2011 12 01 Baptism By Hellfire

Log Title:
Baptism by Hellfire
Empath and Selene
RL Date:
December 1, 2011
IC Date:
December 1, 2011
Black Queen's Chambers - Hellfire Club - New York
Brief log summary::
Empath returns to the Hellfire Club and meets with Selene
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A chilly morning in New York City, and even chillier at the Hellfire Club, not because of weather, more than this place is frighteningly unwelcome to most. A black limo pulls up to the circular drive, and a young woman not dressed properly for the cold steps out of the driver’s side. Wearing a short black blazer, and apparently nothing else underneath, she opens the backdoor for her master, “We have arrived, Senor de la Rocha.”

Stepping out of the backseat, he smiles as he looks over his emotional slave, “Thank you, Lucy.” He places a kiss on her cheek as she opens the blazer to reveal what lies underneath. A dismissive wave of his hand, “Not now, dear. Go home and live your life until we meet again.” He sighs as he looks up at the awe-despairing environs of the Hellfire Club, “I guess I am home.” He approaches the entrance, a plethora of emotions building up within him…and most of all uncertainty.

You are greeted at the door by a bright your lady who smiles " How nice to see you please come this way , somebody wants to meet you " . Funny enough you get no emotions at all from this beautiful young lady as he leads you along the opulent halls her heels clicking on the marble floor . Eying the lady and examining her, one he always spies the beauty of young ladies, two he is perplexed to pick up no emotions coming from her. It is as if she is a zombie of sorts. This cannot be good, he thinks to himself. Manual follows the young beauty down the opulent halls, “Tell me, dear. Are the king and his queens present? I hope it is they I will be meeting with today.”

She smiles brightly " Oh yes one of them is your going to see her right now " she winks " Nice to meet another empathy " . She then moves off leaving you in front of two very very ornate doors decorated in very old pictures and writing you'd say roman .

As the young beauty leaves him at the ornate doors, Manual studies them a moment and is intrigued. “Not even Emma had such fascinating décor at the Academy. It is nice to see that I will finally be taking my rightful place in this club.” Exhaling a moment, he pushes the doors opening. They are heavy and he nearly buckles under the strength of the doors. “New rule, doormen throughout the club.” He smiles as he enters the next room. Excited, nervous, and fearful all at once.

Selene Smiles " Ahh but then how would I know that you really wanted to see me " Her voice soft and sultry like black velvet that creeps down the spine even as the stunning beauty that is selene turns to look at you inside her massive executive chair. She sits behind a huge desc as she looks you over almost critical as if she could measure you up with a glance.

Upon catching sight of the beautiful Black Queen, Manual smiles but that smile turns into a frown when he hears voice. Both beautiful but disturbing. A chill does indeed creep down his spine as he ahems. Like a little boy before a stern teacher, “Your highness.” He kneels down fully before the queen, “I know my place before true royalty, Selene.” Acknowledging her status, he remains kneeling until she grants him the right to move, “I have returned from Nova Roma. I have heard of what has happened to my peers from the Academy. I seek my new place as your humble servant and servant to the Hellfire Club.”

Selene Now that gets her attention and you feel her interest rise " Well now Manual I must admit I heard of you from my sister the white queen she spoke highly of you and that is quite rare , that you have walked the streets of nova roma also speaks to your character ". Her eye's flash a moment " Tell you what I will take you on as a new student in the school I am forming with the aid of my sister the white queen , I will even test you out as part of the elite , but like all things you must earn your place and take what is rightfully yours " .

With her interest piqued, a smile forms on the Spaniard’s face, “Thank you, my queen.” Manual rises now that she has offered him a place in her school. Approaching closer, but hesitantly he stops short of her desk, but does take a seat in a cushioned chair in front, “Now that the formality has been addressed. Your highness, my home in this country is in all but ruins due to the terrible attack on the poor Hellions. I seek residence here in the confines of the Hellfire Club not merely for protection against the treacherous Right, but also so as I may be closer to better serve you, my queen.”

Selene Thinks " No " she leaves that hang for a moment " You will have a place made for you here.. " she thinks " If you prove yourself useful to me I will make you my rook and then you can have a room.. you can stay for a time but I will have a room made for you in the Hilton hotel , it's where I play with my food for now "

“Very well.” A frown forms on his face for the moment. For a millisecond and only a millisecond he contemplates using his powers on her, but he remembers what happened when he attempted to do so on Emma and so refrains, “The Hilton affords me some comforts until I prove my place by your side.” Empath reclines in his seat for the moment, “And, I ask. Your sister royal, the White Queen. What is to be her penalty for failing in protecting her students? For her failure to as a teacher, as a protector, and as a queen? Her failure leading to the death of my brother and sister Hellions? Is anything to become of that?”

Selene Smiles " The death of the children was terrible for my sister , but she's still a queen that provides her a certain measure of leanence " . She slides a finger between her breasts then into the air " But she clearly cannot lead the children, she was considering joining the x-men " She shakes her head " While this might be suitable for me at the moment to work for them their goals and mine are quite different " . She gives an evil smile the kind a cat gives it's prey " For now I will be helping emma rebuild it's clear she needs my strength as for the hellions I'm going to resurrect them " .

Listening intently, Manual absorbs all the information and keeps his expression blank enough to hide any feelings or emotions, but when word of resurrection of his teammates is mentioned. He is visibly perturbed and even gasps as he ponders just how powerful Selene is to have dominion over life and death. “A true queen you are indeed, Selene.” He exhales as he had no love for his fellow Hellions, and considers himself above them all, now moreso than before as he is one of the ones who death did not seek out. “The X-Men?” He furrows a brow as he moves onto the earlier subject of Emma, “Well, this should prove most fascinating and fun all at once. I look forward to causing much strife and anguish to those fools, but if we are to work with them…then it will be as my queen commands.”

Selene smiles " You will rise quickly with that view my dear " She smiles " Remember that one can draw them to the honey that is poisoned with your hate and in the end they dance to your tune . " She grins as she speaks at manipulating " You are their friend you help them through all the horrible things happening to them.. all the while those things are under your control " . His smile matches her in wickedness, “As you wish. Emotional support and manipulation are my specialty. As you rule of the dominion of life and death. Emotions are my kingdom to play with.” Manual is finally fully enthralled in particular as he imagines the X-Men and New Mutants like puppets and he their puppet master.

Selene Chuckles " I rather thought you might .. that's the idea we must move slowly suble the long game will win this.. there will be many many battles but even in loss we will inch forward to the goal " . Her eye's sparkle " All the while using others to move us ahead this is how a goddess works .. " .

“And a goddess, you are indeed, Selene.” Manual smiles as he continues to imagine various scenarios with the X-Men his to crush. Another thought occurs to him, “Ah, in my return to this country, I have already encountered some who may also be useful. One in particular seemed to have control of transmutation as before my eyes he transformed a mere bag into lead. His name in Tom.” A mental image of Alchemy appears in his mind as well as a battle in which he had Alchemy take on Cytoplasm and another encounter between himself, Alchemy, and the musician Mike.

Selene Nods .oO Intresting Oo. You hear her voice in your head then again selene ontop of being a black sorceress of the highest order is also an incredibly power mutant with telepathic powers . She taps her chin " You think this alchemy could be brought to join the school? " she asks looking at you " As for this mike careful around him he has many goodie goodie friends I doubt he could be turned to our side.. used yes turned not likely " .

Hearing the voice in his head also causes a sinister grin to form on Empath’s face. Emma used her telepathy regularly on her students so this is not new to him. Responding similarly, Selene Nods her head < Well then consider that your First test bring me this alchemist if you bring me more then I will have to come up with a reward >. She smiles < If you need some villian or something to cause issues for you to fight off let me know “Consider it done.” With that Empath rises from his seat and bows, “I shall report to the Hilton and reacquaint myself with this miserable nation and await your commands. In the meantime, I shall make all attempts to enthrall the alchemist.”

Selene SMiles " Oh the key for you is already waiting " she says softly " It's a penthouse suite I wouldn't want you to miss out " She smiles " I've also contacted a security firm and sent them to the location .. Sleep in saftey " With another grandiose bow, Empath smiles, “Until you command, Black Queen.” With that he exits the lavish room and exits the Hellfire Club.

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