2011 12 23 So Many Fundraisers So Little Time

Log Title: So many fundraisers, so little time
Characters: Invisible Woman, Phantasm
IC Date 23 Dec 2011
Location: Rockefeller Center
Brief log summary: The X-mas season is chock full of charity events and it turns out Mike and Sue have similar commitments
Rating: G
There is no TS in the log: Yes

-==[ Rockefeller Center - New York ]==--------

It may come as a surprise even to veteran New Yorkers, but Rockefeller Center actually encompasses a full 21 acres of gardens, plazas, art and architecture. Though primarily a tourist trap, Rockefeller Center can charm even the most jaded New Yorker particularly during the holidays, when packs of skaters circle the skating rink in front of the larger-than-life Christmas tree. A handful of shops surround the plaza in front of the rink, and there's an underground shopping area, too. But the prime attraction is the NBC studios. "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" are both taped here, while the "Today Show"'s fishbowl studio (at 49th Street) allows a street-level glimpse into the inner workings of network television. Less well-known is the fact that much of the music industry keeps offices in the area, though outside of the MTV Awards Show you're unlikely to see rock stars among the tourist hordes at the nearby Radio City Music Hall or Fashion Caf.

The quality of the ice at the Rink might not compare with that at Wollman, but skating at Rockefeller Center is as much a see-and-be-seen proposition as a pure ice-skating experience.

This close to the Big Day (tm), the charity events are packed back to back, so sometimes philanthropist types find themselves to be ridiculously busy. Sue somehow ended up in that group, having rushed home after the event at the shelter to see Franklin to bed then hurriedly change clothes and rush right back out. As it is, she's arriving at the Rockefeller Plaza later than she'd planned, and she avoided traffic by travelling under her own power. Advantage of force field flight: her hair won't get mussed.

Ding dong, the green shirt's gone, the green shirt's gone. Ding dong the wicked green shirt's gooooooonnne! Mike too, who is experiencing quite a demand upon his time with the buzz within the music business regarding his newest album being released soon, has found himself here as well. In place of the green shirt and jeans, Mike has switched out his attire to his usual quasi-formal charity attire. Black dress pants, a deep red shirt, and black jacket only partially buttoned to expose the only Christmasy color in his attire. His hair, typical to his usual stylings at these events has been pulled back into a loose ponytail, exposing his features for those who meet with him. With the lack of a son to put to bed, Mike has arrived just prior to Susan and for that he is getting his ear talked off by a senator whose eighteen year old daughter turns out to be a fan of his. He's quiet, giving slight nods as he slips the glass of whatever the heck beverage the server gave him. Whoo boy.

Susan Richards all but literally sweeps into the gala, having opted for an only slightly flashy dress — a fifties-esque tea-length gown with the fitted bodice, bolero jacket, the whole ball of wax in deep royal blue velvet. She smiles and greets a few people as she enters, then upon noticing Mike nearby start working her way that direction to try and rescue him.

Sip. Sip. Siiiip. Mike continues the quiet process of nodding as the senator continues on his monologue, nursing the drink before he finds himself with a pen and someone holding a cocktail napkin. Blinking, Mike signs it and soon after the pen goes away with the person who had the cocktail napkin. A glance up leads to him spotting Susan to which he smiles. Oh thank God! Reinforcements!

Susan Richards smiles and nods and makes her way over to Mike, then upon recognizing the senator monopolizing the young man she butts in when the man pauses to take a breath. "Senator Read, a pleasure to meet you again. Mr. Drago… oh, could you get one of those drinks for me, please?" It may seem dismissive to anyone else, but she hopes Mike understands and doesn't mind her sending him away.

Mike's lips become a display of wry amusement to this as he nods, "Certainly, Mrs. Richards." He glances to the Senator giving a bit of a nod to him, "Excuse me." With that he seeks out for one of those drinks, conveniently not spotting the tray that was being carried around behind the senator's line of sight. AH HA! Freedom!

Susan Richards talks politely with the senator and his daughter for a few minutes before moving on, looking around subtly to try and figure out where Mike escaped to. Wow, he REALLY fled the scene.

Mike has conveniently located a tray on the other side of the area sectioned off for the charity. In his hands he holds two glasses, one which he's obviously been sipping from and the other where the contents appear untouched. As he smiles to the waitress, he slowly turns, giving Sue a tilt of the head in greeting as he catches her eye.

Susan Richards smiles and makes her way over toward Mike to collect her drink. "Why thank you, kind sir." Her smile takes on a bit of a wicked gleam. Just for a moment.

The glass is handed over without incident and Mike shares in a bit of a smile as well, "It was my pleasure." There's a bit of an unspoken emphasis to the last word as he holds his glass up in a mo- ok a real toast, "To good timing. May at least one person in the group have it."

Susan Richards chuckles softly, nodding to the toast. "Well, we probably won't be so lucky next time." She looks around briefly. "How did Wade manage to weasel out of this party, hm?"

Mike's smile shifts, not so much mischevious but more of a general acceptance of Wade's… good fortune? "He volunteered to help with kitchen cleanup at the shelter so he has a scheduling conflict. Can't very well commit to a charity function you can't guarantee you will show." He gives a bit of a shrug, "What about the rest of your family?"

Susan Richards ahs softly and nods. "Ben doesn't like events like this, he feels out of place, so he volunteered to stay with Franklin, who's already asleep. Johnny's out helping the fire department again, and Reed's out of town finishing some experimental thing whose name I couldn't ever pronounce. He'll be home tomorrow morning, and if he's so much as an hour late I have carte blanche to be merciless."

"Ooh." Mike replies, managing to feign a bit of a low dramatic tone within his voice, perhaps due to the bit of stage performer within him, "Carte blanche is it? Although I don't think I've seen it, I'm not sure I could do well with the wrath of Mrs. Richards when she's to that point." He smirks, "Beware of the gentle ones. For they might have the strongest bite when provoked."

Susan Richards smiles a Wednesday Addams smile again, tilting her glass toward Mike. "Exactly." Then her attention is turned to the nearby stage where the charity organizer speaks into a microphone to get everyone's attention.

With the good reception to the observation, Mike chuckles, taking another sip from his glass before lowering it, attention turning towards the stage.

Susan Richards listens to the speeches that follow attentively, nodding at a few things. Then the speaker moves on to the list of contributors, as is always the case, and Sue smiles again, as if expecting something good from this.

As the speeches continue, Mike is also quiet, and he seems attentive as well. As the list of contributors turns out to be lengthy, his expression seems amused at this. The levels of his drink go down in the duration of this.

Susan Richards positively grins when the announcer calls out "Mr. Benjamin Grimm" despite several others looking confused by it. She glances at Mike almost gleefully.

At the mention of Ben's name, Mike looks over towards Susan. "Even when he's not here, he's making ripples." He murmurs to Sue quietly.


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