2011 12 31 Happy New Years

Log Title: Happy New Years
Characters Involved: Elastica, Invisible Woman, Lifeguard, and the Litter (Basanji, Dane, Pitbull, Poodle, and Terrier)

IC Date: December 31, 2011

Where: Bellvue Hospital - New YorkBrief Log Summary: Lifeguard decides instead of partying it up in New York City, she spends her last day of 2011 and first day of 2012 giving back and volunteering at Bellevue whens he is joined by Claire and Susan Richards. And then the Litter attacks.
Rating: PG

It is afternoon in New York City, but the air is filled with the festivities for the arrival of 2012. Heather Cameron, dressed in brown and white sweater and jeans sits in the childrens’ unit of the hospital. She is reading a story to some children who listen attentively. The children are patients with a variety of ailments, but she forces a smile on her face as she gets into character acting different voices for the different characters, though each one has her strong Australian accent. When she is done, the kids clap and she nods and smiles, “And who wants to pick the next one?”

Claire walks down one the corridors while talking to a doctor. She seems to be the one doing most of the talking, as the doctor mostly nods and writes on a clipboard while listening to Claire, asking questions every now and then. Finally, the doctor and Claire seem to part ways, with the doctor walking away and Claire standing there, her shoulders heaving some as she sighs, shaking her head softly. She looks around a bit, and notices she's near the children's ward.Susan Richards arrives at the hospital in a bit of a hurry — she'd wanted to be here sooner but life. It happens. She hears applause as she steps into the childrens' unit and looks to see who's been there for reading time. She doesn't recognize Heather, but that's not surprising. She stops to check in at the nurses' station, chatting amiably with the people there as she fills out the volunteer card.

The children want her to read the Little Red Riding Hood. Heather stands up, “Alright. Alright.” Reaching for a red tablecloth, she drapes it around herself and begins skipping along as she recounts her own version of the Grimm Fairy Tale. As she does so, she stops midskip as she notes the two arrivals. One, Invisible Woman. Everyone knows her and she tilts her head and spots Claire. A friend she first met during a different holiday. She smiles and looks to the kids, “We have to two friends to help me out with the story.” She yells out, “Claire! Claire!” in a shrill Australian accent, “Come on over.” She gestures for her to come join her in front of the kids as some other ones note Invisible Woman and cheer for her to join in as well.

Claire rolls her shoulders and sighs, "Why do I always get saddled with escorting the dead drunk to the hospital…?" she grumbles softly, before gently shaking her head and heading her way back out of the hospital. But before she can take one step, she hears her voice, which causes her to pause. She blinks, and looks around, before hearing her name again, this time the girl is able to locate the source of the sound while at the same time recognizing the voice. She smiles and waves to Heather through the children ward's glass doors, but blinks as she's invited in. Curiosity winning over caution, she steps inside, "Yes?" she asks, keeping her smile on, for the kids.

Susan Richards looks over and smiles, handing the completed card over then stepping toward the storytime. "Hello, everyone." She gives Heather a silent hello over the kids then asks the group, "So, Little Red Riding Hood… who should I be?"

Giving the girl a hug, “Happy New Year, child.” Heather smiles, “I am here volunteering acting out some stories for the kiddies here. Want to help me out.” Gesturing to the red tablecloth turned cloak, “I am pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood.” But undoing it and suddenly wrapping it around Claire, “Want to be Red and I can be the wolf?” Turning to Ms. Richards, Heather bows her head a moment, “Madam, if you don’t mind, you can be the grandmother?” Moving over to grab a granny wig, “You are the first lady of super heroines such as myself, mam. So if you don’t mind.” The children clap, “YAY!”

Claire now has a red cape! Up, and awaaay!!! Ahem… yeah, a cloak, not a cape. Claire lets Heather wrap that tablecloth around her, and she thinks about it. She was never keen on fairy tales, even when she was a little girl, so she's not exactly knowledgeable in the fairy tale department, but she thinks she can manage Red Riding Hood. "Sure." the girl says, nodding.

Susan Richards laughs lightly and accepts the granny wig. "As long as I don't have to wear a night gown… it's cold outside today." She puts the wig on, intentionally setting it a little crooked and goofy looking. "How do I look?"

Reaching for scripts, she hands each lady their parts. “Oh wow, I get to work with Mrs. Richards. I am excited.” Heather squeals and goes behind a curtain to look for a wolf mask. As she disappears, four howls like dogs baying in the moonlight can be heard from the elevator and once it pings out step four humanoid looking dogs. The leader a female looking human poodle, announces, “We are the Litter and we are here to find Basanji!” Poodle yells out as from behind her, Dane, Pitbull and Terrier leap out and charge towards the childrens’ unit.
Claire takes her script and starts reading it, but blinks once she hears the howling, and it did NOT come from behind Heather's curtain. She turns around to look at the four anthro dogs, and blinks again, before looking at Susan, "Um… friends of yours, I hope?" she asks, already dreading the answer.

Susan Richards takes her copy of the script and is glancing it over when the elevator bings. The voices that ring down the hallway have her look up in alarm, first down the hall then at the children all around the three women.

The sound of growling can be heard from behind the curtain when Lifeguard is flung out onto the floor. However, instead of the tall blond human Australian, she appear to be in a more lupine form. Literally a wolf,[i]she pounces up on her feet and leaps back behind the curtain which falls back to reveal Lifeguard growling and clawing at a humanoid Basanji. The other members of the Litter soon join their teammate. First recognizing Invisible Woman, Dane and Terrier leap out towards her claws extended. Pitbull barks out at Claire growling while Poodle attempts to herd all the children together scaring them with her barks.

Claire watches as Heather and Susan get attacked, and Claire is barked at. She also notices the kids are being scared by the poodle-woman, and that cannot do. 'Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea…' goes through Claire's head, looping again and again as she grabs her cloak and quickly rolls it up, before snapping it toward Poodle. "Hey! Leave the kids alone!" 'I am SO gonna be a dog's chew toy…'

Susan Richards yelps in surprise as two dogs leap at her and almost simultaneous with her gasp a wall of shimmery blue energy appears between her and the Dane and Terrier. At the same time, hearing Poodle barking at the children causes her to look toward the curly-furred doglady. She snaps a hand outward, aiming to clamp a small forcefield 'collar' around the female's neck.

Poodle lets out a loud yelp and points to Pitbull, “Rip her throat out!” The children scream as they see Pitbull leap into the air aiming his mouth full of sharp teeth towards Claire’ throat to chomp it apart like a dog’s chew toy. After the order is shouted, the invisible collar appears around Poodle’s neck as she begins to yelp again. Terrier and Dane crash into the forcefield and bounce right off of it. Confused by the shimmery blu energy they claw at it helplessly. Meanwhile as they circle each other, Basanji and Lifeguard leap at each other as claw and paws scratch and bite at each other. After a few moments, Lifeguard proves victorious as a trail of blood comes from her and Basanji. Lifeguard stands once again human and bloodied while a naked woman lies on the ground, the true and unconscious form of Basanji. Using the curtain to cover the body, Lifeguard turns and looks about. Her first instinct to open the gesture and have the medical staff lead the children out safely.

Susan Richards uses the forcefield that's stymied Dane and Terrier to flatten them both against a wall (just pressed against it, not slammed through it) and hold them there while she throws her other hand to try and catch Pitbull mid-leap before he can touch Claire. She's still holding onto Poodle too via the forcefield collar, and has somehow forgotten that she's wearing the postively riciculous looking grandma wig.

Claire ack's as that dog-man jumps at her, and she bends backwards like a pro gymnast, narrowly avoiding the anthro's swipe before Susan gets her under control. Then Lifeguard shows up, bloodied and with a dead… woman? Claire follows her backbend with a backwards roll, moving away and moving to stand between the children and the humanoid dogs.
With the Litter contained and the children cleared. Lifeguard comes back and thanks both women before walking over to the unconscious Basanji, "She will be fine. She is already healing." Security comes to clear the area and Heather shakes her head, "Well at least that was before midnight. Not a great way to end 2011, but better than starting 2012." With that she thanks the other two ladies and makes her way out

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