" A grin, but then his eyes go back to Richenda too.

Alchemy sits down, taking a deep breath. "All right. Those trolls will stop at nothing, and it would be very difficult to find out if they're after mum and Ellie. You don't know what they're capable of. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir, but I don't think I heard your name."

“Hey, Kurt!" calls the attractive person, with a smile and a casual caress on the shoulder for the retro fellow as he stands to make his call. But instead of following him, she remains at the table, looking after him for a moment. "Hi," she says simply to Manuel and Tom, with a cheerfully casual smile and nod.

Standing up from the table to greet Chenda, “Well, hello. I am Manuel and this is my friend, Tom. You know Kurt already, so please join us.” Empath walks around a pulls out a seat himself between him and Tom, “Chivalry is not dead. Just on vacation from time to time.” He quips as he snaps his finger and the bartender is once again enthralled and coming to the table to take her order.

Alchemy stands up when Manuel does. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry. My manners have gone right out the window, please forgive me. I'm Thomas…or Tom as everyone calls me. It's a pleasure to meet you, miss."

Chenda blinks, watching Manuel pull out a chair for her. "Maybe it just got better," she postulates with a grin, nodding her thanks and shrugging out of her coat, hanging it over the pulled-out chair. "I'm Chenda. It's a pleasure to meet you, Manuel, and you, Tom. But I'm curious… what's this about trolls? I always thought they were strictly movie stuff." She settles into the offered chair.

“Talk of trolls is nonsense at the moment. It is pointless to ask and may upset my delicate friend here.” Sitting down next to Chenda, “I would much rather talk about you. So tell me about yourself.” Looking to Kurt who is momentarily busy, “How do you know Kurt? He and I go way back.” The bartender asks, “Chenda, what would you like to have, Miss?” Harry is very polite and seems to be drawn to her and to Manuel. Manuel is dressed fashionably in a black suit.

Alchemy rubs his forehead. "Oh, it's all right, Manuel. The Troll Associates were some rather unpleasant individuals that harrassed my family. Some folks from X-Factor saved us, and my mum sent me to the States to get a better education, at least that's what she says, but I think she was just trying to protect me, but if they're causing trouble, they will undoubtedly be in danger."

A 30 something male dressed in a gray business suit, white shirt, no tie, with black hair that's pulled back and upon his collar might be noticed entering the bar. He takes a moment to glance around at the occupants within and is motioned by a waitress to take a seat anywhere he likes. Moving deeper into the bar, the male takes note of the gathering at table #7 and chooses a booth on the opposite side of the area where he is able to maintain a casual observance without appearing as if he's spying upon the lot. He'll order an alcoholic beverage and just relax while assessing the environment.

Harry's devotion to the needs of only two of his customers draws a raised eyebrow from the dark-haired girl. "Um… just some water, please? I've got to drive later," she replies, with a slightly nervous smile. "I met Kurt at school. He's a good guy, in the best sense of the idea, which is probably how he puts up with me."

She turns a concerned look on Tom. "Oh, dear… if that's what trolls do in the real world, I'm glad X-Factor was on the job. Has your mum mentioned any more trouble?" she asks, effortlessly adopting the pronunciation despite her drawlish southwestern accent.

Sliding his finger across the glossy surface of his choice of smart device, it would seem one thing is up to date with Kurt at least. The back even has a nice little Skullcandy design (sticker, not case). He seems to becoming about the tie Troll Associates and X-Factor is being bantered about. "Good news, Ms. Frost will find your visit a most pleasant surprise, perhaps some things to catch up on between you two." There implied, the visit is a go-ahead it would seem. He continues, "Bad news, Charles and her would frown to learn about all this 'business' so openly discussed at Harry's."
Suggesting he's not going to tell either one, but if they found out second hand how readily some topics were dicussed here … who knows. At the least, he's hoping its a hint to not be so open in the discussion of such topics maybe. He doesn't elaborate, instead noting where Chenda is sitting. He doesn't retake his seat, finishing whatever he's sliding away at on the device. A smile favors Chenda, but he says nothing more as he stands.

“I would agree with Charles and Emma on that topic.” Looking between Chenda and Tom, “Let’s limit the conversation to non mythological creatures. Trolls are so old news. And Chenda, you are much more interesting. How do you like the school? One of my former teachers currently teaches there.” Manuel offers a smile as Harry goes to get some water. He all but ignores Paris as he fetches Chenda’s water and offers her a smile before he returns to the bar seemingly staring vacantly as he wipes down the counter.

Alchemy is a bit infuriated by the playing off of the trolls as if they didn't exist. He grips his glass tightly, which starts to turn into silver. "Non mythical creatures? You say that as if it never happened! How can you say that?" he raises his voice just slightly, clearly upset.

Sitting quietly, Exodus remains within his booth listening to the world around him. His telepathic senses reaching out through the aether while his auditory senses listen for key words. Soon his beer in a bottle arrives and he will fondle the bottle while taking very little to drink.

"You know Ms. Frost, Manuel?" Chenda can't help but ask, looking a bit puzzledly at the creepy-acting Harry. She wasn't paying that close of attention at the time, but she's pretty positive he wasn't acting that way the last time she was here. "I think she's teaching part-time up at the institute, but since classes haven't started, I don't know for sure."
And then Tom raises his voice, drawing her attention to him… and the fact that his glass is starting to become decidedly /not/ glass. "Tom, easy…" she says, keeping her voice soothing and reaching over to gently take his free hand. "Trolls are definitely non-mythological, but I think it'd be a bad idea to talk about them so loudly and publicly. Especially if two very powerful people like the idea even less than I do. Could we speak of it more quietly? /Much/ more quietly?"

As the conversation develops, Kurt stops suddenly whatever was going on with his smart device. Most likely nothing really important, but he shuts it down and pockets it, curiousity playing on his features. His first thought, however, is to look suspiciously at Manual. Then perhaps, that thought is ruled out, whatever the lads purpose is here in Salem Center, he's sure he wouldn't play with Kurt considering he's already contacted the Mansion. "Some people don't like trolls, same with devils and imps or elves, mythological or not, and this certainly isn't the place to worry about them." Raising one brow, hoping Manuel can keep his friend under control more. Though his curiousity has him pondering the circumstance. He's pretty sure if Charles or Emma had received his message already, they wouldn't be doing that either. Scratching hsi head, he grabs for his coat. "If you'll excuse me," he says to the group. "Manual, Tom," then a smile, "Knuddlechen," he slips an arm in one sleeve, then the other. "I should get back to the school. "We'll see you later I presume," more directed at Chenda even as he buttons up, his food untouched.

“Yes, Tom, trolls exist and we shall not speak of them anymore. If you are so afraid of them, then you should not discuss them anymore.” As Kurt gets ready to leave, he nods to Kurt, “I’ll see you at the mansion, Herr Wagner.” Suddenly his phone rings and he sighs when he sees the caller id. He excuses himself “I’ll take this call outside.”

Having gained the information he desired, Exodus turns his attention back to the nothingness in the rest of the room. The flat scans aren't worth his time to ponder, so he's left with the beer and the voices in his head. They all discuss their next move and have some pretty good ideas. Or at least Exodus thinks so.

Entering back in, Manuel moves back to the table, "I apologize, but I must leave." He looks to Tom, "The driver and the limo will wait here until you are down. I'll be taking a cab back to the city." Moving in and holding Chenda's hand, "It was nice to have met you." Kissing it, "I will see you when I visit the school." He pats Tom's shoulder and whispers into his ears, "Don't worry about the trolls. I will be sure to have things checked out in London." And with that, he exits the bar and Harry is returned to his normal self.

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