2012 01 07 Bar Room Blitz

Log Title: Bar Room Blitz
Characters Involved: Empath, GoGo, Phantasm
IC Date: 7 January 2012
Where: The Bar at The Hilton - New York City
Brief Log Summary: Mike finishes up dinner with members of another band. Empath does not like musicians. Gogo shows up in time to find Mike cleaning up the pieces.
Rating: PG-13

-==[ Lobby - The Hilton - New York City ]==-------

Not allowing its exterior to outshine itself, this large and ornate lobby seems busy all hours of the day and night. A long counter with various stations for registering, check-outs, local travel information and special services allows guests twenty four hours a day attention. The staff here is always friendly and gracious. Antique tables set with lively green plants, share spaces with deep soft leather couches and chairs. The Hotel bar is open at all times and seems to be a favorite for buisnessmen. The lobby ceiling stretches upwards, the glass enclosed elevator banks lifting and desending in the center, the many suites stretching in a circular fashion around the lobby below.

With the cold snap that brought temperatures in the teens having passed by and the much more tolerable 30s have taken over, it is a tad warmer outside. However it is MUCH warmer inside the buildings which could explain the amount of hotel residents opting to spend their free time indoors where the heating is on. Just, not necessarily AT the hotel. Off over to the bar area, seated at a couple of tables nearby that have been pulled together, 7 men are gathered around empty plates and for the most part empty glasses. Although their general street attire does not scream businessmen, they seem to be doing alright to be able to afford hotel cooking prices. There's a general sense of merriment coming from the group as one of the shorter members of the party lets out a boisterous laughter.

One of the seven men does not appear to match the others in appearance. While they are dressed in various types of hoodies, this one, would be Mike who is wearing much darker clothing. His coat, with the knit cap tucked away in a pocket somewhere, rests along a nearby chair arm. As he leans back in his seat, allowing for his signature locks to drape over the back of the chair.

Making his way into the bar area escorted by two rather buxom blondes, Manuel de la Rocha, dressed for a formal evening out in New York City. He escorts the two women to the table and takes his own seat. He has not noticed the seven men or anyone else in the bar area. All he has noticed is that he has yet to be served. A rather busy and flustered waitress is about to head over to the seven men and she is ready to hand them their bill, when her face goes blank for a moment. She shakes her head and ignores the men and goes to Empath and his dates. "Can I get your orders, sir?" Manuel smiles as the two women giggle and order cosmos. He himself takes a moment, "I'll have a Cuba Libre…and once are drinks are made, come straight to us and we will order our meals. Gracias."

As the flustered waitress goes past the table, the laughing man brings up a hand to cover his mouth, stifling the sounds a bit. A taller one to the side glances from his companion over towards Mike, "Glad you could stop by, man. Sucks that the rehersal's so late for us that we can't hang though."

Mike shakes his head, "Yeah, well that's the breaks. We'll have plenty of time for that when February kicks in anyways. And you still get Wade to work with sound wise for tonight."

"Oh my god, are those the Boston Zombie?" One of the blonds squeals. Apparently a fan, she stands up and rushes over their table. "Oh my god! I love you guys. Can I get a picture and autographs?" She then spots Mike, "OMG! Drago! Oh this is great. I love all your songs." It seems she is overly excited. The waitress returns with all their drinks, which she places on the table and is ready to take their order when Manuel holds up his hand, "Come back later." He dismisses her rudely and she simply walks away towards the back leaving the bar unattended. Upset that the blond has offended him, by giving attention to others, he shakes his head, "This will not do!" The other blond caresses him, "Ignore her. Now you have me all to yourself." He raises his hand and she is silent as he watches the overexcited fan with the musicians and sneers.

With the ever present sound of a female squeal, the shortest, and quite possibly the homliest looking, member of the party turns his head, smiling wide as he nods, "Sure! You can ha-" He pauses as he glances over to Mike. A momentary twinge of jealousy comes over but then he seemingly remembers hot blonde likes ALL of their music. This seems to brighten his mood as he starts fumbling around for a pen. "Anyone got a pen?" Six hands, including Drago's, reach into their pockets to hold them up in demonstration. Bad celebrity. You should always have a pen on hand.

Mike smiles to the woman as she explains her like for all of their music. "Then let me tell you that that we're all going to be part of the RockNMetal Run tour that's coming up in a couple of months." Ah yes. Plugging the concerts already. Yep, he's definitely in marketing mode. His eyes glance over to the table that she came from. Blinking as he recognizes Empath. Huh.

Spying all this, Manuel focuses of all the men at the table. He can feel their excitement over the attention being given to them by the fan. Recognizing Mike, he offers a smile and lifts his glass of rum and coke in a mock toast. Sipping from it, he puts it down and reclines back ready for the show. All the musicians at the table are about to get their excitement for the female fan turned up to the highest notch making them compete for her attention and affections and adding a twinge of jealousy among them. Turning to his own date and whispering in her ear, "I love musicians. They will do whatever it takes to make their fans happy. But I wonder which one of them she likes more." With the sentence uttered, he turns to see what these men will do for their appreciative fan.

As Empath offers him a toast. Mike gives a bit of a nod in return before his attention starts to switch back to the blonde. "I don't believe we caught your name."

The shorter musician smiles strongly, snatching a pen out of one of his bandmates hands. "Ok, autograph autograph… We have pens. Now what about something to sign on."

Another band member gets up, moving towards the bar to grab a cocktail napkin before turning around.

The youngest of the Boston Zombies leans forward, "I'll take a picture with you. Where's your cellphone?"

"Forget that," another one says, I can take the picture with my phone and text it to you.

The other two, who aren't all that creative with women, lean forward attentively.

Enjoying the attention, the blond girls giggles, "My name is Tawny." She says to Mike. And she looks over at the musicians, "Boys Boys…There is only one of me. How about a group picture? And maybe one napkin with all your names?" Tawny seems reasonable. Unfortunately, Empath is not as reasonable. With another little tweak, the overexcitement and overattentiveness now switches to that of anger among the group at the table. Why should they all share their attention. Why not fight to see who should earn in. Manuel sips his drink and looks back to his own date, "Bambi, it is lucky you didn't make the same mistake Tawny did."

"Tawny," Mike repeats, smile widening, "What's your real name?" With her suggestion however to share the attention, his smile fades as he grows silent, looking towards the others. A level of anger starting to simmer beneath as he tucks his pen away.

"Nah, a group shot would kind of ruin it," The short one replies, shaking his head, "You should have it with the frontman of the group, which," He pauses, smiling, "Would be me."

"Oh that is SUCH Bullshit. If anyone it's me." The youngest one says, hands balling up, "I'm the damn singer."

"Hey jackass, I sing too."

The two quiet ones from before scowl, "WE ALL SING, YOU ASSHOLES." One snaps while the other one nods. "Hey Tawny, screw the singers, just get a picture with the drummer."

"Oh yeah?! You or Drago?!"

"Isn't Drago a singer too?"

"Yeah but before half his group died he was just ano-"

The sentence doesn't get completed as the table the group is gathered around is flipped, sending a clattering of plates and dishes crashing down to the floor. This does cause for a bit of pause as the people forget what they were arguing about.

Tawny blinks a moment, "That is my real name." She seems offended by Mike and then seeing how the rest of the table is acting. When the table is flipped over, she grows upset, "Oh my god. You are all assholes. Fighting for my attention. You are a band and friends. God, I am starting to feel like Yoko and you are the Beatles." She lifts her hand, "You guys, suck. And so does your music." She walks off and rerturns to the table with Manuel and Bambi. Manuel whispers into her ear and she nods and then begins to cry a moment and apologizes. With Tawny learning a lesson about respect, Manuel ends his manipulation of the band and stands up finishing his drink and holding his arms out for the ladies to wrap theirs around. Bambi looks pleased that she will be the one to have pleased Manuel. Tawny seems sad like a child who will be punished later. With that, he bows his head to Mike and makes his way out of the bar and up to his room.

As Empath leaves and the feelings return, Mike glances to the departing figure. Eyes narrowing

With the sound of the crash of the table in the bar area of the hotel, the waitress who simply could NOT let the guys pay their tab earlier when they could have, finally comes back to the area. Looking to the table and then to the now bewildered members of Boston Zombie. "Musicians," She exclaims, shaking her head as she points to the mess, "What's this?"

The shortest member looks to his bandmates, "Man, what just happened?"

Mike glances down to the table and sighs, looking over to the waitress, as he starts to stand up, looking over to the others, "We forgot the 'bros before hos' motto, that's what. Guys, why don't you get going? I'll handle the tab."

The Hilton isn't exactly Annie's scene normally, but tonight for whatever reason she is there, dressed in an LBD and heels of all things! Earrings too? Surely the world is about to end. She clicks her way through the loby into the bar, stopping in the entrance and chewing on her lower lip for a few moments.

"Really man?" One of the members asks, looking over to Mike, "Man, sorry about that comment about th-"

"Forget it." Mike cuts off shaking his head, "None of us were in our right mind right then. He glances to the others, "See you guys later."

There's a brief array of fistibumps as the six hoodie wearing band members make their way out of the bar area and cut through the lobby to head to the elevators. Mike is soon left with the waitress as he sighs once more, starting to upright furniture. "I uh, kind of tried to cross my legs real quick and my foot got caught on the underside of the table," he lies in explanation for the damage.

A familiar face! And one that is in the middle of some sort of disaster. She resists the urge to thump the hoodie wearing hoodlums, as they apparently are friends with Mike despite their unsavory appearance. She ignores the looks sent her way and steps through the bar towards the disaster scene, "What happened? Did someone attack you?"

Mike glances over to the table that Empath left and glances to the waitress. "You might as well add the drinks that were ordered at that table to the tab since he skipped out on his bill and all…" The waitress nods, seemingly in a better mood than earlier when one of the guys decided to stay behind to actually help get the mess settled upon. She steps behind the bar to go find out the tab, leaving Mike to see the incoming orange wrestler. "Ah, hey Annie." Mike greets, the turn of his head causing his hair to sway with it's freedom from the back of the chair he had been sitting in. His glance shifts back down to the plates still on the floor. "I think we were but I don't think there's a way to prove it."

She might be in a short scrap of a dress, but Annie still squats down to pick up the plates on the floor, putting them on the table. Once she's got everything up off the floor she stands up and wipes her hands on each other. She takes a look towards the bar then says, "You were attacked but you can't prove it? I bet the bar has cameras."

"Not that type of attack." Mike murmurs, shaking his head as he starts to look through the dishes to see which ones would probably need replacing, "One moment I was talking with guys from another band, next moment, madness." The musician looks over towards Gogo, finally taking note of the outfit. "…Nice dress. What's the occasion?"

Annie looks down at her outfit and promptly blushes, "Uh. Umm… I wanted to dress up. I was feeling blah. You know? Sometimes dressing up is good for curing what ails you. After the holidays I sort of was feeling…Well. Anyhow… So, you all went crazy all at once?" She looks at the available seating, then claims a chair.

"Yeah…" Mike confirms, glancing over to the table that had been abandoned by Empath and his blonde duo. "Just laughing, enjoying ourselves and when one of his girlfriends came fangirling over, everybody went nutters over her, then started arguing, and then," he nods to the table he had rightened up, "And when he left we were all back to normal." The waitress comes back over and collects the stack of dishes before carrying them off, likely to inspect on her own, "So, the holidays aren't quite a happy time for you?"

"Oh…you know how it is. For women there is a lot of pressure during the holidays. Everyone with boyfriends, girlfriends, talking about engagements, babies…all that sort of thing. Even big orange women have their fingers examined by every woman they see while visiting home, checking for rocks." She heaves a heavy sigh then shrugs, "It is not like I want to be all June Cleaver or anything. It is silly. I'm young. I got stuff going on."

Mike sits back down in his seat as he waits to find out what the damage to his wallet will be. "So, you're being pressured to settled down?" Mike assumes from that lengthy response, "And with your c-" He pauses, "Oh right, I need to give you a cd."

"With my?? Condition? Yeah. You'd think being a big orange buffalo would make me excempt right? Of course, back home there are a few orange people around. So, then they want to do that kind of matchmaking. Anyhow…A few margaritias and i will be much better. And you don't need to give me a cd of course. I bought them all. But one from you would be nicer of course, but you don't need to make it any sort of priority." She looks around for a server brave enough to approach and fetch drinks.

There's a quirk of Mike's lip before he chuckles, "I was going to say, 'career'." He leans back in his seat, allowing for the hair to fall behind the back of the seat as he glances over to Annie, "And the CD with an opening theme. Still don't want it?"

"Oh! Of course I want it. Are you crazy? Of course I do! It had totally slipped my mind. Career is better than condition. And don't even talk about how well lady wrestler goes over back home. Even from my family, who were very into me being athletic before the accident. Wrestling is one step short of prostitution." She shakes her head, her brainds sweeping up the floor in the process.

"Ok. Just checking." Mike responds, glancing back down, "I'll have to give it to you later. I didn't bring it with me here."

As the waitress comes back, she does take notice of Gogo sitting there and walks over, giving a bit of a smile as she offers to take her order.

Annie smiles, "I would hardly expect you to wander around with it on you at all times. That might be a little creepy." She turns to the waitress and orders a few drinks along with an explanation that her thirst was related to her size. Once the waitress was gone Annie turned back to Mike, "Hey…um, you should see about security cameras or something anyway…so you could get a picture of that guy who made you fight."

"I know who it is." Mike replies. He leans forward, resting his arms on the table, "Besides, it's just a suspicion. I can't prove he did anything and it's not exactly something I can ask for, gainging access to security cameras isn't something they do for anyone who asks."

"Well, you've got lawyers and agents. Get them to get it. I am sure they are going to contact your lawyers anyhow. You are a star afterall. Everyone wants to sue you." She laughs a bit, eyes roaming the bar a bit before she looks back to her compnion, "I wouldn't have pegged this as your kind of place."

"There's nothing to sue over." Mike protests, "There wasn't an all out brawl. Just a table that got tipped over." He glances back over to the bar, "When a band goes touring, what do you think they end up calling home while they're doing that?"

She laughs a bit then shrugs her giant shoulders, "I think that your agents bribe a lot of people, your lawyers get non-disclosure statements and pass out out of court settlements like planned parenthood passes out free condoms." She grins at him and says, "I could be totally crazy of course."

Mike considers the statement, "Well, considering what it was like when Greysong was still around, you may have something there."

Gogo makes a snorting sound at him, then asks, "Greysong? Sounds like a shampoo or an elf…which was it?"

"Considering we formed the band when all the members were drunk, that's not a bad band name." Mike murmurs, glancing towards the waitress as she returns again, setting a bill down in front of him. His head tilts down, looking to the price before frowning more. "Ah."

"Well, I don't suppose there is such a thing as a bad band name really." She shrugs, "They are all silly at some level." She leans to peek at the bill, "Need help with that?"

Mike shakes his head, starting to stand up, "Nah. But I'm going to go and pay this." He turns to grab his coat before looking back over to Annie, "See you later."

Annie stands up along with Mike, and gives him a quick hug before says, "See you later. It was great seeing you!"

After getting hugged, Mike grabs the bill and starts to walk out.

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