2011 12 02 Recruitment Effort

Log Title:

Recruitment Effort

Alchemy and Empath

RL Date:
December 2, 2011

IC Date:
December 2, 2011

Grapevine Cafe - New York

Brief log summary::

Empath tries to recruit Alchemy to the new Hellions


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A new day and a new cup of coffee. Empath has been assigned to recruit Alchemy for the school so that Manuel can take have a higher position with the Hellfire Club and so, he is working his magic, or mutant powers. This requires more subtlety and stealth. So the best way is to attempt to become a ‘friend.’ So he sits at the café bidding his time. Today the café is all but empty, but the blond barista from yesterday is back and once again attending to Empath’s needs. She sits down at his table and sits in silence and simply stares at him as he sips his coffee, “Ok, slave. I’ll have lunch now. A bagel with some cream cheese.” She simply nods and goes to prepare the order.

Alchemy enters the cafe, having gotten out of school early due to some assembly or whatever. Pushing the door open, he blinks as he sees Empath. "Oh, hello again." he says, making sure the door closes behind him. "Fancy seeing you here again so soon. How was your day?"

Smiling and nodding and gesturing for Alchemy to join him, Manuel responds, “I have nothing to do today. And still don’t have any friends in the city. So I thought I’d come by and see what was happening.” He gestures to the empty café, “But nothing interesting is happening and no one is around.” The barista comes back with his order and she looks to Alchemy, “Hey, cutie. Can I get your order?”

Alchemy makes his way to the table and blushes as the barista calls him cutie. "A mug of tea, please." sitting down, he folds his hands on the table. "You're in New York and you can't find anything to do? Goodness, I can't imagine that. You seem to always have people around you, how can you have no friends?"

Shrugging “Well to be honest, I have money.” He gestures to his outfit which is some big brand name suit. “It is never clear who is my friend for my money or because they are genuinely friends.” He looks to the barista looks to Empath and winks. Jokingly, he points, “See.” She goes to get Tom’s order. “So there is stuff to do, but no one to really do it with.”

Alchemy ahs. "I see…I have the unique advantage of being able to be the richest individual on the planet, if I so choose. But of course it wouldn't be right to use an ability in such a way, even though it would probably ease a lot of the burden on people. I can't even bring myself to use it to make my mum rich. She wouldn't let me."

“So what is your power? Are you a mutant?” Empath asks interestingly. “I mean you turned your bag to lead, so I guess you could turn things to gold or silver, huh. But can you change anything to anything?” Offering a smile as the barista returns with Alchemy’s jug of tea. “Here you go. It’s hot…like you.” Empath looks at her and back to Tom as she winks to Alchemy and walks back to the counter.

Alchemy blushes even more, sinking down in his seat a bit. "How embarassing!" he says, then looks around the table for something simple, like a spoon. He reaches out and taps the spoon with his index finger, and in a brilliant flash of light, it turns to gold. "I can turn anything into anything I know about." he touches it again and it turns to copper, and then platinum. "I'm either a mutant or a mythical stone, according to the Trolls, but I would wager that it's the former."

Blinking and then lifting up the not platinum spoon, “That really is amazing. There were a lot of mutants at my old school. But none had anything as fascinating at this.” Putting the spoon down he bites into his bagel and gestures for the barista, “Yes, sir?” He asks, “This bagel is stale, dear. Please give me a new one. Free of charge, of course.” She nods, “Well since you are here with him. Of course.” She looks to Alchemy, “And your tea is free as well.” She then walks off to get a new bagel. Manuel turns, “Quite the ladies’ man I see.”

Alchemy lifts a brow, a bit suspiciously. He taps the spoon when it's placed back on the table and it poofs in a wisp of air as he turns it to Oxygen. "Oh, you don't have to not charge for my tea…" his brown eyes land on Manuel and he says, "I suspect that your ability is to influence people in some way. Mike asked me about that and I said I didn't know, but you're not exactly very covert about it."

Furrowing his brow as the spoon poofs away, “Not quite influence. I’m not a telepath or anything like that, but I am not really ashamed. But I don’t hide it. I am proud of who I am and what I can do.” Manuel grins, “So you can change chemical compensations too. From solid to gas, or is it just the natural element’s form?” Alchemy spins his spoon around on the table in front of him, leaning his chin on the other hand, elbow propped up o nthe table. "It seems that I can turn any matter into any known element. Metals, gasses, minerals and so forth." he taps the spoon and it turns into silver. "The downside is that there are a lot of dangerous elements. I try not to let on about it, the trolls tried to get me to destabilize the world economy by creating an overabundance of gold, imagine what it would do to a water supply if it were turned to arsenic or a large amount of chlorine gas?"

“Truly dangerous and powerful. But you seem to have a decent amount of control over it. But I’d think with that potential danger of making something lethal, you would do a better job of working to control it and stuff.” Shrugging the lady returns with the bagel. “Thank you, amor.” He nods to her and she goes back to the counter. Manuel offers, “Why don’t you go to a school that offers both work on your mutant abilities and your academics?”

Alchemy taps the spoon again, making it gold. "I was once offered the opportunity, but they didn't have any classes in advanced biochemistry…the plan was to go to university and learn everything I could so I could return those trolls to normal. As vicious and mean as they were, they were still living creatures and shouldn't be trapped for an eternity as a statue." he shrugs. "Is that what you do, go to a school to work on your abilities?"

“Yes, the school helps me out. Which I can use. I don’t know if you heard about the school in Massachusetts where the Right killed mutant students. That was the school I attended and they killed my friends. I was away thankfully and now we are trying to organize and protect mutants.” Manuel feigns sadness, biting into his bagel, “But I guess you can handle yourself pretty well …except against sandy men who give you wedgies.” Manuel laughs a bit.

Alchemy frowns. "That is most unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear about your friends. I didn't hear about that. Hopefully, you'll be able to get back into the swing of things soon. As for the sand man, he's beginning to make me cross, which is not the best of ideas. I don't have very good control over my abilities when I'm cross."

“Really? Well thankfully the new headmistress of the organization running the school will offer us protection for mutant haters and bullies too.” Empath thinks a moment, “Your power is cool and all, but do you really think you should go around without some sort of training. I mean biochemistry is great and all. But you have no practical training with your abilities.”

Manuel shrugs, “I mean it just seems …I don’t know…the English word for it. But like with those trolls, you turned them into statues, what if something happens by accident? What do you do then?”

Alchemy shrugs and folds his arms over his chest. "That's what I'm trying to figure out. Biochemistry will help me understand the chemical components of organic systems and maybe I can change them back if it happens. But does anyone even really need to know I'm a mutant? I'm not exactly the most athletic, I'd look terrible in a spandex or rubber suit running about."

Laughing in agreement with Alchemy, “Well thankfully that is the best part. I don’t have to play superhero. While I am a good-looking young man, I detest spandex and rubber on my body.” Empath shrugs, “You never know people can figure these things out. I mean I figured you were a mutant and you figured I was one. And yet we don’t look different than anyone else.” "Well, I have to get going, but it was nice meeting you again, Tom." With that Empath exits the cafe.

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