2011 12 31 Ghosts Of The Past

Log Title: Ghosts of the Past
Characters Involved: Empath and Firestar
IC Date: December 31, 2011
Where: Quadrangle - Massachusetts Academy
Brief Log Summary: Empath and Firestar encounter each other at the ruins of the Massachusetts Academy
Rating: PG

It has been sometime since the destruction of the Massachusetts Academy, since Firestar came in with fellow New Warrior, Telemetry, and uncovered information that lead to the capturing of The Right. But still, the horrors that transpired in this place, both before and after its destruction, always sat deep in her thoughts. It's hard to cope with, and on occasions, she still took the time to fly in and survey the grounds. Perhaps in some strange hope she may yet find survivors, or if possible one more guilty party to punish. Sitting a top a pile of debris that was once the Quad area, she is looking at the ruins and with her imagination sees the place as it once was.

Watching from a hidden section of a burned out shell that was once the boy’s dorm, Manuel de la Rocha hmmmns and ponders as he thought as he recognizes the presence of his old ‘girlfriend.’ A bit if a smirk forms on his face as he starts to walk out of a giant hole in the wall of the charred building. He walks quietly and is dressed not like the Hellions of the past, but is dressed in regal 17th century clothing. Black in nature, perhaps showing his new rank and position within the Inner Circle. He pauses a moment as he looks over Firestar and one does not need to be an empath to note how the auburn haired girl feels here. He looks down. The usual evil that flows from him takes a momentary respite as he ahems loudly and speaks softly, “Angelica.”

It is possible that Firestar caught a glimpse of the approaching Empath, in his updated more regal attire, but ignored him, thinking him but another specter from her memories. But once Empath clears his throat and calls her name, Firestar looks up at him in alarm, squinting her eyes in disbelief, "Manuel…? Y-you're dead…aren't you? The White Queen told me…" now she wonders if it's but another lie that Emma told her to get her to simmer down. Has the entire bid for forgiveness from Ms. Frost was but an act? Did she tell her about Manuel's death just to jar her into a more malleable state of mind? "What are you doing here?"

“Dead?” Manuel cannot help but laugh. It is a chuckle but then moves to a more almost sinister laugh, “My dear girl, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Approaching her so that he is only a few inches from her, he stops laughing, “The White Queen seems to be messing up quite a bit as of late. She misinformed you as with everyone else.” Shaking his head, “I know the Right killed our friends, but I cannot help but blame Emma for this too.” Exhaling and closing his eyes a moment, “With this being the last day of 2011, I thought I would bid farewell and pay final respects. I was busy trying not to die when this occurred.”

While others may find Empath's sense of humor delightful, namely his old partner in crime, Roulette, Firestar isn't as big a fan, and she's also a bit jarred. Once again she has evidence that the White Queen lied to her, and once again she feels used, and it irks her to no end. That's why she joined the New Warriors, for once she didn't want to be manipulated anymore. "I don't understand, why would the White Queen say you're dead for no reason? She knows we were never the best of friends…is she so fond of making me feel bad?" Standing up, Firestar looks at Manuel a bit more attentively, "I see you upgraded your wardrobe, hanging around new crowds now?" Looking over the ruins, Firestar cools down a bit, "you were here during the attack?"

“I was not here during the attack. I was busy surviving being pushed into a volcano. Amara and I were in Nova Roma and well, I am still not sure what happened. But she went crazy and nearly killed me. I think it may have been a Right thing too. I think someone was or is specifically tracking Hellions. I don’t think they were killed just because they are mutants.” Manuel shrugs. Always a convincing liar, “But I think there is more to this than Emma ahs revealed to either of us.” Sighing a bit as he looks over the ruins as well, “I am now associating with those that can do a better job of protecting our kind and I am taking a more active role in that protection.” Looking over her costume, “I see you have done the same with the New Warriors. How is that working out for you?”

"A volcano!?" Firestar does look a bit jarred at that tidbit of information, that is something the White Queen didn't share with her. "Amara pushed you into a Volcano?" Firestar blinks a few times, before looking suspiciously at Empath, "you didn't give her a reason to, did you, Manuel?" Firestar has a bit of experience in being manipulated by Empath, and she recalls how she felt after she found out about it. "Well, if someone is tracking Hellions, I doubt they'll be after me, you guys never considered me a member of the team anyways." Firestar looks skeptical about Empath's mentioning of his active work to protect mutants, hard for her to imagine him as selfless. "Really? That sounds unlike you, Manuel, and the New Warriors have been doing well, we're the ones who helped track down The Right, bringing to all those arrests."

“Yes, a volcano. Amara went nuts.” Manuel’s expression shows that he is a bit offended at Firestar’s question, “I did not give her a reason. But she was acting oddly. Almost irrationally. I know how people act under my thrall. That was not the action I would have expected unfortunately I was too busy trying to stay alive so I didn’t have time to investigate. When I returned the attack here already happened. Whoever is after the Hellions, it probably has something to do with Emma. I think that might explain the X-Men and Hellfire Club coming together. I am part of that group.” He shrugs as he remembers his recent encounter with Wolverine, “So we will make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.” He gestures to the ruins. "And as for your place, deep donw in your heart, Angie. You'll always be one of us."
"The X-Men and Hellfire Club are coming together?" Now Firestar really sounds confused, so she is not as up to date as Manuel to be sure. "I don't understand, aren't they sworn enemies?" She skips the part of Manuel being indignant about her accusation, she is certain he may have given Amara a reason to go nuts on him. She knows that if it wasn't for the White Queen, she may have well killed Manuel herself when she first learned how he manipulated her. At that last comment Firestar glowers at Empath, clearly fazed by his words, "funny to hear you say that after most of the Hellions are dead, I struggled very hard to fit in and never could…you and Roulette were particularly mean to me. How can you say I'm one of you? You toyed with me, Manuel, don't think I've forgotten."

"Well, tragedies such as this make strange bedfellows. The Right are out to kill mutants. We are mutants. So it actually makes perfect sense that both groups would come together against a common enemy." Turning away from her as he begins to walk the grounds and gestures for her to follow, "Angelica, I know it is not forgotten. Nor is it forgiven. Times have changed as I am sure you know. I myself was never liked by the majority of the Hellions. James was a bully and Jennifer was just a mean girl. Truly evil. A girl after Emma's own heart. I admit to my mistakes and what I did to you and others was awful." Manuel stops and turns, "But should I sit back and sulk and say sorry? Or should I be proactive, should I take the steps necessary to make sure that things like this tragedy never happen again." He sighs, "I am truly sorry, Angie."

"I guess so, though it still sounds strange to me. New Warriors isn't just for mutants, so maybe I've been out of the loop a bit in that regard. New Warriors are about helping everyone in need." Firestar explains a bit about what she's been up to, but from the look on her face, it's clear she's bothered by all the issues with the massacre and the MRA. Arching a brow at Manuel's apology, Firestar looks skeptical, not too sure whether he's sincere or not. "I don't know what to think Manuel, you've always been good with words…"
Offering a sincere apology is not something that Manuel typically does and to have it question, his eyes seem to burn into his former teammates, “Well, then Firestar, I must be going. I have Hellfire Club business to attend too. I am sure we will see each other again.” Taking one last look around the ruined campus, he makes his way to the gate and exits to a waiting limousine.

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