2011 12 02 Learn To Fight Or Die

Log Title:

Learn to Fight or Die

Alchemy and Sandman

RL Date:
December 2, 2011

IC Date:
December 2, 2011


Upper West Side - New York

Brief log summary::
Sandman teaches Alchemy a lesson in fighting



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It is late evening and the Upper West Side is pretty empty as more people are either heading downtown to party or staying inside due to the cold. It in this isolation, that Sandman stands at a pier off the West Side highway. Looking over the Hudson River and onto a sandy deposit and seems sullen and contemplative. An odd state for the unintelligent Avenger. Some homeless people wander up and close begging for money.

An odd sight in the Upper West Side. Alchemy got off the wrong bus stop and has ended up near the pier, shivering and lost. "Oh dear…" he mutters. "Oh dear oh dear oh dear." looking around as it gets darker, he tries to find something familiar. The wind seems to be colder and harsher as his imagination starts running wild.

Looking at the homeless vagrants, Sandman who as of late has been more naughty than nice, oddly enough gives the men a generous amount of money. They bid their thanks and make their way further down the pier. Spotting the Brit, the group of three men, turn to watch Sandman who appears to be walking away. As they move closer to Alchemy, one pulls out a gun and the other two chains, “Hey, kid! You with the glasses.” They begin charging at him.

Alchemy adjusts his glasses and turns toward the sound of the voice. "I assume you're referring to me. How may I help you gentlemen this evening?" he takes a cautious step backwards, however, keeping a tight grip on his backpack strap. Stopping within a few feet of him, the gunman points the gun right at him as the two remain behind looking violent and ready for fit as they taunt Alchemy with their menacing chains. “Yes, you. Give us your bag, boy!”

Sandman is walking away in the opposite direction seemingly out of earshot. Alchemy blinks, eyes widening. "Oh dear." he pulls it off his shoulders and holds it in his hands, looking at it, and then the men. Just before he shoves it at them, he mutters "Lead" and suddenly the bag becomes a heavy weight as it and all the books inside are converted to dense metal. Using what will hopefully be a moment of confusion, he turns and starts to run, tripping on his untied laces.

The heavily laden lead bag knocks the gun and the gunman over when he tries to catch it. The two chain wielding bums hover are shocked. One yells out, “Mutie!” And they rush Alchemy, “See what he did. Maybe we can make him make gold or something!” They spin the chains around as when he trips they are atop him. “Hey freak. Make some gold or die!” Alchemy falls flat on his back and clenches his hands into fists so he doesn't touch anything. "Get off me! No, I will not make gold. Just leave me alone!" he twists to try and get to his feet. "I-I can't make gold…I can only make lead! I'm a reverse Midas, you see!"

They look confused, “Midas…like the car guy. You can make cars! Make us one!” They move to block him from trying to get away, standing at opposite ends as the gunman very upset at having been knocked over approaches cocking the pistol and pointing it at Alchemy, “Excuse my friends, they don’t know about Midas? If you can only make lead. Then give us everything else you have! Your money, everything!”

Alchemy stops, holding up his hands, turning in a circle to try and assess his options. "I don't have any money, I'm in high school!" he says, voice sounding a bit desperate. He fought giant trolls, but a man with a gun is something he's never encountered before. "I don't even have a proper ID, I'm on student visa!"

Pointing the gun and aiming it for Alchemy’s head, “No money. No gold. Give me your jacket!” The other two men who spin their chains around look. “Give us everything. We can use his clothes at the shelter.” Anyone paying attention may notice the sandy deposit mentioned earlier is starting to move ever so slowly making its way onto the pier.

Alchemy blinks at them. "My jacket? Really?" he's a skinny teenager. "Well, if you insist…" he shrugs his way out of the coat and tosses it toward them in a snapping motion, letting go of the sleeve last. "Sulphur." and the jacket disappears, making quite a stink in its wake.

The sandy deposit is now on the pier and begins to disperse. The jacket disappears and the gun begins to cough as the sulfur is inhaled and he coughs a bit. “What the hell?” The gun is no longer aimed at Alchemy, but the two chain guys move forward. One wraps the chain around his fist. “Get his shit and let’s get the fuck out of here!” The other goes to grab the gun from the coughing bum. He nervously points it at Alchemy, “No more mutie trick! Give us the rest of your shit.”

Alchemy holds his hands up again and sighs. "I'm telling you, I haven't got anything more than a handful of coins for the bus. Do you make it a habit of robbing teenagers? You should perhaps consider upgrading to college students, though I believe around here all you would get is perhaps a phone card and a bag full of Ramen noodles." one of Tom's flaws is his mouth, which will start running when he feels threatened, and he certainly feels threatened. He reaches nervously into his pocket and pulls out about $1.33 in coins and grips them in his palm. When he throws the coins in their direction, they begin to explode when they hit the ground, sending sand and dirt flying. One thing he did learn to do is create Plastique and destabilize it by transmuting another coin to make it explosive.

The small explosions scares the homeless men and one nervously fires the gun right towards Alchemy but the sand and dirt form a hand catching the bullet. The sand and dirt begin to disperse and explode forward towards the bums. A cloud of sand and dirt surrounds the vagrants as they start to cough, waves of sand flying about and swirling around them as a minor sandstorm suddenly form engulfing the men. A disembodied voice recognizable to Alchemy speaks out, “Tommy, I told you, you are bullied too easily.”

Alchemy shields his face from the sand and calls "I'm afraid people with weapons are at a distinct advantage. I'm not exactly combat efficient." he steps forward and reaches out with both palms to make contact with the sandstorm. "Gold." which would cause the funnel to solidify around them. "There's your gold. May I go now?"

The sand begins to glimmer and sparkle and reflect off the New York City lights. The cone of sandstorm is solidified and a the voice screams in pain as the sand molecules that make up his body in the sandstorm turn to gold. Before the every grain is turned into gold a large chunk is able to separate itself. Quickly turning human, Sandman falls off the side away from the gold funnel which has trapped the vagrants. His body significantly weakened and in pain, the Avenger growls in pain as he looks to Alchemy. “You asshole!” Any loose gravel, sand, and dirt begin to fly up from the area as Sandman holds out his hand and starts to absorb and integrate it into his body.

Alchemy covers his mouth with his hands. "Oh dear! I'm so sorry! I didn't know that was YOU, I thought you were just manipulating the sand! Oh, please forgive me, I didn't mean to hurt you!" he runs over to see if he's all right. "Is there anything I can do to help you? Should I call someone? I don't have a phone, but I could find one!" “I help you and this is what you do.”

Sandman lets out a pained moan. His body integrating the any sand and dirt. Once enough is added to his mass, he is now fully human and lies on the ground. Ordinarily William Baker would be somewhat forgiving. But Baker is gone due to recent events with the Sinister Six and the much eviler Flint Marko is Sandman now. Looking at the kid, he eyes the British teen with a killer stare as his arms begin to turn to sand as he lashes out at Alchemy, “You can change things by touching them huh. Well what about if you can’t touch it.” Attempting to ensnare Tom through his clothing and not make actual physical contact with the boy, “You messed with the wrong guy, boy!”

Alchemy backs up quickly and holds his hands up. "I didn't know you were the sand! I would never have done it if I had known! I thought I was transmuting the sand you were manipulating from the ground." he flails his arms to try and brush off anything trying to touch him. "What are you doing? I emplore you not to fight, you're injured, you should take some time to rest! If you have a phone, I can call someone to come get you and take you home." As he continues to try to ensnare the boy.

Sandman growls, “Fight me, boy! Fight for your life.” Some flecks of sand get brushed off only to come back with more sand. Sandman’s face seems to imply that he may indeed mean to kill the boy. His arms now fully sand attempt to wash over Alchemy as he tries to cover unexposed areas to restrain him. “You are going to die, Tommy. This is beyond bullying now!”

Alchemy brings his arms up to shield his face. Flying sand is terrible for the glasses. "I don't want to fight you, but I will if I must." his clothes whip around him as he lowers himself to his knees. He doesn't know if it will do any good, but he manages to get a hand on the ground, thinking of what to do in this situation. "why do yo uwant to kill me? It was an accident!" he tries changing the ground around him to rubber so the man can't pick up more sand. Not a great move, but it's all he can think of at the moment With the ground rubbery it serves to increases the sandstorm not in mass but in strength as sand begins to bounce it and bat against Alchemy.

Sandman smiles when Alchemy admits that he will fight if he has to. “Enough of this shit.” Any sand surrounding Alchemy explodes outward leaving his body as it flies back to Sandman. Sandman stares a moment, clearly still pained from the earlier partial transmutation and the little skirmish has taken some out of him though he tries not to reveal it. “You want to do something to help me, Tom. Learn to fight. Learn to use your fancy powers better. You could have killed me. This nerd shit isn’t working for you. And someone will kill you. It could have been me. But believe or not, I am trying to help you.”

Alchemy balls his hands into fists and all but growls at Sandman. "If trying to help me involves trying to kill me, you and I have extremely different ideas about what it means to be helpful. Maybe I don't want to go around fighting everyone! Maybe I just want to live my life as a normal person who goes to school, graduates from college and has a career! I don't want to use my powers, it'll cause nothing but trouble."

The area is a sandy mess as sand has been scattered all over on the now rubbery ground by Sandman and Alchemy. “Kill you. Who turned who into gold. You were never in any danger cause I know how to do use my powers. Go the X-Men or wherever mutants go, but you almost killed me. I’m not saying go and fight people. But at least learn to defend yourself better without almost killing people who try to help you… You’re a good kid. Don’t die or kill someone by accident.” Sandman sighs, “You know I am no psychologist or shit, kid. But whatever issue you got with those trolls or bullies or whatever. I’m sorry for ya…but right now, I have a ton of crap in my head that I have to deal with.” Sandman grins as he commands the sand near Alchemy’s feet to reach and yanks the kid’s trousers down. He shakes his head begins to walk off, but he turns, “For your own good, Tom. Learn from this or it won’t just be your pants you lose, kid.” He walks off.

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