2011 12 26 News The Season For Charity Work

The Season For Charity Work

With the holidays passing through, December has been quite a busy month for all. This also includes local celebrities who, on top of their holiday shopping and time spent with families and friends, have donated their time to local charities.

Over at the Chelsea homeless shelter, Hawkeye, The Invisible Woman, Beast, and representatives from the nearby located Golem Studios, including former bassist Wade Shaw and still performing Mick Drago, took part in small scale seasonal festivities which included Christmas type food fare, and gifts of blankets, stuffed animals, and other care items being passed out to Shelter residents. Sebastian Shaw of Shaw Industries even stopped by with additional food for the feast and with a considerable donation to the shelter that will also be matched by Shaw Industries.

Over in Rockefeller Center there was another fundraiser event being held to generate funds to be donated to community outreach programs throughout the New York area. Amongst some of the high profile guest list consisting of senators, musicians, actors, and models were also the Invisible Woman and Mick Drago who must have beelined over there after the Chelsea event due to the close scheduling of the two events.

"It's just a busy time as we look to encourage potential donors to make the most of the last few weeks of the year to get those, tax deductible donations made." An organizer for the Rockefeller Center function stated, "It's just fantastic how we can get local celebs to help us out."

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