2011 12 12 I Saw That

Log Title:
I saw that!

Gomi and Phantasm

IC Date:
12 Dec 2011

Theater District

Brief log summary::
Gomi thinks no one saw him do it. He thought wrong.


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-==[ Theater District - New York ]==-------—-

The Theater District contains over a hundred restaurants, as well as over thirty theaters. Broadway cuts through the center of the district, defining what plays are important enough to play along this corridor; sidestreets and neighboring streets house 'off-Broadway' shows, and the 42nd Street of George M. Cohan's "Give My Regards to Broadway" is the stretch of it located in this area.

Day and night, this district attracts thousands of tourists, socialites, actors, singers, and students. They come for the flair, the *feeling* of the place; they come for jobs; they come for the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and the free concerts in Bryant Park; they come for the New York Public Library. Primarily, though, the place picks up during the night, when movies premiere and live theater is performed. Dinner theater is popular as well, and some comedians have longstanding shows.

These streets are the home to such landmarks as Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, and what people with cameras and a fascination for glittering lights and celebrities consider to be the public face of New York City, of Manhattan Island: Times Square.

As evening sets in and the daylight is soon replaced by artificial, there's a bit of life over in the Theater District. Although with it being Monday, it's not AS lively as the other evenings but there's life yet with the lines of people waiting to be let in for their desired shows. As for where Mike is, he's nowhere to be seen. Instead, a purplish black raven resides upon one of the nearby lampposts, head flicking about as he looks to the crowd curiously.

Gomi kicks a rock along the sidewalk, hands stuffed in his pockets, posture quite terrible with his shoulders hunched over. It's another typical night on the town for Gomi, having been put in charge of aquisitions for the evening. He looks at each shop as he passes, studying it and sizing it up.

With the leisurely glance around to the lines, it takes quite a bit of time before the familiar face comes to view. However, with the amount of time passed, the familiar face is all he has to go on and a general idea of where he's met him. The bird's head tilts before he spreads his wings, flying over to a street lamp that is closer.

Gomi hears the flapping of wings and looks around, a little paranoid, then continues walking a little faster until he sees a distracted convenience store clerk talking to a girl. Pushing the door open, he walks right past them and starts loading his pockets. There's a reason why he always keeps his jacket zipped.

The bird oddly enough grimaces as Gomi glances around but adjusts his flight, instead landing on the rim of a trash can situated outside the store's window. Head tilting, the raven's glance follows Gomi. Damn it, what was his name?

Gomi keeps an eye on the clerk as he stuffs his jacket full of things like bread, cookies, snack cakes, a half gallon of milk, etc, but goes to the counter to pay for a pack of gum, so the clerk doesn't take notice. Leaving the store twice as round as he was when he went in, he slips out and starts down the sidewalk again, glancing sideways at the bird. Strange.

The bird's head tilts, seemingly looking at Gomi, giving a bit of a 'What?' look. There's a bit of a pause before the raven spreads his wings, flying off in a spooked manner as it makes its way to the roof area, vanishing from Gomi's gaze. The bird, however, sneaks a glance down to Gomi once more, making note of where he's traveling to.

Gomi frowns, spinning around as he hears something again. "It is just your imagination…" he says, pausing at the entrance of a dark alley. He so hates going down these things. "Ariel, I sure hope you're in the right place…"

The bird's head tilts, glancing down the alleyway as Gomi mentions something that sounds some sort of name. If there are any Red headed mermaids waiting here, that's GOT to be a sight to see. How on earth did it get a taxi?

Gomi doesn't see a door open. "Ariel?" he whispers, squinting down the dark alley. "Ariel are you there? I knew I should have brought a flashlight…come on, Ariel!" Ariel is an alien that can create portals by using any doorway.

Alas, the projected Raven does not know this. As Gomi starts to whisper, the bird's attention switches back to him. Curious, the bird starts to flutter over towards a dumpster. Resting atop it, he starts preening. Pretty Raven.

Gomi backs up a step, a little nervous now. "ARIEL, come on! Please…if this is one of your jokes, I promise to pretend to laugh later." he jumps back when the bird lands. "Hello, pretty bird. By chance, have you seen a tall slender, scantily clad woman wearing sunglasses?"

The bird blinks, whether that's physically possible or not is another matter but it blinks nontheless as it tilts its head. "Caw."

It is with that comment that the bird fades from view.

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