2011 12 16 The Quest For X

Log Title:
The Quest for X

Empath and Wolverine

IC Date:
December 16, 2011

Reception - Hellfire Club - New York

Brief log summary::
Logan is looking for X-23 and comes to the Hellfire Club to find her and is greeted by Empath


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Logan stands in front of the front desk, having a 'discussion' with the receptionist. A pair of Hellfire Club security guards flank him, burly and competent looking but still a touch uneasy at the thought of having to 'handle' the infamous Wolverine.

Dressed in period clothing of the 17th or 18th century, Manuel de la Rocha enters into the Hellfire Club. Newly titled Black Rook to Selene, the Black Queen, he arrives dressed appropriately for his new appointment enters the lavish headquarters to the Hellfire Club. Clearly spotting Wolverine, he lets out a sigh and there last encounter left the Spaniard unconscious as he was threatened with those rather sharp and nasty admantium claws. Approaching exuding an air of false confidence, “Wolverine? Why are you here?” His question is punctuated with a Spanish accent and a demeaning tone.

"I know she—" Logan is saying, in what for him is a patient tone. He cuts off and looks over at Empath, brow furrowing slightly as he takes in the attire. "Thought I smelled a familiar smell. Manny." It takes Logan a moment to come up with the name, as if he took the time to think up the most annoying way to address him. "I'm here lookin' for someone. And I know she's been here," Logan raises his voice slightly, now turning his head slightly back to indicate he's talking to both Empath and the receptionist now. "Only question is, is she here now. And if she is, how much ruckus I'm gonna have to raise before you let me talk to her…"

“Well, Wolf-man, I have no idea who you are speaking of. If you are speaking of her majesty, the Black Queen Selene. She is not present at the moment and I am sure she would not bequeath you the honor of meeting with her anyway.” He eyes the X-Man and ponders using his power on the old man, but last time, he was unsuccessful and got a face full of claws. “If you are referring to Emma or Tessa, they are not here either.” His tone is less reverent when he mentions Emma and Tessa. “Any other woman is insignificant and perhaps the local whorehouse can fill those animal needs of yours.” He holds his hand up to keep any guards at bay who may feel the need to do something foolish at the moment.

Logan's expression darkens a bit at Empath's response. "I'm not here for Selene or for Tessa, and I already talked to Emma." He stares at Empath for a bit longer before a hint of understanding flickers across Logan's features. "Guess you don't know everything after all, huh? I'm here for X. Pretty girl, black hair, about this high," he holds out a hand at a few inches below his own height. Then his tone grows sharp. "An' she's got my claws and knows how to use 'em, so don't get any ideas."

Making an expression that reads with disgust, “Por Dios, there is a female version of you!” He clearly has no idea who Logan is referring and most likely would not want to, “If I see this creature. I will let her know you looked for her and to look for you at the appropriate place: The docks, a bar, or the pound.” He narrows his eyes, “And X is her name? Really? Has Charles just given up altogether in naming his pets?” He starts to laugh, “I heard Emma was chitchatting with the enemy. I guess she really has lost it since she lost the rest of the Hellions, too bad the X-Men and New Mutants weren’t there, huh?”

Logan's brows draw together. You can almost see the thoughts going through his head - some variation of 'that's what I get for trying to one-up the little punk with words'. Then he seems to get his groove back. "You're right, it's too bad we weren't there. Too bad I wasn't there," he corrects after a bit, his normal gruff-ness easing just a bit to one that's almost respectful. "Things would have been different if I was. But I'm here now," he says finally. "And I ain't leaving until I see who I came to see."

Taken aback by what Logan says. Admittedly, Empath was the cruelest of the Hellions and he has yet to properly react or, dare say it, mourn. Noting that perhaps had Logan and the others he mentioned been there, then perhaps, they would be alive. Remembering what Selene said regarding being ‘nice' to Xavier's bunch, Manuel lets out a long drawn out sigh and trying to improve his tone, demeanor, and responses. He ahems and clears his throat, "Wolverine. Let me see what I can do." Looking at the receptionist who was not pleased to be dealing with Logan to begin with, the woman stares at the Black Rook and almost seems to have entirely changed, "Susan. That's your name right." A smile forms on his face as sweet as honey and she responds in kind, "Please pull up access to the security cameras on your computer." Moving behind her desk, Manuel peers the camera feed as he searches throughout the Hellfire Club, "Well, so far, no sign of her, Wolverine."

Logan crowds closer to the desk, as if he wants to see for himself what's being shown. "…you got these things set up to cover everything inside?" he queries, mulling the thought over in his head. "Huh. Guess it makes sense though, folks round here're bound to be a little more open about their business. 'Specially with the dress code." Shaking his head and trying to be 'nice' which Logan will pick up is difficult for him.

"This place has the highest security considering those who have broken in the past." Screen shots of a video feed of the sewer is shown, the same one Logan broke into when the X-Men first fought the Hellfire Club. After the feed has shown enough of the Hellfire Club, Manuel responds, "I am sorry, Wolverine. But she is not here. Is she your daughter or something? Why are you looking for this girl and why would she even be here?"

Logan is silent for a long moment, either brooding or sullen or just not sure how to respond himself. "I don't know, exactly," he admits finally. "That's why I need to find her. Especially with—" he stops suddenly, then his nostrils flare slightly and his voice raises. "Look, if you see her, just tell her I was lookin' for her." He turns his gaze on Empath. "Please."

Respect for your enemy is a great thing, especially for someone like Empath, “Of course, Wolverine. If the girl is here, I will find here. And with my new position in the club, I assure you. Our resources will prove most beneficial in your quest for X. We’ll find here.” Manuel says it with confidence and hope. Offering a nod, “Between us and the X-Men is it really possible for any mutant on this planet to remain hidden.” He gives a grin, both sincere and deceptive.

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