2012 01 12 Im Ok Youre Ok

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I'm Ok You're Ok

Mockingbird and Sandman

IC Date:
January 12, 2012

Upper East Side - New York

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Sandman shows up and is greeted by Mockingbird


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It is a chilly day in New York City and outside the Avengers Mansion, hidden away by the entrance and not near the general public, Sandman fidgets with his id trying to enter. The alarm goes off blaring sending word to anyone who is inside that he is outside. Confused by what is going on, William Baker shakes his head, “Damn it, did they change the code or something? Gonna have to talk to Jarvis.” He starts shouting, “Hey, It’s Sandman. Let me in!” Dressed in his Avengers uniform, green and black striped shirt with black trousers, “Damnit, now I am going to have to explain what happened. Maybe even get into a fight.”

Mockingbird has been hanging around the Mansion quite a lot herself, of late. After returning from her capture by Graviton, the normally-outgoing blonde has been much more on the pensive side than normal. Bobbi is hanging out in a lounge when the alarm goes off, and after checking the monitors she mutters something fairly obscene to herself. Jogging down to the front door, she questions the wisdom of stopping off to grab a flamethrower… just in case… then quickly decides against it.

Outside, where William is fiddling with his ID, the lock clicks and the pad flickers from red to green. Only it's not that the system is letting him -in-, it's letting Mockingbird out. Offering one of her better smiles, Bobbi leans a shoulder against the door frame and folds arms over her chest. "Heya, Sandy." she offers, allowing the door to close behind her.

As Mockingbird approaches, Sandman furrows his brow. He has not formally met her, but is familiar with who she is. When the light goes green, he attempts to enter and finds that he cannot. Blinking a bit and turning back to Mockingbird, “Um…Hey, Mockingbird. You may not have heard, but I am an Avenger. Why not let me in?” He asks. His tone slightly angered, but not violent or ready to start a fight. More annoyed than anything else.

Mockingbird nods to the introduction, holding up a hand palm-outward to him. "I heard that, yeah. But making the security rules is 'above my pay grade', as they'd say in the military." The costumed blonde considers him for a moment, then adds. "How about I buy you a cup of coffee while we catch up on current events? And do you prefer Sandy, or something else?"
Pouting a moment, he frowns and shakes his head. Slowly Sandman nods and forces a smile on his face, "Sure. Coffee might be good." He looks over at the Grapevine Cafe, which is being renovated after some super fight which seems oddly familiar to him. "I guess something' big must have happened there." He starts to walk over, "So, um, you sure Hawkeye won't mind us chattinâ up over coffee. You and he is married, right? Oh and Sandy is fine. That's what everyone else calls me. But real name's Bill Baker."

Mockingbird shoves hands into her coat pockets, walking along with Sandy in search of a cafe. She looks over to the Grapevine and arches a brow, looking back to him as well. "Hawk and I have filed for divorce, actually, so it's no big deal." she offers, adding a smile just to show it's not. "Feel free to call me Bobbi if you want to, Bill." Another look over at the cafe, and then she asks. "You really don't remember, do you? You were -there- when the cafe was destroyed."

Offering a genuine smile now, “Alright, Bobbi. Nice to officially meet you.” As they walk along, they enter the café, which is basically just a cart. He orders a coffee for himself and Bobbi, “How do you like your coffee?” The vendor asks as he eyes Sandman carefully. Sandman blinks at the man and then to Bobbi, “Really? I don’t remember.” He laughs and scratches the back of his head, “I guess we have so many battles as Avengers we forget some, huh.”

Mockingbird tries to remain casual, shooting the vendor as much of a reassuring look as she can as well. "Cappucino, please." she replies, on the subject of coffee. "Bill, why don't you tell me what you -do- remember of the past few days, maybe. I understand you've been feeling a bit stressed."

Shrugging a bit as he shoots the vendor a not so reassuring look, Sandman looks confused and dumbfounded. “Well, from the last few days, I think I have been out on a mission or somethin’. Been kinda loopy. I remember seein’ some hot French chick and the Human Torch bein’ a jerk, as usual.” Given his coffee, black, he almost slams it down when the vendor gives Bobbi her cappuccino. “I also met up with that rockstar guy, Mick Drago. He got me some special badge to go to his concerts.” He brandishes a rockstar press badge with flames in the picture. He seems to smile with it, “Got it as a gift.” He pauses a moment, “You know he mentioned that Ben was actin’ all grim and shit…er. The Thing.”

Mockingbird tries to keep things light, accepting her cappucino and running her other hand through the long, blonde hair. "Tell me what else you remember about The Thing." she offers casually, taking a slow sip. "I've gotta tell you though, Bill, that we all get loopy on occasion. I'm dealing with some stuff myself, right now." She pauses, looking for a place to sit or at least to lean against. "Oh, what do you know about a group called the Sinister Six, by the way?"

Ordering another coffee, Sandman hmmmns a bit as he is starting to feel like he is in a session with Samson, but Bobbi is friendly enough, “Um, not much. Ben is in the F4. Funny guy. He was at my Avengers induction party. But that’s about it.” He shrugs and pauses, “Sinister Six…damn that is a blast from my past. I got no problem speaking about it, but I would think you would know. I ran back with those guys when we were all out to get old Webhead. But I have changed. I am an Avenger now. Plus I think the group don’t really stick too much together. Villains tend not to work so well together.” He sighs and thinks a moment, “Oh shit, Bobbi. I’m sorry. Somethin’ happened with you and Graviton, right? Jeez, how are you holding up?”

Mockingbird shrugs at the mention of Graviton, returning a small smile. "Hey, it's okay. But thanks. I've been having regular sessions with Doc, and things are cool." Another sip, and she adds. "I know you ran with the Six a while back, Bill. But I meant more recently than that." She pauses for a moment, then adds. "See, you've been away from the mansion for quite a while, now. Rumor has it you were -captured- by your old buddies, and you've been acting… loopy… ever since." Another pause, and she continues in a softer voice. "This cafe got trashed the other day when you and Ben arm-wrestled your way into the front and out the back…"

Blinking a bit when she mentions all that, “No offense, Bobbi. But you may be loopier than I am. I mean yeah, I ran into them with the team and we beat their butts all the way from here to Timbuktu.” He laughs a bit, “And yeah, I was away on a mission.” He seems to pause a moment, “Yep. It was a big ole secret one. SHIELD and stuff. Gotta keep it on the quiet and up and up, but you know all that stuff. You was SHIELD, right?” And the thought of a fight between him and Ben just makes him laugh outright, “Don’t get me wrong. Ben and I went at it a few times when I was wid with Frightful Four, but I’d think I’d remember a café shatterin’ fight and stuff like that. Maybe you need to see the Doc some more…oh and give ‘im my regards. Ain’t seen all green-hair in some time.” Laughing, “Seriously green hair. Who the hell has green hair like that.” Shaking his head negatively.

Mockingbird nods slowly, watching him closely while she sips. "Yeah, I was neck-deep in SHIELD, Bill. Went to the Academy and the whole thing. For that matter, I've still got my clearance and we do each other favors." She smiles a little, and even chuckles before she shakes her head. Drawing a deep breath, she exhales slowly. "Okay, time for facts now. You've been -missing- for quite a while, now. 'Missing', as in nobody's been able to contact you and you've not been to the Mansion. And everytime you've come across an Avenger it's ended up in a fight. The truth is, we're worried about you, Bill. And the more you talk, the more I think somebody's been messing around in your head." She pauses to study his reaction before continuing. "I know you don't believe it, but ask yourself this. When was the last time you TRULY remember being in the Mansion?"

Trying to keep his expression unreadable, Sandman fails at that as Bobbi lists all the things that have happened and points to evidence of some sort of mental tampering. His expression moves all from disbelief to confusion to annoyance and then to laughter,
“That’s a good one, Bobbi. But my ‘missing’ was that I was on a mission. Not even Cap or Iron Man know about it. Fury has kept me out of commission for awhile. As for the team, I haven’t seen them in awhile and I haven’t been at the mansion since…” He pauses for a moment as he as he looks across the street towards the mansion, “Well, clearly it’s been awhile. That’s why my id is givin’ me hard time.” He speech is slowing down and it is clear even he finds doubt with that last excuse. His body seems to momentarily shake for the quickest millisecond, his body turns to sand and back again. Though this sand is red. Returning to his human form, he grins a bit and speaks a bit quicker and with a more sinister tone, “Look, Bobbi, It’s like I said. I was on a mission for Fury. You may be all up in SHIELD, but even you don’t know it all.”

Mockingbird's expression softens and she shakes her head slowly. "No, I don't know it and I don't need to know about it, Bill." she replies. "SHIELD missions are kept secure for a reason. But if you don't mind, I think I -will- talk with Fury all the same. He'll want to know you're alright." Keeping her composure when he shifts into red sand and back, Bobbi watches him closely over the rim of her coffee cup. And then she smiles, deciding to try something. "I've read about your ability before, Bill, but would you mind doing that again? And can you change colors, too?"

A chance to impress a pretty lady, “Well, honey, since you are now a free lady and that bad boy carny is out of the picture. I can show you…” He shifts to a completely pssamic form and increases his height to about ten feet tall. The vendor becomes frightened and begins to close up his cart. Looking down at Mockingbird, Sandman offers, “Let me into the mansion and I can give you a private show.” His completely red sandy face grins and winks, “And hold off on calling Fury. I have to file a report and stuff. Don’t want him knowing I‘m back just yet.”

Mockingbird whistles low at the change, laughing softly. She shoots the vendor a discrete, hopefully-reassuring look before she replies. "Wow… Tell you what, Bill. Go back to human again so you don't scare the 'straights' and we'll do one better than that. The Mansion's all wired for sound and stuff. I was thinking something involving dinner and maybe a walk in the park. For starters." Nope, there's no WAY Bobbi is letting him into the Mansion without major reassurance or backup.

Turning to his human form, Flint Marko is at his typical height and garb, “No problem, Bobbi. I think that would be great.” Continuing the conversation and keeping him fairly distracted, Sandman is kept on a leash for now.

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