2011 12 04 Friendship Or Corruption

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Friendship or Corruption

Alchemy and Empath

IC Date:
December 4, 2011

Hotel Chelsea (really Hilton)

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Empath complete his corruption of Alchemy.


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It is later in the evening or morning depending on who you ask, but Empath had given Alchemy access to his hotel room. The Spanish mutant stands outside the door with a particularly spirited familiar barista.

She giggles a bit as she strokes his hair.

“Calm down and be quiet. Tom is in there. And it’s 4am.”

The barista has a blank look on her face when he says Tom.

He shakes his head, “From the café.”

She hmmmns, “The dork with glasses.”

Smirking to himself, “That dork is my new friend, so watch out.” He opens the door quietly, shushing the barista as they tiptoe in.

Alchemy isn't asleep. He hasn't been able to sleep much lately, being in a strange place, not really sure what's going to happen to him. He pretends to be asleep though, when they come in, pulling the covers over his head.

As they stagger in, Manuel eyes Alchemy on the bed with the sheets pulled over. The mutant empath can easily sense the confusion and uneasiness that Alchemy is feeling and he surmises that Tom is not asleep as he is too stressed. Understandable considering the state he found him in. Slightly annoyed but not showing it, Manuel whispers into the barista’s ear and she nods and looks to Tom and then makes her way out of the room, “I’ll see you in a little bit, love.” She says to Manny. Moving over towards the bed, Manuel says in a loud whisper, “Oh I guess he is asleep then.” Shaking his head and laughing to himself, he yanks the sheets off the bed, “Tom? Are you awake?”

Alchemy yelps, flailing for the covers. He plants his palms on the bed and suddenly with a bright flash of light, it turns to gold. "Oh dear." he says, looking around. "You startled me! If you wante dto have your lady friend over, feel free…"

Covering his eyes from the bright flash and the reflective nature of the gold. He lets out a sigh, “Well as much as making love on a bed of gold intrigues me. It will be hard and could be painful if the love-making is done correctly.” Staring at the literally golden bed, “Madre de Dios…You really are powerful.” His mouth slightly agape at the power display, he finally shakes his head and regains his composure, “Are you alright?”

Alchemy looks at his hands and blinks. "I should really start wearing mittens." he says, sighing. "I'm fine, thanks…should I uhmmm…transmute it into something else? I really am sorry. It's not my usual habit to do that when startled." “I don’t know. I would think if the hotel charges we could just pay in the gold that the bed is now made of.” He jokes, “It is probably worth more than the entire place itself.”

Reclining on a chair in the room and Empath looks over Alchemy, “Where do you live usually? Where are you belongings and clothes and stuff? I am wondering if I should have it brought here, until we can properly protect you from whatever is going on.”

Alchemy shrugs. "I don't really have much, just my books and some clothes. I didn't bring much from England. I was staying with a sponsor family. I should probably contact them before they have the police looking for me. I can transmute the bed into something else, but I don't think I can make it a bed again unless you like rubber

“Well, what is something you can turn it into? What would be comfortable to sleep on?” He asks as he stands up and goes to the closet and opens the door perusing through items. “If you can’t don’t worry about it. I can always have them send up a cot or something. Or maybe even get a new room.” He chuckles as he looks over Alchemy and then the items in the closet. “Take off those dirty clothes.” Manuel tries to find out something for Tom and sighs a bit.

Alchemy blinks. "I'm not taking my clothes off in front of you!" he says, aghast. "I suppose I can transmute it to oxygen or something to get rid of it, but I suspect that would raise questions with the maintainence workers." he taps his fingernails on the gold. "I should learn to reshape transmuted material. That would be quite useful. Perhaps they would like to have the golden bed as a marketing tool?"

Shaking his head and rolling his eyes, he tosses and old shirt and pair of shorts, "Calm down, boy." Manuel actually laughs, "Not too worry, Tom. I'm not into you. So lost the attitude. I have a girl literally outside the door waiting for me. I am trying to help and seriously you look disgusting and dirty like a homeless vagrant!" Squinting his eyes a bit he tilts his head getting Alchemy to be a bit nicer and calmer. Looking at the bed, "Yes, I think that is a good idea. Though I think I may just keep it myself." which reminds he looks to the door and the bed and actually imagines something and grins.

Alchemy slides to his feet and takes the clothes, "Just making sure. Thank you. I think I will change and take a walk while you entertain your lady friend. I'm sure the hotel has some sort of ameneties."

“Don’t worry about. Just don’t be ungrateful. I hate ingrates. I loathe actually. I try to help and protect you and get all snappy.” Manuel scowls as he moves to the door, “No no. Stay here.” He opens the door and the barista walks in, “Don’t mind him, lovely.” She looks Tom up and down. Once again, whispering in her ear, she looks sad, “Really?” She pouts and sulks. And Manuel plants a kiss on her cheek, “Another time, love.” She nods and looks to Tom and waves. Manuel walks her to the door and lingers a moment as she leaves.

Alchemy frowns. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I'm very grateful, just a bit out of sorts. Hello there, miss. I'm sorry to have spoiled your evening." he lifts a hand as she then leaves. "I don't like to be an inconvenience."

Sighing a bit as he reaches into his pocket to pull out a pack of cigarettes, specifically a black cigarette, cloves. Lighting it up, “I hope you don’t mind. But I could use one.” He looks to the door, “Plus they smell like mint. But if the smoke reaches up change it into oxygen.” Shrugging as he rests his head on the back of the seat, “And you are not an inconvenience. You need protection. I can provide it momentarily until we meet up with the headmistress. Once you are officially in school, you don’t have to worry about bullies. Ever.” He takes a long drag and just sighs, “As for her…hey she needed someone to talk to. Poor thing. After her outburst at the café, she filled me in on her story. She is a mutant that affects people. She can change people. Make them all weirded out. Though that would be cool, but at least it explains why that place has been so weird. And all this time, I thought it was me and my powers, which suck.”

Alchemy hmms. "Interesting. Perhaps she would benefit from going to your school as well. I must admit that I don't really associate with many mutants, I was supposed to remain unknown. It's a bit hard to stay a secret when you accidently do something like…that." he points to the bed. "Mum would have my hide, that's for sure. I'd never hear the end of it. Nothing worse than a riled up overprotective mum." he reaches out to pass a hand through the smoke, not sure exactly how to transmute it. As he passes his fingers through, there are tiny flashes of light and little gold flakes drift softly to the ground, sparkling. "Well then."

“Nice. More gold. We’re rich.” He grins as he takes another drag and then yawns, “I am beat and we have a big day ahead when you meet with Selene.” He stands up and goes back to the closet to find some pajamas. “Let’s meet with her and then we can talk to your sponsor family and contact your mom.” Pulling out a rather expensive looking pajama set. He looks to Tom and sighs, “Here, you can wear these instead. They’ll be big on you though. I think I have something else I can wear.” He goes back into the closet and pulls out an almost exact pair but black instead of white. He continues to smoke the cigarette as he pulls off his shirt and walks to the phone, “Yes, Room 666. I need a cot brought to the room.” He orders them and hangs up quickly not allowing the person to respond as he looks at the bed, “Can you change it to like foam rubber?”

Alchemy looks at the bed and takes a deep breath as his hands reach out to take the pajamas. "I'm not sure, really. That is a complex molecular structure. I can try, but I can't guarantee the results." he sets the clothes on the table so he doesn't get them dirty and goes to the bed, looking it over as he holds his arms out, palms down. "Rubber…" he says uncertainly, placing his hands on it, trying to envision the composition of foam rubber. The bed disappears in a brilliant flash of light, reappearing as a gooey rubbery substance, vaguely bed shaped.

Amazed at the transformation, he nods as he puts on the pajama top. He appears to study the bed, “I am almost afraid to touch it. You said rubber, so I am assuming it is rubber.” He finally pokes at it and satisfied that it is. He jumps onto the bed and is flung off of it and hitting the floor. Shaking his head a moment as he tries to gain his composure, “Yeah. That is definitely rubber, though I am not sure if I would want to sleep on it.” Manuel actually starts to laugh at what just happened. A rare sight as it is appears he is genuinely laughing.

Alchemy blinks, taking a step back, then starts to laugh as well, perhaps for the first time since Manuel met him. "Oh dear, are you all right?" he asks while giggling, offering him a hand up. "It might be a bit bouncy, yes." A funny moment has come as gone and when Alchemy extends his hand to accept Tom’s to help him up. Tweaking the emotion scale on his friend up quite a bit to get him more amenable, “You trust me. Right, Tom? You know I have your best interests at heart. Like a big brother or best friends. You know anything I ask of you or do for you is ultimately the right decision. Right, Tom?” Once he is completely up, he looks at the bed, “Try it. It’s fun.” He looks from the bed to Tom, “Jump on it.”

Alchemy nods. "Yes, I suppose I do trust you. I don't suppose anyone that would offer shelter to someone they hardly know would do so with ill intent." he goes to the bed and hops backwards to sit on it and bounce back to his feet. "That is fun!" he laughs, doing it a few times. Laughing as well, but more sinisterly, he finishes getting changed into the black pajamas, “We’re friends, right? Best friends, right?”

He grins rather wickedly as he continues the emotion control while Tom continues jumping on the bed. Going to take a seat on the chair, he reaches for another cigarette and positions himself seated on a throne as he realizes the alchemist is his best chance to becoming the new head of the Hellfire Club.

Alchemy is having too much fun to notice the sinister laugh and says "I've never had a best friend before, sounds like fun! It's been a long time since I had any friends at all that I could really talk to! I don't have to hide my abilities. You won't exploit them like the Trolls." Nodding his head as he only half listens to Alchemy, "That's right. I won't exploit you at all." He thinks to himself how Tom may be the key to removing both Selene and Emma from the top spots and get himself the King spot. He tweaks Tom's enjoyment on the bouncy rubber so that he really enjoys it like a kid would. There is a knock on the door, "Ah the cot is here." He stands up, "Tom, put on your pajamas, it's time to get some sleep." He looks at the expensive watch on his wrist, "Goodness almost 5 am." Opening the door, the cot is wheeled in. The bellhop sees the jumping Brit on the bed, "Um." Empath looks to him at a scowl, "What you've never seen someone jumping on a bed like that." The man blinks a moment and shakes his head, "Oh. Yes, I see that all the time." The man has an almost blank stare as he leaves the room. "No tip for you." Manuel says as he is about to close the door and catches sight of the pretty blond barista who stands by the door silently and waiting with a smile on her face. He waves his hand and dismisses her. She nods and walks down the hallway and back home. Ever compliant.

Alchemy hops up and down on the bed, grinning. "Aww, just when things were starting to get fun!" he hops from the bed and slaps a hand on the rubbery surface, causing it to disappear in a flash of light and a whisp of air. "It'll be time to get up, soon." he slips into the bathroom and changes clothes, but still talking. "It seems like we should be popping popcorn and telling ghost stories or something."

“No no. Bed time, kid.” He blinks a moment as the bed is suddenly gone and exhales, “I was going to have you sleep there while I slept on the cot.” Shaking his head, he goes to the phone, “Yes, I need another cot.” He mumbles something about Tom needing the school after all to have better control over his abilities, “Um, well do you know any ghost stories?" Manuel pulls out another cigarette and smokes before he opts to use his powers to make something very bad happen.

Alchemy exits the bathroom and plops into a chair, curling his legs beneath him. "Not really. The only scary stories I know involve the Troll Associates, and that was a true story!" he doesn't mean to be a pain in the ass, he's just a bit enthusiastic to actually have someone to talk to. "Do you know any?"

There is a knock at the door and another cot is brought into the room. Empath dismisses the bellhop without a tip and sets up the cot, “I know a couple actually. There are pretty scary too. Involving villains and hellfire and some killer kid who controls everything and everyone.” He grins as he gets into the cot. Looking to Tom, as he squints and works on making Tom feel very tired and sleepy. “But I’ll tell you another time. You are tired, aren’t you, Tom?” He smiles as he plops his head on the cot. “Rest and sleep are a good idea right now, right.”

Alchemy yawns and climbs into the other cot, situating the blankets and pillows to his satisfaction. "Now that you mention it, I am quite sleepy. We should both get some sleep before the sun comes up." he folds his glasses neatly and sets them aside. "Have a good night, Manuel!"

Staring up at the ceiling with the wickedest of grins, “Yes good night, Tom. Try not to have any nightmares.” With that, Manuel claps as the lights turn off in the room, and he dreams of himself as the new King of the Hellfire Club with Emma and Selene bowing on his feet. A dream he will soon make a reality.

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