2011 12 10 Rhino And Red Sandman

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Log Title: Rhino and Red Sandman
Characters: Elastica, Sandman, the Thing, and The Rhino
IC Date: December 10, 2011
Location: Upper East Side - New York
Brief log summary: Rhino attacks Sandman and they attack Claire and the Thing
Rating: R
There is no TS in this log:Yes

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It is Saturday afternoon in New York City and it would typically be a nice quiet day, relatively warm for an autumn day. Nice and quiet. Especially in the Upper East Side and in the Grapevine Café. That all ends though when a loud explosion is heard outside as two powerful behemoths collide. Sandman walks along outside the Avengers Mansion when suddenly and violently he is literally goared from behind by the powerful Rhino. Sandman’s prone unconscious body is suddenly flung into the air and crashing through the glass doors into the Grapevine Café. There is a gaping hole in his chest where flakes of sand appear. Though instead of a sandy color, they are red. Coincidently so is the horn of the Rhino. Who is now charging towards the entrance to the café. Sandman is unconscious as his body is coincidently thrown right in front of the Thing. Red sand drips out from his wound.

Claire nods to The Thing's question, still inside the Coffee Shop, "Well, there is sometimes the guy who drank a bit more than his fair share of alcohol and decides to cause trouble, or the armed robber that wants some easy, quick cash… but those are far and few between. The robber, at least. The drunk… happens a bit too many times for my liking." she says, and she was about to say more, but having a man flying through the glass windows surprise the heck out of her, "EEEEEEEK!!" she says in shock, crouching down to try to protect herself, before looking at whoever just flew in, "W-who… is that… that Sandman guy? Is he ok?" she's pretty sure sand isn't supposed to be red.

Ben is just lifting his Coffee to take a sip as he speaks with Claire… but that's when the Sandman comes crashing into the Grapevine and through his table. "Jumpin Johosaphat!" The THing says, "Bill….. Bill! Can you hear me?" he says as he tosses some rubble to the side to check on his friend. He looks up at Claire and says, "Claire.. can you call 911 and then the Avenger's hot line? I… I don't know what he needs to patch him up." He looks out the hole in the wall to see who knocked Sandman through it and "Ok lets find out what Joker wants it to get a head start on Sunday." Ben says as he lumbers towards the hole in the wall, starting crawl outside through it.

Rhino’s speed and strength continues and increases as he charges toward the now demolished entrance to the Grapevine Café. Almost unable to stop himself when he spots the Thing, He grins and horn force charges and rams into the Thing with incredible force behind his charge, “This is between us and Flint, but you want in, Thing. I’m more than welcome to oblige!” Sandman is still unconscious.

Claire stands stunned for a brief moment. Mutant she might be, but has no super-hero training whatsoever, what with having to work and study. But then she rushes to the phone to call 911, but is momentarily interrupted mid-typing at the phone when the Rhino charges into the coffee shop, causing even more destruction, "Aahh!!" she cries out in surprise before dialing for the police and Avengers, hastily describing the situation.

"What the!" Ben Exclaims as the Rhino barrels into him and starts sending him crashing further into the cafe. The impact of the two massive man reports like an avalanche. This isn't first time Ben has been hit by an oncoming, angry super villian with that power of a runaway freight train. Reacting quickly the Thing manages to get on hand around the Rhino's horn while the other crashes down on the monster's shoulder. It doesn't stop all of his momentum but it keeps that horn from sinking to deeply into his chest. Big rock feet dig into the floor to accept the impact. Actually digging through the floor itself thanks to the Rhino's momentum. Please god let this building's foundation be on a slabb and not have a basement. "Ok Rhino! Last chance to give up an' say yer sorry or I make ya pay for hurtin' my friend!" Thankfully there is no basement and the business owners were smart when they built this place across the street from the Avengers Mansion.

With his horn grabbed, Rhino snarls as he attempts to his strength to lift the Thing up over his shoulders in a backflip type wrestling move. As he struggles at the clearly stronger hero. He starts to laugh as he notices the floor, but he continues to try and hoist the Thing over his shoulders, “I guess you’ll find out how good of friends you really are…” The wounded body of Sandman suddenly breaks apart sending up a small reddish sand cloud throughout the Café, and as the Thing and Rhino brawl, a pile of sand starts to rise up behind Claire with some rather ominous red eyes rising up behind the mutant girl and a rather nasty sounding groan coming up as the red-eyed sand pile starts to take a more humanoid form.

Claire was compleeeetely unaware of Sandman 'dusting up', and reforming behind her. She is on the phone reporting the incident, stuttering a bit still from shock, but the groan behind her gives her pause, and she slowly turns her head to see a humanoid-like sand being with not-so-nice red eyes. She swallows dryly, "Um… H-hello?" she says, sweatcropping now. Suddenly the fight with Rhino and The Thing isn't the most terrifying thing ever for this girl.

Ben refuses to relinquish his grip on the horn. WHatever material the suit is made out of it makes an audible groan as Ben vice like grip clenches that weapon. As Rhino starts to lift Ben, he'll find that Ben lifts rather easily. After all he's big but he's nothing that Rhino can't muscle around. In fact.. Ben doesn't seem to be fighting it. The big hero upends over Rhino's shoulders, then.. his other hand grabs the horn as he rolls across Rhino's back and tries to flip him backwards in turn. Aiming that big horn towards the cold, hard ground intent on lodging it there, Hopefulling pinning Rhino to the floor for a few moments so he can check on Sandy and Claire.

Grinning and smiling as he catches sight of the red sand coming to life and the smile widens when he is suddenly and easily able to life Ben shoulders, “Ha. A poor man’s Hulk.” He laughs. The laugh quickly ends and almost turns into a cry when he is also flipped over and suddenly his horn hammered in the ground. He starts cursing as he attempts to pull himself free from thee ground, but for the moment, he is stuck there, but he continues to struggle. The arms on the now reddish sandy form fly out and elongate smashing through the walls and smashing rather large opening. While the pile continues to form and increase in size the nasty souning voice peers down at Claire, “Leave now!” It is a rather ominous warning when the eyes turn to spot Rhino lodged into the ground and the eyes stare at the Thing. Silent and just staring as the sand creature seems done with Claire at the moment. As the reddish cloud of sand is pretty much cleared from the wreckage that was once the Grapevine. The sand creature just stares at Ben but when its face is fully formed it seems to grin when a giant sand hand grows behind Ben and attempts to grab him by the head and attempt to fling him out of the café into the street outside.

Claire looks at the red-sand-thing orders her to leave, eyes wide. Her first instinct is to leave, but she is a mutant. Therefore, she has a special power, and she knows she'll be feeling bad if she doesn't do anything to help. But, right now, she remains standing where she is, stunned with shock for the moment, but glad the… THING isn't interested in her anymore, and is now facing Mr. Grimm, who seems to have controlled Rhino.

Ben knows the Rhino is only going to secure for a moment and turns to look to where Claire and Sandy where. Claire.. is holding a phone looking stunned… and.. there's an awfully angry pile of red sand right about where Sandman was. "Sandy are you alrig….*MRGPH*!!!!!!" is all the Thing can get out before that massive red sand hand snatches him by his big melon head and sends him tumbling into the street. The thing hits the pavement outside bounces, and finally comes to astop when he is indented into a SUV parked across the street. THe car alarm manages a few weak chirps before expiring. For his part Ben takes a moment to look upi nto the sky and sighs, "What a revoltin' development this is."

Still stuck for a moment, The Rhino manages to finally free himself as chunks of concrete and hurled about in the cafe. Looking and laughing as The Thing is tossed out like yesterday’s trash, he makes eye contact with the red eyes of the sand creature. He nods and using his horn points to the Thing outside. Then Rhino turns to Claire, “Hey girl. You were warned to leave. Why didn’t you listen?” Rhino shakes his head as he lifts up a rather heavy chunk of concrete. About the size of a football. “You know…” He starts to walk towards her as he smashes the concrete against his horn and it breaks apart, “…this is going to be your own fault.“ He starts to charge at Claire. After eye contact with Rhino, the sand creature shifts into a giant sand worm type creature and bounds out the Grapevine. Reforming outside as Ben exclaims to the sky, a giant fist forms and attempts to grab Ben. The entire time silent but the red eyes just staring.

Claire watches, eyes wide, as the Rhino looks at her and breaks that chunk of concrete on his horn, "A-ah…" she tries to say something, but then as Rhino starts charging at her she 'eeep's softly before stretching her arms up and grabbing a hold of one of the hanging fans from the ceiling. Thank goodness they're not working since it's cold, but she quickly pulls herself up to let the Rhino charge past her, before she drops back to the ground and, without looking back, rush outside. Damn, if anyone saw her stretch like that her job here is as good as over.

Continuing his charge, he is surprised when Claire elongates her arms and springs up right when he charges past her and into the wall and into the allweyway outside the café. Grumbling a bit as he turns back, “What is this? The female Mr. Fantastic.” Rhino stops and laughs as she finally moves to leave. “Good riddance.”

As a big giant fist of red sand blocks Ben's view of an uncaring sky he responds as it only appropriate, "Oh… shit…." Quickly he rolls out of the way of the impact and quickly gets back to his feet, "Sandy I don't know what's going on, or what these jerks are doing to yah but we're yer friends… The Rhino is the one that just put you through a wall!" He turns and sees, Claire running out of the Grapevine and says loudly, "Get behind me kid!" He tries to figure out where the next assault is gonna come from, Red Sandy, or the Rhino. As Claire runs out, the sand creature flies out towards the Thing, outstretched like a giant blob of red sand, its whole body attempt to cover the Thing and cover and basically just drown him red sand.

Claire has to groan as she hears Rhino's 'nickname' for her. It happened a lot in the past, too. But as she comes out and hears The Thing's warning, she rushes toward him. But as the RedSand seems to charge at him as well, Claire momentarily figures standing with the Thing might be a bad idea, but then having him covered from head to toe in evil red sand isn't good, so she tries to help! How? She stretches forward as fast as she can, in the attempt to reform herself into a wall-like form to block the sand from hitting the Thing.

"Bill.. please.. I really don't wanna do this…." Ben says as he starts to spread his arms and splay his fingers. It's the sign of an incomming Thunderclap. One of the strong-man's best weapons against those of fast and malleable form… Before he can strike though, Suddently there is the kid from the coffee shop forming a wall to try and defend him. Talk about suprises. Of course, as someone that sees strange crap every day, Ben knows not to question his good fortune and just be thankful, "Thanks kid.. but becareful! Or he'll try and suffocate us both….." Well assuming Claire can suffocate that is. "Get down now kid!" Ben says as he lunges to the sidewalk and breaks the top off a fire hydrant, and starts trying to aim the powerful stream for the red sand with his big hands.

Watching this outside battle take place, Rhino moves to grab some coffee that was spilled out from the earlier fight inside the Café. Appearing to speak to himself, but instead to some earphones within his costumes, Rhino sips the coffee and reports his progress, “Yeah, the real Avengers never showed up like we thought, but Thing is here and some random bendy girl. But if Sandy does what I think is about to happen. Flint is pretty much in charge of the body.” Nodding his head as he listens to the response and just watches the fight. The sand blob has flung itself ready to attack when suddenly Claire's elastic body acts as a wall blocking it from the Thing. Thankfully years of experience and pssamic control, the sand form seems to stop and alter its 'body' turning into little twister pivots its point of attack and spin to the side and out of the way of Thing and Claire. Landing on the sidewalk, the sand begins to take a more humanoid form. "Girl, I warned you to leave or you'd get hurt." A voice coming from thee humanoid form.

Claire mentally grunts at the impact of red sand on her, but as the impact ends, she reforms and slinks away. She clearly felt that impact, with the way she's holding her belly. At Red Sandy's words, she replies, "I thought you were supposed to be a good guy!?" she says, but eeps at the jet of water from the broken hydrant flies right next to her and she jumps away, moving closer to the Thing now.

"Bill I don't know what's wrong with you but why don't ya come back to the mansion and let us help you!" The thing says as he gets the wildly flailiing stream of water under control finally and sprays it at feet of the humanoid shape of red sand forming in the street. Of course the Rhino is still around, but in alot of ways, Sandman going buck-crazy is potentially much worse than a rampage by the Rhino. "C'mon… we don't want to get any bystanders hurt right?"

The Rhino frowns and shakes his head when Sandman does not complete the attack. He mumbles to whoever he is communicating, “Bah, Baker is still there alittle bit. Held back. Either not wanting to hit a girl or fight the Thing.” Sighing a bit, “Well, this was fun, folks.” Rhino shouts as he looks over at Thing and Claire, “Grimm, rematch when ya don’t expect it.” With that, he starts to charge in the opposite direction of the other fighters, his speed increasing as he runs off. The red Sandman now forming backs away and hisses a bit when the water spray is aimed at his feet. Looking at Ben and then at the Avengers HQ, Red Sandman shakes his head, “Friend, huh. Where the fuck were they? And you?” The sand begins to disperse and blow away in the opposite direction but clearly spoken as Flint Marko, “Grimm, Say bye bye to your best bud, Billie Baker…” The red sand is then off and gone as it is blown away in the wind and then gone.

Claire was tense all the time, and then she quickly looks at quickly looks as Rhino was apparently just… watching? And now is running away from the scene. "What the—?" she is interrupted, though, as Red Sandman starts speaking, and then making his way out. When it's just Claire and The Thing left in the scene (Oh, and a raining, broken hydrant) Claire says, "The heck just happened?" she asks, before looking at the rubble that is now her workplace. "… I hope no cameras got me…" she whines.

"Dammit!" Ben exclaims as the the red sand floats away in the wind. A quick look and the Rhino has already gotten out of dodge too. "Double Dammit." Ben says as he crushes the broken top of the hydrant closed with his hands. It still spits plenty of water but at least it's not the torrential downpour it was. "I better let the Avenger's know what happened." He looks to Claire, "Thanks for trying ta defend me kid…. I appreciate it…" he looks around, someone probably did get this on their cellphone camera, "I don't think anyone saw." Well who knows maybe they got lucky, "But look, if yer boss gives you any guff, call the Baxter Building and ask fer Ben Grimm. I'll come and talk to him ok?"

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