2011 12 04 Something Is Wrong

Log Title: Something Is Wrong
Characters: Sandman and Vision
IC Date: December 4, 2011
Location: December 4, 2011
Brief log summary:: Sandman seeks out some help from the Vision
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes

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The Vision is in the computer center of the mansion. The synthetic Avenger is seated in a chair in front of a bank of computer monitors. It is a rather interesting sight, in fact, as Vision is interfaced with the various computers via a series of cables and jacks. Cables arc out and connect to various points on the Avenger's body. In front of him is a keyboard, which he is using to imput further commands.

Sunday evening and Sandman finds himself roaming the mansion. Lurking about he seems not to be himself or maybe he is his true self. Stopping short of the Computer Room, He swipes his Avengers id to gain entrance but seems to be having difficulty entering as he sighs and grows impatient. Cursing to himself, he shifts from his human form to a fully psammic form. And using his sand form to slip through a vent in the door and through the tiniest opening between the door and frame. Sand starts to slip through and little by little begins to form in a pile inside the Computer Room. Beginning to reform, Marko blinks as he sees the Vision connected to the computers, “What the …”

"Sandman." Is uttered by the Synthezoid in greeting to the freshly arrived individual. Vision does not even look in Marko's direction, his eyes are 'glazed over' or as glazed over as the inhuman eyes can look. The Synthezoid's fingers flutter over the keyboard at high-speed. Soon the Synthetic Avenger says to the other individual, "If you need to access the computer, I can disconnect myself and allow you to use one."

“No no. Vision. I just…” He blinks and looks disgusted, “You look like some kind of science experiment gone bad. What the hell are you doing?” Looking at the screens and monitors, ‘Is this some kind of weird synthezoid sex thing or something?” He asks as his body now fully forms into flesh and bone.

The Ghostly Vision's eyes unglaze as processing power is diverted to more sentient activities, like regarding Sandman and interacting with him. He gives the other Avenger a quizzicle look, "Some can argue that I am a science experiment. Others may argue that I am something that went wrong." There are snaps, cracks and hisses as cables unhook from various, normally unseen ports on his body. The cables retract into the computers and Vizh pushes the keyboard away. Vizh asks, "If you are not here for the computer than perhaps you took a wrong turn?"

“Well, I guess your daddy, Ultron, messed up with creating you and all. Since you are a goodie good good now.” Blinking a moment and shaking his head, “Um…no no wrong turn. You are actually who I want to see. The other Avengers are too stupid to help you me. And being you are a robot and don’t look at things in black and white. Maybe you can help me out.” Sandman hmmmns, “Hey when did you get all white and stuff? Last I saw you. You were green and red. Now you look like a ghost and crap. Kind scary in a cool way. But still.”

The Vision leans back in the chair he is utilizing and steeples his hands in front of him as he listens to Sandman. His head tilts to one side at the question, "I have been like this for sometime. Ever since I was rebuilt after my attempt at taking over the world's computers…" He trails off, unsteeples his hands and waves a hand dismissively. He asks, "What do you need help that the other capable members of our team are incapable of providing?"

“They are idiots and all too good and crap. I need a smart mind, but one not bound with moral crap. Considering you’re a machine programmed by Ultron. I figure you can help me without getting all worrisome. You are capable of acknowledging bad things and not caring, so perfect.” Wiping some flecks of sand from his hair Marko seems to studies the computers and cables and whatnot in the room before continuing, “Some weird stuff has been going on. I don’t want to tell Samson about it yet, since he records everything.”

The Vision lowers his hands back down and he crosses his arms over his chest. He continues to lean back in his chair as he regards the Sandman. His head shakes, "I am not unsympathic or lacking in morality, but I do acknowledge that I can compartmentalize. What is it that concerns you, Sandman? What has 'gone on', so to speak?"

“Well before I open up to a walking computer, I want to know if what I say, stays between us. I want privacy on this Vizh. And confidentiality and all that stuff.” Sandman quirks his brow, “I guess I am coming for advice and potential help. But the others can’t know. Just yet anyway. Can you keep this between us, buddy?”

The Vision gives a single, curt nod. The Synthetic Avenger, "Yes, but with one caveat. Sandman, if it is something that could potentially cause harm to the team or to the populace at large, I can not promise that I will keep the information to myself. If, with that caveat, you do not wish to share… than I apologize. That said, you can always trust me to keep a secret. I do not believe I am known for being a…" he pauses to find the right word, "… Gossip."

Clearing his throat, “Well, I guess I can go with that and if the need arises to tell someone. I can deal with you then.” His body shifts a moment causing a slight ripple effect turning human to sand to human again, though the sand is red instead of its usual sandy color. Shaking his head again, Sandman continues, “Yeah. Not really sure what is going on. You know. Instead of talking. Think you can run some kind of tests or scans or something. See if I am thinking right?”

The Vision's eyes glow as some cursory scans with the Synthezoid's own sensor suite are undertaken. He stands up from his chair and takes a couple of steps towards Sandman. As he scans and as he approaches he asks, "Perhaps you should explain to me why such a scan needs to be undertaken… so I can better refine what it is that I am looking for?" “I don’t know, Vizh. Something happened to me when I was taken by the Sinister Six. But I don’t know what. Sometimes I am myself. Other times, I feel…I don’t know…evil. I guess.” Sandman struggles to find the words, “I mean. More than usual. I find myself getting angrier and wanting to do things. Bad things. To my friends.” He pauses, “Well, I don’t have any friends, but to people who claim to be anyway.”

The Vision's eyes stop glowing and he shakes his head, "I am not picking anything up with my initial, cursory scans." He places his hands upon his hips and looks the Sandman up and down. His inhuman eyes focus on Sandman's and he asks, "Do you remember anything odd occuring to you during your time back with them? Any odd tests, chemicals, radiation or mind control?"

“No idea man. Seriously. No idea.” Sandman seems to stop and to think about it, “I mean there are bunch of science types and smartasses like Doc Ock and Goblin. Vutlure, Hell even Kraven knows some poisons and stuff.” Shrugging to himself, “I seriously have no idea. But the encounters with them recently, make me think things are off.” Sighing, “You know what this was a bad idea. Thanks, Vizh. But in all seriousness if Ultron’s son can’t help me than no one can.” He exits the Computer Room.

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