2012 01 15 Elegance At The Ellington Club

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Elegance at the Ellington Club

Gogo and Lifeguard

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January 15, 2012

Ellington Club - New York

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Gogo and Lifeguard hang out at a jazz club


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It’s early afternoon in New York City, a cold brisk day, but Heather Cameron has opted to use her day off from heroing, as a chance to obtain some culture while getting to know some of the more elegant parts of New York City. Calling her good friend, Annie to join her since it has been some time since the two beauties have met up, Heather invited her to check out the Ellington Club. Dressed to the nines in a short black cocktail dressed and killer heels. The blond Australian leans back in a chair sipping some wine as she listens to the house band play some light jazz. Enjoying the ambiance and atmosphere of the jazz club, she relaxes and thinks back to the smaller yet not so ritzy jazz clubs back home.

Annie was very happy to her from her friend and immediately agreed to the meeting. When she arrives, she is all dressed up too, but with a completely different look than the supermodel-esque Aussie. She's got on a tailored pinstriped suit with no shirt, so she has a racy vee of orang skin exposed down her chest. She arrives a bit after Heather and after a moment of letting her eyes get used to the lighting she smiles and walks over to Heather, giving her a kiss to the cheek with as ninja of a kiss as she can manage, "Heather!"

Smiling at the sign of affection and greeting from her friend, Heather stands up and offers her own hug. More of a half hug as Annie is a bit broader than Heather can get her arms around, “Annie, luv! Glad you could make it.” Some of the patrons of the club shoot the women looks and shush them to be quiet as the band pauses a moment from playing. Heather bows her head offering an apology and takes a seat at their table. A snobbish waiter comes by and takes their orders, “Another reisling for me, please.” Heather smiles and offers the waiter an apologetic look as well.

Annie hugs the lovely blonde then her eyes narrow into slots at the rudeness of their fellow patrons. She takes a seat and leans forward to say, "You look great." Then she orders "Bring me two of those please." A tip of her finger indicates that she means what Heather is drinking. Once the snooty fellow is done looking shocked at the order and gone to fetch the drinks, Annie smiles, "Did you manage to get home for the holidays?"

Grinning and trying to laugh out loud at Annie’s interaction with the waiter, Heather exhales and compliments Annie, “You look great too. I swear you must go to the same designer that She-Hulk goes too. All great sexy outfits that actually fit.” Reclining as the jazz band starts to play a lighter tune this time allowing for whispered conversations among the patrons. Heather answers Annie’s question. “No I was in the city. I did some volunteering at a hospital. Trying to do some good since I couldn’t make it home to see my baby brother.” There is a hint of homesickness, but that is quickly gone when the waiter returns with their drinks. Heather lifts her glass and toasts, “Happy New Year.”

Gogo snickers softly, "I do? I should totally find out where she goes. I have like six dressy outfits total. I doubt if I added all of them together they'd cost what her cheapest outfit does. But I am glad you like this suit. It feels great, and I got mathing lingerie when I got it. The lingerie technically was free though, which is awesome." She leans forward and her brows lower down, "You were here? Oh hell's bells. If I had known you weren't going home I would have invited you to go home with me." She lifts one of her two glasses, "Happy New Year."

After the glasses clink, Heather sips her wine and then turns to the band to listen for a moment and nod her head along to the music before returning her attention to Annie, “Oh that’s fine. It was nice helping out at the hospital. Even had a little bit of an adventure. Some Eurotrash group attacked the hospital while I was there with Invisible Woman and another mutant friend of mine. Almost literally got my head bitten off.” She laughs and shakes her head, “But Invisible Woman literally wrapped it up in a few minutes.” Taking another slow sip, ‘So where is home for you?”

Annie's eye widen at Heather's talk of literally having her head bitten off. "Yow. That is a lot more adventurous than getting the Holiday Blues and visiting the family. I grew up in Gold Beach Oregon. It's a little place on the coast. Not the same kind of coast you grew up with though. No warm water in existence there, not even during summer." She sips at the wine then looks a bit surprised and sips again, "Oh, that's good. Not nearly as bitter as I was expecting."

“Oh, wow. I think I would dislike it up there. The winter here is even getting to me a bit. Can’t go out swimming or surfing. Well surfing anyway. I can still swim.” Heather shrugs, “Gold Beach. So then someone who is orange is the norm there?” Heather half jokes, of course. “But it must have been nice to be around family. Did you do anything fun? Get any nice gifts?” The jazz band ends their set and walks off the stage as an emcee gets up a quietly tells the patrons there will be a small intermission.

"I did have some fun, yeah. You know, walking around town, down at the beach. It is strange going home. Everything seems smaller, different." She takes a few sips at her wine, licking her lips at the flavor, "Mmm. But mostly it was tedious. I might be big and alien, but not so alien that my Mom doesn't hassle me about what am I doing with my life. Am I seeing anyone? Don't I want to get married? Have kids? And girls I knew in high school all did the finger check too. So…That was a definite downside. It doesn't really get cold there by the way. It is just the water, cause it is coming down from the arctic."

Nodding as she listens and finishing her glass, Heather reclines again in her chair, “Well I would think you are a celebrity there. Maybe the most famous person to come from there. You may find it small because you are literally too big for Golden Beach.” Heather suggests as she sighs a moment when Annie mentions her mother. “Well, your mother sounds nice. I wouldn’t a mother like her.” The smile is tinged with a bit of a sigh, but still a smile nonetheless. “Any siblings? What about your father?”

"My Mom is great really. She just goes through these overprotective times. She gets worried about me being alone and not dating or whatever. It's not like she is super traditional mom or anything, it is all here afraid I'm not happy." She turn to watch the band as a particularly lively bit fills the room with intricate music. Her toes tap on the floor in time to the beat, "No full siblings. My Dad has a couple of boys. I haven't seen them in a few years, but I saw Dad last year. He isn't terribly comfortable with me, because of the orange, and because of the whole divorce and not seeing me when I was a kid. His wife is a total biyatch about it though, which makes it hard to get to know him."

Laughing a bit and then turning to hear the new band play. Heather also bops along to the music before turning and listening to Annie and nodding along, revealing a sympathetic and understanding facial expression about the bit with her father. “Same here. I haven’t seen my father in…” She pauses and seems to count, “About ten years. My brother and I were kids when we left home and never went back. He was not a bad father in that he provided for us and gave us everything we needed financially, but he was never around or anything like that. Where it counted he failed miserably. And I do not remember my mother.”

Annie reaches over to pat Heather's shoulder, "That sucks. You should totally come with me next time I visit home. My mother would adore you. Not that everyone doesn't adore you of course." She grins then polishes off her first glass, switching to the second. "Marriage and kids is crazy stuff. I can't say that I often feel bad that I don't have either of them right now." She turns back to the music and grins as she bobs her head to the uptempo jazz, "This was a good idea."

Enjoying the music, but also appreciative of Annie’s attention, “Yeah, but that is the life we are dealt. Since I have been here and staying with the people I do. I have come to learn as bad as one person has it, there is always someone who has it worse.”
Heather exhales and sighs, “And yes, this was a great idea if I do say so myself. And I would love to visit your family next time you head home.” As the music swings up, some swing dancers come out and begin to perform. Heather claps along to the performance. “Oh hey, have you seen Xiu Lin lately? I haven’t seen her since the gym and I thought we all should meet up. I see Emma all the time, so I can get her to come.”

Annie grins as she nods along with the music, her eyes glowing brightly in the dimly lit club. "Yeah…There's always people worse off. When you think about that, you feel dumb for complaining that you can't fly coach." She huffs at that thought, then turns to spread that smile out, "That would be great! We have great wind surfing in Gold Beach. You do that? You got to wear a rubber suit, no cute little swimsuits. But still, good waves and great wind and a lot of gorgeous scenery." After wetting her whistle with another sip of her wine she shakes her head, "I haven't. I've chatted on the phone with her a couple times. She was really busy. But it would be awesome for us all to get together again. For sure."

“Yeah, let’s see what we can do to meet up.” Heather gestures for the waiter as she orders another reisling, “Well, I do like wind surfing. So we will have fun at the Golden Beach.” When the swing dangers are done. Heather stands up and applauds. Sitting back down, “I think Emma could use a nice break and a fun time too. I worry about her sometimes too.”

The huge orange woman wiggles in her seat a bit, chairdancing along with the swing dancers. When the dancers bow she joins Heather in standing up to applaud, then when she sits down she purses her lips, "Oh? What is going on with that Emma that has you worried? She seemed so…together. Like nothing could ever bother her."

Nodding her head and sighing, Heather continues her conversation with Annie as the two spend the day enjoying themselves at the jazz club.

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