2011 12 03 Venting For A Venti

Log Title:

Venting for a Venti

Alchemy, Elastica, and Empath

RL Date:
December 3, 2011

IC Date:
December 3, 2011


Grapevine Cafe - New York

Brief log summary::
Empath offers Alchemy some help and Claire gets slapped…almost


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The café has taken an odd atmosphere as of late, but that may have to do with Empath. Since his return to the city, he has been coming here everyday and today is no different. Once again there are no customers. Simply Empath who sits at a table and the blond barista who seems to serve just him. Sipping on a small cup of tea, he gestures with his hand as the barista goes to turn on the music. Christmas music plays, as he seems, “That is acceptable for now.” Manuel approves as she takes a seat across from him and simply smiles and stares at him.

Alchemy comes through the door, looking a bit terrible. His hair is a mess, clothes tattered, face and clothes smeared with dirt and sand. He wraps his arms around himself, having walked through the cold night air in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans, his everpresent backpack mysteriously absent. His arrival may draw some strange looks, but he manages to say in a shivering voice "A mug of t-tea, please…"

The barista pays no heed to Alchemy, but Empath nods and she goes to get him his tea. An empath is not needed to sense the chaos that Alchemy is experiencing, but it helps that Manuel is one. Kicking the chair out for Alchemy and gesturing. “Sit.” A frown forms on his face as he sends a sense of calm and peace to Alchemy, “Tell me, amigo. What happened?” His tone is peaceful calming and low, in a monotonous whisper.

Claire works as a waitress at a cafe shop, but not on THIS one! She is done with her shift for the day and, despite working at a different cafe shop, she can't help but prefer the blend of this shop. She enters the shop wearing a thick sweater with a hoodie over her head, and padded leather gloves on her hands. Thick jeans and shoes. "Brr. Such cold…" she shivers before pulling her hood back and taking a look inside the place before heading to the counter, "Hey, can I have a cappuccino, please?" she asks the barista.

Alchemy plunks himself down in the chair, running a hand through his matted brown hair, sand falling out and onto the table, leaving no question as to who it was that put him in such a state. "I got on the wrong bus, ended up down by the pier and three men decided to rob me. When they saw me turn my backpack to lead, they wanted me to make gold. I didn't know he was there, I didn't know he was trying to save me, but that sandman was there. I thought he was controlling the sand, not that he /was/ the sand when I turned the whirlwind to gold to trap the thugs. He now wishes to kill me." he looks over his shoulder when the door opens again, just to make sure it's not him entering. "I walked all the way back here from the pier. I couldn't stand the cold anymore, so I came in here."

The barista ignores Claire and goes to place the mug of tea on the table by Alchemy. She then looks to Empath who dismissively gestures for her to go away. She walks past Claire and goes right to the back of the café. “This Sandman. He is the one gave you a wedgie, earlier?” He places his arms and interlocks fingers, resting his chin on his hands. “So what are you going to do? If this man is trying to kill you. Where will you go? Who will protect you?” He stares directly into Empath’s eyes. “You should go with a friend. Someone who can protect you and teach you how to deal with people like him.” His voice seems almost melodic as he attempts to use his emotion control to get Alchemy to agree and trust in him.

Claire frowns as she's completely ignored by the barista, "Hey!" she says, lightly hitting the counter with her open hand, the sound muffled just a little bit by her padded gloves, but the hit wasn't that hard to begin with, "What one has to go to get some service here!?" she says, still frowning as she looks at the barista, "A cup of cappuccino, PLEASE!?" she says, before sighing. At the mention of sandman the girl turns her head to look at the other two talking, interested in the subject enough to listen in, but not enough to butt in yet. Alchemy jumps when Claire thumps the counter, a bit skittish.

Empath has his attention when he makes eye contact. "I don't know what I'm going to do yet…he said he was trying to help me, but…" he shakes his head. "You may be right, though, I should either just stay at the school or find a friend, but I have no friends that are old enough to live on their own….well, I have no friends period, really."

Rolling his eyes, when Claire demands cappuccino. He sighs and the barista returns from the back and begins preparing the drink for Claire, but remains silent the entire time. Feigning at his feelings being hurt, “I thought we were friends?” He grins, “Well, I know someone who is powerful. Really powerful. The new headmistress at the new school I was telling you about. “You should meet here and she would totally help you, considering…” Playing Alchemy’s emotions like a violin, Manuel plucks a new string, “Seriously, you know what. Why not stay with me. I have a penthouse at the Hilton. You can be protected and live in style until the school opens. What do you think?” With the question, Empath is trying to make Alchemy fell fully comfortable and trusting of him. New Best Friends.

Claire is really baffled with the bad service in this place. It didn't use to be that way. "Geez, did everyone decided to take their foul moods out on everybody?" she shakes her head as the barista prepares and serves Claire's drink without uttering a single word to her. Claire shakes her head and holds her cup with both hands. She's less interested in the conversation now that it shifted from Supervillain attack to teen angst.

Alchemy furrows his brow. "I wouldn't want to be a bother. I thought he was supposed to be an Avenger, one of the good guys. Wouldn't he be better served not wanting to kill people? I didn't mean to hurt him, really. I didn't know it was part of him." he scrunches his nose for a moment and nods. "If you think it would be a better idea, then perhaps I should take you up on your offer. I'm rapidly running out of backpacks." he looks over toward Claire and says "It does seem rather inconsistent, doesn't it?"

“It is no problem and I’ll hear nothing more of it.” Empath smiles, “You will stay with me and then we can meet the headmistress on Monday.” He grins as he looks away. It looks like his position with the Hellfire Club will come sooner than expected. He looks to Claire too. “It’s been weird day.” He shrugs, “Most of the time, people are here. But it has been empty and she has been acting weird.” With that said, the barista remains standing by Claire as she sips the cup. When both of Claire’s hands are on the cup, the barista shouts at Claire, “Bitch!” and attempts to slap her across the face.

Claire looks at Alchemy, "Hey, your power is to transform backpacks into lead? That's why you're running out of backpacks?" she asks, arching one eyebrow. The barista screaming at her, and Claire narrowly avoids being slapped on the cheek, but the sudden movement causes her hot coffee to spill, and hit the barista on her offending arm, "HEY! What's your problem!?" she says as she moves away from the counter and away from the crazy barista.

Alchemy rises to his feet when the barista attempts to slap Claire, always ready to come to the aid of a young lady. "See here! That is no way for a woman in your profession to behave! Are you all right, miss? And no, my power is not turning backpacks into lead, it just seems that everyone wants to either assault me or steal my things, so it was the most inconvenient thing I could think of at the time." When he sees she's not hurt, he sits back down, still a bit shaky from his earlier ordeal. "What about school in the mean time?"

Rising up from his seat, Empath moves to grab the barista, “What the hell is going on?” He holds her back when she screams that the coffee has been spilled on her. She looks about, “What happened?” She asks when Empath speaks to her calmly, “You’ve been acting weird. You attacked this girl. You have been acting weird since I’ve been coming here this week.” She stares at him a moment and then begins crying, “I am so sorry. I’ve been acting weird for months now. Ever since John left me.” He nods, “Oh a break-up.” He puts his arm around her, “Why not go in the back. Run some water on that burn and come back and I can look at it.” He shakes his head, “Damn. I feel bad for here. And here I thought this was somehow connected to me. I know your friend, Mike, thought so. And to think, this started months ago.” Empath sighs as he lies unknowingly to the others. He looks to Claire, “Are you alright?”

Alchemy sits back down and frowns. "This city is so difficult to understand. I'm considering packing up and going back to London. At least there all I have to worry about are Trolls."

With the barista and Claire dealt with, Empath gives Alchemy his room key and some money, “No no. Stay here. I’ve been to London, it is horribly boring. Go clean yourself up. This will let you into the penthouse. I guess we are roommates until we deal with Sandman and get the headmistress’ help. Head over to the Hilton. I am going to stay here and talk to the barista.” With that he walks behind the counter and speaks to the woman.

Alchemy looks down at the key and frowns. "Sounds lovely. Thank you…" but Empath has already gone, so he picks up the key and the money and stuffs them into his pocket, heading out of the cafe.

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