2012 01 06 Sandstorm

Log Title: Sandstorm
Characters Involved: Aurora, Human Torch, and Sandman
IC Date: 6 Jan 2011
Where: Rooftops, around the Baxter Building
Brief Log Summary: Sandman decides to pay the Fantastic Four a visit. He's not all that nice.
Rating: PG

-==[ Heart of the City - Rooftops - New York ]==------

Welcome to the Heart of the City. The central location of the world above the streets of Manhattan, this is where the fun begins. As sort of a central hub for traveling the skies and rooftops of this city, the Heart provides access to many directions that lead to other parts of the city. The buildings here vary in height, though they provide an interesting addition to the skyline, considering how they fit in with the rest of Manhattan.

One building, though, in particular seems to tower high above the rest in this section. Possibly the top of a church or something similar, it's hard to tell from this high up, there's a small and pointed ledge, complete with a stone angel holding it up. Perhaps the sanctuary of a certain wallcrawler?

It is late evening on a Friday night in New York City and though most people are out and about on the ground despite the wintery weather. There are those with the capability of flight that take to the sky to find their own merriment and enjoyment. One such person is Sandman, though not his usual self. His presence is about to be felt tremendously outside high above the Baxter Building. The particularly windy weather between each of the skyscrapers makes it easier and faster for him to travel. Today as a literal giant sandstorm, In height of about 40 feet and growing and the width of a city block, an unseasonable and unusual sandstorm is making its way directly towards the Baxter Building. Alarms, security, sensors, and what not would detect it and note that the sand is completely red in nature. And after Ben Grimmâs battle with Sandman in the Upper East Side the Fantastic Four may be aware of who the culprit is.

What? It's winter? Huh. It pretty much feels the same as it did a few months ago to Johnny. But then again, he does tend to have a warm body. This is a bit handy considering he's flying back home from his, uh, other job in time to see the fantasticly large sand storm surrounding the well, fantastic building that is Baxter. He starts to burn hotter as he approaches. "Sandman," He greets as he gets within an audible distance of the cloud. "Came to see Ben?"

With the arrival of Johnny Storm, the sandstorm seems to pause in the air as every singular piece and granule of sand stops comes together forming a giant red face, "Hey, Flamer, I was hoping to catch Ben. I had some business with him from the other night. But seeing you is just as good. I want to wish you a Happy New Year, courtesy of the Sinister Six, but mostly from me!" The giant face suddenly begins to spit out large globs of sand moving at a quick speed towards Johnny. After five rapid fire spits, the face laughs loudly.

EW! Sand Loogey! Johnny sets in his afterburners, clearing out of the way before the sand reaches him. Which, considering the height they're at, it's probably a good thing. Not taking the time to watch where the sand spits go after he dodges them, he looks towards the face, "So after all you did to get there, you're quitting the Avenger bit just like that?"

The sand loogeys hit some of the building breaking walls and smashing windows. The giant sand face seems to laugh, "What's a matter, Flaming Boy? Can't take a little backyard bullying?" The sand loogeys begins to fly back and are absorbed into the face as he simply laughs and grows slightly bigger and seems a bit wavey as the winds keep it airborne.

The sandstorm has drawn the attention of another who happened to have been in the area, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier of Alpha Flight, who now takes to the skies and studies the Human Torch and Sandman, "w'at eez going on 'ere?" She asks, not too familiar with the Sandman, but getting the notion he's not a good guy for bringing all that icky sand about the city.

"What's the matter, grit face?!" Johnny replies back, "Realize that you couldn't make it as a hero so you have to go back to the flunkie life again?" There's likely other 'witty' retorts as well but as some of the broken pieces of building start falling, outside towards the pavement below, Johnny flies down after the heavier pieces, burning hotter and hotter as he goes.

"I suppose Baker was a hero, but I took over. The evil life is more fun and who are you calling flunkie. You ride your sister's coattails. No one knows you outside of your little kinky foursome, Hothead!" As Human Torch goes to destroy the objects that have fallen, the arrival of Jeanne-Marie does not go unnoticed. The face breaks apart taking a sandstorm form and flies then hovers near her. "Hey Frenchie, you're cute. Let's get out of here and go somewhere more quiet."

"Zat is not 'ow you speak about zee Fantastique Four," Jeanne-Marie says rather firmly to the sandy face, quite upset that he would use such lewd terms to describe one of the foremost family of superheroes in the world. "Cute…? You don't know, I don't know you. Zat means you don't talk to me like zat, okay?" She keeps to a firm, not too friendly a tone. "But going somewhair quiet is zee rig't idea. Leave zese people alone…w'y evain put a storm in 'ere?"

Burning hot and hotter, Johnny reaches the falling debri and reaches out towards them. The proximity of his hand alone starts to vaporize them. When he finishes with that, he stops with his dive and starts to fly back up, eyeing the damaged buildings for any more potential issues that can't wait for regular repair crews.

All but ignoring Human Torch now, The spinning sandstorm remains by Aurora and its disembodied voice speaks, "Ok, lady. I saw your mouth moving, but didn't understand one word you said. We are in America now. Speak English." A chuckling can be heard, "You're pretty and all, but not pretty enough to get away with that stinking accent of yours. I'll pay you a few hundred dollars to shut up and use your mouth for something else…like kissing me, you French are supposed to be good at that."

Jeanne-Marie is aware that the Human Torch is seeing to providing much needed help, and therefore she doesn't mind as much to have Sandman's attention almost solely directed at her. "I am zpeakin' anglais!" Jeanne-Marie is quite annoyed as once again she gets taunted for her thick accent, "I wondair 'ow well you cain manage in francaise!" Then Sandman gets far more suggestive, bold, and downright lewd, leaving Jeanne-Marie a bit pale in the face as she stares at that sandy visage and listens to those disgusting words the disembodied voice utters at her. "Sapristi! Zat is no way to speak to a lady! W'o taug't you mannairs!? You speak like zat to me again, and I will not be vairy nice!"

Assured that nothing else will be falling from the present damage, The MUCH hotter Johnny turns his attention towards the currently distracted Sandman. Flying closer, the temperature around the sand storm is getting a bit warmer as well. Huh. Funny that.

"Lady, I like you like this. Hot-tempered but not a flamer like old Torchie. Again, didnât understand shit that came out of your mouth, but maybe the naughty you is better than the nice you, oui?" The disembodied voice laughs when the increase in temperature gets his attention, suddenly the storm lashes out. Sand flies everywhere, not a solid form, but into tiny specks flying this way and that sending sand in various directions towards Johnny, towards Aurora, and everywhere. Sand getting everywhere. Very messy and cloudy!

"Jus' because I don' shoot flame, does not mean I cannot taik care of mysailf." Jeanne-Marie insists, glowering at that sandy face, and if he was before her in human form she'd likely have slapped him by now for his choice of words. "Arrghhh! I cannot see!" Jeanne-Marie cries out in alarm when Human Torch's sneaky attempt has Sandman freaking out, and forcing her to shut her eyes and cover her face protectively as sand gets everywhere. If anyone is keen to emotions, the stressing her voice does suggest she's genuinely scared, which is not a very common quality in a wouldbe superhero.

What's so sneaky about a giant human shaped ball of fire coming nearby? As the sand heading towards Johnny gets close enough, they end up fizzling to nothing as the heat around Johnny is still in a vaporizing stuff mode. "Keep your eyes closed." Johnny replies to Jeanne-Marie's statement, not quite sure where in the cloud Jeanne-Marie is, but he can hear her.

Letting out a scream of frustration and annoyance, the disembodied voice of Sandman hollers out for a moment, "Hothead, what the hell you doing?" The voice is that of Sandman, but does sound slightly different from how Sandman had been chatting with Human Torch and disrespecting Aurora. The voice is similar to Baker and not Flint Marko. The cloud begins to move away from Human Torch and Aurora. Also the sand is turning from red to typical sandy color and then all the sand flies to the center and turns into the human form of Sandman. "What the fuck, Johnny? I thought we were starting to be frie…" *groan* "nds." His body starts to plummet downward.

Jeanne-Marie winds up being rather useless in this situation, keeping her eyes tightly shut and her hands covering her face, while curling slightly in the air, her knees pressing to her chest, her breathing sounding a bit too intense as she calls out on the verge of hysterics, "I can't see, I can't see, I can't see….I need to see!" Light starts to emanate out of Jeanne-Marie, not too bright at the moment, but gradually building up in intensity.

Hearing the change in voice and the sand starts to condense. Johnny's eyes widen as the returned Baker starts plummeting. "CATCH HIM! I'm burning too hot! You can see!"

Sandman continues to plummet.

Jeanne-Marie slowly opens her eyes, testing and realizing that Human Torch was right, no more sand flying around. Just like that, she's not there, rushing wind following her movement shortly, as she zooms by ridiculously fast, already grabbing Sandman in her arms and getting back to the air, "so you know zis man?"

As Jeanne-Marie flies down after Sandman, Johnny starts working on cooling down as much as he can without, well, flaming off. It's still uncomfortably warm when Jeanne-Marie comes back up with Sandman but at least they're not melting. Johnny flies a bit away from Jeanne-Marie when she gets a bit too close. At her question he nods. "He's a friend of the family." He glances to Baker, "Who needs a bit more help." He nods in the direction of the hangar entrance, starting to move that way himself "Come on. I bet Reed has something that we can put him in until we can get him some help."

Looking at Aurora, "Wow…don't know who you are, but you are my new angel saving me." The voice sounds different than when he was being rude to her. Shouting out to Johnny, "Tell Ben that…" He shakes his head and begins to turn into sand at first a normal sand color as he slips through Aurora's grasp as he starts to move towards the entrance that Johnny points to. When he gets near the sand begins to turn red as he lets out a loud scream and quickly shifts to sandstorm mood and flies away from the entrance, "Nice try, Fireman, but Baker is gone. Marko is here to say." The disembodied voice continues as it flies off, "Frenchie, I'll be seeing you soon too."

Jeanne-Marie proceeds to follow Human Torch's lead, glad that she was actually able to offer some help here. Seems like the man in question is suffering from something, which is more fully understood when he speaks to her and sounds much nicer, much more polite. She smiles faintly as he calls her an angel, "you flattair me," she says, looking quite pleased with the compliment. That is until the man starts to melt into sand, slipping quite literally from her grasp. "Human Torch…he is getting away…" she calls out, unable to do anything as the sand shifts to reddish hue and then the sandstorm fleets away with the promise to meet again real soon.

Johnny's movements towards the entrance halts as Marko starts to speak up and Aurora mentions he's getting away. The head turns, watching as the sand moves quickly, too scattered apart to grab at anything. He frowns. "It looks like I have a bit more work to do." He looks over to Jeanne-Marie, "Thanks for helping." With that, he flies off, chasing after the sand, for as long as he can.

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