2011 12 20 Putting On The Ritz

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Putting On The Ritz

Angelica Jones, Alexander Summers

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December 20th, 2011

Jazz Club, Brooklyn

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Havok had invited Firestar on a date when the two escaped a Murderworld trap of Arcade. Angelica finally found the courage to take Alex on that offer.


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It has been a long time since their shared adventure at what was almost a visit to one of Arcade's Murderworlds, and it may have seemed to Havok like he'd never hear from Firestar again, but then comes an unlikely phone call to the number her gave her, perhaps not surprisingly, from a very secured number that is pretty much untraceable. Only quesiton is, does he pick up?

Two rings later; Alex Summers is apparently watching some sporting event when he answers the phone, noises of cheers are heard in the background as he says, "Hello?".

There's a slight delay at the sound of cheers, as Angelica assumes Alex must be busy or at an event, but eventually she does stammer, a quiet, introductory, "h-hi, it's Firestar, we met in…not very pleasant circumstance, and you gave me your number in case I wanted to go out for some food sometimes?"

The background noise goes silent, "Firestar. Hey. Food you say?" Alex finally replies with some recollection in his voice, knowing exactly who he's talking to.

"Well, I'm sorry it took me so long to call, but everything that happened, the mutant massacre, this registration act, it's all such turmoil." There's a slight pause, it's clear from the sound of her voice that the girl is not very comfortable and feels quite awkward at the call, "I just, I figured it could be nice if you were still interested. Oh, and I guess it'd be silly to meet in costume, but…I wanted to make sure you're cool with keeping secrets. I mean, you told me your real name, so I guess you trust me…"

Letting her talk, get it all out and ramble on nervously brings a smile to his face. He doesn't interrupt and won't make any sort of edits to her assumptions, instead he just states, "There's this jazz club in Brooklyn; called "The Jazz Club" on Mathers and 15th. How about we meet there at 9?"

"That'll do just fine, I never really been to a jazz club before, so it would be a new experience. You don't have to dress fancy for that place, right? Casual would be fine?" Angelica has to make sure, she doesn't really have anything fancy to wear, keeping to a rather simple life, supporting her father, doing her schoolwork, chores, and only then New Warriors business. "See you then."

"It's casual. Jeans, a skirt… it's all good." and then he'll let her go to get ready. He too will do just that - in a few hours when it's time to head out.

-==[ The Jazz Club - Brooklyn ]==---------

The large open floor of the warehouse has been converted into a classic jazz lounge. The front area is consumed by a band area and stage where everything from small quartets to full orchestras perform nightly, in styles ranging from cool and mellow to full-on swing. The place is dimly lit by a few small wall fixtures, and a larger one over the bar, and smells of cigar and pipe tobacco fill the air. There is a small dance floor area immediately in front of the stage, with the rest of the floor filled with small tables for two, except for the row of booths down one wall, and the bar on the other. The bar seems well-stocked and sports a large framed picture of Frank Sinatra at the center of the shelves of liquor.

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[O] - Brooklyn - New York

Angelica proves to be rather punctual, she is already waiting outside the door, dressed in skinny jeans, loose black tank top, a pink blazer and sneakers. A very casual look, completed with a double belt set in across about her waist, garnet earrings and a few bracelets in different colors. Her hands are dipped in the pockets of her blazer as she stands there, looking a bit nervously left and right while waiting for Alex to arrive.

Walking across the damp street, Alex Summers cannot help but miss the red hair. He will smile in his approach and step upon the walk in his direct approach.
There's no line to get into the club, just people hanging outside being social. There is a doorman that doubles as a bouncer. And the blue neon sign hangs above the door gives off a hum of electricity.
Alex says, "Hey stranger." when he draws to within reach - but not intending to hug or kiss. He himself is casual, boots, jeans, a black long sleeved shirt underneath a leather jacket. Definitely not the 'going out clubbing sort' but it's a jazz club, so he's going to fit right in.

"Hi," Angelica murmurs a bit nervously, a slight blush betraying her discomfort and how unaccustomed she is to just outings. "Been a while, I'm so happy casual is fine for this place," Angelica says with a softening expression, before nodding in the direction of the bouncer, whispering as she leans closer to Alex, "but that guy has been looking at me funny, it's freaking me out, I'm glad I didn't have to stand out here for long. So…does it cost money to enter?"

Alex smiles at her nervousness and her cautious approach to things, "It's okay, I got it." and will start walking toward the doorman.
The doorman won't give them grief, he'll just nod and let them pass. It's when they get inside and move to the window to pay the cover, the gangly woman behind the counter will ask, "ID's please?" and Alex will be pulling his out with cash in hand to pay the cover for both of them.

"What do you mean you got it? I don't want you to pay for me…," Angelica murmurs, although she's not being forceful, rather she mentions politely that she'd rather Havok wouldn't pay for her. It's clear she's not used to having others pay for her, or dating for that matter, not that this is an official date so much as just two friends or soon to be friends going out for some food.
Once inside, Angelica stands next to Alex, looking quite small next to him as she flushes even more at the request for ID's. "Is that really necessary? What is this some high security place of some sort?" She mumbles nervously. Boy, is that ever humiliating, it would be a terrible start for this quasi-date if she's not allowed in the club where Alex offered to take her. She just hopes the woman would settle for only looking at Alex' ID as he's paying.

Alex doesn't argue the point of him paying or not. Rather he is just being a gentleman or something along those lines and has full intention of paying since she's accompanying him.
The lady behind the counter looks at Alex's ID, hands it back to him then looks to the girl, "It's the law, honey. 18 to get in, 21 to drink. ID please." and turns her palm up to receive Angelica's ID. Alex turns anticipating no issues.

Angelica has all but forgotten about the payment issue, fully stressed out about the humiliation she is about to experience. If she says she wants to go somewhere else now, she looks stupid and weird, and if she gives the woman her ID then it may prove even more embarrassing. "Oh," Angel says to the woman's explanation, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, as if it wasn't obvious to her already that it's the law. Shuffling about her purse, she reaches for her wallet, and flashes her ID card very briefly before the woman, thinking maybe she wouldn't notice any difference.

Flashing it doesn't satisify the woman behind the counter. Her fingers coil three times indicating that she wants it in her hand, "Hand it over, honey. Or you may as well go home and leave this handsome young man to the cougars inside."
Alex says nothing, but is growing a little concerned as to Angelica's reluctance. He's about to put two and two together and get 'underaged'.

With a slient sigh of defeat, Angelica finally hands the card over to the woman, her head already starting to lower in shame. She already knows she won't be admitted, and it doesn't matter all that much to her, what really matters to her is that she thinks Alex would think she's a loser and be mean to her. It's most of her experience from her years in school, and more so in Emma Frost's Academy, before it got destroyed.
As the woman gets a proper look at her ID this time, Angelica just waits to be handed the card back as she quips, "maybe I should just go home and let you have some fun here…"

Alex watches the exchange, the woman knows the cutoff date for entry and she sighs.
Before the woman can say anything else, Alex pulls out his /other/ identification and shows it to the woman. It looks official, a badge/id card, "I'm a federal agent, I'll take responsibility for her actions and ensure that she will not consume alcohol on the premesis. That good enough for you?" The woman considers it for a second and hands the girl back her id along with prepares a stamp to mark the back of her hand indicating that she's not over 21.

At this point Angelica's face is as red as her hair if not more so, she sheepishly takes back her ID card places it in her wallet, and the entire thing in her purse, before extending her hand to be stamped by the woman. "I didn't mean to trick anyone, I don't drink alcohol, I just didn't expect to get carded here…I thought they only do that in dance clubs and bars."

The woman says, 'Of course, honey.' then stamps her hand and will indicate that she wants the next person in line.
Alex smiles as he shows her away from the counter and says, "So…" and then adds, "I would have totally pegged you for 20."

Even though the woman is trying to be nice to her, Angelica winces, feeling as if she may as well shoved a baby bottle in her hand and told her to behave like a good little girl. Still blushing to the very tips of her ears, Angelica nods faintly at the woman as she stamps her, and shuffles slowly along with Alex, not daring to even look at him quite yet, "…thanks…" her voice is barely audible is she appreciates Alex trying to make her feel better, even if he was sincere, that's what she thinks he's doing. "I honestly didn't know a jazz club cards people, I wasn't expecting this…"

"Sorry." He says in apology as they move into the club proper and he begins looking for a table where they can see the venue (a single female vocalist in the spotlight with a bass, piano, and snare behind her). "It's an alcohol serving law or something. Plus I'm pretty sure it's a club policy to ensure adults only."

"I don't know why they'd do that, I mean, I'm not bothering anyone I don't think, it's not like teenagers need constant supervision," Angelica murmurs, but even as she says the words, she can think of a few examples for teenagers who most certainly would require constant supervision. Trying to shake her mind off the thoughts and what just happened, being embarrassed enough for the day, her eyes catch the singer at the spotlight, and very soon Angelica looks mesmerized, "waw…she's goregous, and she has such a wonderful voice…"

Picking a table, Alex will pull the chair out

Picking a table, Alex will pull the chair out and offer her to take a seat. He will note the vocalist but say only, "She's here pretty often, really good." Hopefully giving way to segue away from her awkward topic which they may or may not address later.

Still blushing it's hard to notice she's blushing even more as Alex is being gentlemanly with her, after all, the closest thing she had to a date thus far was poor Sam Guthrie being manipuated to be with her, before a full fledged fire spread out for something she thought was her fault. Now, however, the setting is quite spectacular, if it wasn't for the embarrassing carding incident, and Alex is being remarkably nice to her. There's good music, a gorgeous singer, skilled band, she really feels like she doesn't belong. "Thanks," she chirps out quietly as she settles in her sit, a silly smile spreading on her lips, "soooo…what made you pick this spot, other then the tight security," Angelica tries to laugh it off a bit, "you like jazz? I think I like it so far, never really had a chance to try it before."

Taking a seat he sounds off on his musical tastes, "I generally like all music, but Jazz, Big Band, Musical numbers, and 80s rock are generally my favorites. With me it's about feeling the music, letting it move me."

"I listened to a lot of classical in ballet classes, but I do like all kinds of music, it's fun to try new styles," Angelica seems to gradually feel more at ease as the conversation starts to flow a bit. "Did you ever study dancing?"

Alex smiles, finding that question somewhat comical. "From afar, perhaps." indicating that he's watched people dance. Then in a lower vocal volume nearing a whisper, "But keep this between you and I. My favorite movie is West Side Story. I secretly wish I could dance like them, but I'd never admit it in public."

"Oh, well, I guess that's almost as good," Angel offers with a slim smile, gradually working her way out of awkwardness. "Ha!" Angel bursts in laughter as she wasn't quite ready for the following comment, "really? I'd never expect that, though I gotta say, it is a pretty nice movie." Playfully she starts snapping her fingers while swaying her body.

Alex smiles as he observes the snap and sway then as luck would have it, a waitress arrives to take drink and small item food orders.
With that distraction quickly out of the way Alex starts a new topic on a quieter note, "I checked you out on the net. You and that group of yours are pretty good."

Angelica immediately stops snapping her fingers and freezes in her seat, her eyes averting towards the table, as once again she seems sheepish at the thought the waitress may have seen her being silly. Then Alex changes topic after ordering, giving Angel a chance to sigh in relief, "oh, you looked at it? I think Telemetry set it up, it's pretty neat isn't it? I could never do something like that. Thanks for the kind words, I was worried you'll think I'm a total loser considering how we first met."

"Why would I think you were a loser? We were in the same boat. Now had you been the victim and me the guy who saves the damsel… then maybe." Alex teases in the later part of that statement. Then adds for clarity, "We all get caught, we all lose battles. What matters is that we're in it. We stick our neck out to help others or right wrongs. That's what's important."

"I never really thought of that," Angel says with a smile, feeling a fair bit better as Alex reminds her of that small fact, which at the time she didn't even consider. "So, how did you wind up in there?" She does nod in agreement as Alex states what's the real important thing to remember.

There's a moment of consideration as he looks back in his mind's eye. "That goes way back. As an X-Man, we came across Arcade a few times. He likes us for what ever reason and wants to show off his masterful Murderworlds. As he likes to call them. We just call them pain in the ass death traps. When you and I met, I had been tricked by a disguised Miss Locke. She sort of …" he looks for an appropriate definition of the situation. "Put it this way, I didn't know it was her and she drugged me."

"Arcade…that was the name of the guy whose voice we heard over the speaker? The twisted mind behind whatever that trap was? He better hope he doesn't meet me face to face," Angel murmurs, fleeting thoughts of her last encounter with Emma at the Academy swim in her mind. She knows what she's capable of doing. "For me it was guys kidnapping a baby, only it wasn't a baby, I think I also got drugged, I lost conciousness after being hit by a gas of some kind. So…I guess I'm not the only stupid one here, huh?" Angel looks up at Alex with a light-hearted smile.

"Not stupid. Just blindsided. It happens to the best and well trained of us. I've been doing this hero stuff for almost a decade now, and there's always a suprise around every corner. Kinda like you." Alex offers a subtle hint of a compliment.

"Blindsided…?" Angel tastes the words on her tongue, not sounding too sure, "I don't know what it was like where you trained, but my teacher would have never excused lacking alertness." It sounds like she's speaking from unpleasant experience too. Angel doesn't quite seem to take the compliment, whether she missed or she's just bad at taking compliments, is unclear, "I'm a surprise? I hope I'm not a bad surprise."

His chin lowers, leaning toward her he says quietly, "Your power. It's amazing. I'm still not sure how we synced up like that. But the feeling it gave me was incomprehensiveable. And of course the package it comes within."

"Is it?" Angelica sounds undecided about it, "I've heard quite a bit about my potential, and how important I am, from different people with different ideas of what I should do with my life. But to be honest, I spent much of my life hating myself and my 'gift'." Blushing just a bit, Angelica whispers, "figures the first time a guy will feel good around me will have to do with my power…" perhaps a bit embarrassed by the way the conversation is going, Angelica tries to get the attention of a server but failingly so, being far too subdued and hesitant as she attempts to get their attention with a glance.

Alex will smile, he moves back to be fully in his seat and doesn't push the issue as she becomes distracted or wary of his attention. He'll help the issue along and wave to the waitress just to help the segue away from the potential discomfort Angelica my feel.

Once a waitress comes over, much with Alex's help, Angelica orders herself a glass of carrot juice if the establishment carries it. She then looks back at Alex, "so, what do you mean by incomprehensive feeling? What? Was it tickling? I'm used to my power making people feel ill, or worse."

"It was like…" then he catches himself before he goes further. His smile broadens and he follows with, "I probably shouldn't use that reference. Put it this way. It felt really good. Like an all over body sensation."

Angel quirks her brow as Alex starts explaining and kind of catches himself before proceeding, "so like a very good massage at a spa?" Angel tries the first comparative that comes to her mind. Needless to say, she never had a boyfriend, she's certainly not well versed in perhaps more mature ways to describe pleasure.

"Perfect." He says with some relief to her offered definition. "Exactly like that." Then he rubs the back of his neck and will smile to himself and also hate himself for being in this situation.

Angelica smiles as Alex agrees with her suggested description, "that's odd, nobody ever had that kind of reaction to my power, I'm supposed to be all about destruction and death. Glad you're at least feeling good from it," Angel seems a bit pleased at the idea, before she gets her carrot juice and immediately asks for a straw as well, which once given she dips in her drink and starts drinking with it.

Alex settles back in his chair and listens to the music for a bit longer. Trying to move beyond the potentially uncomfortable references. He'll leave the conversation to the wind and after taking a drink from his own glass, he'll ask before realizing that it too may be awkward, "When's your birthday?"

Angelica looks up from her drink when Alex asks her the question, and she almost answers it, before suddenly stopping herself. "Wait…we've only just met, why do you have to know? It's not like you're going to throw me a birthday party, right?"

Alex smiles, busted, he shakes his head, "Oh nothing like that. But you know, Zodiac stuff. And not the super villain organization either."

Angelica laughs, "I think it's silly that people even think you can tell anything about a person by their Zodiac sign. It's much better to talk to them and get to know them, don't you think?" Angelica offers, before quipping, "for instance, I'm sure a few moments ago you thought I'm a total loser, and I'm not really that bad, huh?"

"A total loser?" Alex questions with a growing look of concern, "What are you talking about? Why would you even think something like that?"

"Yeah…I mean, getting carded like a dweeb, and not really knowing much about this jazz club so I could at least expect it would happen and say I want to go somewhere else," Angelica naturally expects most opinions to be driven by such factors like the ones she's been accustomed to, as in, if you're young you need your elders to make decisions for you because you don't know any better.

In a confident and reassuring tone, Alex says, "Before tonight, I'd already formed an opinion of you, a few in fact. And none of them involved the word loser. Now, you can either dance with me or we can get outta here and do something stupid."

"Really?" Angelica sounds quite surprised by Alex's refuting of her notion he thought she was a loser. "So…what opinion do you have on me?" She wonders aloud, before grinning sheepishly at the offer of a dance, "I haven't danced with anyone in a long time, I think I'd like it."

Alex stands, not wishing to pursue the whole answer her question at this very moment, option. Instead he will take her hand and pull her out to the tiny little encircled dance floor where perhaps 4 other couples move slowly to the music. It's nothing more than high school swaying and close standing.

Angelica seems to blush a great deal more once Alex stands up and reaches to take her hand, as she herself slowly lifts from her seat, following his lead to the small dance floor. Her eyes almost instantenously avert downwards once they stand on the dance floor, though she does start to sway very slightly along with the music, trying to relax a bit.

Alex seems to know how to dance, but he's not trying to push her in any direction or take a 'lead'. Instead he's just offering her a place to put her hands and her head. He's also quite warm. His own power generating a large amount of heat from within. Perhaps 105 degrees to the touch, as if he runs a fever.

Luckily Angelica is quite comfortable due to her own set of powers, allowing her to put her hands somewhat awkwardly on Alex's shoulders, as the two dance a little swaying slow dance, Angelica gradually becoming a bit more comfortable, at least enough to quip, "thank you, Alex."

"For what?" He asks in a tone of curiousity, unsure what he did or what he said. Or just feigning such ignorance to get her to open up more.

Angelica takes her time to reply, remaining silence for a while after the question, her hands tightening a bit in their hold of Alex' shoulders. Eventually she starts to lift her gaze closer to Alex' visage, "for dancing with me."

With his hands on her hips, he smiles down to her and says, "You're welcome." in a quiet voice and continues his casual sway to the music.

It has been a long time since Angelica last got to dance with a boy, at least this time nobody is stepping on toes, and there's also that bit about a lack of trauma involved. Jazz club, slow dancing, and no catastrophe in sight. May as well turn out to be an actual good evening after all. After a while longer, Angelica even tests resting her head against Alex' chest, if he lets her, "do you come to this place often? I mean, when you see girls?"

With her head to his chest she can hear the chuckle within. Then his voice offers, "When I see girls…" then another chuckle is given before he elaborates, "I do come here often… but, it's mostly by my self. It's just a nice place to get away."

"Come on, Alex, you're a good looking guy, and you're nice, and polite…don't tell me you don't see girls." Angelica doesn't seem ready to buy that Alex isn't in the habit of seeing quite a few girls. "I guess it would be a nice place to just sit at and listen to the music, well, if I could do that, I mean, I'm only here because of you. Thank you for that too."

Alex smiles, trying to be humble and not suave or a player, he responds, "I'm really not all that. Plus my job sort of keeps me out of the player categories. So, not that many girls."

"Well, if you say so," Angelica doesn't press on the question, it is a bit intrusive and she shouldn't have ever made the assumption to begin with. "I apologize for making the comment, it was rude of me. I guess, I just never been to a place like this before."

Alex smiles and quietly chuckles. Her reactions reinforce just how young and/or inexperienced she is. "No worries. It's as you said earlier, getting to know people through conversation. Questions, answers, it's all pretty much fair game."

"I guess so, well, so if we are doing that…did you ever have a girlfriend?" Angelica asks curiously, the subject always being something of a forbidden topic for her for different reasons. She's only ever had glimpses of others partaking in proper relationships.

With a warming hint to his smile, Alex answers with a reflective nod, "Yeah. Same girl, a few times. One of those on again, off again relationships. And really, the only one that I'd call 'girlfriend'. Unless you count Melissa Tampega from 7th grade. "How about you?"

"I have a few girlfriends, but it's not like when guys have them, I mean we're just friends," Angelica answers and seems mighty pleased with her joke, before giving out a slight chuckle and murmuring, "well, I guess you're really asking if I had a boyfriend, and I never had one, not a real one." That time that Empath made her unconditionally in love with him certainly doesn't count as a healthy relationship.

After a brief chuckle to her joke Alex notes, "Sounds like you need to get out more. There are tons of boys who are missing out on a wonderful opportunity."

"I don't know that I call it an opportunity, I do have a lot of duties, I got chores at home, and I want to keep to superhero activity, it makes me feel good to do it." Angelica starts listing out excuses, making it more evident she's not much of a social butterfly, for whatever reason. At least she's trying to go out more, considering how long it took her to reply to Alex's offer

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