2012 01 16 Dysfunctional Gathering

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Dysfunctional Gathering

Monet, Dajan, Sandman, and Phantasm

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16 Jan 2012

Observation Deck - Empire State Building - New York

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Monet outs Dajan, Sandman tattles and the Raven gives Monet the bird.


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-==[ Observation Deck - Empire State Building - New York ]==--——

The eighty-sixth floor observatory, one thousand and fifty feet (three hundred and twenty meters) up, reached by high-speed, automatic elevators, has both a glass-enclosed area, which is heated in winter and cooled in summer, and spacious outdoor promenades on all four sides of the building. High-powered binoculars are available on the promenades for the convenience of visitors at a minimal cost. A snack bar and souvenir counters are also located in the observatory. The observatory is handicap accessible, and its hours are as follows: Nine-thirty A.M. to Midnight daily. Last elevators go up at eleven-fifteen P.M. Open year-round.

The deck is lined with razor-wire-topped iron grating nearly twenty feet tall, though the bars are spacious enough to allow a good view. Security is always visible, and though firm when it's time to leave, they're certainly friendly and helpful, and almost as knowledgeable about the building as the tour guides.

Monet leans over the railing, looking over at the Baxter Building in the distance. While others are using those 'telescope viewing' coin operated machines to look at the view, Monet really doesn't need to. She does, however, need a break from the work she's doing for Reed at the Baxter Building. Not used to being around someone smarter than she is, at least in his given fields. Refreshing, but disquieting when she comes up with something she's stumped about. And since asking for help is a last resort, she figured the view would help her think of how to account for how there can be a 12th dimension in clear violation of most of conventional (and unconventional) physics. Maybe that's what the whole brane cosmology theory is based on? Fine - but considering Reed is trying to figure a way to reach that 12th dimension, she finds it odd that he hasnt yet even confirmed its existence. Which is what she's there to help him work on.

Dajan gets off the elevator, almost hesitantly. Hesitation is a liability in New York and she finds out the hard way as the crowd moves on and sweeps her right out onto the observation deck in a wave of excited tourism. "Whoa," she breathes, taken aback by the view. Even from this far back from the edge, it's breathtaking. She begins rummaging in her pockets for change for one of the unused coin-op telescopes.

Already at the top of the skyscraper. Literally at the top, in the form of a pssamic King Kong, Sandman holds onto the antenna at the top of the building and looks down at the city below. When some tourists become afraid and security responds. The Avenger nods and his sand begins to crumble apart and drip onto the platform slowly building up and forming into a humanoid sandman.

As Monet looks towards the Baxter Building, there's a funny thing flying out of it. But not particularly from the hangar portion but through a wall. Leaving no damage to the building, the mouthy raven that she has met before continues flying, well, lazily gliding on what must be quite the generous draft of wind with how still the wings remain. The odd avian form's path seems to be heading directly to the observation deck. But he's not here at the moment.

Monet is distracted from her thoughts by the onset of security and tourists pointing and getting all scared. She looks around cursorily, noticing … let's see…. one other mutant on the rooftop. Oh great, and that annoying bird guy off in the distance. She rubs the bridge of her nose and heads over towards Sandman. "There's an elevator, you know." she says simply, looking at him unimpressed.

Dajan is jostled by security and by people backing up and getting away from Sandman's entrance. "Dangit y'all!" she mutters, losing the two quarters she'd just managed to finally pull from her pockets. She sighs, murmurs "Sac du lait," under her breath, and gives up the idea of seeing through the telescope as a bad idea. Then she spots the Sandman reforming and gasps, hand flying up to her mouth. Another super person. New York really /is/ crawling with them!

Looking right back at Monet as he reforms, Sandman tilts his head and makes a sour face when his form shifts from normal sandy colored sand to a reddish sand and when he reforms to a human form, he seems to have an almost sinister look on his face, "Thanks." He eyes the young woman before him, "You look familiar. I'd think I'd recognize your pretty face. But I think I have met you before." He looks back at Dajan as she gasps, but shrugs and looks back at Monet.

Phantasm is still flying. This is what he gets for starting way off in the distance.

Monet crosses her arms. "Last year. The museum. That guy with the mercenaries. I was the one doing most of the work. I'm working at the Baxter Building for now. Didnt they teach you at the Avengers about subtlety?" She smiles a bit, looking around. "Since it prevents people from calling security."

Dajan is not some hick from the sticks. At least, that's what she'd like to believe. But she's still wearing her handful of sweaters, wary of messing up her new coat before her first special occasion to wear it. She's trying not to stare, but she is. She fumbles out her low-end cellphone, not to take a photo, but to see if she can figure out which super it is. It dawns on her about ten seconds into the search, and she facepalms. "Omigod," she whispers, overhearing Monet. "An actual /Avenger/?"

"Subtlety isn't my thing, baby. But yeah, we fought some guy at a museum. Me, you , and the fire chick. She was hot." Sandman begins to laugh, "Literally." Har har har. Sandman stops laughing but giggles from time to time after that, "So, are we gonna get together or something? You're cute and all, but kinda uppity. Don't like the uppity chicks. A bit too classy, like youâre a model or some rich girl."

And in the sense of comedic timing, the Raven. Alas! He doth approach in time to hear that last part. "Oh good, you are observational," the raven comments as he perches atop the fence that's meant to keep people from jumping to their deaths. The head gives a tilt in inquiry as he looks to, what is apparently what's left of the crowd. Are there any NPCs still risking being out here?

Monet just looks at William Baker for a few seconds, contemplating what the fallout would be to some creative mental imperatives, either because of the horrible pun or the idea that she cares what he thinks of her. But calmer heads prevail and she shakes her head. "That would be because I am classy." She pauses, then adds, "And rich. And I have been a model. But on behalf of all uppity chicks… whew" she says with an exxagerated motion of her hand. "No. No we're not going to 'get together.' I'm sorry - it's nothing personal…. I just have standards." She shrugs, then looks over at Dajan. "Yes, omigod, he's an Avenger. Fortunately he's also a bit of a gloryhound so he'd probably like you taking his picture and gushing at him."

Her smile flickers when the bird flies in and comments. "Oh good. You're here." she says in a monotone voice.

Dajan's eyes go wide, and a brief blush appears on her already-windburned face. "Um, wasn't plannin' on photos. I don't have an account for photos anywhere yet." This kid must just have rolled off the turnip truck for real. No web presence?! "Um, still, kinda cool to meet an Avenger like, right in person. And with no actual city-threatenin' stuff goin' on alongside." She grins crookedly and shrugs, glancing from Sandman to Monet. At her first real look at the woman, the blush gives way to an ashening of her skin. Intimidated much? Oh yeah.

Looking at Dajan, Sandman shakes his head, "Actually Avengers hate fans. Good thing you don't have a camera. I would have to hurt you." Pointing to Monet, "But she was a model. She loves pictures. So tell your friends, you saw um…" He looks to Monet, "Um, I guess you werenât that famous after all, huh."

The bird holds out his wings, giving a mock bow. "Never at your service, Ma'am." There's a bit of a sarcastic tone to the bird's voice before he looks over towards Sandman, giving an upturn of the beak in indication. "Hey Baker."

Monet shrugs as the guy tries baiting her to loser her cool. But she's dealt with Jubilee, so this guy's an amateur. "Not all of us bother to first become criminals who get beaten up regularly by Spider-man to get their pictures in the paper." She pauses and looks over at Dajan. "But he is right in that respect. I do enjoy having my picture taken. I consider it a service to others." She watches as the security comes to the roof while most people have left. Go figure - person forms from sand and people get scared off. "I knew I should have just picked somewhere else with a good view to think."

"No way you hate fans," Dajan counters, grateful to get her eyes off the statuesque Monet, and warming up at the obvious playful remark. "Y'all the Good Guys. The ones the government kinda gives the thumbs up to. Whole city loves you. Don't they, like, even throw y'all parades?" Her eyes are drawn back to Monet. "A service to others?" She tilts her head thoughtfully. "How's it servin' others to walk around lookin' like you forgot the word COSMOPOLITAN floatin' over your head?" It isn't as snarky as it sounds, mostly.

Staring at the bird for a second, "Um, not Baker, Bird Man." Sandman blinks as he recognizes the voice, "Oh man, Phantasm. You know the stuck up chick. Maybe you can get her to be nice to me." At this point Sandman begins to walk away from the group as he peers over the fence that prevents people from jumping off the skyscraper. When Dajan speaks, Sandman turns to look back at the group but remains by the fence, "Nah, Avengers and Fantastic Four hate the publicity. Especially that flamer Johnny Storm. The whole flaming thing is literal. He likes his chicks with something that rhymes with chicks." He starts to laugh, but then laughs even louder when Dajan gives her commentary on M, "Wow, that was pretty snarky." Looking to Monet, "Even as cute as you are and you get cut down by the kid."

Monet pauses to consider Dajan's remark, then walks over to her. "Okay… first… you need to work on the comebacks. You just tried to insult my by saying I belong on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. I turned it down though, when they offered it." She pats Dajan's hand. "And it's a service to others because I'm gorgeous, and others like looking at people who are gorgeous." She looks over at Mike. "How was that an insult? She insults my by saying i look like a model? Is this a new 'thing?'"

"Insult?" Dajan blinks at Monet. "I wasn't tryin' to insult you. I was honest earnest. I mean, you do look like the magazine cover is just havin' a hard time keepin' up with you. I was just thinkin' is all. Half the girls I went to high school with would take one look at you an' swear off food for the next three weeks, an' spend the two after that takin' shots at one another because you're gorgeous, yeah. But … you're like impossible to duplicate. You must really depress some people." She wrinkles her nose at her own words, as if maybe she's just coming at the idea from the wrong angle.

"It ain't you, Sandy." Phantasm quips, wings spread out to fly over to Baker. There's not even the faintest hint of weight upon his shoulder as he perches on it. Beady eyes glance over to Monet before looking back to Sandman, "That's just how she is." Hearing Monet's voice somewhat directed over to them, Phantasm glances back over. Head tilting. Baroo? Oh wait. Wrong animal… Caaaaww?

"Inspiring depression and anorexia. Kudos, dollface." Sandman remains by the fence when the bird lands on his shoulder, "So what's good, Phantasm? Beat up any pedophiles or child molesters?" Sandman chuckles at that, "And hey whatever happened to that hottie with the spot over her eye. Now /she/ was hot."

Monet smiles "Good insight." She looks over at Mike. "I guess I'm used to people trying to insult my out of jealousy… like my simple minded friend over there…. the bird…" she says, motioning at Mike. "I'd call him a birdbrain, but it's too amateurish." She watches Mike and Sandman interact. "It's…. sort of like going to the zoo, isnt it?" she says to Dajan, then turns to her. "So, you're a mutant, right?" she asks casually.

"Nah, just your usual muggers, wife beaters, and potential rapists." Phantasm replies, shaking his head, "Hoo. Area's been getting busy. You'd think there was a full moon out for the past few weeks." The bird responds to Monet's depiction of him by responding in the most mature manner possible. That's right, the bird gave her the bird. Which, considering he has a wing was quite a feat actually to get that semblance of an action across. "It's not out of jealousy, it's probably more out of annoyance." Phantasm points out.

Dajan glances at the talking bird with open curiosity and is about to ask a question when Monet speaks again. "Um, no zoo I've ever been to has anything like either of —" she chokes on her sentence, and goes wide eyed. "Wh-wha? A m-mutant? Me? What …I mean, why…why would you say somethin' like that?" She takes a step back, alarmed, caught off guard, and frankly a little weirded out that the Cover Girl seems to have ferreted out something she takes pains to keep under wraps. She jams her hands in her pockets. "Gettin' kinda late," she says in a transparent attempt to beg off. People /hate/ mutants! People /beat up/ mutants! This isn't /quite/ written all over her face, but there is definitely a glimmer of fear starting up in her eyes. And confusion — she wasn't doing anything to indicate her not-homo-sapien status! How did Monet /know/?

Monet looks over at Dajan. "It's out of jealousy. I don't even need to be a mind reader to tell that. It irks him that I'm comfortable with who I am. People like him tend to think others should be humble, as long as it doesn't apply to him." She pauses. "Or he could still be annoyed when he flew into the Fantasticar's windshield. You'd think a bird would know how to fly without hitting stuff."

She looks over Dajan. "Don't worry, I'm one too. Tell you what, you recognize how great I am, so you're already 3 steps ahead of Fric and Frac over there. Feel like going somewhere for dinner?"

Laughing when the bird gives the bird to Monet, but that laughing drops the moment Monet outs Dajan. "Oh me oh my!" Sandman swipes his hand across his shoulder to shove the bird off as he moves towards Dajan. His height increasing as he shifts from human to pssamic form. A red form. His sand arms elongate out as he attempts to grab the girl by the collar, "Oh, now see what the model did. Are you registered, girlie?" He calls out to the security, "Sandman of the Avengers, there may be a situation up here? Two mutants. May not be registered. Call the proper authorities." Which they do.

The bird glares over at Monet, "You SWERVED to hit m-HEY!" Phantasm hops off as he sees a hand in time to push him off. He flits over, looking over to Sandman, "Oh for Christ's sake, She was just kidding. You should know that." He looks over to the security folks, moving to fly over towards them, "He's just kidding around."

Monet widens her eyes. "Okay… he's gone evil again. Or something." she says as she puts Dajan behind her and levels a psi-blast at Sandman. "Back off of her!" She says quickly. "You know, I just know that you are a mutant, not what your mutant powers are so if you have an ability to fly or teleport or… I don't know… water, wind, stuff like that…. pop in."

Dajan squeaks in alarm as Sandman grows and reaches out for her. She was already in the process of backing away, and continues trying to do so, only faster. Of course, she trips over her own feet or an irregularity in the concrete, and falls on her backside; which is the only thing that saves her from being grabbed. She opens her mouth but nothing comes out. But the idea of being registered has clearly freaked her out; her eyes are glimmering with oncoming tears. And now here comes security, out of the elevator, as she tries to get her feet back under her. Dajan glances up between the bird and the security. Will they buy his explanation? None of it matters, as Monet steps up to … protect her? "I never shoulda left Thibodeaux," she finally quavers.

"I'm not kidding. Call the cops until these two can be checked if they have been registered." With that the security does as Sandman orders and surrounds both Monet and Dajan and are already contacting the police, etc. Grinning wildly, "You should watch what you say, Cutie…" Before he can finish his speech, he is struck by a psi-bolt from Monet, even in his sand form, he still has a mind and when the blast hits, his body explodes ripping apart and sending sand flying off the roof and a sand cloud appears and within a few seconds, Sandman is gone.

"Oh you've got to be shitting me," The bird crassly complains, flying over to look at Sandman, seemingly unaware he's flying in the path of a psi-bolt, nor all that affected by it. Huh. "You're a real asshole, Fl-" He pauses as sandy vanishes, leaving the bird to look to the fleeing cloud. "Shit." Master of lyrics, not quite of conversational expression it seems.

Monet frowns as Sandman disperses after being hit by the psi-blast. Then glares at Phantasm. "Okay. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?" she asks the bird accusatorily, since he's the only one here of whom she can't read the mind. When security comes in packing heat, she groans a bit, "One second." then looks at them. "Nothing happened…. go away."

Strangely enough, the security get a blank look on their faces… and put their guns away and walk out. She looks at Dajan, then at the bird. "Where was I… oh yeah. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!"

Did she just do a jedi mind trick?

These aren't the mutants you're looking for.

They're not?


Oh ok…

Dajan manages to get to her feet, though she's visibly quaking. Being outed and nearly being arrested in the same two minutes has been more than she was prepared for. And now the security people are walking off like nothing happened. Monet /said/ she was a mutant, too, but — wow! Dajan stares after them. "Holy Obi-Wan Kenobi," she manages after a second, turning back to stare at Monet. And then she realizes that Monet caused this whole mess. "You do that to people you just met often, cher?" The 'cher' is not really spoken in a friendly, loving tone, though.

The bird flies over, seemingly unphased by security's sudden disinterest in the duo as he moves over to Monet. "Baker's having dual identity issues it seems." Phantasm replies, landing upon Monet's shoulder with no apparent weight adding on as he does so, "Didn't you get the memo?"

Dajan has reconnected.

Monet frowns. "Sort of sensed something wierd when he first came up, but still…. could have warned me. You know… since I could have prevented that all from happening then?" She looks over at Dajan and puts her hand on Dajan's shoulder. "Do what, psi-blast people or tell them that I know they're mutants?"

Dajan's starting to get a good head of steam under her now, burning off the adrenaline of fight-or-flight with indignation. "Tell people you think they're mutants." She's not sure the other woman knows anything yet, despite the outright admission of a psi-blast. "And what the hell kinda chucklehead Avenger is he, anyway?!" She only just got through calling them The Good Guys, even! She drags her hand across her face, and spins on her heel to stalk for the elevator, clearly still trying to work out whether she's more frightened, upset, angry, freaked out, or overwhelmed. "Stupid boardin' house don't even got no bathtub!" she adds, throwing her arms skyward in frustration.

"Yeeeeaaaah, I don't do the mind talking thing well when I'm like this." Phantasm replies, shaking his head, "Besides, you work with the Fantastic Four so that should have gotten you some heads up to the situation at some point. And flat out telling you in front of him may have resulted in a worse reaction. I also figured you had more sense than randomly outing people in public."

Monet holds up a finger. "First, I don't think. I know. It's one of the many, many things I can do." She holds up a second finger. "Second, apparently he's a schizophrenic Avenger. I'll be making sure to let someone know right away." She holds up a third finger before holding onto Dajan's arm. "Third, calm down. And fourth… where did boarding houses and bathtubs come into this?"

Monet says, "Seriously, calmez veers le bas. Calm down. Okay?"

Dajan yelps as Monet catches her by her arm. She tries to pull away. "Yeah, well, nobody asked you to do it to me, huh?" she points out, jaw tilted pugnaciously. "Calm down? You /nearly got me arrested/! Under the circumstances, I /am/ calm!" She blinks at the question, and that startles her into calming down a little as she answers, "Well, what do /you/ do at the end of a stressful day?" She frowns, expecting the answer to be more 'service to others'. "Wait, lemme guess, you go sunbathing in front of an all boys school or something."

The bird gives a bit of a snort of laughter, as her movements towards Dajan brings him closer as well. Ah human perches. "Ok, here's a belated warning. If you come across Sandman again and you have a way to get him back to the Baxter Building without problems so they can help him, do it. And give one of them a call so they can do something to hold him still." He hops over to Dajan's shoulder, still weightless. "Ok yeah, it was stupid of her to do that. So, go get something out of this for your troubles. Like a dinner or something."

Monet puts one hand on her hip while the other holds Dajan's arm. "Look, there's nothing wrong with being a mutant. Lots of people know I'm a mutant. It was in Vanity Fair. Plus I'm Algerian royalty." She brushes her hair with her hand briefly. "And plus no one remembers I said anything, except a supposedly reformed ex-supervillain, this guy *motioning at Mike*, you, and me. Plus I would not have let you get arrested." She then looks at the bird, then at Dajan. "And no, I sunbathe on the roof of my penthouse. The boys can use telescopes to watch if they want. Not like they'd get anything from it."

Monet glares at the bird. "And I didn't do anything stupid."

Dajan nods her head politely to the bird as Monet indicates him. She's a little wide-eyed that he's sitting on her shoulder but doesn't weigh anything. She looks up at Monet. "Maybe for Algerian royalty, there's not, your highness," she says, trying not to lean ironically on the words. "But last I looked, we were not, like, the most loved types of people out there. So Mais oui, how did you think I was gonna take it when I just met you an' you come right out like that without so much as a by-your-leave?" She tries to get her elbow back again. "Dinner?" she asks of the bird. "You think? I mean, okay, yeah, I gotta eat — but I'm not dressed for dinner with royalty… 'specially not royalty who thinks they get to call the shots for me."

"Well it sure as hell wasn't considerate." The bird retorts crossing his wings, "Not everyone gets to pull that royalty card bit or gets to do that mind trick you pulled earlier. Regardless of how you try to spin it, outing someone is not cool." He gives a birdish smile, and quite possibly a bit of an impish wink. Can birds do that? "The least you can do is take her out for something to eat as an apology."

Monet watches the two of you, then says "I figured you'd take it rationally. Then again, I didnt think that guy was going to go all evil. And by the way, I was already offering to take her to dinner, not for an apology, which I don't owe anyway. I see nothing wrong with being a mutant." She lets go of Dajan's arm. "So do you want to go out to dinner then?"

"You 'know' I'm a mutant," Dajan says, incredulousness entering her expression, "But you figured I'd take it rationally? When there're anti-mutant groups on the TV an' the radio talkin' about wipin' us out? When there're mutant groups at each other's throats? I was just mindin' my bidness, all quiet like, not hurtin' anybody." She glances from the bird on her shoulder to Monet. "Yeah, you do too owe an apology. You decided how this whole thing was gonna go in your head. No, I don't think I wanna go out to dinner. I think I wanna bowl of soup and a good book." . o O (And maybe a bus ticket back to Louisiana). "So if this humble mutant peasant has your leave to go?"

The bird looks between Monet and Dajan for a few moments before he averts his eyes. Seemingly trying not to laugh aloud. And then, nothing. The bird vanishes.

Monet rolls her eyes. "There were no anti mutant groups out here when I said it." She looks at Mike. "Telepath remember?" Then back at Dajan. "Plus you're clearly not the oddest thing here… talking bird and sand person. And frankly, if someone wanted to try to wipe me out, they better hope they have an army with them. I'm talking U.S. army, not private army." She taps her foot. "I'll offer dinner though. I know Bobby Flay, you probably like Southwestern cuisine right?"

"Yeah, but the sand guy's an Avenger. Even if he is creepulsive." Dajan scowls. "And maybe /you/ can take on the U. S. Army. But /I/ can't." She turns back toward the elevator. "As far as dinner goes, I'll take a raincheck. I need some time to think." She stabs the elevator button in an agitated manner until the car actually arrives. DING! Off Dajan goes in nothing less than high dudgeon.

Monet leans against the railing and watches as Mike vanishes and Dajan trudges off. "So much for relaxing thinking."

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