2012 01 01 Not So Happy New Year

Log Title: Not So Happy New Year
Characters Involved: Sandman and the Vision
IC Date: January 1, 2012
Where: Holy Ghost Church - New York
Brief Log Summary: Sandman attacks a hypocritical priest, but finds the Avengers themselves may be the true hypocrites.
Rating: R

It is New Year’s Day, a new year and a new start, but unfortunately not all are blessed with such luck. The outside of Holy Ghost Church police have cordoned off the area. Stained glass windows have been shattered and screams of two men can be heard from outside. There are piles of red sand along the inside and outside of the church as police have called in the Avengers for this particular crime scene.

And who among the Avengers is capable of responding at the moment? The Vision of course… the one who doesn't need the sleep that other members of the Avengers need after a long New Years Eve. The ghostly white Vision flew to the Holy Ghost Church and descends to the crime scene. Vision draws his cape around himself once he touches the ground. Once on the ground, his eyes glow a bright white as various sensory equipment are activates and go to work.

His sensors will reveal only two inside the actual church. His sensors will show one as human a young man of average height, weight, and build. The other is not quite human, but the Vision will recognize as his teammate, Sandman, though slightly altered. The forms appear to be upside and hanging from rafters. The Sandman who is now reddish in color and completely in pssamic form dangles the young priest ready to drop him onto the marble floor, “Now you die!”

After his initial scan, The Vision hovers up off the ground and flies forward. He approaches the scene of what's going on inside of the church. He phases through walls, pews and lecturns to get in the direct vacinity of Sandman and the young priest. After his approach, he looks up at what's unfolding. He calls out, "Please provide adaquate context to the situation unfolding here!"

Noting the arrival of the ghost, the priest seems even more frightened, but then realizing the ghost is really the Avenger, Vision. He screams for help. “This…this thing just came in here and attacked me.” The Red Sandman takes a moment and stares at the Vision before looking back at the priest. “Lying? Priest lie too!” Sandman lets out a loud unearthly growl and drops the priests letting him plummet to the ground.

The Vision quirks an eyebrow at the words directed to him by the two individuals. He shakes his head and is about to speak, but as the priest is dropped, Vizh lifts up into the air. The Synthezoid flies up to intercept the plummeting man of the cloth, grabbing him by the ankle and ceasing his undesired descent to the ground. Vizh holds the man by the ankle and stares up towards the red-sand Sandman, "Unacceptable action, Sandman. Please elaborate on the situation that has drawn me here."

Shaking his pssamic head, the red Sandman moves from rafter to rafter and swings himself like a monkey until he is over the alter and then drops himself. His heavy massive form causing the ornately decorated alter to crack every so slightly. He eyes the Vision and extends his arms out like tentacles. One attempts to grab the priest and the other to push the Vision away. As this occurs, the police finally enter into the church but seem for the moment to act like back-up to the Avenger.
The Synthetic Avenger floats away from Sandman and descends with the Priest, disallowing the other Avenger a chance to grab him back. Vizh calls out to the police that have arrived, "Please safe guard this individual as I seek to understand my team mate's motivations." He says as this while continueing to look at Sandman, "Do not remain silent. I can not understand what your intentions are unless you verbally elaborate. Your actions are peculiar and unacceptable; Explain yourself."

The priest thanks the Vision as he is releases and runs to the police who are waiting for him. They gesture for him to come forward and once he is out of danger. Handcuffs are placed around his wrists and he is read his Miranda rights.

“Unacceptable?” Sandman questions as he looks at the Vision. Slamming the alter with his tentacles, he rips the marble and metal alter in two. Lifting the two massive chunks he tosses them at the Vision, “This is unacceptable!”

The ghostly white Vision simply allows the objects that Sandman threw at him to phase right through his being. The synthetic Avenger crosses his arms over his chest. The Vision arches his brow at what the Sandman has done. Vizh comments, "Your reaction is… oddly combative, Sandman." He gestures towards the man that is put into handcuffs, "Why did you feel the need to hang this man up from the rafters and drop him? That, I believe the term is, overkill."

“Overkill?” As the priests is arrested Sandman stands over what is left of the alter and points to the massive hole in the ground. His form explodes in various directions as he reforms by the entrance to the church. Sandman begins to push over the cops as he attempts to grab the priest again, “Look in the hole, Vizh!” The voice is similar to Sandman’s usual voice, but a bit garbly like he was trying really hard to speak, but something is restraining him.
Within the hole are a series of dead bodies. Some older than others. The level of decay going back years. The sizes suggest that the bodies were those of children.
The Synthetic Avenger steps towards the hole and bends slightly forward to look into it. His eyes glow as he scans what's down in the hole. He purses his lips and turns away from it to look, again, at the Sandman. He nods his head stiffly and says, "Unacceptable, Sandman. What you were doing was unacceptable regardless of what this man has allegedly done." His head tilts slightly, "We catch the villains. We do not drop them from the rafters of a church to come face to face with a situation that could lead to injury or demise."
With the priest in his grasp, Sandman holds him down and his arm turns into a giant red sand mace. When Vision calls Sandman’s actions unacceptable, the reddish creature turns his head to face Vision while holding the mace to the priest’s face. “I know you are emotionless, Vizh. But did you not see the bodies? This…This man of God killed these children. He deserves to die.”

The Vision cocks his head to the saide again and lifts up off the floor of the church. He floats over towards Sandman and holds out a hand in a gesture indicating that he wishes Sandman to stay his mace-arm. The Synthezoid rebutts, "I understand the enormity of his alleged hypocracy, Sandman. I understand your outrage. However the Avengers are not executioners. You have aided in his capture. The authorities will gather the evidence and a jury of this man's peers will decide his fate. Not you. You Avenge the victims by helping to bring this man to justice."

Screaming loudly, Sandman’s form shifts to that of a sandstorm and drops the priest leaving him for the police. A disembodied voice screams out, “This is why the Avengers have failed. You avenge no one! Assholes like this will continue to exist unless The Avengers take a tougher stance. They are right about all of you. I was a fool to think I could have been an actual part of this.” The storm blows out of the church.

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