2012 01 09 Mr Vip

Log Title: Mr. VIP
Characters Involved: Mike and Sandman
IC Date: 9 Jan 2012
Where: An Auditorium
Brief Log Summary: Mike manages to invite Sandman to a rehearsal and he shows! Now Mike gets to play dumb.
Rating: G

As the temperature in New York continues to slowly get warmer as the weeks go by, it doesn't seem quite that way in this theatre. Not being utilized for any ongoing shows, the owners of the building are quite willing to rent out the space to those willing to pay enough. And with musicians doing debuts coming up, Golem is a very good customer it seems. The lobby area is quite drafty but that doesn't seem to bother the bulky hired security that guards the door leading into the auditorium part.

Within the auditorium itself, there's but a small smattering of people. Some working on lights while others are marking down other things. The instruments set up seem a bit abandoned as the musicians are gathered off to the side talking. As for Mike, he's not near them and instead has opted to sit next to the light technician. Hair pulled back and shirt unbuttoned, it seems that he hasn't noticed the chill of the building as he's curiously looking down to the circuitry and then to the stage, watching the lights switch back and forth, humming some rhythm that matches with the movement of the lights.

Stepping into the rehearsal, the Avenger known as Sandman makes his way into the main stage area. Seemingly perplexed as why he is here, he had received the invitation from Mike to stop by. But he had thought the two had had a falling out of sorts. Either way, he sighs and then looks about at the impressive set-up. Jealous of the young rockstar, Sandman laughs to himself, "If I only had talent like dis or somethin'" Moving closer to the stage, he looks around for Mike or someone who can direct him to the singer. Spotting him next to the light tech, Sandman shakes his head and speaks loudly, "Shirt open and hair pulled back. Definitely a rockstar."

Mike holds out a hand, pointing down to the board before shaking his head, glancing to the technician. "Will probably want to do that last shift to red a few clicks earlier." There's a bit of a murmured nod as the lights cut off and the technician glances down, messing with the programming a bit more. With the technician doing his thing, Mike glances up. Looking over to Sandman. He gives a bit of a smirk, "What can I say? Running around on stage under a bunch of hot lights works up a sweat." He gets up from his seat, shifting down the row until he reaches the aisle. "See you found the place. How you've been?"

Shrugging his shoulders, "Been out of it for a few days actually." Sandman seems to be genuine. "Avengerin' keeps me busy, I guess." Offering a smile and looking about, "How about you? Ready for the big show?" Laughing a bit, "I woulda thought there'd be a buncha groupies runnin' around here, make ya comfortable and whatnot."

"Yeah, the illusion and the reality tend to be quite different." Mike replies with a shake of the head, "But yeah, I'm mostly looking forward to the opening of the tour. The great part is that it gets to be in New York. Speaking of which…" He pauses, moving over to a chair that has his coat lying on it, "Got something for you."

"Well, I guess it helps livin' here. You don't have to sleep in a smelly bus or crowded trailer." Sandman laughs a bit as he mumbles something about his own reality and illusion. Following Mike over to the coat, "You got me a gift? Really?" He seems confused. "Why? I didn't know to get you anythin'. I don't know the rules for havin' friends on tour and whatnot."

"That comes later." Mike replies, reaching into his coat pocket, "The bus part. Fortunately the group picked out to tour with me's pretty alright. A given is if you're needing someone to fill a gap there's at least one musician bored enough to go touring with another group." He pulls out what looks to be a lanyard with a clear plastic pocket holding some colorful display of flames along the edge. He turns around, holding out the lanyard to Sandman, "Here."

Grabbing the lanyard and looking it over a bit, "What is this? Some kind of pass or sumthin'?" He laughs at the image of the flames and reading the text, "Nice one. I feel all special and stuff. Like a rockstar! Hey, I am now more officially rock, than Ben." Sandman chuckles a bit, "Hey this looks a lot cooler than my Avengers id." He smiles and looks to Mike, "Thanks."

Mike smirks, "No problem." He nods to the stage, "Now I'm not sure if you're into the rock metal stuff but that should get you to any of the RockNMetal shows we have this year. Including the opener. Not all of them will have special seating areas though but, what are the odds you'll be in the middle of Tennessee in August?" He chuckles.

"Fair enough. I'll check out whatever shows I can. Plus I mean if I can be on a different planet or a different dimension, then I am pretty sure I could make it down to Tennessee, wid or widout the Avengers Quinjet." Sandman laughs to himself, "But again, thanks. Did you get one to Ben too? I haven't seen 'im in ages. Wonder what ole brickface is up to?"

"Not yet." Mike replies, shaking his head, "The passes didn't get handed to me until today so you get the first one. He seemed kind of down last time I saw him."

"Cool, so I am the first one to get it." Sandman has a huge grin as if receiving it first signifies something. But when Mike mentions Ben is down, "Oh really? What's wron' with Rockface? Is Grimm bein' grim?" He momentarily pauses at his own joke and then gets serious again, "When did ya last see him and what was he down about?"

"I saw him yesterday when I was stopping by to talk to Sue." Mike answers, hooking his thumbs along the rim of his pocket. "And I think it was when I asked him how you were doing. I'd say from his reaction he was concerned for you but he didn't really say much and you seem fine right now." The musician gives a curious look, "Did something happen between you two the last time you ran into him?"

Surprised and shocked, "Really? I haven't seen Ben in ages. Probably a few months. Been busy with Avengers stuff and I guess Fantastic Four stuff is keepin' him busy. I'll make it a point to pass by the Baxter Buildin'. Ain't been there in ages too." He tries to remember his last encounter with Ben, "Ya know, fer da life o' me. I can't remember when I last saw Ben." Sandman shrugs, "Well, maybe old Rockhead is a softie and misses his buddie.â Blinking and shaking his head at that, "Who knows."

"Good idea." Mike replies, a hint of approval in his voice to it. Wow! You're such a genius Sandy! Woo! "So, you'll swing by one of the concerts sometime?"

"Um…yeah. I will definitely pass by a concert and I will pass by the Baxter Buildin' too." Staring at Mike oddly, "Um, ya know what." Sandman looks to the main door, "I think I might stop that way now on my way back to the Avengers HQ. My turn on duty tonight.. Um. See ya, Mike. And thanks for the gift. It was really nice and unexpected of ya." With that he waves and makes his way out.

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