2011 12 08 Welcome To Hell Alchemy

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Welcome to Hell, Alchemy

Alchemy, Empath, and Selene

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December 8, 2011

Black Queen's Chambers - Hellfire Club - New York

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Empath introduces Alchemy to Selene and he is officially recruited to the new Hellions


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Having spent the weekend with Alchemy to ‘protect’ him from the evil Sandman, Empath breathes a sigh of relief now that the meeting with the Black Queen is about to take place. A luxurious car pulls up the Hellfire Club and a familiar looking driver (the barista from Grapevine) opens the door and lets the gentlemen out. While he is no telepath, he hopes Selene is listening in on his thoughts as he thinks of how he spent the majority of the weekend using his emotive powers on Tom and making him believe that they are the best of friends and while not directly controlling the boy, gaining his utmost trust and respect. Letting Selene know, he has gotten Tom to agree to see her under the pretense of this being a school recruitment meeting and that the Queen herself is a protector of mutants and is ‘good.’ Once out of the car, he turns to his friend, “So, Tommy, you trust me, right? You know this is the best option for you and I only have your best interests at heart.?”

Empath, dressed to the nines in a dapper looking dark suit, all black as an homage to his queen. A servant at the club opens the grand entrance to the Hellfire Club, “You are expected, Senor de la Rocha.”

Alchemy is dressed nicely as well, looking around in awe as he nods. "Yes, yes, of course. Goodness this place is quite posh, isn't it?" he smooths down his shirt and nods a thank you to the woman. "Thank you, miss. I feel quite out a place around such wealth!"

Stunning good looking blond girl smiles at the two when they arrive empath would of course know her " Hello again please come this way she's expecting you " . The girl turns and walks along her heels clicking on the marble floor with gold inlay . This looks like a palace made for kings and gods as she leads them to the Huge massive ornate doors full of strange writing and depicting various ancient gods .

Smiling and giving a wink to the servant that leads them through he responds to Tom, "You have no idea." He grins and when reaching the door, once again, Manuel stands impressed and wanting desperately one day to study the writings and translate them. Waiting for the door to open he turns to the British teen, "So we are meeting with the headmistress of the new school. Oh and she is a queen. Really like a real queen, so act appropriately bow and kneel when you see her and only rise when she gestures." Mentally, thinking loudly for the queen to hear, <>

Alchemy nods. "I"m from England, remember? We do love our royalty there. Not that I've ever met the queen personally, but they do teach us how to behave should we ever encounter the royal family."

The doors open to the inner chamber a mix of royal lounge/Mage lab/ and modern office thiers a massive black oak table incribed with more of that writting as is the floor though that's in what looks like gold or sparkling type powder . Behind the desk is the inhumanly beautiful selene who seems to be watching a 3d hologram immage of what looks like fighting that comes from a crystal on her desk

Walking into the chamber with his head down, he bows his head and then kneels, “Your highness, I bring with me young Thomas Jones, a possible student for your new academy. I encountered him recently using his powers of transmutation, a fine gift that can use the finesse and control that only you can teach. And he also seeks protection from those who would do him harm.” Manuel gestures for Alchemy to join him in the chamber and offers a seemingly supportive smile. Alchemy follows Manuel in bowing his head and kneeling, remaining silent for the moment and letting him do all the talking. He can't help but look around a bit with his eyes, taking in the awesome technology and elaborate decor.

The room is more then just incredible tech you can see the small bits of hyper tech here and there.. but thiers also massive amounts of the ancient everything in here other then the tech bits seems tousands of years old , you hear selene " Rise please " her voice is like velvet soft and husky that slides along your skin and down your spine " How nice to meet you alchemy having empath bring you here is high praise indeed "

(OOC Note: Some poses were missed as I got disconned.)

Alchemy frowns. "Yes, I suppose you're right. Nobody would even know I was a mutant, but there have been a few tussles here and there and some people have seen me transmuting something. What sort of education do you have here? My goal is to secure a degree in molecular biochemistry."

When he is given the privilege to stand, he does so. Manuel smiles and looks to her. He has brought Tom over and leaves it to her now. Stepping to the side, he allows Tom a direct view as for the remainder of the meeting, he will be playing a secondary role in the conversation, but behind the scenes he is still attempting to emotionally manipulate Alchemy making him more agreeable to Selene.

Selene Nods " We can see about that but first how old are you dear? you look about 16 I think you should finish high school first but we can prep you and make sure you have more chemisty and biology lessons and of course metalurgy "

Alchemy nods. "You would be correct, but I've been taking a few college courses in the evenings to build up some credits. It never hurts to have a head start! I'm in my second year of high school. A sophomore, by your levels."

Watching the conversation he remains quiet and nods from time to time subtly at work on Alchemy but also watching Selene at work. Manuel has never really seen her at work and is impressed not just by her beauty, but also her restraint.

Selene Smiles " We'll make sure you have access to all that we have several students who are smarter or have powers that give them skills that make them more advanced then others .. we have special teachers come in for them , the point when you leave is that you have master of your powers and self.. while still giving you an education that way you can take your rightful place in the world "

Alchemy folds his hands behind his back again and smiles. "Thank you, ma'am. I look forward to learning whatever you have to teach. I'm sure mum will be quite pleased that I'll be going to a better school. I'm afraid I don't have much money, but I can make enough gold to cover the tuition."

Quirking his brow when Alchemy suggests making gold to cover his tuition. Nodding his approval, Manuel is impressed, though he is surprised the boy would be willing to do that, but it makes realistic sense. Selene Blinks " Thank you .. you don't need to use your powers in that way yoru a mutant and I'm trying to help so money isn't a huge issue but it will help to be sure .. " She smiles " The school is not build yet but I own a hotel so you will be given rooms ".

Alchemy ahs. "I see. Thank you. I can provide whatever records or information you require."

With the deal seemingly done, Empath smiles and looks to Selene eyeing her directly with his staring gaze, he telepathically thinks, <> Walking over to Alchemy and offering to shake his hand, “Welcome to the school.”

Selene Smiles and looks about ahh perfect she grabs a pen and hands it to you " Change this into something else.. that is all the proof I need " . She smiles as she looks to empath and sends to him .oO That you have .. and yes you may have it I like your fire you will need to prove your loyalty to me … but those tests will come you are now my black rook till you die or I find somebody better Oo.

Alchemy takes the pen and with a flash of light, it changes to solid gold without a word and offers it back to her. "You will find it is elementally pure, with no contaminents.”

Blinking a moment as he looks to her having received the telepathic message. <> Telepathically thought with confidence, he watches Tom be given pen change. When the pen is changed to pure gold, Manuel smiles and shakes his head surprised that Tom has not used his powers for his own wealth. Taking him under his wing, Manuel hopes to bring out the best in Tom, which really means the worst.

Selene Nods her head " Well then young mutant that's all the proof I needed your a mutant and this school is for you where you can be among your own kind without fear .. you can be yourself and not have to hide.. be proude of your heritage and your birthright "

Alchemy nods. "Oh, I'm not afraid to be myself, I just have concerns about turning the furniture into gold accidently." he smiles. "I will try not to let you down!"

"Perfect then." Looking to Selene, "My highness is pleased as am I." Manuel pats Tom's shoulder, "Now you have a new school and a new friend, right Tom. We're friends." Looking for agreement from his friend as he looks to Selene for approval.

Selene She smiles " Welcome to the school I'm sure empath will show you to the hotel and where you will be staying… the driver will get your address so they can collect your things" Alchemy nods. "Thank you, ma'am. It was a pleasure to meet you." as Manuel addresses him, he nods. "Of course.." while thinking 'this fellow certainly is a bit paranoid'. "I don't have much to collect, just some books and the rest of my clothes."

“Yes, Alchemy is already my roommate and familiar with the hotel.” Bowing to Selene, “Thank you for this audience.” He turns to Alchemy, “Your stuff will be brought over to the hotel, but we need to work on improving your look. We represent a prestigious group. You need to look and act the part now, Tom.” Manuel smiles as he makes his way out of the Club.

Selene waves " Oh wait did you ever tell me your mutant name I was terribly impolite of me."

Alchemy nods. "Alchemy, ma'am. Not the most creative name in the world, but descriptive enough, I think."

Selene Nods her head " Sounds about right it's your name dear you can change it or keep it .. I have over the many centuries I've had many names"

Nodding his head approvingly, “Simple. Direct. To the point. Just like mine.” Manuel laughs, “Nice to meet you , Alchemy. I’m Empath.” Alchemy turns to shake hands with Empath and smiles. "A pleasure, sir. I shall try my best not to transmute the furniture."

Selene Smiles " My name is selene though I'm currently known as the black queen " she winks ' On account of my hair and current obesion with black leather.. my sister and fellow headmistress emma she's the white queen "

“Good good.” Manuel says to Alchemy and when Selene mentions her fascination with leather, “I hope to explore more with you, your highness. In the meantime, I shall take Alchemy back to the hotel.” With that he bows and starts his way out of the Club.

Alchemy nods. "A fitting name, madam." he says, bowing his head and backing out with Manuel. "Good day, ma'am!" Selene Nods " Good day " She turns back to the video as she waves her hand behind you the doors seem to open like something pushed them open

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