2012 01 08 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Ground

Log Title: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Ground
Characters Involved: Lifeguard and Phantasm
IC Date: 8 Jan 2012
Where: Southwest Manhattan - Rooftops - New York
Brief Log Summary: Lifeguard has a lot of questions early in the morning
Rating: PG

-==[ Southwest Manhattan - Rooftops - New York ]==----——

Now this is where the action is. Skyscrapers, tall buildings and other monstrosities litter the streets of this section. All of them providing a delicate labyrinth of rooftops for aerial travel. With the Financial District, Chelsea and other areas of economic interest below, this could prove to be a breeding ground for criminal activity.

There's a chill of the early early morning air as the sun is setting to rise. The majority of New York's troublemakers have gone to bed leaving for a peaceful time as the Sunday sunlight sets to roll on in. Although the tall buildings obscure the view for those down below, for those atop the larger ones, they have a rather good view of the horizon. And thus this is where Phantasm has migrated to. The bird perches upon the rooftop ledge, remaining quite stationary as he watches.

Not the usual spot for Heather Cameron, but with her New Year's Resolution to be more proactive in her heroing duties. She has opted to take nightly patrols when possible and this night/early morning is one of those chances. Dressed in her X-Factor uniform. A red and blue bodysuit adorned with various X's and despite the appearance protecting her from the frigid weather. She is also rooftop across the way from the bird. Holding onto a pair of binoculars, the Australian mutant peers about searching for any situation in which she may be useful, but thankful there is none yet.

The sun rise is a slow process, but it does come. The sun's rays gradually traverse along the skyline, proceeding to bathe them in light all while putting an emphasis on the darkest parts of the city where even the sun doesn't quite reach. It is a peaceful sight, and one that provides a better view of other rooftop occupants. The red and blue of Heather's suit contrasts nicely with the building she's on, drawing Phantasm's attention as the sunrise completes. The Raven's head tilts curiously as he blatantly looks at her.

Spotting no danger in the area or any place where she could be of us, she does another peripheral scan with the binoculars and catches sight of the bird, but pays it no heed as she scans the whole area. Deciding she will be conflict free for tonight, she places the binoculars back in a small pack that she has and stepping towards the edge of the building, Lifeguard smiles as the wind brushes towards her hair and she steps off the ledge plummeting downward.

Not quite expecting Heather to do that, the bird's head tilts downwards in surprise. Couldn't she fly before? What the hell?! The bird leaps off as well, folding his wings against the body as he speeds his fall to catch up to her.

As she plummets there seems to be a shimmer around her body and suddenly the her flesh and blood turns into golden armor and wings seem to form on her back and she is able to ride the wind and glide up a bit as she flaps her wings and begins to fly upward towards the bird which seemed to be coming towards her. Lifeguard eyes it a moment and then smiles, "Oh what a cute little bird."

As Lifeguard starts changing, Phantasm starts to pull his wings out, starting to slow down before seeing Heather turn around. He comes to a stop, wings leisurely flapping as he just hovers in mid air, waiting for Heather to come up. His head tilts, "So, do you forget how to fly if you don't do it often enough?"

"Something like that. You were the bird who was pecking the heck out of Crimson Dynamo, right?" Lifeguard remembers as she is now flapping about to keep herself aloft. "So what brings you out tonight?" Looking at the rising sun, "Or should I say this morning?" Chuckling a bit to herself, she asks, "And what is your codename, Birdman?"

"Phantasm." The Raven corrects, opting not to be called Birdman. Geez, he's not even in a man like form at the moment. "Things get quiet around this point of day so I might as well pass the time watching the sun rise." He starts to fly over to a slight extension of building that's jutting out, in case the newfound flyer needs to give her wings a rest, "And you?"

"Phantasm. Ah explains how you handled yourself in that fight with the armored Russian. Cool. So you are like a ghost or something?" She follows the bird to the building and lands on the ledge of the building, "Codename's Lifeguard. Part of X-Factor. Government version of the X-Men." The Australian leans on the side of the building,"Well you are right about watching the sunrise. I typically donât get this view, so it's nice to be able to relax and watch it without having to battle anyone."

Something like that." Phantasm replies, giving a beakish smile, "That explanation can work as well as a lot of others I guess." He lands upon the area as well, folding his wings up. He glances back over to the horizon before nodding, "Best form of entertainment out there when you're up and about at 'Oh-god-why-haven't-I-gone-to-bed-yet?' o'clock."

"Well, for a talking bird ghost, you seem nice." Lifeguard offers a smile, "So are you a mutant?" Lifeguard asks not meaning to be intrusive, but mutants are here thing as part of X-Factor. "And what else can you do? Or are you just limited to a bird form, which is cool in and of itself considering when I saw you in action."

"What I am depends on who you ask." Phantasm replies, giving a bit of a mischevious smirk before turning his head down, "And, the form varies, but I have my more common ones that tend to get used out of habit." He pauses for a moment, seemingly shifting with no sound. The form gets larger as it becomes more humanoid. A man wearing a hoodie with the hood pulled low. And an unnatural cast of shadow hiding any features of the face.

Intrigued by the shifting and the new form, Lifeguard nods impressed, "Oh, spooky. That is more of what I would picture for someone named Phantasm. But the raven thing works too. Are you limited to black forms, or can you shift into like, I don't know…a rainbow or a polka-dotted hippo." Lifeguard laughs, "Now that would be cool and I bet would get a scared reaction more than the raven." She is having a good time with the conversation as exhibited by the smile and her general demeanor and body language.

"Yeah but it's a bit harder to imagine myself flying like this." Phantasm replies, "I guess I could do one of those shapes but." He shakes his head, "The raven has the advantage. He flies and not many people want to admit they got beat up by a bird."

Starting to chuckle, "True. Getting beaten by a bird is a bit embarrassing." Pausing a moment as she is in thought, "So you are somewhat limited by the form you choose. You can fly in bird form, but as a rhino or human form, you can't fly." Stepping a bit forward Lifeguard reaches her hand to touch Phantasm to see if she can or if her hand will slide right through.

The hooded figure shrugs, head glancing down to watch the hand press against him. There's a bit of force upon the chest. Almost like a wall pressing back on Lifeguard's hand. "Well I guess I could fly like that, I just don't see myself doing it."

"Oh ok, so you are solid. But you can become phased?" Lifeguard seems to be asking a lot of questions regarding his abilities, but then shrugs, "So maybe you are not Mike after all." Lifeguard laughs a bit to herself. "I was thinking I knew you in your civilian id."

"Eehh…" Phantasm replies, his general expression likely indicating that one observation might be a bit off "It's hard to explain what I can do." The head tilts as Heather mentions his name, pausing for a few ticks, "Mike?"

"Yeah, a famous musician. Mike. Nice guy. A bit peculiar, but I suppose all artists are. But overall nice guy. For a while I was thinking you and he were one and the same." Lifeguard shrugs, "But not my place to try and out someone. I tend to forget since I am known by my codename and real name, which is Heather by the way." She extends a hand to shake.

Phantasm looks down to the offered hand, and reaches down to shake it. "Hi. Heather." Handshake done, he drops the hand as the hooded head sways to the side, shadow still not moving. There's a bit of a pause before Phantasm starts to work on his acting chops, that said, by just asking questions. "Someone's claiming to be me?"

"No not at all. I just presumed someone was you is all." Heather tilts her head to the side, "A singer actually. A famous singer. Mick Drago. Cool cat. Have you heard of him? He is a rockstar. Pretty good. I even go to go on set at one of his music videos." She smiles, "Seemed rather busy on the set. But down to earth as far as a celebrity can be."

It is a good thing Phantasming does allow people SOME semblance of a poker face because if this were Mike himself, he likely would be smirking. Instead, Phantasm glances down towards the direction of the apartment building that Mike would be sleeping in. "Yeah. I've heard of him." He nods in indication of that section of Chelsea, "Lives over there somewhere. Near that studio."

Looking over in the general direction that Phantasm has pointed to, "Oh ok. Well, I don't know him that well. But general impression, nice guy. A bit goofy, but nice guy. And good friends of a friend." Heather looks back to Phantasm, "So any exciting adventures or heroing stories? Part of a group or team?"

Oh yes. Good thing for that poker face. "Other than the Crimson Dynamo thing?" Phantasm asks, "Um. I basically deal with muggers and stuff like that. So, not that much." He pauses, "Well. Sometimes I might run along into someone or they'll let me tag along. I've got to do that with The Vision a couple times. The Fantatic Four's been pretty nice letting me try things out with them on my abilities."

"Oh the Fantastic Four." Heather squeals slightly, "They are cool. I've worked with Ben a couple of times and Mrs. Richards and I and another friend of mine, fended off some human dogs, literally human dogs, at a hospital on New Year's Eve. Not how I was planning on ending 2011. But the kids are fine and she was great to work with." Smiling, "Invisible Woman is a bit of a role model for me."

"Yeah." The hooded figure nods, "She takes the whole public figure thing very seriously." He pauses, glancing back over to Heather, "Human dogs?"

Nodding in the affirmative, "Yes, literally human dogs. They called themselves the Litter. Some Eurotrash that can transform into dogs. I almost got my head bitten off by a basenji." Lifeguard laughs to herself, "We made quick work of them, but it goes to show just about anyone can have any type of power and can do just about any harm. I mean seriously attack a childrenâs ward in a hospital. Ugh." Her expression reads of disgust.

"That is a rather shitty thing to do." Phantasm agrees, shaking his head and then glancing towards the skyline again. "Any chance you got the time?"

Blinking a bit and caught off guard by the cursing, but shrugging it off. "Yes it was pretty shitty." Exhaling a bit as she notes the sun has pretty much risen and looking down and seeing the city start to awaken. "Not sure. I'd say it's probably 6ish or 7ish. You got somewhere to be?" Lifeguard teases.

"Sort of." Phantasm replies, glancing down to the ground below to check for any bystanders. "Listen, it was nice talking to you Heather, But I got to go." Opting for a side of the ledge that is not over a regular street but is instead situated over an alley, he starts for that edge.

As Phantasm heads off, Heather waves, "Nice meeting you to, Phantasm." With that she flies up courtesy of the golden wings on her back and then looks back, "See ya around, Mike. Looking forward to that new album of yours." She winks and flies off.

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