2011 12 06 Boom Boom Goes The Boom Boom

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Boom Boom goes the Boom Boom

Cytoplasm, Sandman, and Phantasm

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6 Dec 2011

Outside of Club Boom Boom - New York City

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The trio run into each other outside the site of the next target of a certain postcard carrying nutbag.


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-==[ Outside Club Boom Boom - RP Suite #1 ]==-----——

Boom boom boom sksh boom boom boom… It must really be noisy inside that club

In the tangled mess that is New York, there are plenty of clubs out there, and plenty of them boast music acts. But with it being a Tuesday night, there are slimmer pickings for live acts which bring out the prime time for hiring DJs. As such there's also not much of a line for people trying to get into the club, which is GREAT time to go if you're not a looker.

With this stated, although Mike is in the area, he is not decked out for clubbing, nor is he dressed to have the appearance of his onstage persona either. Instead he is dressed in his usual, knit capped, Goodwill-esque coated attire. Holding a cup holding a steaming cup of something, likely his liquid refreshment of choice, he's slowly making his way along the street. Likely heading towards a subway entrance but the sounds from the closed club doors draws his attention, making his approach a tad slower.

Exiting the club at the very moment that Mike is approaching is the Avenger known as Sandman, though dressed appropriately for a night out clubbing. Blue polo shirt and jeans with this a blazer over the shirt, his hair slicked back in gel. He makes his way outside, lighting a cigarette and ready to smoke. Mumbling to himself about lame laws and not being able to smoke in clubs anymore. He reaches the sidewalk and looking at all the people. "Being me has its privileges."

Wandering around a rather different part of town for once is Cytoplasm, although in spite of his wandering he's sticking to the shadows and keeping out of sight relatively well while using his dark, bodysuited form to prevent himself from being seen in the various shadows of buildings. Taking a moment to shapeshift into his most commonly used form, he comes out of the shadows and looks about at the club, and what people were there entering it. Noticing Sandman coming out of the club, Cytoplasm walks over towards him and says, "Oh, hi!" waving and saying, "What is that place?.. It doesn't look like many other building's I've seen before, especially not during the day."

Hearing the familiar voice, Mike eyes Sandman as he exits the club, "Also going into a club on a Tuesday helps lower the amount of competition to get in." He offers up with a laugh at Flint's expense, the musician shakes his head, his approach to the subway entrance stopping entirely as he lifts up his cup in a half-assed greeting for the Avenger. As Cytoplasm's more familiar form approaches Sandman, he glances to that guy as well, cup lowering.

Noticing Cytoplasm, Sandman notes him and looks him over, "Wow, you actually survived." He holds his cigarette up and takes a long drag. "Scorpia will be pissed. But hey, you can say you survived literally being sliced in half." Half smirking, "Reed put you back together again?â Sandman asks as he seemingly has not seen Mike yet.

"Scorpia… I told the Thi-No, Ben about what happened, and he said that it sounded like someone named, 'Gargan'… But I guess it's not really important as to whether she's related or not." Cytoplasm says before taking a look at his hand for a moment, turning it over as though pondering something before he says, "Actually, no. I healed on my own, but I was a lot lighter for a couple of days. It took me a while, but I was able to grow my legs back. Sort of. And I…" Cytoplasm stops as his eyes widen, "I know she was trying to hurt me, but I don't quite understand what you mean by surviving. Of course it hurt but why wouldn't I, 'Survive' something like that?" he asks.

It's quite possible considering Mike's positioning and he's not quick to walk over to Sandman and Cytoplasm just yet as another figure departing the club draws his attention. Not all that decked out in clubbing attire, dark, non-descript clothing, the man who emerges from the door is far from the average club goer age wise, bordering on the upper end of Sandman's general age group. The man glances over to look at Sandman and Cytoplasm before he glances across the street at the musician and then makes his way off for the subway.

Pale eyes widen as recognition forms upon Mike's features. "Son of a bit-." He starts to take a step towards the departing form.

Shaking his head, "Geez, science project. I get you don't get humanity and everything, but is a regular normal human were sliced in half the way you were, they would die." When he sees the older man, he blinks a bit and shrugs as he takes another drag from his cigarette as Mike starts to follow after him. Remaining where he is, but still smoking and watching, he asks Cyto without looking, "How is old Ben Grimm doing?"

"Die? I don't really know what you mean." Cytoplasm says, "I've heard of that before but I don't know what it means. I think it means something bad, some of the scientists from where I used to be kept mentioned the idea from time to time, said that I would, 'Die' if they activated something that used to be in me. It means, "Become badly hurt" right?" he says with a straight face, before looking over towards Mike and says, "Oh, hi! I think I remember you. We met in that store, right?"

The door to the club opens up, allowing for a blast of the heat inside to filter out, seemingly warmer than when Sandman was in there before. Staggering out, a decked up, liquored up, sweaty, and otherwise bleh looking woman glances over towards Sandman and Cytoplasm and gives a lingering but exhausted smile before falling back, landing into the bouncer.

As Cyto addresses Mike, the musician's head turns to look towards Cytoplasm, his steps coming to a stop as he finds himself having to answer the question, "Uh, yes I think."

Unfortunately his head is not the only one that turns as the man he was starting to follow glances back to find Mike not where he used to be. His head turns forward and the man's steps quicken, bringing him to the subway entrance much quicker.

Watching the woman fall, Cyto and Mike engage in conversation and the man start to flee. Sandman remembers his promise to the original Drago and sighs. His arms turns into sand and elongates reaching to grab the man and bring him back up. Once the man is grabbed by the long sand arm, "Here you go, Mikey." He drops the man by Mike's side and says, "Sorry, my fri…" He corrects himself and coughs, "This man needs to speak to you." (re)

"So… What did you mean by, 'Die' exactly?" Cytoplasm says, "I thought that dying meant being hurt badly, but since you said that I didn't die when I was cut in half it sounds like it means something different." Cytoplasm says, "Also, I would talk to you about Santa Claus, but debating whether or not a legendary figure exists anywhere when people don't see the effects that they're supposed to have is kind of off-topic."

"Sorry," the woman manages to the bouncer, reaching a hand up to balance herself on the bouncer's arm, "It got so hot in there. Just had to step out…" Starting to breathe a bit more deeply, she starts to stumble forward, nearly faceplanting onto the street.

Not expecting for the sand hand to appear and to bring him back, the unpleasant man in dark finds himself planted off next to Mike. Eyes flicking towards the musician, his eyes narrow, a hand slipping towards his pocket.

As Sandman's gift is figuring out what happened, Mike is already a few steps back, out of arms reach, posture slipping to that of one used to such movement resulting in a form of attack, attention switching to the man's hands, the musician scowls, "Hand out of the pocket, Orsini."

"Nevermind, it looks like there are more important things going on." Cytoplasm says as he moves towards Mike and says, "Need any help here? Or are you alright with… Whoever this is?" he asks, somewhat curious as to what was going on between Mike and the man at that moment.

With Orsini deposited by Mike, as the woman falls nearly facefirst. His other arms goes pssamic and reaches to catch her. Passing her to Cytoplasm, "Here, she can answers your questions about death and Santa Claus." With both his arms by his side, Sandman returns them to their human form and looks between Cytoplasm and the woman and Mike and Orsini to decide which to listen too. He turns to Mike and Orsini, as he notes Mikeâs stance, "Whatâs going on here?"

"I… What?" Cytoplasm says, somewhat confused at what's going on before saying, "Well, if he's too busy, I guess I can wait." before looking over at the woman who had been transported near him and saying, "Hi! Do you know either of them? I haven't seen you with them before, but I don't think I've seen anywhere near everyone that they know, so I wouldn't be surprised at that."

The woman who has been passed to Cytoplasm looks to him rather oddly, head wobbling, "Know who?" She frowns, "Oh man I need some water."

Mike doesn't look to Sandman. "This." He answers, giving a bit of a gritted smile, "Is the asshole who stabbed me." His eyes flick to the eyes of the man standing nearby. "And from what I've heard, the one who stabbed those two jackasses in Clinton. That right, Orsini? Remember them? Skinny and big guy, really stupid and hangs out near the same building?"

The man now known as Orsini is quiet, looking to Mike and then to Sandman before giving a bit of a twisted smile as he pulls out what he had in his pocket. Yet another postcard. He flicks the card out, causing for it to land behind Mike before emitting a bit of laughter.

All but ignoring Cytoplasm at the moment he grumbles to the woman, "Oh he wants to know if you know Santa Claus." Staring at Orsini without looking to Mike, "You stabbed him?" When the postcard falls out and the man starts laughing, "Oh you like to laugh? Let's see if you find this funny." His whole body leads forward and the swoshes into a sandform and begins to form a twister around Orsini surrounding him a cyclome of sand and actually lifting him into the air and skyward.

"Sorry I don't have anything to drink on me" Cytoplasm says as he moves over towards Mike and Sandman, picking up the postcard and looking it over before it's blown away in the sandstorm with some amount of interest and walking up to Mike saying, "I don't really know what you're doing, but… Do you know anything about someone coming out of the mouth of a dragon, or some people that have something to do with a dragon in their name?" as he holds out the picture towards mike and says, "If you're trying to find out something he's not telling you, maybe this has something to do with it."

The drunk woman blinks, looking towards Cytoplasm, "Yeah! He's at the mall!" Any further explanation to that is hindered as the laughing Orsini stops laughing due to the sand tornado around him. As Orsini is lifted, his eyes do widen, and then they shut tight just as quickly because, well, flying sand, man. That can hurt your eyes. Lips clamping shut he shakes his head, not offering up anything of value while there's sand moving about.

As Cytoplasm holds out the picture, Mike's attention shifts from the AMAZING FLYING ORSINI to the itty bitty postcard. He doesn't reach for the postcard but looks to the image. He scowls, looking up at man. "What'd you do now?!"

There's a boom within Club Boom Boom which does not seem to fit with the current DJing. This seems all the more likely as there's a chorus of screams coming from inside followed by a delayed shout of 'FIRE!'.

The sandstorm moves higher and higher and is soon out of sight as Sandman, not having heard the boom or screams of fire delivers Orsini to a police station.

Mike sighs as Sandman leaves with Orsini and the shouts occur. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." He glances to Cytoplasm, "Just, don't touch that card more than you have to. It's probably evidence. The police might want it." He sighs, sipping his coffee as he moves aside, allowing for the club goers to exit out of the building while he awaits the fire department.

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