2011 12 09 Sand Woman

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Alchemy, Elastica, Gogo, Lifeguard, and Quicksand
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December 9, 2011
East River - New York
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Quicksand unleashes hell in the East River
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It is early afternoon on a Friday in New York City. Walking on the park by the FDR Drive, Heather Cameron, dressed seasonably for the cold weather, jeans and black shirt with a grayish northface to protect her from the chill. Leaning on the rail overlooking the East River, she sighs silently as she misses her home. The beaches of Surfer’s Paradise and the camaraderie of her friends and her brother.

Alchemy kicks a couple of stones along in front of him as he walks back to the hotel, almost forgetting and taking his usual route home. His hands are stuffed in the pockets of his thigh length pea coat, glasses slightly fogged up from breathing too close to the red scarf wrapped around his shoulders.

Claire wonders, as she does every time she heads to work on cold days, why she doesn't have a car or takes the public transport system to work, instead of riding her bike. "'It's better for your health', they say. 'Cars cost money', they say. Bah!" the girl grumbles to herself as she makes her way to her job place for her afternoon shift, and she's already late! Damn slippery roads and bad traffic, making her waste time.

Gogo is dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and Oregon Ducks sweatshirt and ballcap as whe walks out to meet up with Heather. Meeting in the park seemed like a better idea when she was warm and snuggly at home. "Heather!" she waves when she spots her friend, heading out to join her in looking out over the East River, "See any signs of sea monsters or submariners?"

Emerging from a sandy deposit below, a female humanoid rises out. Screaming wildy and incoherently, Quicksand reaches up from the railing just below Heather. Pulling herself up, she climbs up from the railing and stands before some frightened New Yorkers who scream and begin to flee. The sandy form of Quicksand growls at everyone present. Her arms suddenly shifting into tentacles and screaming an unearthly howl, she spins her tentacle arms and begins pelting sandy spike balls at all those in who remain in the area. People begin to run and flee though you would think they would be used to random attacks by supervillains. Unfortunately the chaos has caused one cab to hit another just as a young mother was placing her baby in a stroller, the stroller takes off from the force as the woman screams, “My baby!” No one tries to help as they begin to flee and push past her knocking her over and letting the stroller continue on its towards the railing and the East River.

“Oh hey, Annie.” Heather goes to hug her friend when the Sand-Woman? Emerges from the railing. “Holy Crap” and some other curses are uttered as Heather spots the villainess and a spiked sand ball is flung at her. Her mutant power kicking in and when the ball connects, Heather’s body suddenly goes very rubbery. The ball is bounced off harmlessly into the river and Heather falls to the eground and bounces a bit as she tries adjust to the new form.

Claire sees from afar as a taxi cab hits another car, and she grumbles, "Great. Another driver who thought the road 'wasn't that slippery'." the girl sighs to herself as she rides her bicycle toward the accident area, but the cry of a desperate mother concerned with her child jolts her back to the situation, and she quickly dismounts from her bike as she sees the baby stroller riding toward her, "Hang on, I got this!!" she says as she reaches to intercept the baby crib, making sure to not stop the stroller suddenly to not cause any harm to the baby. Thankfully she didn't have to use her powers. Yet.

Alchemy is nearly run down by a fleeing citizen and is spun around. Adjusting his glasses, he blinks and says "Goodness…" and jogs toward the cabs to check on the drivers. "Are either of you injured?" he asks them, peeking into the back seat for any passengers.

Annie hugs Heather "How are ya…shit!" She staggers back as she gets spiked and her top gets shredded by the sudden attack of the villainess. She ends up on her rump, then quickly rolls to her feet. She is about to jump for the baby, but spots someone doing that particular bit of rescuing, so she goes to her friend and yanks her up to her feet, "Hey!" Yes, that is her heroic battlecry she directs towards Quicksand, "What are you doing!"

The stroller goes continues on its way and thankfully that way is by Claire unfortunately as spiked sand ball is also tossed at her from the opposite direction. The young mother screaming to Claire, “Watch out!” The drivers and passengers nod and respond to Alchemy, “We are fine. What is going on?” one asks as he suddenly starts pictures of the events and speaks in some foreign language excitedly. As Gogo runs towards Quicksand, the sandy villain blinks a moment and then lets out a loud roar as she increases the speed of her tossing the spike balls. Suddenly a plethora of balls are flying towards Gogo’s face. She seems to be speaking some sort of crazed gibberish as she continues to lob the spiked balls.

Continuing to bounce, it is taking Heather time to adjust to the new form, but she manages to shout a warning to Gogo about the spiked balls, “Watch out, Gogo!”

Claire is relieved when the baby, despite crying, is unharmed, and she smiles to the baby, trying to calm it down, "Hey there, little fella." she says, trying to soothe the crying infant. "There, there, it's okay, mommy is coming, and" but the mother's cry jolts Claire back to full alertness, and she sees the sand ball coming her way, "Oh, sh!" fortunately for the baby, and unfortunately for Claire, the girl isn't allowed to finish her sentence as the ball hits her dead on and causes her to go flying and bouncing a couple times before hitting the back of a car and stopping. Thank goodness for a rubbery, semi-gooey body! "Ooww.. damn… why did I get out of bed today, anyways…" she grumbles slowly.

Annie runs towards the villainess and is about ready to launch herself since the woman sure doesn't seem to be ready to talk this situation out. Heather's call warns her in time for the big orange woman to do a baseball slide (okay, it is really a softball slide since she never really played baseball before the change). She goes in feet first, skidding across the ground towards the crazy sand woman.

Alchemy looks at the cab drivers and says "I believe there is some sort of attack in progress. It would be most recommended that you fellows find a safe location for the time being." he opens the doors for the passengers and points toward a nearby building. "Head for shelter, quickly." he goes to the second cab and does the same. He isn't really a very combative person, so prefers to help the citizens. "I believe those individuals have everything under control."

With the baby safe in her arms, the mother runs towards Claire, “Give me, my baby!” She rushes not caring if she is harmed, “Someone, this mutie has my baby! Please someone save my baby!” The mother is clearly not pleased about Claire’s powers no matter that they saved her son. The passengers are aided by Alchemy and thank him, but the photographer remains. Gogo collides into Quicksand and suddenly the crazed villainess screams out and explodes, sand falling onto everyone in the area and a sand cloud filling up the small section of the East River. A disembodied growl can be heard within the sand cloud when Quicksand begins to reform and the sand that has fallen onto everyone begins to scratch and choke them filling into their lungs being controlled by the sand villainess. Among those covered in the sand are Claire, the mother, Alchemy, the photographer, Heather, and Gogo.

Beginning to cough out sand as her body transform from rubber to armor. Golden armor, suddenly Heather blinks as he mouth and nose are sealed off. The Australian mutant stands now completely covered in gold and not needing to breath or intake the sand, she spots the sandy villain and begins to run towards her at a surprisingly quick speed.

Alchemy clamps his eyes shut as he tries to breathe and cannot, hands frantically moving to try and transmute the sand, tiny flashes of light going off as he transmutes it to air, trying to paw his way free, coughing.

Claire's body is a literal boneless heap, which she slowly reforms back to normal, the cold being pretty unkind to her. Though nowhere near as unkind as the angry mother that comes berate her for… what? She is having some trouble assembling her thoughts still from the impact. Thankfully, she's saved from more angry shouting and wild accusations as the baby, still in the crib, starts crying again, drawing the mother's attention back to the stroller and leaving Claire to pull herself back together. Literally. "Ugh…" she says as she slowly pulls herself back up. She glances only briefly at the mother, mentally grumbling about 'ungrateful bastards', before looking back at the scene. Another glance, this time toward her bike and, yep, she'll be late for work today, considering the bent shape her bike is, thanks to the latest array of sand bullets thrown by Quicksand, "Why me..?" she grumbles. Well, might as well see if the others need help with that cheap Sandman knock-off, so she heads in their direction.

Annie is surprised at the 'impact' of her impact. She certainly didn't expect the woman to explode. Then she is coughing and choking on all that sand. She hacks and spits as she climbs to her feet and tries to figure out what the heck happened. To save time she calls out to Heather, "Where'd she go?" Of course, Heather already chasing after the woman gives her a pretty good clue, and she starts in the same direction until she spots the villain. Once she has the woman in sight she tries to take a slightly different angle of attack, to make it harder on the sandwoman to defend herself.

Claire blinks as the woman explodes and she slowly stops running. "Huh. Anticlimactic." she idly comments. As the sand starts raining on her, she grumbles and starts dusting herself, but then starts hacking and coughing as the sand starts gnawing on her. It's not as bad to her as anyone else as she doesn't really need to breathe, not having real lungs to begin with, hence not needing to breath, but it's still pretty bothersome feeling living sand grinding at you from inside out, and she starts moving toward Lifeguard and Gogo again.

Fully reformed the sand cloud begins to be absorbed into Quicksand and when Lifeguard and Gogo run towards her, Quicksand shifts her body and absorbs Lifeguard and Gogo in and spits them out the other end. With the sand going back into Quicksand, her body begins to grow taller reaching ten feet rather quickly and still growing. The coughing fits begin to stop as any choking sand is expelled from their bodies and into Quicksand. The sandy villainess looks about and lets out a loud howl as she turns her arms into tentacles attempting to reach out and grab Gogo and Lifeguard and squeeze them tightly if successfully grabbed. When Claire starts moving towards her, Quicksand lets out a loud scream and howl trying to spook the girl away.

Ensnared in the tentacles and struggling to get loose, Heather’s strength begins to increase but for every increase the tentacle tightens more and more. She continues to struggle and finally goes limp and ending her resistance.

Alchemy frees himself from the sand and sets on freeing the mother and the photographer, then looks over his shoulder at the growing sandstorm. "Perhaps it would be a good time to leave, now…" he says and points toward the building. "Make haste!" he adjusts his glasses and frowns, finding the lenses full of scratches. He coughs, his voice a bit hoarse from choking on sand. "It looks as though the heroes aren't doing so well." even though he doesn't have a clue as to what he can do to help, he runs headlong toward the sand woman, hands in front of him. Anything that comes at him would automatically be transmuted into air, except people, of course.

Claire hacks out the last of the sand, and she looks up to the tall sand woman, as she squeezes Gogo and Lifeguard, and Claire's eyes widen at that, "Hey!" she calls out, angrily. "Let them go, you oversized… sand… statue!!" 'Wow, I really need to work on my infighting banter…' the rubber girl thinks, shaking her head. At the same time, she's pulling her gloves off and stuffing them in the pockets of her hooded sweater, and then her hands change and reshape themselves into mallet shape as she runs towards Quicksand. The roar toward her does give her pause, but she is undeterred, still rushing toward the Big Sandy.

Annie grabs hold of the sandwoman and tries squeezing her into submission with all the strength she's got, which means she is doomed to ruining another outfit as she grows to her big size. Luckily she is wearing her Gogo outfit underneath, so she doesn't give one of her impromptu underwear fashion shows, "Ugh…I don't know if we…How do you beat someone made out of sand?"

With Claire and Alchemy running towards her, Quicksand growls again and with Gogo and Lifeguard, she smirks and tosses the two powered women towards the mutants running at her. Using Lifeguard as a weapon, Quicksand hurls her at Claire like a missile and does the same with Gogo towards Alchemy. Once out her grip, she increases her size spilling droplets of sand everywhere.

Claire is rushing toward Quicksand, but seeing Lifeguard being tossed at her, she gasps, and she tries to inflate herself to break the woman's fall, but her clothes aren't as stretchy as she is, so her inflation fails, "Ah, sh—" and she's hit, dead-on, by the older Lifeguard, again sent bouncing back and hitting a car's side, being now sandwiched by a car and Lifeguard, "Why me…?" she grumbles, "Hey? You ok?" she asks, trying to shake Lifeguard awake before climbing her way back up.

Alchemy sees Gogo being thrown toward him and throws himself to the side, scraping his arm on the ground rather harshly, but avoided being smooshed or turning Gogo to gold. "How do you beat someone made out of sand?" he asks, resuming his approach. "I could tell you, but it might give away the ending." he calls towrd them. He accidently transmuted part of sandman, perhaps he could do the same if he can get close enough to the ground around her. "This is going to give me a raging headache later."

The big orange woman bounces along the ground, coming to a stop by Alchemy and Claire, "I sure hope one of you has some ideas…cause I don't think there's anything I can do to her." The gogo uniform now is effed up, adding to her clothing bill. Yay! "Okay brother." She follows Alchemy, but doesn't leap, letting him do his thing.

Freeing herself of the two heroines, Quicksand grows another twenty feet, so now thirty feet tall. She stomps on the ground, putting little cracks in the pavement and moves forward and kicks Lifeguard off of Claire and punts her like a football into the East River and then using her other large foot to stomp down on Alchemy and Gogo.

There is a bright flash in the water when Lifeguard hits the East River.

Alchemy leans back and falls flat on his back, hands still in front of him. "GOLD." he shouts for no reason, and any sand that touches him would be transmuted to gold in a brilliant flash of light, and start spreading. If it works, that is.

Claire stands up and reforms her hands into mallets, and was about to say 'water' in response to Gogo's question, since she saw some videos of Spiderman defeating Sandman, back when he was still a bad guy, but spraying him with water from a nearby hydrant, but Alchemy beats her to it. No, wait… gold? Then when the flash happens she blinks, "Ok… that too?" she says, stunned in shock at the transmutation, unaware that she just left herself wide open.

Gogo can't really do much about the whole giant sandy woman, so instead she hangs out with Alchemy, to provide him with some cover if his whole line of action doesn't go according to plan.

Then Lifeguard is knocked out into the river and she looks rather torn, unsure as to whether her friend was conscious for that splashdown.

Having begun to step on Alchemy, suddenly the bottom of her sand foot begins to transmute and turn to gold. Suddenly very scared and in pain as her body is shifting to gold, Quicksand lets out a loud scream and explodes as sand shifts and begins to fly away until any evidence other than a giant gold foot remains that Quicksand was ever here.

Alchemy lets out a deep breath that he didn't realize he'd been holding and drops his hands to the ground, panting, looking up at the giant gold foot that would have otherwise crushed his puny little body. He looks over at Gogo and says "Go ahead, I think the crisis has been averted." but he doesn't seem to have the strength to get back up.

"Goodness." Claire's hands reform back to normal, the girl still stupefied at seeing not only the sandwoman's foot turn into solid gold, but the rest of her literally exploding into a sand cloud and being blown away by the wind, apparently unharmed by the transmutation. "Ok…" the girl says, finally getting her bearings back, suddenly remembering it's COLD and her hands are freezing! She quickly rubs her hands together before putting her gloves back on, before heading toward Alchemy and Gogo, "Are you two ok?" she asks, then blinks, "Hey, I've seen you at a coffee shop a week ago, haven't I?" she asks, looking at Alchemy.

Annie gapes at the whole 'turn to gold' moment, then she turns and dives out into the water to hunt for Lifeguard. After a bit of hunting, she apparently figures out that her friend is fine, but gone. (how she figures that out is a mystery) But with that concern out of the way she is able to climb back out of the water. She's got some cuts and is leaking some red to mix with the riverwater but she nods to Claire, "I'm okay…and it looks like Heather got clear. No one else got hurt?"

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