2012 01 11 After Rehearsal Run Ins

Log Title: After Rehearsal Run Ins
Characters: Sebastian Shaw and Mike
IC Date: 1/11/2012
Location: Theater District, New York
Brief Log Summary: After a rehearsal in the Theater District, Mike runs into a Shaw exiting the 21 Club
Rating: PG
There is no TS in the log: Yes

-==[ Theater District - New York ]==-------—-

The Theater District contains over a hundred restaurants, as well as over thirty theaters. Broadway cuts through the center of the district, defining what plays are important enough to play along this corridor; sidestreets and neighboring streets house 'off-Broadway' shows, and the 42nd Street of George M. Cohan's "Give My Regards to Broadway" is the stretch of it located in this area.

Day and night, this district attracts thousands of tourists, socialites, actors, singers, and students. They come for the flair, the *feeling* of the place; they come for jobs; they come for the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and the free concerts in Bryant Park; they come for the New York Public Library. Primarily, though, the place picks up during the night, when movies premiere and live theater is performed. Dinner theater is popular as well, and some comedians have longstanding shows.

These streets are the home to such landmarks as Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, and what people with cameras and a fascination for glittering lights and celebrities consider to be the public face of New York City, of Manhattan Island: Times Square.

Another day, and with a premiere of an album plus the promise of an upcoming tour, another rehearsal. Mike's week has pretty much been booked solid. Not with appearances but hanging out in a theatre getting the collection of musicians that will be working with him, in line with what he wants to do for the show. Ah showbiz. But that was this afternoon and up to a little bit ago. Now, they split up and do their own separate bit to regain their sanity. Having hung back to talk to some of the staffers still in the building, Mike is the last musician to emerge from the building. Shirt just recently buttoned up but still a bit untucked, it would probably look sloppy if it wasn't for the dark jacket that covers it all. Tired, he pauses outside of the building to reach into his pocket before thinking the better of it. He shakes his head slightly to remove the hand. Aw fuck it.

Sebastian emerges from 21 Club, looking rather pleased with himself, actually. He just scored some -utterly- unique entertainment for a future social gathering, and that sort of thing goes a long way in his world. He pauses as he hits the sidewalk, not quite ready to go back yet, not having to sleep for days on end does give one time.

Zipping up the pocket that holds his knit cap, Mike steps away from the theatre. Glance set to the ground for the first few moments as he steps towards the general direction of Hell's Kitchen, which conveniently enough requires for the musician to head towards the 21 Club. Pale eyes glance up, taking note of the Shaw a few moments later. Huh, the mugging victim. Ok, and maybe the guy who left the really REALLY generous donation to that shelter too. As he comes within eyeshot of Sebastian, he gives a nod of greeting. "Evening, Mr. Shaw."

Sebastian Shaw actually draws up a moment at the greeting. Not that it doesn't happen, but…this one again, "Well, small city, hm?" he comments, not snidely.

"It does seem that way," Mike replies with a bit of a chuckle, the accompanying nod causing for his loose hair to escape the barrier of his shoulders, allowing for the strands to do a dance of their own as the windtunnel-esque effects of the tall buildings have their way. "I've run into quite a number of people again with no more than odd timing on either person's side to blame."

"Fate trying to send you a message?" the older man notes, "I did a little checking up on you recently," he pauses, "not exactly my tastes, but an up-and-comer, to be sure."

The initial question gets a momentary frown but the expression is soon wiped out as Shaw mentions checking up on him. "Oh really?" He gives a bit of a nod as Shaw admits to it not being suited to his tastes, "You're a bit out of the general demographic I generally do well with so I'm not all that surprised if my works aren't quite to your liking." He pauses, "Oh, before it becomes extremely late of me, thank you for that sizable donation to the Chelsea shelter, late December."

Sebastian Shaw shrugs slightly, graciously, "It was the time to be generous. That and it was deductable." to admit otherwise would be disingenuous, and it is expected, after all. "And I believe in…encouraging potential. It is hardly the children's fault - their situation." that bit seems sincere, at any rate.

"No it isn't." Mike agrees regarding the situation not being the children's fault, "That shelter's been very good with providing the needed shelter and care for those who come in. The good news is that not all of them become lifers. A number of them just need a few days before they go meet up with their families and stuff."

Sebastian Shaw nods slowly to that, "Now that makes me feel it was at least somewhat worthwhile. We 'job creators'," he seems amused by the new political term, "expect people to have a plan, regardless of income level."

"But sometimes existing plans get to the point where they need to be scrapped and replaced with another. So for those points, it's good to have things like the shelter to help out." Mike replies, adding to it. His fingers twitch before they clench together for a few seconds.

"Oh yes, everyone can empathize with that." the big man notes, "That and I take a sense of pride in the city…I suppose that's a not uncommon sentiment."

Mike nods, smiling in a more practiced manner, as his fingers start to stretch out again, "Yes, pride in the city is a common sentiment to have. It's a good motivational tool at times."

"I like to consider myself something of an expert in motivation." Shaw notes, that is quite true, although -what- he motivates others to varies quite a bit, "So what brings you here this evening? I myself was checking up on a protege. He's having some 'growing pains' lately."

Mike glances to the club entrance Shaw is lingering outside before looking back to the taller man. "I'm heading home. We just finished a rehearsal just a bit ago."

"Working late, hm? Always nice to see younger people with a good work ethic, even entertainers." this seems genuine, at any rate. He was, after all, just talking about young people.

"Any musician worth seeing puts some effort into their product. And if you're not willing to put in the time, you're going to get a really crappy show." Mike replies, giving a bit of a bemused smile, "And technically this is still the light promotion and work stage. It won't get 'busy' until the release dates and tour hits."

Sebastian Shaw ahs softly, "The most successful do tend to know the business end of things. let me guess, you negotiate your own contracts as well?" This…this is getting to familiar territory.

Mike's jaw clenches for a few moments at the mention of negotiating contracts, "I'd rather not discuss that aspect in the middle of the street."

Sebastian Shaw chuckles at that, "I can well imagine. Try it with the government sometime." That's not a secret, Shaw Industries has public contracts, after all…but try getting black funding for giant robots sometime.

The musician gives a bit of a nod to Shaw's likely not all that serious suggestion, "Fortunately I don't have to deal with those type of contracts." Now, playing nice with governmental types in order to get a few donations, that's another matter, but at least there aren't contracts.

Sebastian Shaw changes the subject slightly, "I met a rather interesting young lady inside, as well. If you saw her, you'd recall her. About 8 feet tall, orange, no nose…" he says this with complete casualness.

"Annie." Mike supplies giving a slight smile. How many orange women lacking noses are there? "Yes, she's a very nice person. Should be starting up wrestling soon enough."

Sebastian Shaw debates whether to share what he managed to get out of the meeting, "Very striking," he notes, not in any salacious nor condescending fashion.

"Yes, she's…" Mike pauses, "Very unique."

"A shame, really." Shaw notes, "She told me she wanted to 'feel like a woman' tonight. Going out, dressing nicely, that sort of thing. Not an aspect of society I enjoy, I'll admit." he clarifies, "The fact that she has such difficulties."

Mike is quiet for a few moments, apparently hung up on part of what Shaw relayed to him as he glances towards the club entrance curiously. "Still?" He murmurs, frowning a bit.

Sebastian is good at reading people, "Still…what?" he asks solicitously, "I imagine this -is- an ongoing process for her." Not that he isn't helping, in his own way - the offer to have her wrestle at a private Hellfire Club event in revealing lingerie would indeed make her feel quite feminine and desirable, as well cementing Shaw's own reputation as a man who throws the -best- parties.

"Not really." Mike replies shaking his head, "It's just, " He pauses, hrming for a moment before glancing back towards Shaw, "I'm going to head off for now. It was nice speaking with you, Mr. Shaw."

Sebastian Shaw allows it to go by, he's only vaguely interested…that, and Annie will be telepathically skimmed with everyone else anyway, "Of course, I suppose it was…" he pauses, "interesting to run into you again."

With the farewell exchanges given. Mike continues on his way towards Chelsea, ignoring the club he's been informed that Gogo was in.

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