2012 01 06 A Curious Curator

Log Title: A Curious Curator
Characters Involved: Invisible Woman & Phantasm
IC Date: 6 Jan 2012
Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City
Brief Log Summary: After an evening string concert in the art museum's auditorium, Sue and Mike look into suspicions regarding a couple and the curator.
Rating: G

-==[ The Metropolitan Museum Of Art - RP Suite #1 ]==-----

Located on Fith and 82nd, this massive building hosts a large array of exhibits, 3 floors with, with a selection ranging from paintings, sculptures, to even instruments. Enjoy!

As the evening hours ebb on, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's lights remain on. No, security did not forget to lock up but instead the museum has extended their hours for the day for the performance of Pacifica Quartet, a group of string players who have performed some Beethoven arrangements for the evening.

The concert has done reasonably well and the guests have ebbed out of the auditorium. Some make their way for the exits while others take advantage of their extra alloted time in the museum to look around. One such person, is a Mike. Dressed up in one of his finer available attire, his hair is pulled back, giving off the appearance of fine grooming instead of wild rocker. He lingers, staring up at a large stone structure which was brought over from egypt stone by stone to be reassembled here next to a large floor to ceiling window looking into the courtyard.

Susan Richards is also lingering here, having not had a chance to enjoy the museum in a while — being here with a troop of little kids really doesn't count. And since Ben shooed her out the door to claim his evening with Franklin, she wasn't about to complain. She walks slowly through the Egyptian wing of the Met, unable to stop herself from seeing the differences from the movie 'Night at the Museum'. Franklin loves the capuchin monkey, and she had to spend a week reminding him to NOT slap people.

It's a very peaceful time within the museum as the pair look to exhibits. Mike lowers his his head, glancing around for a placard to indicate more information about the structure, frowning as his skimming does not produce his answer. "How'd they know what order each brick was without writing on them?" He wonders, glancing over to Sue curiously.

Sue is not given much time to respond as a man in a rather old style suit and slightly graying hair glances over to Mike from behind his glasses and then over towards Sue Richards. "In truth, they did mark them," he offers up, smile eventually following. He nods towards Mike and then towards Susan, "William Winters. I function as curator around here." His attention focuses on Susan, proceeding to ignore Mike, "It's an honor to have you here in our museum."

Susan Richards chuckles faintly at Mike, then looks at the curator, stepping over toward Mike so the older man has to address them both equally. "Thank you for having us here, and for hosting the concert, Mr. Winters. It was lovely. So…where did they put the marks? I'm guessing somewhere unobtrusive?"

The curator smiles as his head turns to watch the Invisible Woman, "They were temporarily marked. Nothing enduring but what was used to wrap around each of them to protect them on the journey was what got labeled."

Mike nods, smile still somewhat thinning out as he glances to the structure once more, attention shifting towards a couple of people heading through a set of doors that lead further away from the exit to the outside of the museum. Although not uncommon, the general disinterest to the exhibits as they walk by seems, different.

Susan Richards ahs, looking up at the structure again. "That makes sense. Thank you." She then looks at Mike. "Hello, Mr. Drago. Did you enjoy the concert?"

Mike glances back towards Susan as she says his name, blinking for a moment, "Oh yes. I did. It's a nice change to listen to the music instead of making it."

The curator nods happily and starts to walk off before he glances back at the name, looking towards Mike. "Ah." He seems a bit flustered, "So you're a musician." He bites his lip for a moment before smiling again, "Wonderful! Well, do please enjoy the parts of the museum that are still open." He starts to walk off, towards the doorway the couple disappeared behind.

Susan Richards offers Mike a brief little smug smirk after the curator turns away. She didn't notice the movements of the others, so isn't suspicious of anything untoward happening.

Blue eyes follow the curator for a little as Mike arches a brow. "What a, friendly guy," Mike muses as he watches the curator reach the door and set up a sign indicating that hallway was closed. "I wonder if he knows about the couple that ducked down there earlier."

Susan Richards looks from the curator to Mike and back. "Uh… perhaps not? He just marked that area as closed. Maybe we should go say something?"

Mike nods in agreement, "Yeah, better safe than sorry." He starts to walk towards the curator, who for an older guy seems to be making good time of his own with movement as he disappears behind the very door he marked as closed.

Susan Richards frowns slightly at that. "Okay, now i'm starting to smell fish." She glances about quickly then goes invisible, a paper sign between Mike and aforementioned door the only indication of her location. She floats invisibly to the door and hopes that it's got a window or something.

As Sue goes invisible, Mike stops as he can't go invisble before approaching a door.

As for the door she approaches, there is indeed a small window to look to the other side. A view of another doorway leading into a room full of American themed artwork becomes visible. As for the curator, he seems to be going to the left towards the main room for the art, seemingly with a set purpose.

Susan Richards reappears slightly to one side of the door and gestures for Mike to approach. "Definitely something weird," She says in a near whisper. "One of us should notify security."

Mike moves over as Susan indicates for him to approach, glancing towards the door, "I'm going to guess since I'm the visible one, that should be me."

Susan Richards says, "Not necessarily. You can get through this door without opening it. I can't." She looks through the little window again to see what the 'curator' is doing now."

The curator's walk takes him further down the hallway, causing for him to disappear into the next room.

"Yeah, but that's going to take a bit of time considering my current condition." Mike reminds.

And yet the musician moves over to lean against a wall, closing his eyes, seemingly looking tired from the concert.

Susan Richards ohs. "Right. Well, he's moved on, we can probably follow him easily enough now." She reaches the door and tries to see if it'll open quietly. "And once we're through this door, I can make sure we're both invisible."

Mike opens his eyes before shifting to his feet to move back over to the door.

The door is thankfully quiet, allowing for the door to open with no noticable sound.

Susan Richards props the door open, then puts one hand gently on Mike's arm. "Okay, quietly, take a step up like on a staircase." She has a forcefield ready and waiting for him, one slightly further in already blocking them from view by anyone down the hall.

Mike glances down, finding nothing but does as he's told, lifting up a foot and moving it on. As he leans forward, he doesn't find his foot going down any futher and he brings his other foot up as a result. Now situated on the indicated spot, he looks over to Sue and then down towards the hallway.

Off to the distance, there are the sounds of footsteps.

Susan Richards starts them both floating quickly down the hall, a lot like riding one of those flat 'rolling sidewalks' in an airport but without any of the sensation of actually moving. As they closer to the end of the hallway, she steers them both closer to one of the walls in case someone starts to pass through the area.

The end of the hallway empties out into a large room full of American art related sculptures. As for the curator, he's the only person in the room but soon leaving it as he starts to walk into another hallway. This one seemingly decorated with mideval type items. He doesn't linger but keeps at his pace, giving one cursory glance to the room he's leaving from.

Mike remains quiet, not wishing to be the reason for them getting detected.

Susan Richards keeps them following the curator, staying as much out of open walkway areas as possible. And for Mike's sake she doesn't go up above the curator's head.

As the pair roll through the hallway after the curator, the movement slowing, the artwork is very much of the middle ages type. They pass religious items and paintings and eventually reach the doorway for the next room which has tapestries hanging to either side of the doorway, one containing the image of a knight on a horse rearing up in attack while the other contains the image of a dragon. The curator pauses in the doorway, glancing towards the center of the room where the couple stands, seemingly waiting. Behind them, a large ornate metal gate stands, not securing anything but remaining ever opulant. To the sides, against several of the pillars, several statues, one of which consisting of a woman bursting out of the stomach of a dragon. While another consists of a man with wings smiting one. Mike looks to the statues then to Susan with a bit of a head tilt. Are you kidding him?

Susan Richards simply shrugs at Mike, both of them now drifting closer to the ceiling where they can get close enough to hear what's being said. She visually studies the couple as well as the curator, trying to determine anything she can about them, their motives… anything.

The curator sighs, shaking his head. "I'm sorry but, this area is closed for the evening." He nods to his left, indicating another hallway which leads towards the front of the building. "The giftshop and Egyptian exhibits are still open. And maybe if you hurry you can get a glimpse of the Invisible Woman." He pauses, tilting his head, and adding a bit of emphasis, "and Mick Drago too.

The couple turns, not seeming all that criminal like as they look to the curator and then to each other. There's a bit of a pause before they start for the front of the museum, heading out of the closed area.

Susan Richards inwardly breathes a sigh of relief then moves herself and Mike along above the heads of the couple so they can reach the entry to the Eqyptian exhibits with enough time to make it look like they're just walking through the hallways there. They touch down out of eyeshot of the joining intersection and drops the force fields, and THEN starts to giggle a bit shamefacedly. "I'm so glad that that turned out to be nothing."

Now with his feet on the actual floor. Mike starts walking along side of Susan when she starts moving, the musician gives a bit of a nod as he starts to shift his hands towards his po- Oh right, he's not wearing his usual attire. The hands rest aside as they start to go past the giftshop. He pauses, glancing inside. "Uh, you go ahead, I'm going to go look at something here." He starts wandering over to the postcard rack.

The couple come within view soon enough but rather than turning to go into the Egyptian exhibit, they opt instead to head for the exit. The female of the couple does take a bit of a double take as she glances to the musician entering the giftshop. A small frown forming upon her features before she exits the building.

Susan Richards watches the couple exit, having not followed Mike into the gift shop. Then her phone pings in her pocket indicating a text and checks it before turning to wave at Mike and heading for the exit.

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