2011 12 07 Encounter In The Den Aka Ufo Intrigue

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Encounter in the Den aka UFO Intrigue!

The Vision, Namor, Wonder Man

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The Den, Avengers Mansion AND Gramercy Park, NYC

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A discussion on the merits of 24 hour news turns into the beginnings of a search for UFOs!


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The inhuman, ghostly Vision is in the Den of the Mansion. The Avengers' resident synthezoid is not often found in this common room. After being rebuilt and seemingly having lost his capacity for emotion, Vizh spends a lot of his time secluded in the depths and bowels of the Mansion rather than the more social, common areas. Never the less, Vizh can be found in a comfortable armchair. A tablet computer is in one hand and the Avenger appears to be interacting with it.

Namor stands in front of the large screen TV in the Den, arms half-crossed - half because one forearm stretches up so that he can rest his hand against his chin in a thoughtful pose. On the screen seems to be a news summary channel, showing minuature pictures of several programs at once. Most of them feature the faces of news anchors talking so that the sound of multiple voices blends into one unintelligable stream of words. Luckily Namor has the volume turned down so that the nonsense isn't loud enough to distract anyone.

Walking through the hallways, Wonder Man meanders looking about and somewhat bored. Just about to pass the den entrance he puts on the breaks, leans back and looks in with a smile at the scene within. "There's something not quite write about the two most stoic members of our team being in the same room." he comments while walking a few feet inside the doorway, "I mean seriously, it's bound to attract some galactic assault or maybe a dimension implosion."

The Vision looks up from the screen on the computer and turns his gaze to Wonder Man at the entrence. He knows the Wonder Man is making a joke, but he still responds with, "I sincerely doubt that." The Vision glances over towards Namor and what he is regarding on the television screen. Dryly, the Vision states, "Though if it were to occur we'd have more of a reason to not interact. Ever."

Namor turns to look at Wonder Man, one eyebrows arching regally. "Stoic?" he repeats slightly, as if he's trying the word out. Then he shakes his head slightly and there's the sense he's also shrugging off the label. "The vast majority of the surface-world's 'news' is filled with useless trivialities, but at times they do include a tidbit of information which of interest to Atlantis." He pauses then adds as an afterthought, "Or the Avengers."

"Trivialities… never! Every tidbit of information is a diamond in the rough." Wonder Man retorts in a humorous tone. "I mean, consider all the benefits knowing that Lindsay Lohan is back on drugs. Or knowing the answer to all lifes questions, like "How many licks does it really take?"."

The inhuman Vision stares rather blankly at Wonder Man's response. Eventually, the Vision shakes his head and gestures towards the King of Atlantis with his tablet computer, "Namor is correct, though. The twenty-four hour news channels have resorted to reporting on trivial matters in absense of other news worthy stories." He glances over towards Namor, "Anything regarding 'UFOs' or 'Flying Saucers'?"

Namor's lips twitch into an amused smile at the Vision's response - though his expression didn't show amusement at Wonder Man's attempted joke. But surely the Atlantean was smiling on the inside. Surely. Then he snaps his fingers. "Flying…flying…" he scans the multi-channel grid and then picks up the remote from a stylish holder on the wall next to the screen - thanks Jarvis! - and fumbles to change the channel. It takes him a few tries and some incorrect channels before he finally causes the grid to be replaced by one single news program that takes up the entire viewscreen. On it is hazy footage of a flying…something. Armor perhaps, judging by what appear to be legs, but if those are limbs they are crude and oversized. "Hmm…this is from hours ago," Namor admits after studying the ticker. "But according to this, the figure," an imperious finger is thrust forward to point at the flying whatever, "Was never found."

Wonder Man grins. He finds amusement easily in others, especially these two with their invidual take(s) on the world. But he also knows that it can't last too long before things turn too serious. He really misses Beast and the fun they had. So instead of continuing along the thread he already established, he decides that early dismissal is a good idea. "So you two hang in there. Don't tune in Art Bell or anything like that. Could be hazardous to the world - or something." then he starts for the door to seek other mis-adventures of a wonderous kind.

"Curious." The Vision responds to Namor will placing his tablet computer on the arm of his chair. He leans back in the chair and raises his hands up; He steeples them together in front of his face. The Synthezoid focuses on the news program, "After asking my question, it occurred to me that one might interpret the question as jest. However, I asked with a purpose. I have been investigating an unidentified flying object… or a series of them. They tend to fly faster than I, so I have been… unsuccessful." Vizh looks towards the retreating Wonder Man, "So, you are performing a drive-by than?"

Namor turns his head to watch Wonder Man leaving, then gives him a grudging nod. Before turning back towards Vision. "Faster than you, eh? Although that's no great feat, since as airspeed goes, yours is not among the greatest." Namor says this with a completely straight face, despite the fact that his own 'top' speed is just as slow. "But perhaps if we employ strategy, we can catch one of your mysterious objects." He raises his two hands and then slowly brings them together, miming two flyers approachinga central point from different directions.

Wonder Man departs.

If the comment about his speed bothered him, the Vision doesn't express that it did. The comment is acknowledged with a nod and the Vision unsteeples his fingers. He gestures towards his tablet computer, "I would like to emply some degree of strategy in my approach towards these objects. However, I have been unsuccessful in determining their purpose or patterns. I seem to stumble across it or them." The Vision's shoulders heave in a shrug.

Namor lowers his hands, then nods thoughtfully. "I find myself intrigued by this mystery. Very well, how shall we proceed then?"

The Vision shrugs his shoulders again at the question the King of Atlantis poses to him. His fingers steeple again as a thoughtful expression falls across his face. The Synthezoid mulls this over, "I am unsure on how to proceed. I am constantly monitoring news reports, internet sites and numerous other sources for clues as to the whereabouts of this device. In order to get some advantage in determining how to intercept it." he lowers his hands again, "I would like to determine its origin… it would allow me the benefit of refining my existing strategy. Whether it is extraterrestrial, man made or magical…" He trails off.

Namor gives Vision a crafty look now. "Perhaps our next step should be to revisit the scene to search for more clues. You know where these objects have flown before, correct? Perhaps we should visit the nearest sight once more, to see if there is anything to be learned when we view the scene with out own eyes." The Vision reaches for the tablet and stands up from the chair. As he stands in front of the chair, he taps at keys on the touchscreen. A beam of light is emitted from a diode on one end of the device. A holographic image is projected into the open air in front of the device. The image displayed is the object that Vizh has been talking about. The image is clearly a recording taken from a first person perspective… the recorder is chasing the device through the air. The image is grainy and looks for all the world to be an advanced unmanned flying drone. Vizh says, "Gramercy Park is the closest location I tracked one to. Though I never saw it land, so I am unsure whether returning there will prove to be helpful." He pauses, "Though it could not hurt to try."

"To the Park then," Namor agrees, heading for the door and then the nearest window that opens to the outside of the mansion.

The Ghostly Vision flies through the air, not far from Namor. He is wrapped in his flowing white cape and he doesn't say much as they careen at low speed throught he skies of the Big Apple. Soon the Avengers reach Gramercy Park. It is late afternoon, early evening at this point in the day… so traffic in the areas around the park are moderately heavy; People leaving work, people going out shopping for the upcoming holidays. Even the park is moderately populated; mostly by its normal, everyday users, joggers and those out for exercise. The Vision picks a spot on the ground and comes in for a landing in the park proper. He keeps his cape wrapped about him and his head is canted downwards towards the ground.

Namor descends to the ground after Vision, but he stops with his feet still a few meters from the ground, at first hovering in place and then straightening, with legs and arms aligned so that it looks more like he's standing in mid-air. He peers this way and that, even tilting his head back briefly to examine the sky.

The Synthezoid's eyes glow a bright white as sensory suites within him activate scanning features meant to scan past the normal visual range. As he scans, Vizh comments to Namor, "I do not have high hopes of this actually producing anything, mind you." The area around the two Avengers is unremarkable. Traffic, both foot and vehicular, appears typical. The dusk sky is lined with the contrails of various jets that have flown by from their origins at Laguardia, Kennedy or Newark. A couple of jetliners can be spotted high in the air.

Namor continues his study of the area, also employing his only partially-understood 'radar sense' and experience in mundane and mystic phenomona. But finally he barks, "Bah! I fear you are correct, Vision. I can see nothing of significance here." He turns his gaze upward again, eying some of the contrails and pointing. "Perhaps we can ask that local directors of air traffic monitor for your unidentified objects."

The Synthezoid nods at Namor's suggestion. He lifts up off the ground and looks at the Atlantean, "A good idea. I have monitored their radio chatter from the mansion and I have not noticed any unusual reports or conversations. However, perhaps the good people at Air Traffic Control might hold back talk of UFOs on official channels." he ascends into the sky.

Namor rises into the air as well, but pauses and turns towards the bay. "Perhaps it is better if I do so, Vision. Your new appearance can be…unsettling to those who are unaccustomed such things. But later - for now, I feel the need for a brief swim." Raising a hand in farewell, he leans over and then begins flying in that direction. "Until we meet again!"

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