2012 01 11 In Da Club

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In Da Club

Empath, Gogo, and Shaw

IC Date:
January 11, 2012

21 Club - New York

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, Gogo, and Shaw are at all a club


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It is happy hour in New York City, and Manuel de la Rocha, dressed casually in khakis and a blue black stripped dress shirt, has found himself with nothing to do, so he decides to enjoy himself with a drink or three. Ending up at the 21 Club, the underage Spaniard used his mutant abilities to gain entrance into the club and as he sits at the bar with his third rum and coke. He sits once again bored as there are not too many people at the club. Most of the peons are just ending work now and so he taps his thumbs on the bar and gestures for the bartender, “Another rum and coke.”

The nice weather has gotten Annie out again, and out in a dress again as well. Nostrodamus might indeed be correct about the end of the world coming up. Annie is wearinga variation off the class short black dress, this one with a bodice studded with sparkles. Heels, and even hose! Yes, she's wearing black hose, if she was famous the press might need to be alerted, but luckily no one knows her from any other huge orange woman. She steps inside the quiet club and after a moment heads for the bar.

It is not mere coincidence that bring a certain someone here now that young Mr. de la Rocha has arrived. The Black King has been keeping some basic tabs on the young Rook after their 'teachable moment' some nights ago. He wants to see how the younger man reacts to various stimuli, and an unexpected encounter? Why not?

As the orange giantess walks in, Empath blinks a moment. Despite living in a world of mutants and magic, someone of Gogo’s appearance will still get a surprised expression. As she makes her way to the bar, he spins around in his seat to get a better look at her. His staring is obvious, but something else catches his sight. He makes no outward expression of emotion as he spots his ‘king.’ The thought suddenly arises in Manuel’s mind that his life is no longer his own. Such is the price for those who seek power. Gesturing to the bartender, he points to a bottle of water. The bottle placed next to his drink, Manuel sips the prior ordered rum and coke and turns to Gogo, “Hello.” He nods his head and lifts his glass.

Gogo steps to the bar on her tall heels and takes a seat on a stool that is sturdy enough to not protest too much as she carefully eases her weight onto it. She nods to Manuel as she notes his staring, and when it moves away to stare at Sebastian instead she turns her attention to the bartender, "Could I get four margaritas please?"

Sebastian Shaw is dressed 'down' a bit tonight, though still stylish in a very 'I am a professional' way. The well-groomed 'chops and ponytail add to a somewhat surprisingly 'hip' look. His massive build (though far less than the orange woman's) also adds to making him stand out a bit in the crowd.

His dark eyes sweep the room, interestingly, they barely linger on Gogo, instead coming to rest squarely on Manuel, and his lips quirk upwards slightly, somewhere between smile and smirk.

Without looking at Shaw, Manuel knows he is being stared at. He forces a smile on his face and pauses as he seems to ponder a thought, but dismisses it. Looking to Gogo, “Four margaritas? I have to say that seems like a lot. Even for someone as muscular as you are.” He offers the comment more matter-of-factly and less flirtively. The bartender has her four margaritas lined up and ready for Gogo.

Annie laughs mildly as she turns away from her drinks to look at Manuel, "I weigh more than four normal women. So I am drinking one drink for each of those normal women trapped inside me. I should get a chaser for the leftovers, but I can only drink so much at one time." That said, she picks up the first margarita and down it in one large gulp.

"Square-cube law." Sebastian notes as he strolls up to the bar, "Square an object's size, cube its mass." He says this with the casual air of someone reciting a fact intimate remembered. He gets the bartender's attention, "Courvoisier, neat." He gives the large woman another once-over, but again, not likely the sorts of looks she's used to getting - a decadent and secret lifestyle -can- leave one jaded a bit, "Spreading good cheer?" he asks Manuel, the tone of his voice subtle emphasizing the first word.

Nodding impressed, Manuel grins, “Wow, four women at once. That must intimidate most men.” The grin disappears a moment into a blank expression when Shaw finally speaks up to him. With the question the grin returns, “Not quite. Well, not yet, anyway.” Manuel seems to be a bit more playful with his response.

Annie turns to Sebastian as he arrives at the bar with his mathematical quote, "Yeah. Square-Cube Law, that's it. A bit of math that saved me from deep dark depression when I looked at my weight." Margarita number two is poured down the hatch, then set aside so that she can sip at number three as she looks back to Manuel, "Yeah. You think? Not a whole lot of guys that are excited by a woman that outweighs them and their two best friends put together."

"One could ask the She-Hulk about that." the older man notes genially, "As I hear, she has quite the reputation." It isn't said with even a hint of disapproval nor uncomfortable innuendo. Obviously, he knows the younger.

Laughing at Gogo’s comment and then stopping at Shaw’s, “Well, for every She-Hulk, there is a Hulk. So I suppose the reverse could be said of male brickhouses.” Shrugging his shoulder, “Pardon my rudeness, but I have to say. I never forget a face…and yours stands out.” Manuel quirks his brow, “Were you at the Hilton, recently?”

Annie nods to Sebastian, "If I had her looks I guess you'd be dead on correct. She is very pretty." Annie isn't quite so normally proportioned, "And she seemed nice the time I met her." Turning to Manuel she shrugs, "Most women like their men to be bigger than them. Significantly. It makes us feel safer, womanly, all that stuff. That reverse isn't true…and yeah. I was at the Hilton."

"Do tell?" Shaw asks, mentally filing away when Manuel was where. A gesture to the bartender, "The young lady's drinks are on me - thank you." he turns to her and explains, "For providing interesting and charming company."

And with that, Empath’s cellphone suddenly rings. “Excuse me.” He states to Shaw and to Gogo as he begins speaking Spanish to whoever is on the opposite end of the line. A quizzical expression appears on his face and he tilts his head. Genuine shock and a frown appears. Turning to Shaw and Gogo, “I must leave now.” He bows his head to them as the bartender offers, “Your drinks are on the house.” With that, his face goes pale a moment as he bites his lower lip and makes his way out of the club.

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