2011 12 13 The Monster

Log Title:
The Monster

Domino, Sandman, Phantasm

IC Date:
13 Dec 2011

Greenwich Village

Brief log summary::
Domino and Phantasm swoop into action at a girl's cries of Monster. It is quite a sandy affair.


-==[ Greenwich Village - New York ]==-------

The Village is easy to get delightfully lost in. There are trees everywhere; the streets are narrow and crooked and twisty, and the buildings seem to lean in over them, sheltering the people on the sidewalks from the view of the world. The people who live here take pride in their neighborhood - it's expensive, and it's stylish and always has been, but it's expensive *because* it's stylish, and it's stylish not because of surging waves of artificial gentrification but because the residents work hard at making it that way.

The Village centers around Washington Square Park, and spreads outward from there in its own pattern - since it was a town of its own before New York swelled to include it, it's never been forced into the strict grid plan. Significant locations in Greenwich Village include NYU's primary campus, the Oscar Wilde Bookshop (the world's oldest gay and lesbian bookstore), a number of Off-Broadway theaters, and one of the most-frequented basketball courts in the city. Also local to the Village is the annual Halloween parade - which each year draws as many as fifty thousand participants, and an audience numbered in the millions.

A sign is posted at 122A Bleeker Street that reads, "Starbucks Coming Soon!".

It is early evening and despite it being a work night, as usual the city is abuzz with tourists and club-goers and people who just want to get drunk. So as usual, the club district of Greenwich Village is very active. Though as with typical New Yorkers, they keep to themselves in small cliques or groups, ignoring the obviously visible vagrants and homeless who are also loitering in the street trying to seek assistance in the bitingly cold weather.

One of the odd sights however is a little child, rather atypical in this part of the city. A small child with tears streaking down her face runs out of an alleyway, screaming. Her clothes tattered. She cries out for help and the New Yorkers ignore her. The alleyway out of which she runs is littered with sand deposits. "Monster! Monster! Save me from the evil monster!"

It is because of people who ignore their surroundings that there are those who patrol. With this not being the night of true rest, Phantasm is one of those numbers. With the night's slumber just starting, a purplish black raven flies out of non-existence. Quite a sight for those who just happen to have really great night vision and just so happened to look at that particular point in the sky. The sounds of the child screaming does draw the bird's attention as the dream-avian's head turns, glancing down towards the alley. The bird's body moves in that direction as well.

Clad in a long, leather coat with puffs of fur at the hem, collar and wrists, Domino makes her way down the street with her hands tucked into her pockets. The black body suit she wears, and her pair of pistols holstered under her arms, are concealed by the long coat. Her chalk-white face with its black spot is visible though, but she doesn't seem to care. What are the chances of someone bothering her?

The pale merc glances around when she hears screaming, one dark eyebrow quirking in curiousity as her icy blue gaze shifts to look in the girl's direction.

A rather nasty looking man who could pass for a vagrant pops out of the alleyway looking particularly scared and afraid. A shadowy figure with red eyes looms over his head. The little girl points, "The monster. Please the monster!" A giant hand of red sand reaches out to grab the vagrant. Dragging the man back into the alleyway. The man screams, "God please. Call 911 now!" He crawls out holding onto the sidewalk but he is snatched and wrenched into the alleyway. Blood trails him as his fingers were buried into the sidewalk as he desperately crawled for survival. "Please God no!" He screams as suddenly ravenous sounds of a monster devouring its prey can be heard. His tattered coat is suddenly tossed out into the street from the alleyway and the girl runs to a lone police officer who is in the area and she tells him what has occurred.

The Raven's wings lift as its movements slow, claws grabbing to the side of the brick as the bird looks to the display. WHAT THE HELL MAN?! The beak parts in surprise as Phantasm looks to the coat, the fleeing girl, and then towards the sand pile again. There's a moment's hesitation before the birdy eyes narrow, the wings spread and he flies towards the sand monster.

Domino stares blankly towards the girl for half a second, then shifts her gaze in the direction of the girl's pointing. And..holy.. Domino starts running towards the alley, her twin pistols drawn in the blink of an eye. Dom might not be Spider-Man or any other goody-two-shoes superhero, but she /does/ have a conscience. She slows to a halt a short distance from the alley once it becomes rather obvious that she is much too late.

The bird's eyes' view of the situation. A demonic looking sand monster a cross between a giant sized Gollum with Venom's eyes. Solid sand claws rake at the man's face as he drips blood from four large claw slash marks scrape his face. The glasses he was wearing drop to the floor and the lenses shatter. The monster then smashes the man into the ground and his other red sand hand forms into a fist ready to smash down on him.

The little girl continues to tell her story to the officer who calls in back-up and informs them of what is happening, as he himself is afraid to go near the alleyway. The creature makes no notice of the raven or Domino.

Unsure to the state of the man, the bird's form shifts, becoming more human-like in figure as he lands near the bloodied man. An abnormally placed shadow cast by the hoodie obscures any identifiable features as he moves quickly, dragging the man from where he lay as quickly as possible. Hurry hurry hurry!

Dom grimaces as she realizes that the man is in fact..not dead yet. Whoops. Shouldn't make assumptions! She dashes the rest of the distance towards the alley, letting a shot loose straight up into the air, just in case the horrific screams and what not did not get everybody nearby to scatter. The pale woman glances wearily towards the shadowy alley for signs of /something/.

As the red fist smashes down onto the concrete of the alleyway but instead of smashing the man, it sends chunks of concrete flying out and up towards Phantasm, Domino, and the man he is trying to save. The creatureĆ¢s red eyes note the sudden arrival of two saviors. Blinking and almost transfixed by the odd appearances of the shadow man and the pale woman with the black eye. The creature howls, "Save him?" The creatureĆ¢s words sounds like unhuman and almost like a ghost. It smashes the walls of the alleyway with enough force to cause them to shake and crumble slightly, "Leave!"

A turned head alerts Phantasm to the flying chunks enough to only allow for one to sort of pass through him before just, hitting something and falling down. The shadowed figure 'oofs' in reaction, "Yeah yeah, working on it!" Phantasm snaps to the request, still dragging the man with him. Yes, he's taking the victim with him, but he's still technically listening to Mr. Sandy's request. The victim likely should be difficult to drag along but he's making enough progress getting him towards the exit of the alleyway.

Crap. Flying chunks of hard stuff. Domino twists to the side, avoiding all but one of the chunks, which tags her in the shoulder, causing her to spin around entirely as she twists. She ends up facing the creature again and lets loose a few shots in its direction as she calls out. "I'm sure everybody would be perfectly happy to leave, if you'd stop trying to eat people!"

The bullets from Domino's guns go into the creature and then through him and out the other end. Suddenly four tendrils emanate from the creature's chest. Two fly out wrapping around the man's legs attempting to drag him back to the creatue. The other two whip out, one attempting to smack Phantasm away and a simultaneous whip of the tendril for Domino as well, specifically aiming to try to knock the guns from her hands.

As the man Phantasm's trying to pull out gets pulled back, Phantasm's head turns, his body starts to dive down as he sees something heading for him, "Oh for fuck's sake!" He snaps, landing on the man, hopefully weighing the guy down, He glances up, features still hidden by the amazingly still present hood, but his mood very much understood by the growl of the voice, "LEAVE the guy out of it!"

Grinds her teeth together as the tendril tags her left hand, causing her to drop one of her guns, the dark pistol clattering to the pavement as she dives to the side into a roll, attempting to position herself between the sand creature and the two men. She turns her attention from creature briefly and attempts to stomp a booted foot down on one of the tendrils grabbing the vagrant.

Domino grinds her teeth together as the tendril tags her left hand, causing her to drop one of her guns, the dark pistol clattering to the pavement as she dives to the side into a roll, attempting to position herself between the sand creature and the two men. She turns her attention from creature briefly and attempts to stomp a booted foot down on one of the tendrils grabbing the vagrant.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" growls the creature. As its uses its strength to pull the man even with Phantasm on top of him closer to itself. But it stops when Domino stomps on it, seemingly cutting off the tendril as it disperses into red sand on the floor. Growling the creature takes a humanoid form roughly 20 feet and it rushes forward its arms out ready to smack Domino aside and throw Phantasm off to get to the man.

Police have arrived to back-up the officer as they start to move towards the alley. The girl has been taken to a police car for safety.

As the sand creature starts changing, Phantasm doesn't waste time as he moves as quickly as he can, tugging the man further towards the alleyway exit. Figuring it to be a lengthy task that will involve a lot of pauses, He glances back, needing to know just where and when the hits will happen, "Just what the fuck did this guy do to you?" He snaps, perhaps hoping that asking a question will delay the sand creature in his attack by taking the time to give a well thought out and concise answer. Hoping. But likely not.

Ouch. Domino thinks to herself as she turns back towards the Sand thing, a split second before she gets smacked aside. She does her best to brace for impact, and hits the pavement, tumbling and eventually coming up in a kneeling crouch, grunting in pain. She seems to have dropped her gun somewhere after getting hit. She takes a moment to catch her breath, warily looking in the creature's direction before glancing towards the sound of the approaching police. It's looking like it might be time for certain unregistered, former government experiments to be disappearing.

Smacking the mutant aside, the sand creature runs after Phantasm as he drags the man making it to the alleyway and awaiting police. The girl runs out of the cop car that she is in. "The monster! The monster!" She screams as the man is dragged out of the alleyway. Once Phantasm and the man are out in the open.

The sand creature continues running towards them and before reaching the entrance of the alleyway, it explodes and bursts into a red sand cloud and after a few seconds after cloud has dispersed, it is gone. The police attempt to grab the man from Phantasm as the girl points to him, "He is the monster. He grabbed me from the park and tried to hurt me. Take the monster away! Please." Tears stream down her face as she points out the monster, the man who kidnapped her and took her to the alleyway.

The hooded figure pauses in his walk, looking towards the man he had been helping. Hands letting go, he lets tha man drop unceremoniously to the ground right in front of the cops, allowing them to pick him up if they want to. "Should have let him kill you," Phantasm spits out before turning, walking back down the alley way, away from the cops and closer to Domino.

Domino mutters under her breath as the sand disappears. She blinks, looking in the direction of the girl once again, "Oh. You have got to be…" The pale merc scowls, hands balling into fists as she rises from her crouch. One hand slips deftly down towards her thigh, pulling one of the throwing knives from the brace there. She twirls it for a second, looking in the "monster's" direction before shaking her head and looking towards Phantasm as she steps backwards, moving further into the alley and away from the police. "Well. That was a damn waste of time, wasn't it?"

The cops quickly arrest the man and get him the proper medical assistance. The little girl is taken in a separate police car to her home. Across the street, the Avengers known as Sandman sits an outdoor cafe and sips some coffee rather pleased with himself. AS the police clear out the area he looks towards the allweyway as he was not familiar with the two who fought the sand creature. After paying for the coffee, he begins to make his way in that direction.

Phantasm looks over to Domino, shadowed head giving a nod as he glances down the alley, "And it looks like I owe someone an apology."

Dom flashes a grin in Phantasm's direction as she slips her knife away and watches the police depart from the shadows of the alley. "The world can be a funny place, can't it? What are the odds that the little girl screaming about a monster would be referring to the man getting killed, and not the red golem thing doing the killing?"

And just like that New York City is back to its typical self. Making his way into the alleyway, Sandman spots the two unknown persons and strolls over eyeing them both and nodding. The former merc ponders, "So what is this? New powered people meeting?" He examines the two, "Who are you guys and what did you just do? You guys capture that child molestor?"

Phantasm glances towards Domino, an oddly shaped, teeth shown grin and glowing eyes becoming visible under the hood despite the rest of the features still being non-visible. Somewhat similiar to a cartoon grin seen in the shadows on a Scooby-Doo episode, only a bit more garish. "Considering it's New York?" As Sandman walks in on the two, Phantasm looks over towards the Avenger, showing the creepy smile for a few moments before it disappears. Back to nothing but shadow. "Seems more like your work, Baker." Phantasm comments, eyeing the newcomer, "Sorry for the misunderstanding. Next time, SAY what he did."

"Good point." Dom acknowledges Phantasm's comment, then glances in the new arrival's direction, and hmm's softly to herself as she puts 2 and 2 together, after hearing the name. "Yes…I think my ghostly friend here is write. And moving up in the world, aren't we? All the way from a merc to an Avenger. Who'd've have ever thought." Dom grins at the Sandman, holding her empty, gloved hands up in front of her, "Powered people? I just shoot folks. And no, I think we aided and abetted a child molestor. Luckily, we failed." The 'who are you' question is rather clearly ignored.

Looking over at Phantasm when he says that name, Sandman frowns, "No, I wish I had been though. Just got the patch through on my com." Flashing his Avengers id, he looks over to Domino, "Didn't think it would happen myself." He smiles, clearly pleased by what he sees and taking her hand and holding it for a moment with a grin and shakes it. "Should I guess at the names, um Phantom Menace and…" His eyes linger longer on Domino, "Black eye and white body. Are you the new Spot or something?"

"Phantasm," The shadowy figure replies, glancing to where the creature was, "Are you sure it wasn't you? What was beating him up looked awful sandy… Sandy." There's a bit of a fanged grin once more, glistening in the shadow.

Dom smirks at Sandman as he shakes her hand, "No, I am not Spot. The name's Domino." She glances between the other two before belatedly adding, "A pleasure, I'm sure. And hey, looks like you were pretty close on his name." The pale woman slips a hand beneath her coat, rubbing at her abdomen, "Whatever that thing was, it sure hit hard."

Noting the fanged grin, Sandman actually smiles, "Nope. Just got here. But wish it was me. But you know. And I'm not the only sandy one out there. I heard Quicksand caused a stink the other day." He extends his hand toward Phantasm, "Phantasm, people call me, Sandman." When Domino mentions how hard the pedophile was hit, "Well good then. Jerk deserves that and worse."

"I think she was talking about how it hit her." Phantasm offers up, glancing towards Domino, "Looked like he hit hard."

Dom laughs. "I was. I think the other guy is lucky to be alive. Or not. His type don't usually have an easy time in prison." She reaches up, brushing a hand through her short black hair as she looks the two men over, "I still can't believe that. If I had known, I'd have put a bullet in that guy and saved myself some time, and some sore ribs."

Looking to Domino, "Well, you are lucky." Sandman grins, "If it hit you as hard as Phantasm says." Blinking when Domino says that she would just kill the man, "Um, well I'll keep my opinion to myself since I am an Avenger. No kill rule." He shrugs and smiles to Domino, "Maybe I should go back to be a merc, huh."

Phantasm eyes Sandman at the comment about going back to being a merc, or at least it's probably eying, the expression is hidden away. "No." He replies, definitively, "Keep with the Avenger bit."

"I am lucky." Domino nods her agreement with Sandy's comment. "And..well. As much as most people don't want to admit it, some people deserve to die." She waves a hand towards the now empty alley as she says, "For example…"

The conversation takes a dark turn, "Yeah, scum should die. But hey. We are good guys defeat not kill. No better than bad guys. I've been both so." Sandman wipes his forehead as he appears to be sweating despite the coldness of the weather.

Phantasm is quiet for a few moments as he watches Sandman. Hands slip into his pockets. "It's harder to hold back when you come from a life where you operate more on impulse," He ventures, head tilting, a bit remeniscent of his initial form for the night, "Hard, at first. But like a lot of things, with practice it gets easier."

Dom doesn't comment on the 'we are good guys' thing. Hard to say anything on that topic when you take work as an assassin, a thief. As well, whatever gets her paid sometimes. Though she does have those flare-ups of conscience occasionally. The pale woman shakes her head slightly and slips her hands into her pockets, "Well..it was fun, but I should probably be disappearing."

"You speak like some kind of old Asian philosopher. Is Confucius under that hood of yours?" When Domino announces she has to leave. Sandman frowns disappointedly, "Well, I should go to. It was nice to meet you, Domino. I'm sure we will meet again." He turns to Phantasm, "Same to you as well." Suddenly instead of turning into a sandstorm and exploding out as usual. He simply strolls to the end of the alleyway and is gone.

Phantasm watches Sandman quietly for a few moments before he looks to Domino, "See you around." With that, he leaves too, switching into a more Avian form as he takes to the sky… And maybe following Sandy.

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