2012 01 13 Radomness

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Cytoplasm, Empath, Gogo, and Shaw

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January 13, 2012

Theater District - New York

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Everyone encounters each other outside a hotel


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Early evening and young Manuel de la Rocha exits a limousine that pulls up just outside of the hotel that Selene has paid for him to be staying at while things are reorganized with the Hellions. As he steps out, the young Spaniard appears to be very tired and almost weak and frail. His skin is pale and his eyes are hidden by trendy sunglasses. The limo driver, a young blond woman wearing a unseasonably short skirt and black blazer, pops open the trunk and begins to remove Empath’s rather heavy luggage. The young mutant steps out of the limo, in an all-black suit and looks about and sighs as he looks up at the big hotel in front of him. He lets out a yawn and speaks gravelly when he thanks the driver and gives her a large tip.

And who should be waiting in the lobby, rsitting on a couch and reading from his smartphone, but a man Manuel is getting to see a lot lately. Mr. Shaw has been appraised of comings and goings for some time now. In time, he will show the younger man how to access the Club's surveillance systems…but not just now.

Entering into the lobby as he has arranged for bellhops to bring his luggage. Manuel sighs loudly as he walks into the lobby. There is even a louder sigh when he spots Shaw. Shaking his head, he is grateful that the shades hide his eyes as he reaches into a pocket and tips the bellhop and states which room to drop off the luggage. Moving back outside, Empath waves and nods to Shaw, but instead of approaching the Black King, he steps outside and pulls out a cigarette and begins to smoke looking about at the busy street as people come and go and walk past.

Sebastian Shaw smiles to himself, a bit amused. Manuel may have detected a slight touch of genuine concern over his apparent rough edges, but only a touch. He snaps his phone off and stands, striding to the door and following the young man out. He gives him a bit of space, but he is pleased that his message seems to be getting across. He would much prefer not to be challenged, despite himself, he is trying to be a 'good' role model, but he won't be challenged.

Yet another long day of working out, wrestling hard with the women of the the UCWF. The wrestling was fun of course, but the women themselves can be rather difficult to deal with. So when they day is over, she doesn't hang out with any of them. She slings her gym bag over her shoulder and starts off across the city for home. When Manuel walks out of the hotel in front of her she doesn't really register the face. Shaw however is recognized immediately. She slows her pace and shifts the bag off her shoulder and into her off hand in preparation for handshakes, "Mr. Shaw!" Then Manuel's face is registered in the back of her head, "Oh, and your protege."

Taking a few drags slowly, Manuel watches as his mentor follows him out. Sensing the concern from Shaw, Manuel actually coughs, could be from the smoking or could be that he is surprised by Shaw's concern, even if it is only slightly. Adjusting the shades, even though it is already dark out, Manuel moves away from the entrance wand towards Sebastian. In a terse and tired tone, "Shaw, you are everywhere. I am surprised I did not see you at the funer…" When his king's name is killed, Manuel does not finish his sentence and almost recoils. Not necessarily from the exclamation, but perhaps from being called Shaw's protege. He exhales and smiles, "Ah, yes, the lovely lady from 21 Club. I see you and Shaw have become acquainted." His power become active as he scans the two for their current emotional states and ponders a thought.

Sebastian is feeling rather self-satisfied, all things considered. There's anticipation as he looks to Annie, but not of a personal sort. Looking forward to something else, it seems. He notes, softly, to Manuel, "I have a great deal of time on my hands, despite my busy schedule." He hasn't seen fit to tell the the empath that he can forego sleep. Some cards are best played close to the chest, to the large woman, however, "A pleasure to see you, Annie." he says warmly, "Have you scheduled a fitting yet? I was considering something from Diorre, but perhaps a van Dyne original might be more suitable, given enough lead time." Man knows his fashion.

Annie is pleasantly surprised to encounter Sebastian, filled with warmth and a certain amount of affection for Mr. Mutton Chops. She swings her bag onto her off shoulder then leans forward to offer him a big orange hand for a friendly shake, "I called in and they said they would call me back for all that. They left a message while I was working out, but I didn't pay attention to when they set up." She chortles then, "Can you imagine that? Me in something fancy like that?" Then she looks at Manuel, her glowing eyes narrowing into slots for a moment, "Manuel. Am I right?"

Rolling his eyes under the shades, Manuel mumbles something akin to “Too much time” His mind wanders a moment so he pays no heed to the exchange between the two. He is awoken from his slight stupor from Annie’s addressing him by name. ‘Um.” Two letters that admit he is not on his game. He smiles again showing teeth this time as he nods, “Of course, you are right.” A thought occurs. Does he admit he was not paying attention? Would his mentor be miffed? Shrugging his shoulders, “I apologize. I had a momentary mental distraction. Pardon. I just got back from a long flight from Spain. Family emergency.” Removing his shades to reveal rather tired eyes, he smiles and looks between the two, “Jet lag and whatnot. So what is it that you are right about?”

Shaw takes the hand, his own grip firm, but he holds back to merely 'strong'. Not that he's ramped up to unholy levels of power today, but really, he's almost always got a little something more, "You need to take a step back, I think." he notes to Manuel, "Too much, too soon, is never good for one." There it is again, concern leavened with aggression, a complex mix. To Annie he states, "Always a pleasure to work with someone professional, even about such things. Standards, you know."

A noise can be heard in a nearby alley as Cytoplasm runs out, knocking over a few trash cans while the sound of barking dogs can be heard behind him. Coming out of the alley, he can be seen in the form he uses most often with a couple of wounds on his face and his leg, apparently not only disrupting the continuation of his skin, but also disrupting his clothes as well, appearing to be damage to pants and a leg made out of green goo rather than cloth and flesh. Taking a moment to regain his bearings, Cytoplasm's damage to his body and clothes regenerates as the green goo leaps together and settles back into a more normal shape. As he rejoins the flow of people in the streets for a few moments, he starts looking around again apparently somewhat oblivious to the commotion he was involved earlier. Spotting Gogo and company, he walks over towards her and says, "Hi!" while trying to make his way over towards her, awkwardly dodging a car once as he makes his way across the street to them.

Annie doesn't test anyone's grip, unless they are in the wrestling ring. She gives Shaw's hand a shake, then she looks at the signs of fatigure showing on Manuel's face, "WellI guess that is some serious jet lag you got there Manuel." She doesn't quite catch the meaning of what the two men are talking about, but she doesn't dwell on it too long, as Cyto comes rampaging out of the alley, "Holy Crap Cyto!" She heads over to him and hurries him out of the street, "What on earth happened to you? Are you okay?"

“Well, it’s not just jet leg. I was at funeral for my…” Manuel is thankfully cut off by the sudden appearance of Cytoplasm. Perfect timing. He eyes the creature with little regard as he has seen him before and watched a rather amusing battle between Cytoplasm and Alchemy. “Crap, indeed.” Manuel chuckles and follows Shaw’s suggestion, but literally taking a step back and allowing conversation to flow Cytoplasm’s way as well.

Sebastian speaks to Manuel again, a bit more somber, "Perhaps you should spend a little time with Emma. She's…perhaps you could help each other, hm?" he asks. His own grief he tamps down, hard. Leland, the echoes of Lourdes, too many damn reminders lately.

As for 'Cyto', he watched, intrigued. Another mutant? Something else? His mind shifts, gathering information now.
"Dogs." Cytoplasm says, "There were a few of them, fighting over something that I couldn't get a good look at… A couple of them saw me and attacked me like they were trying to eat me. I was able to run away from them, though. I can't get hurt easily so I think I'm OK… I don't know if I want to go back into alleys again, though. The time before that, someone tried to rob me… Then attacked me… Then ran away. I'm not sure why, but I've scared a few people in the past."

Annie looks over Cyto and shakes her head, "You are like a trouble magnet. You get in so much shit. I swear to god, it is good that you seem to heal all on your own or you'd be a walking doctor bill." She Shakes her head again then turns to Sebastian, "Um, sorry. This is an acquaintance. He is still learning how to deal with the world."

“I remember you. You are friends with Tom, are you not?” Manuel asks Cytoplasm. He and the other s stand in front of a hotel where Manuel is currently staying. Dressed all in black and looking rather tired. He exhales and offers to Shaw, “Emma will be of no use. I lost my father. Not my mother.” With that he offers a smile, “But enough of death. Tell me, Annie and Cyto. How is it that you met? Two of the stranger sites in New York City. A large orange woman and a man made of green goo.”

Sebastian Shaw says, dryly, "I am hardly suggesting that, young man. But she has experience in theraputic-…" a pause, "basic counseling and therapy. That and her, you can -trust-." an emphasis there.

"Tom? I know him." Cytoplasm says, "Though… Well, nevermind." before looking over at Sebastian and saying, "We met in the subways. I used to stay there from time to time, but now I don't go into the tunnels that much anymore. Except when I'm riding on the actual subway. She found me there, and we've met a couple of times after that… It's pretty simple."

And with that, Empath grows tired physically and of this conversation, “Very well. Shaw.” He bows to Cytoplasm and to Gogo, “It was nice seeing you both again.” Manuel enters into the hotel and back to his room.

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