2012 01 04 And Buildings Come Crashing Down

Log Title: And Buildings come Crashing Down
Characters Involved: Sandman, Sebastian Shaw, and Phantasm
IC Date: 4 Jan 2012
Where: Queens, New York City
Brief Log Summary: It looks like demolishing abandoned buildings is a service provided by the Avengers.
Rating: PG

-==[ Queens - New York ]==---------—-

Queens is the largest of all the suburbs of the NYC region. Various neighborhoods cover the area and somehow hold their values even though they are depreciating in quality. Shea Stadium also exists here, yet its popularity has declined over the years due to the hazards of coming into this part of town. Crime has increased three fold over the past 3 years and the anti mutant rallys also follow suit. Blaming that crime on mutant kind. Riot police patrol the area in hopes that crime will be stopped.

Compared to last night, tonight's temperature is a heat wave. That, doesn't say much for Tuesday night when a glance at any nearby thermometers will proudly describe the current temperature to be 27 degrees. But at least it's still not snowing. What snow that is on the ground has been packed down, making for quite an icy surface as the cold night refreezes it even harder.

There are a few people doing a combination walk and skid across the sidewalk as they go to their desired destinations, but there's one hooded figure who is seemingly not all that bothered by the conditions. His attire, although utilizing the hood by obscuring the features of the face by an eeirly convenient shadow does not seem all that warm. And yet he's not shivering. Nor does it seem anyone's really going out of their way to come within arms reach of him. That freak. Hmmph.

As the silent figure walks, the familiar sight does give him a bit of pause. Starting to lift his hand up to wave, he pauses as he watches the arms move towards the window. Head glancing up, he glances around for possible witnesses before he moves towards an alley near the building Sandman's heading towards.

Once inside the building and unseen by everyone, Sandman remains a few second before the building itself begins to shake and rumble a bit. Sounds of breaking metal, glass, wood, and other materials can be heard coming from where Sandman entered the room. A small dust cloud fills up in the room as giant sand hands begins to tear the room, and in part, the building

Now that -is- interesting….Sebastian Shaw has been out and about quite a bit lately, wanting to clear his mind in the city proper of late. A surveillance team indicated a potential match to the 'Phantasm' incident in this area, but the last 2 were false positives. Still, the exercise is welcome and as Shaw comes up the end of the street, on foot, the shaking building draws his eye.

As the building shakes, the hooded Phantasm frowns, giving a quick glance back once more to make sure no one's blatantly looking his way as he sets his feet down, running as quickly as he can towards the wall, taking a jump as he gets near the end, leaping up to grab at the rails of a fire escape, there's a bit of a muffled clink as hands set upon the metal and he pulls himself up and starts to move up the ladder with the cloned pang pangs of feet upon each step, making as quick time as he can possibly manage "Baker." He hisses upon reaching the window, peering in, "What the hell's going on?"

Continuing to pound away and smashing wall and floors with relative ease, Sandman moves throughout the apartment as a one man wrecking team. All this comes to a blinding halt when that name is said. "Baker." Entering into what is now the remnants of an old apartment, he peers out through the window toward the fire escape and spots the Phantasm. "Kid, it's a bad time to be here. So I suggest you get out before you get hurt." Expanding his body he rips apart what was once a door frame and shatters part of the ceiling allowing the night sky and cold chill to peak in.

Impossible to miss, isn't it? Shaw sets his hands in his pockets and strolls up to a 'safe' distance, one of the few left on the street. New Yorkers normally know to run when superhumans are making trouble.

With the pause in the destruction, Phantasm's already stepping in through the window before the warning makes it through but he doesn't retreat just yet as he stands oddly still for a person in a building being shook, "I'll be fine." He responds, glancing around for any indication to what is making Baker have such a hate on for the building. "Sure there are no squatters in here about to have a headache from you bringing the place down?"

With the mention of squatters, the Avenger rolls his eyes, "Well they shouldnât be here. In fact, it is illegal for them to be here so." Sandman continues to pound causing chunks to fall through the floors and a giant slab of bricks to come falling down outside towards Shaw. Exhaling and sighing, Sandman stops again as he stares at Phantasm. Moving his sand hand toward his mouth, he blows as a small cloud of sand bursts forth and it suddenly explodes sending the tiniest of grains down through holes in the floor and out the door and down the staircase, searching for squatters. After a few second, Sandman closes his eyes and opens them. "Well, Phantom Boy, it's your lucky day. No squatters." With that he resumes tearing the building apart as the small grains of sand return to him.

Shaw steps back smoothly, with the control born of someone who fears no harm. That's also been a theme in his life lately, it seems. Despite this, a few chunks of brick carom his way. Fortunately, any witnesses have taken off. The bricks simply strike him and fall, listlessly, to the ground.

A bit of floor underneath Mike vanishes as it falls down below but Mike remains on the upper floor. Shifting his feet over to a portion of floor still there. "Good." Although the smile isn't visble with the fixed shadow of the hood it's ever present in the tone as Phantasm responds to Sandman's response. As another bit of building comes off, the hooded figure sighs, "What on earth did this building do to you?" Another sigh emits from him before he starts for the window, "I'm going to check outside. No point in someone getting squished by this."

"Go ahead." Sandman grins as Phantasm disappears. "I should be done, by the time you get back." His body suddenly shifts to a pssamic form. And portions of him drop between the floors leaving large deposits of every section of the building. Once he has completed placing just enough sand piles strategically throughout the building. A disembodied voice whisphers, "Bye Bye Baker." The it yells, "Sandman smash!" In mockery of the Hulk. The sand deposits seem to come to life and burst near pillars and strong parts of the columns holding the building within seconds, the building is ready to come down.

As Phantasm's out, he ends up looking around from the perch of the fire escape. As it visibly tilts, Phantasm pitches over the rail, falling to the ground, giving a rather sickening movie-esque thud.

With the building now leveled. Sand swirls about until it reforms outside on the ground by Phantasm, "I guess you're fine, kid. But next time should mind your own business." Laughing to himself as he notes that all that remains in rubble. Sandman laughs, "Good riddance. This building was an eyesore and I just saved the city the money it would take to blow it up…and no one got hurt." That last part is said indifferently.

Phantasm rolls on his back, glancing up to the standing Sandman but the face seemingly still not showing. What a stubborn shadow. Seems almost painted on. He starts to sit up, "Whatever, I wasn't going to stop you anyways." He rests his arms on his knees, looking to the rubble, "What was the building to you?"

"Well, you couldn't have anyway, so it would have been pointless. You are not so dumb after all." Exhaling as he looks over the rubble, he ponders Phantasm's last question, "That building? To me? To me, it was nothing…Nothing at all." He grins a bit as he turns to Phantasm. "Why were you here?"

"Mom didn't raise a fool." Phantasm shrugs, "When you're basically fated to walk around at all hours of the day, you wander out of your area." He moves to his feet, looking over to the rubble "Saw you, thought I'd see what's up." He stuffs his hands into some unseen pockets, glancing back towards Sandman, "So what's up, Baker?" There's a bit of extra emphasis to the name.

Shaking his head as he regrets asking the question as he was not paying attention. He continues to stare at the rubble and when Phantasm refers to him as 'Baker', Sandman scowls, "Not sure where you got your info. But Baker's not my name. Well not anymore anyway." He smiles as he looks back at the building and then he leaps up into the air, "See ya, Phantom Menace." With that his body explodes into literal sandstorm and he flies up and away.

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