2012 01 02 News Mick Drago To Release New Album Next Month

Mick Drago to release new album next month - Music Channel News

Irish-Italian American rocker, Mick Drago will release his new album Breakout via Golem Records on the following dates:
February 3rd - U.S.
February 5th - Ireland
February 7th - Italy
February 9th - The rest of Europe

A release party will be held on February 13th, in New York in New York, USA.

Drago has previously described the content of the newest album as another leg of the journey that was started with the previous album, 'Private Hell'. However, it will not be all doom and gloom as life is not just that.

Drago will be taking part in the RocknMetal Run US tour in March alongside other acts. There have been hints to a European tour to follow but dates have not been cemented that far out yet. The latest tour information for Drago can be found on (ttly not a real website so don't bother clicking).

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