2011 12 01 Pie Casseroles And Christmas Specials

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Pie, Casseroles, and Christmas Specials

Human Torch, The Thing, Cytoplasm

RL Date:
Dec 1, 2011

IC Date:
Dec 1, 2011

F4 Kitchen - Baxter Building

Brief log summary::
Ben helps Cytoplasm grab some food while Johnny offers up bad jokes.



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09:12 PM
Logfile from Marvel Untold.

-==[ Romero's Italian Eatery - New York ]==-------

As you enter this restaurant, you are met with the smells of garlic and fresh bread. There is a cash register behind the counter, with an attractive brunette there ready to take your money when you are ready to pay. Near the cash register are a couple padded benches where you can wait till you are seated. There is a large salt-water aquarium by one of the benches filled with many tropical fish.

There are many tables in the main dining area. The tables are covered with a white table cloth and a clear plastic cover on top of the table cloth. Each place setting has a white cloth napkin that is folded fancily. In the back corner of the restaurant is a bar with some tall tables surrounding the bar area. This is where some people go to wait to be seated. Near the bar area is a T-shaped hallway that leads to the kitchen area and restroom area.


Obvious Exits:

[O] - Upper East Side - New York

<OOC> Human Torch is being summoned away.

-==[ Kitchen - 31st Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

-==[ Kitchen - 31st Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

A person could get lost in this kitchen. Fully stocked and equipped with even an island in its center and many hanging racks all around, this beautiful kitchen is every homemakers dream. Two upright refrigerators are upon the far wall side by side and containing all that a superhero could need or want to eat. The range is electric with a top and bottom oven along with a three basin sink plus all the kitchen appliances one could ever want. One also finds a small table over in the corner next to the windows that overlook the city which a few may eat breakfast upon. All the while in a blue and bright white decorated Martha Stewart-looking environment.



The Thing

Obvious Exits:

[O] - Main Corridor - 31st Floor Fan

Aw yes…. the ever famous Baxter Building. Everyone in the Hero Community comes through here eentually. Whether it's Reed trying to study you and help those that have been the victims of science understand each other….. or if you are just breaking in show off how Bad-Ass you are, The Fantastic Four's rumpus lair is like that house on the end of the block where even if you don't like the people that live there, you make friends with so you can watch the game on their big screen TV.

OF course currently, The FF play host to the unfortunate (or perhaps blessed depending on how you look at it) victim of Science. And of course… with Sue out and Reed doing God know's what in the negative zone, that leaves Ben baby sitting, "So um…. Yeah.. lets fix some dinner. I think we've got some of Suzie's prize winnin' Chilli mac 'n cheese caserol we can heat up… Oh! And when were'e done there's a few slices of my Aunt Petunia's Rhubarb Pie! how's that sound?" He asks looking to Cytoplasm, "Better than fresh baby right?" Ben apparantly holds onto residual fears that Cytoplasm my subsist on small cute animals.

Aw yes…. the Kitchen of the FF. Home of Sue's cooking and until recently, the last of the thanksgiving leftovers. It was indeed a sad day when those ran out. But no matter, Johnny is already there and remembering the leftovers with a slice of pie he found. Yum! Bits of crust about his lips, he's already decimated half of the slice. Such a hungry hungry hero!

Walking a bit further into the main kitchen of the Baxter Building comes Cytoplasm following after the Thing as he says, "I don't really know what you mean. I don't see why I-Oh! You're joking… Right. I should try to think about things like that more often. I hope that I've healed from that fight with… Whoever she was." he says, looking about before saying, "And that time in the subway… I hope I don't see too much more trouble, but if it helps keep things peaceful, I guess it's OK."

"Ah hell Matchstick.. ya raided my pie!" Ben exclaims as if this is a common occurence! "WEll just tell me you saved the other piece fer our guest." He motions to a chair at the table in the little dining nook within the kitchen, "Have a seat kiddo." he says to Cytoplasm, "But what's this 'bout a fight. I didn't hear nothin' about it." Yeah… Ben's also just a bit bummed he must have missed a good fight. "Yer ok right?"

"Mmph Mmphly mmph mm mph!" Johnny replies, mouth still full of pie as he gestures towards the remaining parts with his fork. He swallows the food contentedly before glancing over to Cytoplasm, "Should still be a slice left."

"I'm alright now, but I lost my legs earlier. I've had time to heal, so I think I'm OK now. It was because of this woman in green armor with some sort of tail, she cut me in half with it." Cytoplasm says as he moves over towards the chair and moves into the seat, "Then there was this time at the subway… Someone got mad and started attacking someone else. I stepped in, but then one of my friends, Tom, got mad at me too in the middle of it and started attacking me too." upon mentioning the commotion in the subway, Cytoplasm appears to be somewhat upset before appearing to brighten up somewhat as he says, "Maybe someone like Mentallo was there, and they saw or heard something that wasn't really there… Maybe."

Ben scratches his head, "That sounds like that bum Gargan, 'cept for the bein' a lady party…." He clears his throat then and says, "Well as long as yer ok now… that's what's important." Ben says as he starts to fix a couple plates of caserole. He looks to Reed's fancy… elctro-microwave thing and then looks to Johnny, "Um… Johnny… Look I don't trust that thing that Reed installed… Can I talk ya into warming these for me." Looking to Cytoplasm then he adds, "IT probably was Mentallo. You'd be suprised how many mind controlling assholes hang out in the subway in New York."

Johnny scoops up another bit of pie into his mouth and gives a nod. "MMmmhmm…" Without looking, he holds out his free hand towards Ben, the contents starting to heat up. Ah, reheating food a-la Johnny.

"Gargan? I've never heard of him." Cytoplasm says, "But if that lady looked like him, I'll take your word for it… She seemed to know Sandman though. He's an avenger, whatever that means, but I'm not sure if you'd know him or not. Anyway, whoever this lady was she cut me in half when I told her that I didn't want to hurt people to help her. I mean, I think that's what she would have wanted me to do. She didn't seem to really care about the people around her so… Oh! And she kissed Sandman, but I don't know why."

The Thing looks to Johnny and asks, "Do yah know who he's talking about? I'm trying to think who wears green armor and has a tail…." Well other than Scorpion that is… except, he's totally a big hairy dude. "I think I'm gonna have to call Bill and find out what's goin' on." Ben says shaking his head as he sets the plate of warmed caserole infront of Cytoplasm. "Well I'm glad you got out of there. Is your friend Tom ok?"

With the pie chewed and swallowed, Johnny glances over to Ben, "I think he's got his Christmas songs messed up." After waiting a beat, he provides the joke, " 'I saw her kissing Sandy Claus.'" See? Get it? Get it? Ah ha ha ha!

"Sandy… What?" Cytoplasm says with a rather confused look on his face, before he takes a fork and starts eating the casserole for a few seconds. Afterwards he says, "Tom's OK, but he seemed to not really know what happened once he calmed down. The time in the subway and the time with that scorpion lady were two separate things though."

"It's alot of explainin' Kid." Ben says to Cytoplasm, "Tell you what, eat up, and then maybe watch a movie or two and get a good nights rest. I think we're gonna use the super gym tommorow to test the limits of her yer strength. I think I'm gonna go get a quick workout and hit the hay." Ben says, though really the firs tplace he is going is to check the news feed on what he missed out.

Johnny looks towards the rocky one and then towards Cytoplasm, "It's like a play off of 'I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus'… the song."

"I don't know that song… But I don't know much about anything around here." Cytoplasm says, "Although… I am interested in the idea of learning how to… Read, I think? It seems like there's a lot of things that need the ability to read, and it's kind of hard not knowing what some things mean." Eating a bit more of the casserole Cytoplasm finishes and says, "So, who or what exactly is, 'Santa Claus' anyway? I know that if it's a job or something that isn't one person, they dress up in red and white but… I'm not sure aside from that."

Johnny's jaw drops at the question before he's moving to his feet. "This, we need to correct." He determines, moving towards the exit of the kitchenm, "I'm finding you a Christmas special on tv to watch!"

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