2012 01 08 Mike Needs A Tutor

Log Title: Mike needs a tutor
Characters Involved: The Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Mike
IC Date: 1/8/2012
Where: Conference Area - Baxter Building
Brief Log Summary: Mike comes by to ask for some advice regarding Empath and Sandman
Rating: PG

-==[ Conference Area - 33rd Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==---——

One first notices the large oak table that is in the center of the room with it's surrounding chairs of the same wood decorated with leather padding and intricate carvings. Large windows look out over the east river toward Brooklyn and do give a wonderful view on a clear day. The walls are paneled in oak while there a small refreshment center toward one's middle where robotic maids will serve you if required. The floor has a deep blue color to it and if one is attentive enough, they can notice the 4 of the Fantastic Four logo in it's design.

It's that yearly necessary evil: Sue is getting everyone's finances from last year sorted so the totals can go to the accountants. And like every year for the past few at least, she has cornered Ben and made him sit down to sign all of the paperwork needed to get his taxes and all squared away. It's a fair-sized stack of paper, too.

Mike is not partaking in any paperwork related stuff for he is not part of the finances bit. At least, he probably would hope not. He's already had to deal with one big bill already this week. Awake but dressed in the attire that generally plays down his identity, Mike has arrived to the proper floor, and after a quasi talk with Roberta, has found himself directed to the Confrence Area. Outside the door, the knitcapped musician lifts up a gloved hand and knocks.

The pile of paper work before Ben is really not /that/ bad. But to Ben it seems monolithic, "How come every year there's new forms they added to this?" Ben asks, to really noone in particular. "I'm gonna have to start donatin' everything so I don't have to fill this out each year. So I've got the basic 1040, but since I get that stipend that's 'non-traditional income' what freakin' form do I hafta fill out next?"

Susan Richards just smiles at Ben apologetically and slides another paper over. "This one." She then looks toward the door. "I wonder who Roberta let through. Each line is marked with a bright yellow arrow, and there's three of them." She gets up and heads for the door to open it.

As the door opens, she is greeted by a not quite ecstatic Mike. Nor cheerful. Instead what she gets is the 'someone TPed my apartment building and I wonder if it's Johnny' look. That said, there's no smile but at least his arms are not crossed in a hmmph-like manner. When he registers that the door has opened however, he does give a small smile in greeting. "Hey Sue." Blue eyes flit down to the ever-lovin' blue eyed one as he gives a slight uptilt of his chin as well, "Hey Ben. You guys got a moment?"

Accepting the form, Ben begins to fill out the areas with the little yellow arrows next to him. His tongue nearly lolling out o the corner of his mouth as his ridged brow knits in focus. As Susan opens the door, he seems relieved to have something of a 'pallet clenser' in the form of a new tpics. "Heya Mikey! What's got you lookin' so somber?"

Susan Richards smiles back to Mike, pulling the door open further so he can step inside. "Hi. Come on in."

"I had to pay for something that wasn't my fault to begin with." Mike answers, giving a nod of thanks as he steps into the room, pausing in his explanation in wait for the door to close behind him, "Well, two things. But, uh hmm." He lifts a hand up to scratch behind his head, "Ok, how to say this…"

Susan Richards returns to the table to slide another sheet or two of paper toward Ben even though he's not done with the ones she already gave him. "Say it plainly, Mike. We're friends here."

Ben is mostly focused on his taxes, but he looks at Mike over the brim of the paper work. Those true blue eyes narrowing, a bit, "C'mon Mike, spit it out, what's on yer mind?"

"Okay, I can do that." Mike agrees, balling up a fist and then hitting the top of it with the palm of his opened hand, "Uh, is there anything I can do or someone who I can talk to who can make it to where certain as-" He pauses, "jerks will stop popping into my head? Or at least make it harder for them to do so?"

Susan Richards blinks. "Well, I can block most telepathic… stuff, but I'd have to keep a forcefield on you at all times. Other than that…" She turns to look at Ben. "Do you think Professor Xavier would be willing to help?"

"Well… Chuck'd certainly be the Expert…" Ben says considering, "Hard to say if when he's around. Never know when he might be off on sabbatical with the Shi'ar or whatever. Reed's made us psionic defense dohickies before, but they tend to break and I don't know if he still has anything. Stephen Strange would be a good one to talk to. He might be able to do something for you." He rubs his chin, "Baring that I'd guess your best by would be Betsy Braddock. She's another of the X-men, and she seems to me, at least, the most down to earth of their mind benders." Ben would like the one that can thrown down with him in a fist fight the best wouldn't he. He rubs his chin, "Lemme think a bit a who else."

Mike nods, glancing between Sue and Ben as they start listing names. "Damn. You guys do know everyone."

Susan Richards chuckles at Mike. "Mostly only by name. But we can at least get in touch with them if we need to."

The Thing on the other hand pretty much has, fought, drank, played poker, and gotten into some crazy random misadventure with just about /everyone/ in the heroic community. "Hank Pym might be another good one to talk to, though honestly, just between you and me… he's like the silver medal of super scientists and ya should only really talk to him if Reed's not available. If Reed don't got nothing, And you can't Reach Xavier or Strange, I'd look up Braddock and see if she can help you." He looks to Susan, then to his tax forms and finally back to Mike, "Why is this coming up now? Have you been hanging around the Selene chick after I told ya that was probably a really bad idea?"

"Which is more than I probably could," Mike comments, "Uh, if you could help me find someone who is willing to help with this, I'd appreciate it." When Ben asks his question, Mike shakes his head, "Oh no." He pauses, "Well, there was the time she popped in my head again when I was out having lunch with Wade, but I didn't seek her out and that was awhile back." He shakes his head again for added emphasis. "No, there's this guy I've run into a few times that seemed to be hanging around with the kid who changed the ice skating rink to rubber. And I can't prove it. But, I think he's giving people crazy ass mood swings. Including me. Last night he showed up where I was having dinner with the members of Boston Zombie and when one of his dates came over to our table for an autograph," His eyes roll up, "Oh geez."

Susan Richards gestures for Mike to have a seat as she starts shuffling papers about with the ease of long practice, moving aside the ones that are signed and replacing them with more needing signatures. "He's messing with your emotions? That's never good. Who else might be available to help, Ben? Ms. Gray, maybe?"

The Thing considers the Gray's for a moment and then asks, "She probably could. She's probably the next big expert on the topic after Chuck. Chances are she'd have to be near by the help protect you though… So who's this guy you think is maniuplatin' your feelings. I don't think you mentioned him before?"

"You'd have to ask Tom about that." Mike answers, pulling a seat out at Sue's indication. "But, I don't think he's targeting me, we just seem to end up in the same areas a lot." He shakes his head, at the mention of having her nearby to help, "I, don't mean that I want someone having to following me around to block out this guy whenever he just happens to show up. I kind of want to know if it's possible to get it to where I can at least do it myself. Or just make it to where it's not worth it." He pauses, considering matters. "I don't think he tried it when he ran into the Phantasm though."

Susan Richards hms. "That might actually be easier, don't you think, Ben? I'll bet we can find someone to help you work on your defenses."

"Well I don't really go in for all that eastern mysticism crap, but it works fer some people." Ben says with a nod, "I'm pretty sure we can help you find someone that can help you out with resistin' such things. You can be all like David Carradine in Kung Fu." And that settled he looks down to his tax forms and starts to sign several places he is required, "Seriosuly we need to be clobbering who ever comes up with these tax regulations. Clearly this is the work of some kind of rogue Doombot!"

"Thanks guys." Mike looks to the forms Ben's indicating to, "So, about the other thing." He glances over towards Ben, "I ran into Sandman as Phantasm earlier this week. Seemed rather insistent on being called Flint instead of Baker. Tore down what turned out to be an old home of his too."

Susan Richards laughs softly at Ben. "This is the last one. And imagine if you had to figure these all out for yourself, Ben. All you're having to do is sign then. Wait, was that what all the sand was about? It scared Franklin so I wasn't able to go check on it."

If you'll pardon the pun, Ben's face turns very grimm. "I'm well aware of that Mike. I already made the avengers aware and we're trying to find him." He stands up from the table and says, "Everything's signed Suzie. Call me if you need me."

Mike frowns, looking up towards Ben, "Well, he told Phantasm, but he hasn't told me yet. I'm not sure if that's even on the list of things to do." He pauses, "Did he ditch his phone or is he just not answering it?"

"He's off the grid. He's 'Flint' again. The Sinister Six did something to him…." He shakes his head, "Look I gotta go. Call me if you need me."

Susan Richards nods to Ben as he leaves, then gathers up the papers and puts them into a binder that had been hidden under the table. "I'm sorry we didn't have something to help you immediately, Mike."

Mike nods, watching as Ben takes his leave. He gives a bit of a frown before glancing towards Sue, starting to get up from his seat, "It's alright." He pushes the seat in, "Thanks for your time." His hand lingers on the back of the chair for a few moments, "And, good luck finding Baker. I'll keep an eye out for him."

Susan Richards nods. "Thank you, Mike. Be careful out there, and feel free to drop by again any time. Though, do be warned. If it's not while Franklin is asleep or at school you WILL be subjected to a round of Dance Central."

"Oh?" Mike gives a bit of a smile, "Well if that happens I'll just pretend I'm adding something new to rehearsal." He gives a nod before heading towards the door, "Take care as well. See you later."

Susan Richards walks Mike to the door, smiling. "Thank you."

"Thanks as well." Mike returns. And soon enough, he's on his way.

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