2011 12 04 Lights Camera Relocation

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Lights! Camera! Relocation!

Lifeguard, Richenda Gray, Phantasm

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5 Dec 2011

Theater District - NYC

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Heather walks upon a blocked off section of the theater district where a video shoot has finished at that location.


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Although Monday may be the start of the work week for most, with the Theater District, there are no days off. But because of things like the traditional workweek, there are slow days due to the lack of people wanting to see a show on a Monday. Perhaps it is for this reason that there are a police cruisers positioned in such a manner to block off the traffic for one particular block in this district. Barriers have been set up, cutting off the sidewalk from foot traffic as well. It is here that the tourists are separated from the natives as curious sorts gather around the barricades, watching as the trailers are getting loaded up with lighting and camera equipment. Another trailer gets loaded up with catering tables.

As for the source of commotion? That is likely attributed to some like dressed folks wearing card holding lanyards and a few others. One of those few others, dressed down to a much higher quality caliber of clothing than he generally wears, is Mick Drago, hair done up to give a wild look as he lingers near an alleyway where equipment is still being taken out of it. A fingertip less gloved hand raises up, stifling a yawn as the other hand manages a cup of the coffee provided by the film crew's catering service. YAWN.

Oblivious at the moment to the barricades and barriers cordoning off this section of the Theater Disctrict is the clearly touristy Heather Cameron, dressed for the autumn in jeans and an orange sweater with a brown hoodie pulled snuggly over her head. The Australian mutant walks about bopping her head as she listens to the latest Skrillex single. Moving in step to the music, she walks along somehow missing bumping into any New Yorkers, but stopping short of a barricade, she looks about, "And what celebrity is here today?" in her loud Aussie accent as she has yet to remove the headphones with the electronica music blasting.

Never a dull moment around a place like this. The gathered crowd only adds to the air of excitement for everyone but the performers. For them, even coffee doesn't seem to be helping. The early hour doesn't help, either.

Not far from the small gathering of musicians, Chenda emerges from the alley, clad in a white blouse, black vest, and gray slacks that she's holding up. She misses seeing Mike, but catches sight of Heather as the Aussie speaks up, obviously unable to tell that she's yelling. She waves with one hand and hurries over to speak to her. "Hey! What's shakin', Heather?"

As a blonde man steps out of the alley, wearing torn clothes and a substantial amount of make up to have it look like he was the victim of quite a violent encounter, Mike lowers his hand and gives a smile to the other man. Although the voices are not audible from the area of the barrier, the eventual laughter that comes from the two does travel over as well as the visual of the two of them somewhat fistibumping.

Another tourist glances over to Heather before looking back to the scenery, craning her neck to get a glimpse amongst the crew members on the other side. "It's some sort of video sho-" She pauses as Richenda approaches, looking back to Heather once more, "Oh my." There's a bit of a whirr as the tourist winds her disposable camera, and brings it up to take Richenda's picture. "I wasn't expecting one of the extras to get this close! This is amazing!"

Caught up in the music, Heather suddenly spins around as a bad dance move when she finally see Chenda. Yelling loudly, "Chenda, girl? How are you?" Realizing she still has the music on. She turns off her Ipod and removes her hood. "Sorry, girl. Listening to Skrillex. Love his music." When the flash goes off and the picture is taken, she turns to smile at the tourist and turns back to Chenda, "So it's a music video shoot? What is the band?" When she sees Mike in his make-up and outfit, "Oh, I met him. I get to see him perform. Should be interesting."

"It's a shoot, all right! We just finished up here," is the gypsy girl's reply, once Heather can hear her. "One of his, actually. I can't remember the band name, though!" And then she realizes they're not alone. Chenda blinks as that camera comes up. But she adapts quickly, giving the tourist a brilliant smile and a quick pose. It ends up being a snapshot of a dark-haired girl smiling for the camera and pushing her hair back over her shoulders, but the purple underpants showing beneath her blouse ruin the model imitation. Somebody forgot she was holding up her pants!

With the click of the camera, there is yet another 'oh my!' coming from the tourist as she lowers the camera, looking to the now depantsed extra, "Is that something scripted for this video?"

There's an even louder laugh coming from where Mike is located as the blonde he was speaking with starts laughing once more. His glance over having caught the pants drop at the right moment. To the indirect prompting, Mike's head turns to look towards the barricade as well, smile fading a bit as he realizes what's going on. He reaches over, giving the 'bloodied' blonde a noogie on the head, much to the guy's protests. The blonde is eventually released as the other musician starts to stroll towards the barricade. Judging from the rise in the sounds being uttered by other observers, it is not going without notice. This approach is hindered when one of the police officers in the area walk up to him, shaking his head.

Blinking at the pants drop, "Damn, girl. You need to eat more. Pants dropping like that and all." Heather moves to stand in front and starts removing her hoodie, â?What's the matter? Have none of you ever seen a girl in panties before. Get lost." She shoos people away as she stifles a chuckle not to add to the predicament.

"It's a write-in," Chenda replies, improvising smoothly, though she still blushes. After all, the tourist isn't the only one noticing. She blushes even more when Heather starts taking off her hoodie before she can even reach for her slacks. "Heather, I'm okay, really! Wardrobe just got a size too big," she protests, stooping to reach for the pants. "I think they had a larger girl in mind for this part."

That laugh from Wade draws a mock-ferocious scowl from the gypsy girl, one which promises retribution later. But probably nothing /too/ bad.

Mike tilts his head, working to glance around the police officer who, has a few inches on Mike. There's a bit of exchange between the two before a staffer joins in on the conversation. After some more talking, there is a bit of a raised 'Oh come on!' coming from Mike before his voice lowers once more. A few more words are exchanged and Mike turns, walking back towards the blonde. The officer watches Mike for a moment before turning to walk back to where he initially was. The staffer, glances towards Richenda and Heather and shakes his head, rolling up the small stack of papers in his hands as he moves over towards the barricade. "Once your pants are up, maybe you two ladies would like to bring the conversation a bit further in while they get the van ready?" He glances towards Richenda's attire, "And I'm going to have a word with wardrobe. You probably should have gotten a belt with all that."

Realizing she is not helping with the situation, she puts her hoodie back on as it is a bit chilly, "Well, most people are would utterly humiliated, so good on ya, girl." When the staffer approaches the two conversers, Heather blinks, "Why do I feel like there is more going on here?" Heather looks about the entire set and blinks, "Hollywood…even in New York City." She mutters to herself and then leans in closer to Chenda, "Are we doing something wrong?"

"Um, sure! Be right there!" Chenda promises, looking as sincerely contrite as she can while the staffer is looking at her. Once he turns away, she looks back to Heather and chuckles, straightening and drawing the slacks up. "The show must go on, ya know," she reminds the tall Aussie girl with a grin. "These TV people can get a little uptight sometimes, but they're just doing their jobs. Here, come on in. We can talk over there, with Mike." Holding her pants up again, she turns for the musician, glancing back to make sure Heather's with her. "Don't feel bad. We're fine."

The staffer gives the slightest of nods as he waves Heather, and JUST Heather around the barrier. Once that is done, he moves towards the officer who had intercepted Mike earlier to exchange some words.

Having moved back over to the alleyway entry, Mike is frowning, shaking his head while the blonde has skidaddled after another female extra. Lifting his cup, he sips his coffee.

Shrugging her shoulder and following Chenda, "Well, I guess today will be an adventure…thankfully without villains trying to kill me or others." As she is waved through, she ponders, "Am I suddenly in this production?" She thinks to herself and wonders if she is and would she have to run this with X-Factor people. Shrugging, she does not really care as this should prove to be fun. She spies Mike with his coffee gives a smile and whispers, "What the …" with a quizzical look on her face.

"It's been a long day," the gypsy girls replies, leaning over a bit to whisper back. "I don't think even coffee's much help at this point."

Chenda stifles giggles, seeing the direction Wade went. "I see Wade's up to his usual tricks," she muses to Mike as she comes up, nodding to the weary musician. "You look tired, Mike. Maybe you can catch a nap in the van on the way back to the studio?"

The long and wild haired misician's blue eyes flick up, glancing to the approaching duo. "Yeah, give Wade a glimpse of tail and he'll chase it to see where it'll end up going." He glances over to Chenda and shakes his head once more. "It's been a long week, Chenda." He looks towards the barrier and then towards the cop before looking back to the two ladies. "Christ, would you believe they're not even letting me approach the barriers this time around? It's not like I don't LIVE in this city."

"So this is the magic behind the camera of the video shoot, huh?" She looks about, "Looks like too much work." Shrugging, Heather offers a smile, "So what song are you performing and is it any good?" She chuckles, "I am sure I will like it. And the story is some sort of attack or something" As she points to Mikeâs wardrobe.

"I'll have to remember to tease him about it later," Chenda says, looking after Wade and smirking in anticipation. Sparring with the bassist is always fun. "Are they always this strict about your safety, Mike? I mean, those barriers aren't much more than an idea. It's not like they'll keep a really determined problem out."

She grins at Heather. "Pretty much the ultimate embodiment of 'use a little to say a lot'. The magic comes together in editing, where you can't see all the stuff that's out of frame."

As Heather speaks, Mike turns his attention towards her. "Division," he answers, "The video will premiere a few days after the advanced album sales are made available." He glances over to Chenda, "Not normally. But, the rep from the video shoot group pretty much said if I'm getting killed it's not going to be on their time."

Hearing about the rep's stance on Mike getting killed, "Oh how sweet of your company. Well I suppose insurance would rocket up for them, but then again the press would increase your sales." Heather jokes and shrugs, "So most of this will just involve waiting around and seeing how the shoot will go, huh."

"Nice to see somebody's got their priorities straight," Chenda observes sarcastically. "Sounds like they're more worried about their insurance premiums." She glances around. "And speaking of priorities, have you seen Lucy from Wardrobe? I need to get a belt from her so we don't get a repeat performance of my little slapstick act on-camera," she adds, sliding her slacks up and down demonstratively.

"We got enough of that from when Rod and Jack were killed." Mike seethes momentarily before turning his head, glancing down the way Wade disappeared off to. "I think that's where the girl Wade was tailing was heading."

"So you two know each other? How so?" Heather asks, "I have met both of you around different people and yet it always seems we run around the same circles." She then smiles to Mike, "If I had known you were a celebrity when you first saw me in action, I would have sought an autograph." She grins.

"Would you believe I met him at a Wendy's?" Chenda replies, giggling. "It's a big city, sure, but still a small world." She gives Mike a quick hug (one-armed, of course). "Steady, Mike. It won't be much longer 'til this is over. Be right back!" And she hurries down the alley in Wade's wake.

"She lost her pants in the food court." Mike supplies in addition, to the explanation to how he met Richenda. He glances to the girl as she scoots off for the wardrobe personell, "I'm starting to wonder if that's some greeting custom from where she's from."

Quirking her eyebrow, "I am all for finding ways to met men. But dropping your trousers, girl. There has to be a better way." She starts to laugh to herself, "Well, that is always a good way to make a lasting impression." Looking to Mike, "And I am sure the best part of the friendship was getting to know her as a person." She smiles, "So who is this Wade character you both keep speaking about?"

Chenda, not so far away she can't hear that, stops and glances back. "Hey, it's not like that was on purpose that time! Or this time!" she calls, stifling laughter. "And it happens to everybody sometime!" Sticking her tongue out at the both of them, she hurries into the alley for real this time.

"Yeah but most who drop their pants do it because some foreplay was involved or because they're changing clothes." Mike replies back, voice raising after the departing extra, he glances towards Heather, "Wade would be the blonde guy who was laughing when Chenda dropped trou at the barrier today. Friend and former bandmate of mine."

Smirking at Chenda when she sticks her tongue out and then looking back at Mike, "You two are cute together, if you are a couple. And if not, you're both still cute as friends." Leaning a bit closer to Mike, so only he hears, Heather asks "So does she know about your powers, mate?" Shrugging as she is not aware if Mike is out to the world or not.

"We're not a couple." Mike denies, "Bit of an age gap there." The musician blinks, looking over to Heather, sipping on his coffee slowly in contemplation before adding in another response. "I'm not sure why you're still insisting on the power thing." He murmurs, "When trouble of that nature comes, I'm one of those folks who hide, not the type that fights."

"Gotcha" Heather winks and looks about, "So the music bit, how did you get into it? Learn through schooling or did you inherit it from your folks? Are you all a Patridge Family type?" She laughs a bit, "And do ya just do vocals or are you a real musician who plays instruments?"

Chenda comes back just then, squeezing past a pair of grips carrying off a set of lights. She's still holding up her slacks. "I'll have to catch Lucy at the studio. She's already gone back," she says as she rejoins the little gathering. "What's this about powers?"

"Chance encounters and ten years of consistent practice and performances. And I do a lot of things." Mike answers before glancing over to Chenda, "She thinks I have powers," he supplies tilting his head towards Heather.

"Yeah. Think. That's it." She looks to Chenda, "I was asking how close the two of you are and how you cute together whether you were a couple or friends." She grins, "That's all. And seriously, Chenda. If you don't find a belt, I will make you one."

"Wow. Point of view can do a lot for what you see," Chenda says, trying not to giggle. "We're just friends, Heather, though I'm sure the tabloids are saying something else by now. Some people /really/ need to get a life."

The rejoinder about the belt draws a blush. "Love to, but my bag's back at the studio. They said we wouldn't need any of that stuff out here. That's the last time I believe /that/!"

Mike gives a nod, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "Hell, depending on the general audience the sheets cater too, the person they're saying I'm seeing changes." He looks over to Richenda, "Try leaning against the wall, that should help with the pants holding duty a bit."

Her cellphone ringing, Heather excuses herself. "I gotta get this. But thanks for the tour and everything." Heather makes her way past the barricade and off into the city as she speaks on the phone.

As the trio talk, a van eventually drives on up, coming to a stop. "Alright folks!" The staffer proclaims, "To the van!"

"See you later, Heather!" Chenda calls after the blonde. She looks back to Mike, and leans back gingerly against one of the walls. "Wow. Sounds like an old romance dramedy triangle. Have they paired you up with anybody you've never met yet?"

Just then the van pulls up, amid commands from the man in charge. "Finally, a chance to sit down," the dark-haired girl says, peeling herself away from the wall and moving towards the van, careful to keep a grip on her waistband. "I think I see Wade in the back. Want to sit with him?"

Mike glances towards the van, giving a bit of a nod, a mild mischevious look upon his face, "Yeah, harder for him to go chasing after you guys if I'm sleeping on the part of the seat that's keeping him from going to the other seats." He starts to walk towards the van, not paying much heed to the cop from earlier watching the two.

"Should I sit next to him so we can /really/ squish him into a corner?" Chenda asks teasingly, catching the handrail by the door and stepping up into the vehicle. She waves to Wade as she steps into the van's aisle. "Hi Wade… oops!" Forgetful girl. At least she catches the slacks with her knees this time, grabbing her waistband and pulling them up without having to stop more than a moment. "Oh, you're alone? What happened to that blonde girl you were following?"

Wade turns his head, looking towards Chenda before flashing a bit of a smile, holding up a piece of paper with some digits written upon them. He lowers the paper before slipping it into his pocket.

"Well, it looks like it'll be for nothing." Mike comments to Chenda, "You, might want to sit near the front. Less walking." Resting a hand on Chenda's head, he moves his hand around, mussing up her hair much to the protests of the hair stylist on board. Mike shrugs and moves towards the back, flopping down with his coffee and taking a sip of it.

Another staffer pops on board, peering around, "Alright! Everyone for the other part of the setup on?" His glance skims across the van before he nods to himself and moves to the passenger seat. "Alright! We're going!"

"Hope she's not regretting that decision in a couple days," Chenda teases, and looks up at Mike. "Why the fron… hey!" she protests as Mike's hand comes down on her hair, producing a simultaneous squawk from the hairdresser. She instinctively throws her hands up to protect her professionally-applied 'do, and down go those slacks again. It seems like the whole crew is going to get to see her panties today!

The sound of more feet on the van's steps sends her dropping into a window seat a couple rows ahead of Mike and Wade. She puts on her best bored look as the staffer mentally counts heads and crosses her fingers.

With everyone accounted for, the doors closed and everyone seated, the van starts making its way through the already cleaning up film site. A barricade is moved by a couple of the staffers under the watchful eye of the officer from earlier. As the vehicle passes, an unamused face looks to the windows of the van. As the back of the van passes by, there's the semblance of a scowl before the cop looks away to deal with the closing of the restricted area.

As for Mike, he leans back, resting his head along the side of the van and closes his eyes, taking Chenda's suggestion from earlier to grab a few winks. All while balancing coffee. Oh the adventure!

Sighing softly in relief as the staffer sits down and the van starts out, Chenda sits back in the seat. She relaxes a little too soon, as that cop from before rakes the windows with his gimlet-eyed stare. She gives him her best innocent smile as her window passes him. Then she's past, and the van is moving away from the site. What a relief!


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