2012 01 11 Welcome Back Polaris

Log Title: Welcome Back, Polaris
Characters Involved: Havok, Lifeguard, and Polaris
IC Date: January 11, 2011
Where: Game Room - Xavier Mansion
Brief Log Summary: Polaris returns to Xaviers and meets Lifeguard and she and Havok reunite.
Rating: PG

It is a rather blistery day in Salem Center, a tad to chilly, even for the carefree Australian. But not wanting to waste the day and not being able to use the Danger Room due to a scheduling conflict, Heather Cameron has opted to head to the game room. Attempting to use a Wii for surfing, the world-class surfer finds herself unable to score points on the video game. Cursing and muttering in her thick Aussie accent, Heather dressed casually in khaki shorts and a blue tank top stands in front of the big screen television attempting to use the Wii controllers, but is failing terribly and she makes odd poses trying to ‘surf.’
The door opens and Lorna pads into the game room, green eyes flickering immediately around to see who else might be there. The cursing and the accent catch her attention, and she half-watches the Wii surfing attempt on her way to the fridge. "Buy you a drink?" she offers, opening the door to rummage for a soda.

Turning to see the green-haired green-eyed mutant. Heather grimaces and makes an embarrassed facial expression, “I am so sorry. I try not to curse, but these bloody video games.” She loudly groans and tosses the controllers onto the sofa, “I could use a drink.” Looking over at the soade machine, “Something stronger, but for now a soda will do nicely.” Running her hand through her blond locks, she approaches Lorna, “I am Heather. Resident Aussie and newest member of X-Factor.” She offers a friendly smile and her demeanor is different from the cursing blowhard a second ago.

Polaris looks up from the fridge, green locks flowing freely. She grins, tousling her long hair and giving it a backwards flip. She clutches two Cokes in glass bottles, gripping both necks in one hand. "Newest member of X-Factor, hmm? I'm Lorna. And don't worry about the cursing. I've heard much worse." Looking the blonde over, she offers one of the bottles.

Taking the bottle and quickly unscrewing the top, she takes a big swig and lets out a satisfied ahhhh. “Yep. Heather Cameron, but officially Lifeguard.” Heather extends her hand,
“Nice to meet you, Lorna. I’ve read about you in the files. Nice to finally meet a female member of the team. Still need to meet Theresa. She is lurking about here somewhere teaching.” Gesturing towards the sofa, “And I gotta tell ya, girl. Love the green hair.”

Polaris grins as well, twisting her cap off and taking a few steps to lean against a chair. "Thanks, Heather. The hair's all natural, I promise you." The grin becomes a bit wary, then. "You've read about me? I hope you've not been reading newspaper articles, at least. They always get the story wrong." She slips her hand into Heather's, palm and fingers calloused. "To be honest, though, I didn't know X-Factor was even still functional. I've been on hiatus for a few months."

“Yes, Alex told me. Apparently, X-Factor was restructured in like September or October. It was just Havok and Siryn and the professor sent him to recruit me.” Heather shrugs, “If not here, I’d still be surfing the ocean blue out in Malibu. But I am glad to be here.” Taking a seat and releasing Lorna’s hand, “Well, I looked over the files. I keep a pretty open-mind when it comes to what I read.” Sipping the soda, “And again, I am jealous of the hair. You and Betsy lucked out with the cool looking locks.” She grins, “Welcome back. I take it you will be rejoining us or will ya stick to the X-Men or teaching?”

For some reason, the mention of Alex causes Lorna's cheeks to flush. And she does a really bad job of trying to cover it up. The praise of her hair color helps soften the embarassment, however, and Lorna shrugs as she grins again. "I've had this color all my life, actually. I just stopped coloring it when I was a teen." Moving to sit comfortably close to Heather, she crosses one leg over the other. "To be honest, I was sort of hoping to talk to somebody about that. I've been on an archeological dig, so I'm a bit out of touch."
Noting the flushing cheeks, Heather is somewhat aware of Alex and Lorna’s past, but makes no mention of it. Simply nodding as Lorna speaks, she offers in responds to Lorna’s last statement, “Well, I guess you can ask me any questions, but I don’t know too much. Since I’ve been here, I’ve only gone on one solo mission against Whirlwind. The rest of my adventures, I just happened on. I know Alex and Theresa did some undercover work in Genosha. But I think because I am relatively new, I’ve gotten smaller missions until I prove myself.” She tilts her head to the side as she peers at Lorna almost studying her, “Archeology? Are you like a female mutant Indiana Jones?” She chuckles at her own joke.

Polaris takes a swig of Coke, chuckling softly after she swallows. "Me? Oh yeah, can't you just see me with a fedora and a whip?" Smirking, then, she points to Heather and adds quickly. "No, don't answer that! But this wasn't like the movies, I'm afraid. Real digs are hot, dusty, and about as exciting to most people as watching grass grow." Another swig follows, and she continues. "Sounds to me like you're well on your way, though. You've researched the team, and have been on a couple missions already. So who else is in so far? Has anyone heard from Rahne?"

Laughing a bit loudly, Heather is the type of person and so she does indeed visualize Lorna with the fedora and whip, “Sorry, Lorna. Couldn’t help but visualize it. I can only imagine the reaction of some foes if they saw you with a whip and fedora. The reaction alone might shock them into submission.” Sighing after the laugh, “Well, I hope to be up to all of your levels and experience soon enough. As for Rahne, she is the lycanthrope, right? I have not seen her around, but I believe she is around here somewhere. For as many mutants living here, I’ve only met a few students and even fewer X-Men. Betsy and Emma have been very nice to meet. Logan was gruff, but also nice. Dr. Nemesis was…odd to say the least.
As for the students, they are kids with all the quirks that come with being kids.”

Polaris watches Heather with a wry grin, looking pleased that the blonde is laughing at her joke. "Right, Rahne is the one with the wolf-form. I've seen a few kids around as well, and I really don't think they're ready for uniforms just yet." Another swig of coke, and she adds. "Sounds like Logan hasn't changed, though. So what's your power, Heather?"

“Yeah, most of these kids have had tough lives. And I guess you heard but the school opened on the heels of a massacre. Some group of bigots called the Right killed some students of Emma Frost at her Massachusetts Academy. Emma is still reeling from it. So the student except for maybe Kisha were pretty shocked.” The mood of the conversation turns to somber for Heather, so she rebounds with, “Yes Logan is as he always was I suppose. Short, but the most attention getting mutant even without those nasty looking claws of his.” When the conversation turns to her, Heather half smiles a bit embarrassed to speak of herself and unsure of how to describe her abilities, “Well, my powers are situational. The Prof calls it nemesis. I get different powers depending. If I jump off a roof, I get wings. If someone tries to read my mind, I develop blocks. When Alex recruited me, we got into a battle with Tiger Shark. I turned into a armored mermaid. Different powers for different situations. Incredibly frustrating. But keeps me on my feet.”

Polaris's humor fades rapidly at the mention of the massacre, her head slowly shaking. "I'd only heard the media-censored version, but after a while you learn to read what's behind the print." she replies. Swirling the bottle, she looks thoughtful as she considers the student's she's met so far. And then she looks very curious when Heather starts talking about her powers. "Situational, hmm? That's -very- interesting. So I wonder what would happen if you were caught in a magnetic field? Would you develop some magnetic properties yourself, or become insulated from magnetism altogether?"

Raising an eyebrow when Polaris mentions her own powers, “Well, I am dying to use the Danger Room again. Other than a…” Looking for the right word, “…memorable training session with Alex, I have yet to use it again. But I have no idea. Sometimes I just teleport away. And sometimes, it is not very useful. I got my butt kicked fighting Quicksand. So who knows.” Eying Lorna again, Heather asks, “So what brought you back?”

Lorna sits on the sofa, casually talking with Heather while the two women drink sodas. She shrugs at Heather's question, looking a bit uncomfortable for a moment as she tries to put together an answer. "Oh, I don't know. I mean, the dig was going pretty well, even. We were finding a lot of artifacts in the ruins, and everything was in good condition. It's just… you know. I have these powers and I didn't feel right not using them. The world really needs heroes right about now. Does that make sense?"

“Oh I totally understand you. I mean, I am so happy that Alex found me. I had left Australia under no so happy terms and was never really sure how to use my powers other than as an actual lifeguard. But since I have been here, I have actually felt like a hero. I’ve met some great people here at the school, but I have worked with the Fantastic Four too. It actually makes me happy to make a difference.” Heather goes on and then shakes her head and closes her eyes, “Goodness, I sound arrogant. Sorry. But I am glad you are back. We can use more on the team, if you decide on coming back to X-Factor.”

A thud is heard outside the room as an unseen Alex catches himself from falling after making the corner and coming to the entrance. Likely due to him coming to a sudden stop from a sprint. A pause, and then Alex emerges from the hallway. Quickly his eyes scan the room for the person in question - Lorna. Green eyes, green hair, no mistaking the previous suggestion was a lie or misinformation, it's her alright.

The expression on Alex's face is of anticipation, anxiety, and likely some concern over what is about to transpire. His lips are parted, either breathing heavy or about to say something - yet nothing comes out. He just stares.

'Deer in the headlights' would best describe Lorna's expression when she hears the loud, sudden entrance. Green eyes go wide, the coke hovering somewhere near her mouth but not -quite- making it. Mouth gaping, she returns his stare and there are several moments of uncomfortable silence. Lorna's left hand breaks ranks, then, and rises slowly to offer a finger-wave. "Hi." she offers. "It's, um, been a while. Hasn't it?"

Surprised to see Alex, Heather’s face also reads of anxiety and shock as she has come to learn a lot about Alex with her time at the mansion and she knows how he gets and ponders what this means for his psyche with the arrival of Lorna. Though part of her is also interested to see how these two interact, but for the most part, she hopes the ‘fun’ Alex is not lost. Heather looks to Lorna and notes the reaction. She remains silent for a few minutes and then finally offers, “Did you guys hear the joke about the raccoon and the prostitute?”
A while is likely 6 to 12 months (depending on sliding time scale). A while is also the time they were devoid of one another. He returns the greeting in a soft tone, "H.." which is cut off by something in his throat and once cleared, "hi.".

Alex's expression softens while things play through his head, unsure what is supposed to happen next. He wasn't expecting this, never imagined this new encounter would take place or even how it would take place. What would Tony (of the Jets / "West Side Story"), what would Tony do?

That's when Heather interjects the breaking of pseudo silence. What would Tony do? He would rush forward, sweep Maria off her feet and then kiss her deeply.
He speaks! And that's enough to evoke a smile from Lorna. Lashes lower a bit, almost shyly, and she rises slowly herself. Glancing down at the bottle she's holding, Lorna looks for a moment as if she's forgotten what it's for. "I, um, found a dig down in Peru…" she begins, and then her brows knit and she turns to look over at Heather. "A raccoon and a -what-…?" The green-haired woman actually giggles at that, then, and shakes her head.

Heather cannot help but laugh at this whole interaction, “Yeah, a prostitute. It is rather amusing, but inappropriate I suppose.” Patting Lorna’s hand, “I’ll tell you when we go to Harry’s. It’s funny. I heard it in Aussie, but I think the joke has made it rounds in the US.” Looking to Alex and Lorna, she hmmmns a moment. The proper thing to do would be to leave and let the two have some privacy. However this is Heather, she wants to be entertained and be supportive. She will hold off on being blunt for the moment, “So Lorna, how was your holiday? Were you in Peru for Christmas and the New Year?”

A dig in Peru. That's something that immediately generates interest and gives Alex permission to move and talk. Like flipping a switch inside him and giving enough distraction of the moment, that he's able to move forward with any sort of conversation. His lips part and suddenly he sounds at ease, "I've not been there in … well since the last time we were there helping Rick out with the Machu Picchu side excavation."

At this point he's somewhere between ignoring Heather and trying not to be rude by ignoring her. He sees that she's attempting a conversation of another venue so he'll give pause with his physical movements - just remains watching.

Lorna looks just as torn, herself. Follow the joke or follow the Peru conversation? Thankfully, Heather throws her a tie-in with the holiday question. "Um, that's actually where the dig was, yes. And most of us worked right on through the holidays, although we did take Christmas off." Green eyes flicker back to Alex when he mentions Machu Picchu, and then Lorna steps up briskly to him. Throwing her arms around his neck, she hugs him tightly after not -quite- launching herself. "… God, I've missed you." she whispers loudly.

Smiling at the interaction between the two, Heather thinks to herself. O (Finally! I’ve only met Lorna a few minutes ago and already I am cheering for these two.) Leaning back and reclining, now would be a good time to go, but again this is Heather. She sits there and just watches the two silently and grinning widely.

Her whispered words cause his own obscured and distracted urges to be revealed through a tightening of his stomach and then the rubbing of the back of his neck with his left hand. A shudder of his chin is quickly concealed with a swallowing and then he nods as his eyes turn saddened. "Me too." he responds taking her into his arms and holding her tightly, as if never to let go again.

Lorna's arms tighten noticeably around Alex when he returns her embrace, tears hot against his neck as she just sobs wordlessly. She's on tiptoe all the while, and after what must seem an eternity to Heather she gradually relaxes. Lips press against his neck in a more or less discrete kiss as she draws her head back enough to look at his face. All while keeping their bodies held tightly together. One hand rests comfortably on his shoulder, the other slipping down to the small of his back.

Oops! Heather is still here too. Half-turning, Lorna looks back with a sheepish grin. "Um, sorry about the display. It's just…" Shrugging, she trails off and trusts the Aussie to work it out for herself.

As the hug continues, Heather moves to the radio player slash cassette player, "Really? A cassette player?" She shrugs as she turns on the radio and 'Rolling in the Deep' by Adele plays, 'We could have it all rolling in the deep.' She grimaces and changes the station and then 'We Found Love' by Rihanna comes on, 'We found love in a hopeless place.' Again try again, she turns the dial and 'Fix You' by Coldplay comes on, 'I will try to fix you.' Heather grimaces again, "Oh jeez. That's enough for music." When Lorna apologizes for the display, Heather smiles, "No biggie. It's been awhile in the making. A display like that reminds me that we are also human. Aside from powers and looking great, we are human and have emotions."
Somewhere in the back of Alex's mind he had the impression that Lorna was pissed off at him. Then again time does heal all wounds - or something. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Maybe it's just him being a guy and not being able to speak girl. None the less, she has tears and kissed his neck. When she breaks from him, he remains quiet, not wanting to express such emotional states in front of Heather. However, he doesn't let Lorna go completely, his hand will slip down her arm to take her hand and interlace their fingers.

Lorna grins crookedly, fingers lacing naturally with Alex's. Those get a friendly squeeze as well, and she half-turns to lay her head againt his chest. And all doubt that these two might've been an item is gone, now. To be honest, Lorna can't really remember -why- they separated, after all this time. Then again, the whole team got put through the proverbial ringer on that last mission, and it seemed like the best thing for everybody. "Thanks, Heather." she replies, and it's for more than just her understanding.

Green eyes film over, becoming softly luminous as Lorna points to the radio with her free hand. It clicks on, and as she slowly turns her wrist there's audible static from changing stations. It takes her about 3 seconds to find a Patsy Cline song, and that's where she leaves it.

“Oh nice.” While Lorna is capable of much mightier power displays, that one seems to garner an impressive nod from Heather, “A human remote control.” She teases as she sits behind the bar, “I say we have a drink and chill.” She ponders if there is alcohol in the bar, but this room being open to sodas, “We can have water, juice, or soda?” She seems to playfully feign being upset that there is nothing stronger.

"Sorry Heather." Alex starts quietly and then more directly, "I think Lorna and I need to take a walk and catch up…" - somewhat of a question to Lorna, but a suggested idea overall.
Lorna looks from Heather back to Alex, her expression softening as she studies his face a moment. "I'll even give you a raincheck on the drink, at someplace that has a -real- bar instead of a prep school." She looks pleased with the 'human remote control' analogy, even though she has the power to fry every electrical device within 50 miles in a bad mood.
Palm caressing Alex's chest for a moment or three, she nods and adds. "Alex and I -do- have a few things to talk about, first."

“Well, I have to go meet with my friends Jack and Captain Morgan.” Heather winks as she exits the game room, “You kids have fun.” She pauses and turns around, “And try not to be too serious. Lorna, I’ve been trying to get Alex to have more fun. With you here, I hope that happens.” She winks at the two and heads out.

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